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But before starting here are the rules or the parameters:

  1. I will weight myself at the start of the week and at the end of the week.
  2. I will monitor all I eat using MyfitnessPal to track the calories in.
  3. Luckily, I also have a Garmin Fenix 3hr that allows me to fairly accurately estimate how many calories I burn a day and track exercise. Therefore, I will also provide data of the exercise and steps i do. This wil be calories out.
  4. I will try to eat at least more than 50% of my energy from meal replacements. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to do solely consuming complete foods (due to social and familiar compromises).

Things to take into account:

  • One week is not enough time to draw any strong conclusions.
  • The results for any certain meal replacement shake might be skewed due to external factors like stress, work load, temperature…
  • Not 2 weeks are equal.
  • I might be unable to fully accurately track my calories in meals that I do not cook.

This weeks “challenger” is Plenny Shake from Jimmyjoy. I am actually lucky enough (or unlucky depending who you listen to) to try their new formula. It does get me really excited. Let’s do a quick rundown of Jimmyjoy, first:

Plenny Shake Joy
Plenny Shake Joy,

Things to take into consideration:

  • I will try not to put too much weight, since I am currently unable to do any sport. Final goal: 79-80kg.
  • I will try all Plenny Shake variations.
  • I put on 2kg in theory between the end of my Satislent week and the start of Plenny Shake (2 days).
  • I will overestimate the calories IN and underestimate the calories OUT.
Plenny Shake Range
Will I be able to finish them all?

Summary of my Week on Plenny Shake


Plenny Shake Energy Expenditure vs Intake
The total difference for the week was 115kcal deficit.

Starting Weight: 80kg or 176.37lbs.

Finishing Weight: 79kg or 174lbs.

Total calories in: 16,047kcal (-944kcal vs last week).

Total calories out: 16,218kcal (-1300 vs last week).

Cal From PS: 5,696kcal (35% of total cal).

Cost of PS: €17.37

  • It was a less active week than the last week. Overall, not very active at all.
  • The meals were smaller than last week, so even if I had more PS shakes, I did not have as many calories from shakes as last week.
  • I had a fairly similar calorie in and out balance at the end of the week, which I did not expect. I also lost 1kg, but this might be due to natural fluctuations.
Thoughts on Plenny Shake.
  • Plenny Shakes were very thin, smooth when shaked with the right amount of liquid (sandy when not), and really easy to drink.
  • As they were smaller shakes, I found myself hungry in about 2:30h.
  • The flavours where different among each other, which is a positive. However, they all started with a oaty flavour and then transitioned into a different taste. My ranking would be: Chocolate>Coffee=Vanilla>>Mango>>>Banana>>>Strawberry.
  • The Strawberry flavour was the disappointment of the week, while the Mango flavour was a nice surprise (better chilled).
  • Plenny Shake Active was nice to have when the extra protein was needed, but I would have like some other flavour.
  • As for Plenny Shake WakeUp, I wish it had some more caffeine on it and a bit of a stronger coffee flavour.
  • Overall, the experience was great, dirty cheap and shakes were different enough to enjoy a varied flavour range and not get bored.

Start 19/09/18

Starting Weight: 80kg or 176.4lbs.Plenny Shake Start weight 19_09

Starting Caloric Need2,180kcal or 9121.1kJ.

Day 1- 19/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 1

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 9a.m.
  • Plenny Shake Chocolate 2 scoops (400kcal) at 10a.m with 300ml water.

Thoughts: My first Plenny Shake with the new formula! I must say it is really really thin. You can notice it when shaking. A big difference vs Satislent. The chocolate flavour was like when I mixed my protein powder (chocolate) with oats. Very strong oat taste, quite pleasant, and the shake really easy to drink. Too easy almost.

First Plenny Shake
I hope that Plenny Shake will be able to cure my injury.
  • Plenny Shake Chocolate 2.5 scoops (496kcal) with 100ml skimmed milk (35kcal) and 200ml water.

Thoughts: Taste wise I did not notice that much difference, I need to try with pure milk. It took me longer to drink, but it was probably because the bigger shake. It was still thin, but cutting the water made it so it would not wash in the mouth properly and had more of a powdery aftertaste.

Plenny Shake with milk
Plenny Shake with 100ml of skimmed milk plus 200ml of water (2.5 scoops).
  • Tomato 2 Tomato (44kcal).
  • Chicken breast, grilled, about 150g (291kcal).

Thoughts: I wanted to have some more Plenny Shake but I had to had dinner with family.

  • Latte (100kcal).
  • 9 slices of wholegrain bread about 648kcal.

Thoughts: The issue with the bread is that my mum buys the baguette when it is only the two of us and I end up eating all of it.

Food Day 1:
Plenny Shake Food Day1 19_09_18
Plenny Shake Nutrients Day1
Plenny Shake Calorie Spread Day1Plenny Shake Macros Day1

Recap of Day 1

  • Calories IN = 2,116kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180kcal.
  • Total = -64kcal (needed to eat more).
Plenny Shake Summary Day1
Pretty lazy day… Sight.

First of, let me say that I think I underestimated what I ate and that probably did not burn as many calories as I needed in theroy.

Now, my first day with Plenny Shake was interesting. I had been having really thick shakes in the last week and it was almost shocking to see how thin Jimmyjoy’s formula was. I personally prefer the thick shakes, make me feel like I consumed more (or that I actually ate); however, if you struggle drinking your meals, this is the one for you.

I was hoping for a flavour that was slightly more chocolaty and less oaty. That was a bit of a letdown. I liked the taste, I just wanted it to be stronger. One thing I must say is that there were no clumps and the shake was really really easy to drink.

Another thing I found that I enjoy is the recommended 400kcal shake. Perhaps, I could bump it up in the morning or lunch time, since you may feel slightly hungry. However, I had the idea to have another shake around 5p.m. and then one for dinner. So, one in the morning after my coffee (10 a.m); one at lunch time (1:30p.m. ish); one mid afternoon (5p.m.); and finally one at dinner time (8p.m.). That would be about 1,600kcal if all were 400. I would look to have one around my workout or increase to 500kcal/meal.

Day 2- 20/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 2

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 9a.m.
  • Plenny Shake Vanilla 2 scoops (400kcal) at 10a.m with 300ml water.

Thoughts: The vanilla was a very mild and neutral flavour, as I was expecting. I think this is the best flavour to experiment and make your own blends with. On its own is perhaps to oaty for some. I think I liked the chocolate one better.

Plenny Shake Vanilla taste
Very thin.
  • Springless beans with potatoes and carrots, 219kcal.
  • 2 low fat yogurts, 250g, 98kcal.

Thoughts: I wanted to have a light lunch to then have a Plenny shake mid afternoon. I think it was too light since I was pretty hungry afterwards.

  • Tomato 2 Tomato (44kcal).
  • Cod in oil with peppers and onions. This is hard to estimate but, cod about 300g, 240kcal; and the olive oil (that sticks to cod), 1 tablespoon (119kcal).

    Cod with peppers and onions
    When I cook it, I cook it with more greens and less oil. My mum… well you guys can see.

Thoughts: It was a really tasty dinner, even if the cod was desalted a little too much.

  • Plenny Shake Vanilla (2 scoops), 400kcal.
  • Ham, 124g, 128kcal.
  • 9 slices of wholegrain bread about 648kcal.

Thoughts: I may have eaten more bread…

Food Day 2:
Plenny Shake Food_20_09_18Plenny Shake Nutrients Day2Plenny Shake Calories Spread Day2Plenny Shake Macros Day2

Recap of Day 2

  • Calories IN = 2,395kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180kcal.
  • Total = 215kcal (excess).
Plenny Shake Summary Day2
It said that I had slept 4h today, when I have probably slept around 8.

I think I will notice the fact that I am being really immobile this week and that I have not done any activities. I have not adjusted my eating habits to that. In fact, if I could only drink Plenny Shakes and not have to eat with the family, I probably would have done a better job at keeping myself at bay.

So, yeah, I am not looking forward to see the scale at the end of the week. Regarding Plenny Shake, my afternoon Plenny Shake was a lot thicker. I prepared it in advance and consume it two hours later. The consistency was so much denser, while really smooth. I must say, if it were not for the fact that it was warm, I enjoyed this a lot more. I will try to prepare my shake in advance and see if I can achieve the same consistency.

Day 3- 21/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 3

  • Coffee with 150ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 9a.m.
  • Plenny Shake Strawberry 2 scoops (400kcal) at 10a.m with 300ml water.

Thoughts: The strawberry flavour was the biggest disappointment so far. To my surprise, Next Level Meal‘s strawberry and Satislent’s strawberry have been some of my favourites. However, this strawberry was awfully artificial and had a sandy background.

Plenny Shake Strawberry Mess
How not to prepare a Plenny Shake. Pro tip: Take the grid off first.
  • Plenny Shake Strawberry 2 scoops (400kcal) with 300ml water.

Thoughts: For the first time I was not looking forward to it. Earlier I had left it in the fridge for 2h to thicken, this time I drank it as soon as I made it. Still no good.

Plenny Shake Health improvement
I can undoubtedly claim that Plenny Shake was “beneficial” to the improvement of my hand. Or at least did not make it worse.
  • Cod in oil with peppers and onions. About 150g of cod, 120kcal; and some olive oil (that I forgot to count).

Thoughts: It was a really tasty dinner, even if the cod was desalted a little too much.

  • Plenny Shake Strawberry (2 scoops), 400kcal.
  • Ham, 186g, 192kcal.
  • 9 slices of wholegrain bread about 648kcal.

Thoughts: Plenny Shake was great after sport. The taste not so much…Plenny Shake after workout

Food Day 3:
Food_21_09_18Plenny Shake Nutrients Day3Plenny Shake Calories Spread Day3Plenny Shake Macros Day3

Recap of Day 3

  • Calories IN = 2,355kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+459kcal.
  • Total = -284kcal (needed).
Plenny Shake Summary Day3
Finally got back to the gym. A small leg session since I cannot do anything with my arm.

It was great being back at the gym. It was being one of my laziest weeks, due to the injury and not having to move much from home. As a reward, I got myself a Plenny Shake after the workout.

Or it would have been a reward, if I did not dislike the Straberry flavour so much. I found it to be the most artificial, dislikeable flavour so far. It also felt like it had a sandy aftertaste, but that might be to me not using enough liquid. The flavour was so in the background, though; and yet, I would have preferred the neutral oat taste.

Day 4- 22/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 4

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Omelette with 3 egg whites (51kcal) and 1 whole egg (72kcal) with 2 toast slices (144kcal).

Thoughts: I usually take a meal replacement in the morning, but today I decided to change things a little bit. It was good.

Omelette with toastLunch:
  • Plenny Shake Banana 2 scoops (400kcal) with 300ml water.

Thoughts: Let me say that I hate banana. I always avoid banana products. The Plenny Shake Banana had a very background banana, more noticeable towards the end (like a banana yogurt) and an oaty start. Still not for me. Only if you like banana flavoured food.Plenny Shake Banana Shaker Scoop

  • Tomato salad (44kcal) with fresh tuna, about 200g (428kcal).

Thoughts: Tomato plus fresh tuna is one of the best things in the world. You can have tuna with tomato puree or just fresh tomatoes with a little salt and vinegar. It is just out of this world.

Real tuna with tomato
Good prime ingredients are essential, but this is a nutrient and protein bomb.
  • Plenny Shake Banana (2 scoops), 400kcal with 100ml of skimmed milk (35kcal).
  • 8 slices of wholegrain bread about 720kcal.

Thoughts: The milk actually improved the shake considerably.Plenny Shake Banana Handcheck

Food Day 4:
Plenny Shake Food 22_09_18Plenny Shake Nutrients Day4Plenny Shake Calories Spread_Day4Plenny Shake Macros Day4

Recap of Day 4

  • Calories IN = 2,491kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180.
  • Total = 311kcal (excess).
Plenny Shake Summary Day4
Another day without much movement, unfortunately.

I need to move around more. That is one of the drawbacks from working from home. You do not get to do much outside, unless you have something to do.

Regarding the Plenny Shake, it was not good. Not because the flavour itself is bad, but due to the fact that I have a strong dislike (hatred) towards banana. I never buy anything banana flavoured. My shake with only water was very oaty to start with and then the banana flavour hit you. Not very strong, but enough to notice it. The second way around I used milk and that improved it a lot in my opinion. So far chocolate still the best.

Day 5- 23/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 5

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Plenny Shake Mango 2 scoops, 397 kcal.

Thoughts: I took my first Mango shake with chilled water, and after an oaty start (trend in all Plenny Shakes) you could actually distinguish the mango. A bit like in a tropical juice. Fairly refreshing.

Plenny Shake Mango Shaker ScoopLunch:
  • Plenny Shake Mango 2 scoops (400kcal) with 200ml water and 100ml of skimmed milk.

Thoughts: So I tried adding a little bit of milk, mainly to see if I could see the improvement I saw with the banana shake. It was ok but not very different. Perhaps, I should have tried full milk. Plenny Shake Mango Taste

  • Tomato salad (44kcal) with a half table spoon of olive oil (60kcal).
  • 1 Fried egg (90kcal) with some homemade french fries (110kcal)

Thoughts: Standard dinner at home. Hard to calculate the calories since it depends on the amounts of oil. Which when my dad cooks, means a lot.

  • 10 slices of wholegrain bread about 720kcal.
  • Ham, about 186g, 192kcal.

Thoughts: I promise I will stop tomorrow.Plenny Shake Banana Handcheck

Food Day 5:
Food_23_09_18Plenny Shake Nutrients Day5Plenny Shake Calories Spread Day5Plenny Shake Macros Day5

Recap of Day 5

  • Calories IN = 2,150kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180.
  • Total =-30kcal (needed).
Plenny Shake Summary Day5
Another lazy day, but at least I got to walk around a little.

So Plenny Shake Mango was the last flavour I had to taste aside from the WakeUp. It was not as bad as I feared, and it was even oddly refreshing with chilled water. However, you need to add a fair bit of water if you do not want it to be sandy. The more water you add the less flavour it has. I would say it is better than the other two fruity flavours though.

Day 6- 24/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 6

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Plenny Shake WakeUp 2 scoops, 397 kcal.

Thoughts: Whoops, double caffeinated morning. I needed that yesterday, though.

Plenny Shake WakeUp MorningLunch:
  • Black bean soup about 350g, 270kcal.
  • Pumpkin soup, 96kcal.

Thoughts: I fully expect this to be meal to have more calories. It was really filling too.

  • Tomato salad (44kcal) with a half table spoon of olive oil (60kcal).
  • Pepper and onion omelette with 5 eggs (I ate almost half), about 157kcal.

Thoughts: The vegetable omelette was actually pretty good.

  • 10 slices of wholegrain bread about 720kcal.
  • 2 low fat yogurts (98kcal).

Thoughts: Maybe tomorrow…Plenny Shake WakeUp Ready

Food Day 6:
Plenny Shake Food 24_09_18Plenny Shake Nutrients Day6Plenny Shake Calories Spread Day6Plenny Shake Macros Day6

Recap of Day 6

  • Calories IN = 1,887kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180.
  • Total =-293kcal (needed).Plenny Shake Summary Day6

Hello, WakeUp. You used to be an absolute beast, with 200mg per serving. What have they done to you? Only 75mg?
Yes, the new WakeUp is not as potent, and you can notice that. However, the taste is good I would say the second best, after the chocolate flavour. I am looking forward to drink some more tomorrow, to be honest. Let’s see if I do some sport and supplement it with Plenny Active too.

Day 7- 25/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 7

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Plenny Shake WakeUp 2 scoops, 397 kcal.

Thoughts: Double caffeine shot once again.

Plenny Shake WakeUp shake
I am getting fond of the jovial pictures.
  • Black bean soup about 200g, 154kcal.
  • Courgette, tomato, pepper soup, 198kcal.

Thoughts: Tons of nutrients, not much calories. I think I need to try to incorporate protein to my lunch.

  • Tuna 150g about 306kcal
  • 10 slices of wholegrain bread about 720kcal.

Thoughts: I made a tuna sandwich to go to watch the match of my local football team. We should have won…

  • Plenny Shake Active 2 scoops, 392kcal with skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • 186g of Ham, 192kcal.
  • 2 slices of bread, about 144kcal.
Plenny Shake Active post workout
With 300ml of skimmed milk and some more water to smoothen it.

Thoughts: I took the new Plenny Shake Active after my workout. I was fairly hungry even after taking it, but it settled down after 5 min. Flavourwise is very similar to the standard banana, although I had to add some extra water to get rid of the grainniness.

Food Day 7:
Plenny Shake Food 25_09_18
Plenny Shake Nutrients Day7Plenny Shake Calories Spread Day7Plenny Shake Macros Day7

Recap of Day 7

  • Calories IN = 2,709kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180 +499 .
  • Total =30kcal (extra).Plenny Shake Summary Day7

Yesterday was a fairly good day. It would have been better if Real Sociedad would have won their game (which they should have).

I was quite active because I walked to the stadium and back; plus, I went to the gym for a good leg workout. Surprisingly, my heart rate was higher than usual during the workout, probably because I am getting unfit by sitting in the office.

I had a Plenny Shake Active afterwards, which was good to bump up my protein (26g). Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the day they release a new flavour. I did not enjoy the banana much. As a postworkout meal, I think it is ok. Definitely the best for people in a budget. However, my preference is always something with whey protein on it, like YFood or something with a protein blend that is not just soy, like Pulve or Huel.

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Loved this post thanks, found it after ordering plenny shakes myself. Your post was fun to read 🙂

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