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About LatestFuels

LatestFuels is a media website born from our struggle to find clear, impartial information on the latest nutritional trends and products. We focus primarily on the meal replacement market, products and brands, but will also aim to de-mystify the latest must-have products marketing themselves as nutritional.

Founded by two nutrition enthusiasts, our busy schedules meant that we struggled to find the time to make, store and consume healthy meals; let alone begin to research alternatives. LatestFuels now aims to fill the gap in the lack of information available online and share our experience as we continue to personally test and review the products available.

Having integrated complete foods into our own diets, we strongly believe that complete foods offer a sustainable and healthy alternative to fast food and the current quick meal options. Their simplicity, nutritional balance and practicality completely outshine the current convenience food market. Most of them also offer less waste and are more environmentally sustainable!

We believe in healthier, more balanced and more convenient eating habits, as such, we are here to introduce new people to better food choices and offer informed options to the more advanced users, supporting the complete food alternatives.

Enaut editor of Latestfuels

Enaut Irazabalbeitia

I am the figure behind LatestFuels.  An idiot who run from home at 17 to get a degree in BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Bath. Migrated from the beautiful coastal city of San Sebastian (put it in your bucket list if it is not there yet), to another astonishing little English town called Bath (another must for any traveller, seriously).

In my struggles at University (the good old days), I went through many diets and workout rutines in order to achieve perfection. Oh, yes I used to be an avid perfectionist. My total control over what I ate made me research a lot about nutrition and ‘slightly’ obsessed with food. Obsessed being the right word; about the type of food, the calories, the amount fats… Not in a good way.

I did not encounter meal replacements at that time, though. Looking back, I wish I did. It would have helped me with my calorie counting (seriously, use them as guidelines, not laws). And saving some money. Student budget can be short.

That came later in life via one of my best friends. He told me about Huel (big UK brand). I said, “I love food too much. I can’t imagine myself just drinking”. The curiosity spark was ignited, though. I tried a bit of it. “Not as bad as I thought”. Got interested found Queal, tried it and then the journey began.

Since, I go on and off. Always using them during busy periods of my life, when I travel (great way to ensure good nutrition) and sometimes as after sport. However, I struggled to find varied information and thorough critics. I wanted to try more, but did not know where to look.

And here we are. I created LatestFuels to satisfy my own curiosity and help other fellas in the same spot. So, welcome to LatestFuels. I hope you learn something from your stay here.

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