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MTE Review | More Than Energy, A Great Wellness Infusion

At work, at play, and at home… we all want to be our absolute best. Our always-on, always connected, always in motion, always needing to be a step ahead lifestyles make it challenging to be all those things, and be our best…without being exhausted.

For many, nootropic supplements are the solution to this problem. Others heavily rely on energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster or other heavily caffeinated options. Whatever it is, there are hundreds of products promising increased cognitive performance that often fail to deliver.

Back in spring, we took a look at More Than Energy (MTE), a 60ml supplement formulated to provide a clean and lasting boost of energy. The goal of the product was to provide that energy boost, all while supporting other functions, and omitting the junk found in many mainstream energy products.

Fast forward to today, and MTE is now a powder mix. Gone is the bottled shot, replaced with a 30 serving mix that can be add to water, or other beverages, providing new ways to experience the wellness benefits.

The idea is to provide you with an energizing drink that can outperform caffeine, without the nasty side effects, and with extra benefits like immune support or anti-stress properties.

One of the drawbacks of the previous product was its polarizing taste, one which some could look past and would stop others in their tracks. So in this MTE review we’ll analyze that, as well as any other changes made between spring and autumn.

Is this too good to be true? Let’s find out about this MTE review.

Main takeaways:

  1. MTE is now a powder mix. Bottles appear to have been discontinued.
  2. Taste was an issue last time. Its still not the best, but a bit improved.
  3. Improved energy and focus, with no jitters or crash. Gradual leveling up and down.
  4. Price has been lowered from $5 a serving to just over $2 per serving.

MTE Review Overview

User ReviewsPositive
LF RecommendedYes


I really wasn’t a big fan of cold medicine taste of the MTE shot last time, so I’m curious if improvements have been made in that regard. All the same ingredients are present, so some of this review will be very similar to the previous look at MTE.

Does it taste better? We’ll touch on that in the taste section, but before that…here are some pros and cons.

Stands Tall

  • Undeniably effective
  • A bit easier to drink than the shot when mixed with something else.
  • Lower priced per serving than the shot. Down from $5 to $2.33 per serving. Over half!!

Falls Flat

  • Still not great. Not as bad, but mixed with water…its so much more of it.
  • Ingredient amounts are not disclosed
  • Did not mix well with water.

Taste Test

MTE is being touted as “new and improved”. I felt it important to lead with that. The flavor we have, which is the only flavor, is Lychee Passionfruit.

Its not as bad by virtue of not being as concentrated as the shot was, but the tradeoff is its alot more of it! There are some fruity notes in it, but the underlying chewed up asprin taste is still ever present.

Get MTE shot
I previously tried the MTE shot.

Also, no matter how much shaking or water I added, I just could not get it completely mixed, making for a very gritty drink once you’re down the last 30% or so.

Not a good start.

According to the MTE FAQ, you can mix it with a variety of beverages, so I added to a protein rich smoothie, mild vanilla Hol Food. It is legit one of the best plain flavored meal replacements available, so whatever you mix it with will shine.

Mixing this was much better, and much easier to drink than just mixing with water. Also, the thick consistency allowed it to mix completely. It wouldn’t be a go to for me, but I was able to finish without issue as it kept the bad taste at bay.

Ingredients & Benefits

Now there are 13 ingredients in the new MTE. The supplement facts will break down the amounts of each ingredient.

  • Ashwaganda – Likely the most celebrated adaptogen in all of botanical medicine. Known to boost energy and balance stress levels, it also promotes relaxation.
  • Spirulina – One of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, historically treasured for being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with half its weight coming from protein.
  • Siberian Ginseng – An adaptogen whose use dates back over 2000 years and is traditionally used to boost energy reserves and immune performance.
  • Holy Basil – A superfood famous for boosting immunity and balancing the biochemical impact of stress.
  • Amaranth – A grain that contains antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation.
  • Maca – Related to broccoli and kale, it supports stress response by maintaining energy levels and mood.
  • L-Theanine – Amino acid found in plant and fungal species that has been shown to promote relaxation without drowsiness.
  • Teacrine® – Very structurally similar to caffeine, and has been shown to increase energy and focus without habituation, or side effects.
  • GABA – An amino acid that acts as the main balancing neurotransmitter in humans, which relaxes you from a cellular level.
  • Affron® – A premium saffron extract. Conclusions from double-blind studies have noted increased mood, reduced anxiety and managed stress without side effects.
  • InnovaTea® – A unique, naturally derived source of caffeine extracted from fermented Camellia sinensis (tea leaves).

Two new ingredients are in the powdered MTE:

  • Dynamine – Structurally similar to caffeine and acts in similar ways to boost energy, focus, and oxygen uptake.
  • Chicory Root Inulin – A type of fiber that cannot be absorbed by the small intestine, making it a good digestive aid. Also good for the bacteria in the large intestine.

MTE Benefits

A lot of thought has been put into the ingredients. Now let’s look at the benefits you can expect by integrating MTE into your routine.

1. Increased Energy & Focus

Instead of using caffeine powder, MTE relies on theacrine, ashwagandha, maca, tea extract (98% caffeine), and ginseng.

These natural herbs have been proven to boost your metabolism, help you with reaction time, combat fatigue, and even provide an energy boost.

2. Relaxed Mood

Among the ingredients that can help you regulate your mood are L-theanine, saffron, tea, GABA, eleuthero, holy basil and ashwagandha.

L-theanine is a well-researched amino acid that has anti-stress properties. Similarly, GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that plays a key role in downregulating overexcited neuronal pathways, aka helps you stay calmer.

3. Immunity Support

Many plants contain phytonutrients that interact with our immune system, boosting immune responses, decreasing inflammation and multiple other ways.

In MTE shots, basil, eleuthero, L-theanine and spirulina play a role in supporting your immune system.

Eleuthero comes from ginseng and it’s been traditionally used to combat flu and cold symptoms. The extent of effectiveness and dosages are not clear, but research has shown some promise.

4. Sleep

A study in 2021 found that saffron extract intake in the evening improved sleep quality after long-term supplementation (28 days).

Another study found that holy basil could potentially reduce stress and improve sleep quality, but this study was founded by a pharmaceutical interested in positive outcomes. Thus, the conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, ashwagandha does help you reduce stress, and GABA paired with L-theanine can positively affect your sleep.

Thus, there’s some evidence to suggest that MTE drinks could help you sleep better.

Does it work?

The $64 question. Did it work, and how well??

Some people can eat/drink anything as long as they can look forward to the desired effect. I’m not necessarily one of those people lol.

However, especially after the smoothies, I did notice that I had not sat down. I felt surprisingly good. I had just finished a pretty taxing yoga set, and had the smoothie right afterwards.

I felt energized even though I was mostly spent after holding poses for 45 minutes. I felt energized, and not artificially “hyped up”. Also, this feeling seemed to stick around for awhile. Its effect gradually wound down, and I didn’t feel like I had the rug pulled from under me, like with other sugar/caffeine based drinks.

About MTE

“Pursuing health and happiness through food and drink has been a part of my life since my first memories of my mom making us homemade pear popsicles”, says co-founder Jeff Boyd.

I wanted to create a supplement that could be taken regularly to help people be well and feel good, because when I feel good, I’m free to have more fun and live a great story. It’s something I aspire to daily, and it’s something I want for my friends, my family and society at large.

Founder – Jeff Boyd

Since no one feels best when they are stressed, anxious, or tired (or all three) I started there. But instead of a quick fix, I wanted to create something that could be taken daily to help get us off the hamster wheel.

Founder – Jeff Boyd

Price & Shipping

MTE can only be purchased via their website.

The product is now sold as a 249g bad that contains 30 single scoop servings. You can have MTE delivered to your door every 2 weeks, to every 6 weeks via subscription.

  • One Time Purchases are $70 per bag
  • Subscription Purchases are $60 per bag

Shipping is free on individual orders, as well as subscription orders.

MTE Reviews from Real Customers

So what do the customers think? Are they MTE believers?

It certainly seems like it, but these are site reviews, so keep that in mind. One common theme….they all mention increased energy, and preferring MTE over caffeine.

“As someone who’s been searching for a beverage that can improve my daily focus and energy, More Than Energy (MTE) offers just that without giving me a terrible headache or the usual crash at the end of the day. MTE has been a great substitute for the coffee and energy drink combination that I usually use to start my day. I’m so grateful I was introduced to MTE”

Siwat S, MTE customers

Here are a few that are less than flattering, with much of the criticism being taste related.


Is MTE an energy drink?

Not in the way you’ve thought about energy drinks for the last 30 years. Rather than one-dimensional energy, often with a crash, MTE promotes feel-good energy while also supporting mood, stress resilience, calm focus and many other benefits to well-being that are often ignored.* 

Accordingly, MTE was designed to be a daily supplement rather than a quick fix.

Does MTE contain caffeine?

Excessive caffeine is counterproductive, which is why our formula only contains 50mg. Instead, we use theacrine, which comes from a green tea leaf, is structurally similar to caffeine, and provides similar energy benefits without any of the common side effects.*

When should I drink MTE?

MTE was designed as a daily supplement rather than a quick fix, so regular use is recommended.

Do not exceed 2 servings in any 24-hour period.

Why do I need MTE?

MTE is a daily wellness supplement to help us feel best. Much like we use multi-vitamins to supplement our diet, MTE supports us by promoting foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, motivation, focus, even quality of sleep at night.*

It’s not a magic bullet – there is no such thing – but in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices like making sleep a priority, staying hydrated, eating right, and staying active, we find MTE is a great tail wind for our efforts to be our best. 

What is your return policy?

Our 4 Packs are covered under our stress-free-15-day-money-back guarantee (we’re MTE after all, we wouldn’t want to ADD stress). If you are dissatisfied with your first 4 pack purchase…first, are you shaking them well immediately prior to consumption? Have you tried refrigerating them? And finally, have you tried adding your favorite sweetener (if that’s your thing)?

Still not feeling it? Please reach out to us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear more about your experience and our customer care team will be sure to get your refund sorted out.

Due to the nature of our product, we won’t ask you to return it, so we encourage you to share it with a friend or colleague. Who knows, you may just make their day.

Verdict – MTE Review

In taking a second look at MTE, this time as a new product, it was an interesting experience.

While it certainly will not win awards on taste, it has made some minor improvements on that front. But the big win is adapting it to being a powdered mix. This allows those who liked the original shot to enjoy it as is without being much different, while offers those of us who found it challenging to drink, more options to integrate into other things.

Another big win is its lowered price. The MTE shot would run you $120 for 24 servings. Now, as the powder mix, you can get 30 servings for only $70, and $60 if you subscribe!

When testing, I experienced some of the benefits that MTE claimed mainly, higher and more sustained energy levels (when compared to caffeine), increased focus, and generally I felt more relaxed.

However, as some of the negative MTE reviews eluded to…something has to be done about the taste. Having tested nootropic and adaptogen mints, gummy bears and nootropic coffee in recent weeks, MTE was the less tasty option of them all.

That said, if you can look beyond the taste, you will be surprised by an energy drink that’s uniquely healthy and effective at keeping you active without any crashes or side effects and with multiple long-term benefits.

Bottom Line – The effects were spot on so if used at the most opportune time for you, you’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Those who were fans of the original, should love the new MTE.

MTE Drink

$5 per serving





Nootropic blend







  • Proven ingredients with multiple benefits
  • More effective than caffeine for energy and focus
  • Steady and relaxed energy
  • Positive user reviews
  • No crashes or jitters


  • Proprietary blend hiding exact ingredient quantities
  • Taste is not great, and doesn't mix well
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