Latests’ Musings: 1st Entry, an Introduction

Hey, I am Enaut Irazabalbeitia, the owner of Latestfuels. It is nice to meet you, my dear reader.

Now, an ice breaker…

How do you call a person who disregards complete food?… A complete fool.

That was a bad one, I apologize.

Either way, now that we have broken this barrier between us, we can start to hold a conversation. A conversation about complete foods. Or meal replacements; however, you want to call it.

Perhaps, a topic for another time. Today’s topic is another; just an introduction to Latestfuels and myself.

The Website: Latestfuels

Obviously, Latestfuels is a website focused on meal replacements:

… a media website born from our struggle to find clear, impartial information on the latest nutritional trends and products. We focus primarily on the meal replacement market, products and brands, but will also aim to de-mystify the latest must-have products marketing themselves as nutritional wonders.

From the about us page

Currently, I am the only person behind the site; but hopefully, as the market grows, so will do the site and the personnel. With this, I hope that my aim to provide the latest info at all times will become a reality.

Latestfuels' office.
Meet the office, where the magic happens.

What are Latestfuels’ Goals?

Ultimately, it would be great to become a referent source for all news, reviews and information regarding meal replacement. A place, where the user can easily find (even though the site is currently a mess to navigate), the relevant information he came looking for.

An unbiased, fact focused, future-oriented site that will help to grow the complete food market and community.

How Does Latestfuels Aim to Achieve So?

I must admit that all this is quite abstract, but ultimately I believe that being transparent with the reader will help understand the essence of the site.

Latestfuels's meal replacement collection.
Few of the products that I have had the honour to review. From top right: Powder Matter, Nutberg, Feed., Ambronite, Next Level Meal, Queal, Küik, Satislent. Not all products I have reviewed are here, such as, Jake.

Currently, the main focus is to review as many brands as possible. This is a huge task, not only due to the sheer amount of brands that are in the market, but also because I try to deliver high quality, long pieces.

Whenever I buy any product, I read as many reviews as possible. The more detailed and in-depth the better. I guess, the influence is clear in my articles.

On top of that, Latestfuels is currently involved in other projects (which results you will see soon), as well as, providing other type of content (like the best ofs) that give value to the customer.

Make sure you check the best of pages: Best Shakes in the UK and Best Low Carb/Keto Shakes.

The Owner: Enaut

So what about me? There is a fair bit already on the about us page, but allow me to give you some more insight.

Why Start Latestfuels?

I dreaded getting a 9-5 job, going to my desk and working for someone else. I wanted to do something different, in theory something more active (although it end up not being so), something that would allow me an alternative lifestyle.

Thus, I started the site out of dreams of entrepreneur/digital nomad lifestyle dreams; packed with my interest on meal replacement and frustration finding reviews about them.

A Foodie, Converted Into a Shake Lover

I love food. I come from the Basque Country, a country with a lot of pride in food, agriculture and anything gastronomical. Within 10miles, I have three 3 Michelin Star restaurants, and multiple more lovely places to eat. Pintxos (tapas) everywhere in my town (Donostia). And a family, where food is the main gathering point.

Donostia LatestFuels
My little town. Always on top food destination and similar lists.

Me, skip a meal for a shake? Never. Laughable idea. I did not need to lose weight, or “waste” a meal drinking it instead of eating it.

That was until I started being busy or not having enough motivation to cook. “Why not?” I thought. It will help me getting the protein I need. I am bored eating chicken.

So I ordered some Queal.

Now, shakes are a staple of my diet. I take them for breakfast and often lunch. I even PREFER them to my old breakfast. Plus, I own a meal replacement website.

Outside Latestfuels

Honestly, I am another regular dude that ironically, still works 9-5 and often longer. I go to the gym every other day, play rugby on the weekends and spend less time than I should with my friends.

Old Sulians RFC, a great club.

Some of my hobbies include reading (which has shamefully been replaced with Youtube), cycling, watching stuff that Youtube algorithm recommends, and playing games (perhaps a few too many).

Hey, this is me, Enaut. So what about you, dear reader? Why are you here? What do you expect of Latestfuels?

Other topics

Therefore, that is my introduction done. That was a long one. However, I think I have failed to address the reason for this thread (yes, this will not be a single post but a thread).

Well, hopefully, this will be an open thread were I will post my thoughts on different topics involving meal replacements and Latestfuels.

Today I started writing because I wanted to congratulate Huel on the 4 years since it was founded and the incredible milestone of 50,000,000 meals sold!

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