The 7 Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes in 2022 (Review)

What is the best vegan meal replacement shake you can buy?

The answer to that question is quite complex since there are a lot of great vegan meal shakes available right now.

Contrary to popular belief, meal replacement shakes offer some of the healthiest quick vegan meals you have. They are packed with nutrients, high-quality ingredients, top-notch vegan protein, and everything your body needs.

For me, meal replacement shakes were a life-saving discovery. They have allowed me to get complete nutrition in a simple manner. Not only that, but they help me to control what I eat, manage my weight better and avoid crappy nutrient-void meals (shitty takeaways). It has been a great boost for my health.

Thus, using my vast experience in the field, I’ve compiled this list of the best vegan meal replacement shakes you can buy; no matter where you live. Looking for a high-protein vegan shake? I’ve got one for you. What about a soy-free vegan meal shake? You will also find one on the list.

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Best vegan meal replacement shakes

In a Hurry?

Complete 360 meal best vegan shake

Complete 360 Meal

Best in EU

  • 400kcal, 30g of protein, 1g of sugar
  • High in fibre, and omega-3
  • Macros: 45C/30P/25F
  • Double Chocolate Milk is delicious)
  • For as low as £1 or €1.2 per meal
  • Ships to UK, EU
Lyfe fuel Best vegan shake US

Lyfefuel Daily Essentials

Best in US

  • No additives, real food based
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or synthetic multivitamins
  • 110kcal, 19g of protein
  • Packed with nutrients that you are lacking in your diet
  • Manufactured in the US
Kachava best vegan meal replacement shake


Best Tasting (US)

  • 5 incredibly delicious flavours
  • Real food based, zero artificial ingredients or sweeteners
  • 240kcal, 24g of protein and all the nutrients your body needs
  • Best vegan shake money can get you

Other Top Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

BEST KETO –> Ambronite Keto Meal Shake

BEST RTD –> Soylent



Meet the Expert

My name is Enaut and I’m the founder Latestfuels. I aim to provide high-quality information, so you can make a safe choice.

Since creating the site I’ve tried over 100 meal replacement products, many of which are plant-based. Here, I’ve collected my favourites or those who I believe to be the best.

Experienced Tester
Over 50h of Research
+250 Products Assessed

The Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

1. Lyfefuel Daily Essentials

Best Vegan Shake US

Lyfefuel Daily Essentials Vanilla Best vegan shake US

  1. US company that produces real food based shakes
  2. Low in calories, but really high in nutrients –> Most nutrient/calorie
  3. 18g of premium vegan protein, 110kcal, and only 2g of sugar
  4. No synthetic additives, no soy, no gluten no GMO ingredients
  5. Designed to provide you extra of nutrients you might miss on a vegan diet: D3, B12…
  1. Not cheap
  2. Very low in fats

This has been one of my latest discoveries: Lyfefuel Daily Essentials; a vegan shake I did not expect much of, but blew me out of the water.

In fact, there’s a lot to like about this vegan meal shake. For once, I love the fact that it has been built to provide you with nutrients you might lack. The founder was clear that he wanted to provide you with a shake packed with essential nutrients. As such, they include extra of vitamin D3, vitamin B12 (often lacking in vegan diets), and vitamin K2.

Not only they provide you with vitamins and minerals other shakes miss, but they do it from real food ingredients. All natural and without artificial sweeteners to increase nutrient absorption.

Plus, you get 19g of plant based protein per each shake, which makes it ideal to fuel your workouts and a healthy lifestyle.

Personally, I find that 110kcal is not enough, so I would recommend adding some plant-based milk, like almond milk. This does not only make it more filling, but more tasty also.

Unfortunately, this is one of the more expensive vegan shakes in the market.

You can make use of LATESTFUELS`10 for a 10% discount on your first order, though.

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 110kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 6/65/16
  • Protein (g): 19g
  • Protein source: Organic pea protein, organic rice protein
  • Flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate.
  • Allergens: None.

Good For: ideal for those looking to strengthen their health.

2. Complete 360 Meal

Best EU

Complete 360 best vegan meal replacement shakes
  1. Great nutrition at an excellent price
  2. 30g of protein per 400kcal
  3. 1g of sugar and 10g of fibre
  4. Chocolate is extremely delicious
  5. Available in EU and US
  1. Ships from the UK

I love Complete 360 vegan meal replacement shake, and it’s one of my daily shakes when I’m not trying out new ones. There are a few reasons for that; like the excellent price/quality ratio, and superb nutrition.

Talking about nutrition, each 400kcal shake will give you 30g of high-quality protein. It comes from a custom blend of pea, brown rice, and hemp protein isolate. Therefore, it provides you with a balanced amino acid profile, but it’s also a soy-free shake.

Furthermore, Complete 360 is incredibly low in sugars and high in fibers. Thus, it will help you with satiety and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Most importantly, these are among the best-tasting shakes you can buy. Double Milk Chocolate is an absolute delight, one that I would drink every day.

All of this for less than $1.5 or £1.1 per meal; if you are lucky to get a discount!

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 400kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 46/30/24
  • Protein (g): 30g
  • Protein source: pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, hemp protein
  • Flavours: Double Chocolate Milk, Strawberries ‘n Cream, Choc Mint Brownie, Banana Smooth, Vanilla, Cookies ‘n’ Cream.
  • Allergens: Oats.

Good For: People looking for great nutrition at an affordable price.

3. Kachava

Best Tasting US

Best tasting vegan shake kachava
  1. Great nutrition at an excellent price
  2. 30g of protein per 400kcal
  3. 1g of sugar and 10g of fibre
  4. Chocolate is extremely delicious
  5. Available in EU and US
  1. Ships from the UK

Kachava is simply one of the best tasting vegan shakes we have tried in Latestfuels. However, it is more than that. It is also one of the healthiest shakes, and the one our US writer loves the most.

So what’s so maverlous about this vegan meal drink? For starters, there is no other meal replacement with the ingredient list Ka’chava has. 70+ superfoods, adaptogens and high quality food sources. They use no artificial ingredients to provide you with all essential nutrients, and obviously have no artificial sweeteners.

Furthermore, it is high in protein, but still a soy-free shake. They use multiple protein sources to provide you with all essential amino acids. Kachava shakes also have digestive enzymes and probiotics, which sound like a gimmick, but I can definitely say they work.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, these shakes are just delicious. This is quite surprising, since natural shakes often fail to deliver a tasty drink.

Where is the catch? Well, it’s expensive. There are far cheaper alternatives out there, but if you want the best money can get for your health, then Kachava is your choice.

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 240kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 33/41/26
  • Protein (g): 24g
  • Protein source: Yellow Pea Protein, Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, Organic Sacha Ichi, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa
  • Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut Acai, Chai and Matcha.
  • Allergens: Coconut.

Good For: People looking for the best shake they can get.

4. Dare Motivation

Best Weight Loss EU

Dare Motivational shake review
  1. 216kcal, 20g of protein
  2. At least 50% of the RI for vitamins and minerals
  3. Fully plant based with no-GMO, lactose-free, soy free, wheat free, no artificial ingredients
  4. Delicious flavours – super easy to drink
  1. Only available in the UK
  2. Not the cheapest

One of my latest discoveries is Dare Motivation. This small UK company does some of the best-tasting vegan shakes that I’ve tried.

However, this is not the only highlight. With only 218kcal per serving and 20g of protein; Dare’s vegan shakes are incredibly filling. Furthermore, they are packed with fibre, tons of nutrients (50-100% of your daily recommended intake for vitamins and minerals), and high-quality ingredients.

This combo makes them really filling, and thus ideal for those that are looking to lose some weight in a healthy manner. Similarly, I think that dare plant-based shakes are well suited for women. Smaller servings, more nutrients per shake, and sweeter flavors are what many women are looking for.

Out of the three flavors that they offer, I think that Cocoa Vanilla Frosting is the one with the best taste and texture.

Currently, Dare only offers their vegan meal drinks in the UK.

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 216kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 40/37/23
  • Protein (g): 20g
  • Protein source: soybean protein powder
  • Flavours: Cocoa & Jaffa Orange, Cocoa & Peanut Butter, and Cocoa Vanilla Frosting.
  • Allergens: soy.

Good For: those who want low calorie meals, but tons of protein and nutrients.

5. Soylent

Best Vegan RTD

Best Ready to Drink vegan meal replacement
  1. Ultra smooth, flavourful ready to drink shakes
  2. 7 delicious flavours to choose from: Banana, Cacao, Strawberry…
  3. Some of the easiest vegan shakes to like
  4. Also available with caffeine
  1. More processed ingredients
  2. Only available in the US
  3. Contains soy

Soylent is the original vegan meal replacement. Although it started as a powder, it’s the ready-to-drinks (RTD) that have gained popularity. This is due to them being smoother, better mixed, and generally much better tasting.

On top of that, the range of flavours Soylent offers is unparalleled in the US: Banana, Creamy Cacao, Original, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Chai… There is a vegan shake for everybody. I love Creamy Cacao and Cafe Mocha.

Another great aspect of Soylent is that you can take it anywhere, and enjoy your healthy vegan meal no matter where you are. Great if you often have to opt for boring, unhealthy options. Get 20g of protein, less than 1g of sugar, 28 vitamins and minerals, all gluten-free and vegan.

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 400kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 26/20/54
  • Protein (g): 20g
  • Protein source: soy protein isolate
  • Flavours: Original, Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla.
  • Allergens: Soy.

Good For: those who are looking for taste and convenience.

6. Huel Black

Best Low Carb

Huel Black best vegan meal replacements shake low carb
  1. More than 5 flavours to choose from
  2. High quality nutrition
  3. 40g of protein per serving
  4. Gluten free, soy free, no artificial sweeteners
  5. Available worldwide
  1. Chocolate flavour is not great

Huel is one of the best complete food brands, and Huel Black powder is their start product. This vegan meal replacement drink is one of the (if not the) most successful shakes in the market. Why?

Well, it offers solid nutrition at an affordable price and the shakes taste good. Even if they might not be the best tasting, they are an easy shake to get used to and grows on you.

Nutritionally, Huel Black offers 40g of protein from pea (mainly) and a very low carb profile. This means that this shake has a really low GI, and helps you be energized for longer. It also comes with no artificial sweeteners (they use organic coconut sugar and stevia instead).

From the many flavors Huel offers, my favorite is Salted Caramel, followed by Vanilla. You will, however, have the chance to choose between Chocolate, Strawerries and Cream, Unflavoured, and more.

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 400kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 20/40/40
  • Protein (g): 40g
  • Protein source: pea protein and rice protein
  • Flavours: Salted Caramel, Banana, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee Caramel, Unsweetened & Unflavoured
  • Allergens: none.

Good For: people who are looking for quality low carb meal.

7. Keto Meal Shake

Best Vegan Keto Shake

best keto meal replacement shake UK
  1. Only plant-based keto shake
  2. Great to lose weight with
  3. Delicious, creamy chocolate flavour
  4. Ships worldwide
  1. Does not provide all micronutrients
  2. Need to buy in bulk for best price

Keto meal shake is the best vegan keto shake. Fully plant-based keto meal shakes are hard to come by; however, Ambronite’s shake fills the gap excellently.

For once, it offers a very simple vegan keto meal: you only need to add water (no need for adding your own oil). Besides, it is one of the best tasting chocolate shakes you’ll find: creamy, rich chocolate, with lovely chocolate chunks.

For these two reasons, I have it among the best keto shakes.

Furthermore, it is also soy-free, contains no synthetic additives, and provides you with nutrients from real food. Unfortunately, it does fail to include all micronutrients, though.

Looking at the price, each meal starts at $5.5. Again, I recommend you buy in bulk and make use of the code LATESTFUELS (25% extra OFF) to get the best deal.

Key Facts:

  • Serving size (kcal): 400kcal
  • Macros (C/P/F): 12/18/70
  • Protein (g): 18g
  • Protein source: pea protein, sunflower seed protein, pumpkin seed protein
  • Flavours: Chocolate.
  • Allergens: coconut.

Good For: looking for a plant based ketogenic shake; or a shake to lose weight with.


Enjoy vegan meals by following easy recipes! Make eating vegan easy with Purple Carrot.

Why Go Vegan?

Plant-based diets might be the best way to reduce our personal CO2 impact. Furthermore, they are a great way to improve your health by refining your nutrition; since plants are an amazing source of essential nutrients and phytonutrients. In fact, most Americans fail to reach the dietary guidelines and don’t eat enough vegetables on a daily basis. A habit that increases your chances for cardiovascular diseases, risk of cancer, and other major illnesses.

Total consumption of meat worldwide (in metric tons). Figure from Science using data from FAO.

Thus, incorporating more plant-based meals is a win-win situation. Going vegan is taking this approach to an extreme, and make sure you minimize your environmental impact while keeping your diet in check. Or at least, that’s one of the reasons to do it. There’re plenty more.

In this regard, plant-based meal replacements offer you the best of two worlds: complete and balanced nutrition; and, a sustainable, environmentally friendly meal (minimal packaging, efficient transportation etc.). Plus, they can be a very handy tool to have a vegan meal no matter where you are.

Antioxidant content in plants vs animal based food.
Plants are rich in nutrients and phytonutriens. One of example of phytonutrients are antioxidants. These help reducing inflammation, and oxidative stress. From Game Changers.

4 Reasons Why Vegan Meal Replacements Are Awesome

Anyway, I suspect that you are already following a vegan diet; and that you have your own reasons to do so, already. You are just looking for the best vegan meal replacement you can buy. Perhaps, you have some doubts if vegan shakes are healthy or what you are looking for.

Here are 4 reasons to ensure you that plant-based shakes can make your life easier and better:

  • Make sure you get all the necessary nutrients. Getting all your vitamins and minerals, a balanced set of nutrients, fats etc. can already be hard on a normal diet. In vegan diets, there are usual suspects like vitamin B12, omega-3 or even protein that might be hard to come by. With meal replacements you can be certain you will get a good dose of each; and thus, avoid common vegan deficiencies.
  • Eat healthy and vegan anywhere. Convenience is a huge upside of meal replacement shakes. You can consume them almost anywhere, take them to the office, drink them at home or even travel with them, if you must. I’ve had vegan shakes on airports; where there was no good alternative. Stop having to worry about finding your meal, and eat what you want where you want
  • Don’t need to overpay! Unfortunately, many restaurants and food manufacturers use the vegan tag to overprice their products. Even having to buy vegetables in the supermarket can get expensive. With each meal costing as little as $1.2, you will find that vegan shakes fit your budget.
  • There’s a huge variety of vegan products; you’ll find what you’re looking for. Whether you want vegan gluten-free shakes; or perhaps soy-free; or organic… there’s a shake out there for you. Fit them to your diet (low-carb, keto, paleo…), get as much protein as you want (from 11g to 30g a meal) and choose the right ingredients for you. Plus, you can opt between shakes, bars and other formats!

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes vs Top Vegan Protein Shakes

If you are new to the whole meal replacement shake industry, you might have some misconceptions or doubts. A very common one is mistaking plant-based protein shakes with meal replacements. At the end of the day, the protein industry is very keen on promoting its products as alternatives to meals.

Here are a few key points to look out for:

Meal ReplacementsProtein Powders
Complete NutritionYesNo
Vitamins & MineralsYesNo (few exceptions)
Balanced MacrosYesNo
Focus on proteinNoYes
Based on health guidelinesYesNo
AimReplace a meal in a balanced wayBoost your protein intake
Some of the key distinctions between vegan meal shakes and protein shakes.

The main difference is that plant-based meal shakes will try to provide you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs; while the protein shakes will primarily boost your protein intake.

If the latter is what you are looking for, here are some suggestions of vegan protein shakes that I like:

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Bars and Powder Alternatives

Perhaps, you are looking for vegan meal replacements that are solid. I would recommend checking the best meal replacement bar list, where I mention a few of my favorites. Nonetheless, here are some vegan bars that you might like:

Plenny Bars have quickly become one of my favourite meal replacement bars. They have a flapjack-like texture and taste; which I truly enjoy. You will get 20g of protein per bar, as well as, all the nutrients your body needs.
It comes in 3 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel. Each bar starts at €2.13.

Plenny Bar

Plenny Bars have quickly become one of my favourite meal replacement bars. They have a flapjack-like texture and taste; which I truly enjoy. You will get 20g of protein per bar, as well as, all the nutrients your body needs.
It comes in 3 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel. Each bar starts at €2.13.

Powdermatter bars are rich in protein, with over 25g per meal bar. They are also incredibly tasty and have a very unique texture. In fact, I would say that they are the most natural-tasting bars.
These vegan meal bars are available in a single flavour and cost €3 per bar.

Powdermatter Bar

Powdermatter bars are rich in protein, with over 25g per meal bar. They are also incredibly tasty and have a very unique texture. In fact, I would say that they are the most natural-tasting bars.
These vegan meal bars are available in a single flavour and cost €3 per bar.

Huel meal bars are 200kcal vegan snack bars. I personally prefer bigger bars, but these are very useful as a vegan snack. Still, they provide you with all the nutrients your body needs, and you have plenty of flavours to choose from. These include Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Raspberry and more.

Huel Bars

Huel meal bars are 200kcal vegan snack bars. I personally prefer bigger bars, but these are very useful as a vegan snack. Still, they provide you with all the nutrients your body needs, and you have plenty of flavours to choose from. These include Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Raspberry and more.

How to Find the Top Vegan Shake

Every individual has different needs and preferences. Some of us prefer sweeter shakes; while others favor more natural tasting shakes. Similarly, many will be looking for dairy-free shakes or gluten-free shakes; while others can choose to avoid soy. Because there are so many vegan meal shakes out there; you need to be sure to check the following before buying:

  • Check out if it has the Vegan tag.
  • Look at the calories. I like my meal replacements to have around 400kcal per serving (you can always tailor it to your needs). Despite this, there are many brands that will set their servings to 90-180kcal which are not enough for most adults.
  • Decide a budget. There are meal replacement shakes like Ample and Ambronite that can cost you up to $6.5 per meal or more affordable options like Plenny Shake at $1.19 per meal. More expensive does not always mean better; but the quality of the ingredients is often linked with the price.
  • Check the allergens. Is it a soy free vegan shake? Do you need a gluten-free option? Be alert and check what allergens the shakes have. The most common are soy, gluten, and nuts.
  • Taste or nutrition? You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. However, I would recommend staying away from vegan shakes high in added sugars, even though they might taste better. These are not meant to be healthy, and they are designed to be addictive.
  • Protein sources. Most vegan protein sources are not complete (with the exclusion of soy protein), and lack one or more essential amino acid. When buying the vegan meal shake have a look to what the protein sources is. For instance, pea and rice protein are a good combo.
Plant Based protein combined
While the amounts remain unclear, mixing plant protein yields better results. From


Are vegan meal replacements healthy?

Yes, there are no issues with consuming high-quality vegan meal shakes. I recommend looking at the vegan drinks that I list, since I look closely at the nutritional output of each shake. In fact, there are many people consuming vegan shakes for long periods of time who have even improved their diets.

Are there any Keto vegan shakes?

Yes, Ambronite’s Keto Meal Shake is one of them.

Are plant-based meal shakes and protein shakes the same?

No. The first is a drink designed to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs, including, carbs, protein, fats and micronutrients. On the other hand, vegan protein shakes focus on boosting your protein intake and lack many vital nutrients.

Can vegan shakes help me lose weight?

Yes. When used properly and in conjunction with a caloric deficit, they can be a very useful tool. They help you get the nutrients your body needs, counting calories and keeping you full for long periods of time.

Is there any solid or “chewable” vegan meal replacement?

Yes, there are plenty of solid vegan meals. For instance, meal replacement bars are very usual.

Conclusion: What is the Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake?

The best vegan meal replacement shake is Lyfefuel Daily Essentials. That said Complete 360 Meal is a great alternative in Europe, too.

While following a vegan or a plant-based diet has become increasingly popular, finding good quality and balanced vegan meals can still be a challenge. Proper nutrition, price, lack of tasty options… are among the issues that people face every day when going vegan.

That’s where the best meal replacement shakes can help you. They offer a complete and balanced plant-based meal at an affordable price. You can make sure you get all the vitamins (including B12) and minerals, all the essential fats, and good quality protein. All in a shake with minimal hassle and effort.

In fact, convenience and portability are two features that I love about meal replacements. Besides them, I love the fact that there’s a vegan shake for each diet and each person.

I strongly recommend you to start with a vegan meal replacement today if you haven’t already. It will change your life. Just choose the right one from the list, and enjoy!

Looking for a Vegan Protein Powder Instead?

Four Sigmatic

  • Vegan and organic protein shake.
  • 18g of protein from pea, chia, hemp and pumpkin
  • Only 2g of sugar
  • Added superfoods and adaptogens to help reducing fatigue and stress
  • Free US Shipping


1.2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

2. WHO Nutritional Guidelines.

3. EFSA Nutritional Guidelines.

4. More in: A compilation with different governmental guidelines and references.

5. Ultimate Meal Replacement List. List all the brands.

6. Best Meal Replacement Shakes. Selection of the best RTDs, bars, organic shakes…

7. Game Changers. A documentary about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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