How We Test, Review and Rate Products on Latestfuels

Welcome to Latestfuels. Home of the most in-depth reviews about nutritional supplements, meal replacement and lifestyle/health tools.

Testing and rating nutritional products fairly and objectively are the aims of all Latestfuel’s reviews.

Our goal is always to provide clear and factual information so the user can make an informed decision. For that, I – the owner and Editor in Chief -, and the Latestfuels’ staff follow rigorous guidelines and procedures when testing products.

At Latestfuels we specialize in meal replacement shakes, nootropics, energy drinks, and other supplement reviews that can help increase your daily performance. Due to the nature of these products and how they can affect your health, we test all and each before publishing our reviews.

Our reviewers take time to analyze and try out the different supplements, so you can make sure it’s safe for consumption and only the best products are recommended. We are not afraid of pointing out subpar products, as well as highlighting those we think to deserve the praise.

However, we believe that ultimately, each person is unique and their needs are different. As such, we like to put the facts into the articles, so that the reader can make an informed choice about whether the product is what he/she was looking for or not.

Produts tested at Latestfuels
Some of the products we tested latetly.

Latestfuels’ Ratings Explained

All supplements are rated on a 1 to 5 scale. The higher the value the better we think the product is, and products that are below 3 are not recommended.

Generally, we take a positive outlook, but we don’t give out many 5s:

  • 5 Stars – Exceptional, perfect.
  • 4 Stars – Very good, above average, and recommended.
  • 3 Stars – Average, worth considering but just about.
  • 2 Stars – Subpar.
  • 1 Star – Don’t touch it.

We also take into consideration different factors depending on the category of the product when doing the ratings.

For instance, these are the factors we consider when testing and ranking meal replacement shakes:

  • Nutrition – How healthy is the product? Does it provide you with all the essential nutrients?
  • Taste – How tasty is the shake?
  • Texture – Does it mix well? Is the texture adequate (not too thin, not too thick)? Does it have bits?
  • Satiety – How well does the product do keeping you full?
  • Price – Is this product good value?

Awards Explained

Besides the ranking, you’ll often see that we give out special recognition to certain products. Here are the most common ones:

  • Editor’s Choice: A standout product that excelled in most categories and surprised in an extremely positive manner to the writer or the editor. One of the most prestigious awards.
  • Best X: The best product for a given category or for a target audience.
  • Most Affordable: This is the best product for the money or the product that it’s the best fit for those who are conscious about their budget.

How Are the Products Tested

The exact process of how the products are tested on Latetsfuels will depend on the category of the product.

As mentioned above, we review all kinds of supplements and nutritional products varying from meal replacement shakes that can help you with weight loss, to nootropic blends that boost your cognitive performance.

As such, each will require specific procedures.

Which Factors Do We Look At?

However, when reviewing a product we value the following factors:

  • Quality. We only want the top quality products for our readers. The quality of the ingredients in nutritional supplements is often neglected and we do not stand by it.
  • Features. What features do the products offer?
  • Transparency. We advocate for transparent labels and we are against the use of proprietary blends that hide key information from the user.
  • Value for money. Is the product good value for money?
  • Accuracy of the claims/benefits made by the manufacturer. How effective is the product and does it do what the manufacturer promises?
  • The user experience when purchasing the product. How easy is it to buy the product? Can you find all the relevant info on their site?
  • How does it compare to the best competitors.

At times, we also look at other user testimonials to assess if our findings correlate with the general experience.

Our Motto

Lastly, before finalizing this article, I would like to let you know what our motto at Latestfuels is.

  • Fair. Each product deserves a fair assessment without any bias, no matter how big or small the company behind it is.
  • Objective. All reviewers have biases, including us. We tend to prefer some flavours, or ingredients in our shakes. However, when displaying the information to the reader, we try to be as objective as possible.
  • Informational. Consequently, we try to give as much information as possible. Without information, there’s no way for the reader to make a good choice for them.
  • For the user. All reviews are made for the user, not for us to sell another product.