If you have been looking around for gaming drinks or been watching your favourite Twitch, you have surely heard of G-Fuel. It is one of the most hyped energy drinks lately, and many praise it as the best gaming drink. However, there are plenty of G-Fuel alternatives that are as good if not better.

In fact, G-Fuel seems to opt quantity for quality, often sacrificing the taste of their gaming drinks. Through thorough testing, I found many gaming energy drinks that taste better than G-Fuel.

Furthermore, even though G-Fuel’s boost blend is pretty good, there are gaming drinks that will offer you a bigger performance enhancement with more active ingredients, more caffeine, and more effective doses.

Not only that, if you are not lucky enough to live in the US, you might not be able to buy G-Fuel easily. In fact, in Europe, you will often have to pay extra or you won’t be able to buy it. So are there any alternatives to G-Fuel in Europe?

The answer is yes. There are many companies out there that offer better-tasting alternatives to G-Fuel and even caffeine-free G-Fuel substitutes.

So, let’s find out what the best G-Fuel alternatives are.

Best G-Fuel Alternatives – Sneak Energy

Best G-Fuel alternative sneak energy
  • Available in cans and powder
  • 12kcal, 0g of sugar, 150mg of caffeine
  • 15 superb flavors to choose from
  • Blue Raspberry is electrifying
  • Cheaper per can than G-Fuel
  • Ships to EU, US, and UK

Top G-Fuel Alternative – Rogue Energy

Rogue energy best g fuel alternative
  • Packed with 175mg of caffeine.
  • 5kcal, 0g of sugar.
  • Great tasting.
  • Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade truly awesome.
  • Super quality for the price.

Best Long-Term Mental Booster – Hunter Focus

 Hunter focus
  • Great nootropic: enhances your cognitive performance, memory and focus.
  • Protects your brain from degenerative damage.
  • Keeps your brain sharp. Can help you study, focus for long hours and retain information better.
  • For those who want to take their mental performance to the next level.
  • It’s more expensive

Other Alternatives to G-Fuel Energy Drinks

Best Value –> Mixt Energy

Best Caffeine Free –> Nau Energy Drink

Most Affordable –> Sneak Energy

G-Fuel Alternatives Reviewed

ProductKcalCaffeine (mg)SugarsPrice ($)Ships to
Endless1115001.1EU, US, UK
G-Fuel1514000.9US, EU*
GamerSup010000.4EU, US
Ghost015001.0US, EU, AUS
Runtime10080202.3EU, US
EU includes the UK.

Energy drinks such as Red Bull, Rockstar or Monster weren’t taken into consideration.

Best G-Fuel Alternatives for Gaming

1. Sneak Energy Best Alternative US & UK

Sneak gaming drink tub

Taste: 90%

Nutrition: 90%

Price: 95%

Boost: 90%


  • More affordable, $1 per serving
  • Tastes better –
  • 0g of sugar, 150mg of caffeine, 100mg of L theanine, 100mg of L Carnitine
  • Better focus
  • Non-caffeinated option


  • Less flavors
  • $75 for free shipping

So what about an affordable G-Fuel alternative? At $1/serving (without any discounts), Sneak Energy might one of the cheapest gaming drinks you can buy. It’s also one of the coolest brands out there.

Cheap, but great. For once, it clearly tells you how much of each ingredient they have; including 150mg of caffeine, 1361mg of taurine and 100mg of L-carnitine. They also include 90% of your DV of vitamin C and 120% of biotin to help you with your performance.

This is, Sneak has more active ingredients to enhance your gaming potential than G-Fuel! It provides a bigger boost, and therefore a better performance in your gaming sessions.

On top of that, with the new Hydrate formula, you can keep drinking Sneak’s fantastic gaming drinks non-stop. I fallen in love with Hydrate and drank few tubs already. 0 caffeine, 0 sugar, but so much tastier than water.

You can buy Sneak easily in Europe and in the UK, so it’s a great alternative to G-Fuel in that regard. It’s also available in 15 different flavours, so there’s plenty to choose from!

All without sacrificing taste. Sneak Strawberry Millions is one of the best in the business; and their Blue Raspberry is pretty electrifying, too.

Looking for gaming energy drinks in cans? Look no further.

Plus, you can now buy Sneak Cans, if you don’t want to have to deal with prepping your gaming drink. Personally, I like the powder better, since it’s more affordable, but I can’t deny the convenience of the cans.

In the Sneak vs Gfuel face-off, Sneak Energy does really well. You can always start with their great starter pack to try the different flavours out and choose your favourite.

Key Stats

Sugar (g)00
Caffeine (mg)150140
Price ($)/serving0.830.9
Available USYesYes
Available EUYesNo*
Starter PackYes, from $14Yes
Sneak is available in parts of EU, UK and the World.

Flavours available: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Millions, Sour Apples, Tropikilla, Strawberry Watermelon, Stealth, Bubblegum Millions, Purple Storm, Cherry Bombs, and Blackberry.

2. Rogue Energy – Editor’s Choice

Best G-Fuel alternative

Taste: 90%

Nutrition: 90%

Price: 90%

Boost: 95%


  • Extra caffeine: 175mg/serving
  • No calories and no sugar
  • Improved taste
  • Sweetened with stevia and sucralose
  • Great starter packs starting from $15
  • Available in Europe


  • Not as cool
  • Less flavours available than G-Fuel

You want a gaming drink that will boost your focus and energy levels?

Then Rogue Energy is the perfect G-Fuel alternative for you.

It includes 175mg of caffeine per serving (25mg more than G-Fuel!), plus their energy complex (L-carnitine, l-citrulline, taurine, glucuronolactone). This complex is great for focus and productivity.

When testing Rogue Energy, I definitely felt more switched on than with G-Fuel.

Besides, they also add ingredients proven to sharpen your mind, like N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, l-phenylalanine, choline L-bitartrate… Plus, Rogue Energy is sugar-free and calorie-free, so you can avoid the sugar crash. Take your gaming to the next level with Rogue Energy.

As for the taste, I find Rogue drinks to be tastier than G-Fuel, even though, they offer fewer flavours. There’s no chalkiness, no powdery feel to their gaming drinks.

Their Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade, for instance, are an absolute delight. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

Furthermore, if you want a nice, chill drink to hydrate without having to overload on caffeine, Rogue Hydration is your product. Fantastic drink with electrolytes, 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 caffeine that you can drink as much as you want!

Key Stats

Sugar (g)00
Caffeine (mg)175140
Price ($)/serving1.060.9
Available USYesYes
Available EUYesNo*
Starter PackYes, from $15Yes

Flavours available: Pink Lemonade, Mango Pineapple, Watermelon, Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry, Grape Popsicle, Strawberry Kiwi, and Green Apple Extreme.

3. Mixt Energy – Best Value

Mixt Energy G-fuel alternative

Taste: 85%

Nutrition: 85%

Price: 100%

Boost: 85%


  • Super affordable – $0.5/serving; but still great
  • 8 unique refreshing flavour
  • 0kcal, 0g sugar + 166mg of caffeine for no crash boost
  • OK taste


  • Doesn’t mix as well as others
  • Less active ingredients than G-Fuel

Looking for a cheap G-Fuel alternative that will provide you with a similar experience? That’s where Mixt Energy comes in handy. With 166mg of caffeine, 0g of sugar, 830mg of taurine and 830mg of L Tyrosine; it will provide you with the boost that you are looking for; without making you crash afterwards.

Although, it is true that they don’t have the most complex formula and lack key boosters like L-theanine; I didn’t notice any big drawbacks in my performance.

Besides, Mixt offers 8 great flavours that actually taste pretty good and mixed alright. My favourite is Fruit Punch, but Starfruit Blast is pretty good too.

If you are crazy enough, you can go for the Premier Mixt Bundle with all 8 flavours and 480 servings. Now, that’s a mad boost and a great savings deal, with each serving costing you $0.43!

Plus, you can always use the code LATEST for extra 20% OFF.

Key Stats

Sugar (g)00
Caffeine (mg)133140
Price ($)/serving0.50.9
Available USYesYes
Available EUYesNo*
Starter PackYes, from $60Yes

Flavours available: Rainbow Candy, Sour Slurp, Starfruit Blast, Orange Sherbet, Grape Popsicle, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Fresh Lemonade.

4. Nau Energy – Caffeine Free

Nau Best Caffeine free g fuel alternative

Taste: 85%

Nutrition: 85%

Price: 80%

Boost: 85%


  • Free of caffeine, but still able to boost energy levels
  • Unique formula to boost focus
  • Vegan, non-GMO, free of sucralose and acesulfame K
  • More natural taste


  • 6.6g of sugar per serving
  • More expensive than other alternatives

Let’s be honest. Nau isn’t like the others, and if you don’t care about how “natural” a drink is, then Nau isn’t the right choice for you.

Looking for a caffeine-free G-Fuel alternative? Then Nau Drinks is the right choice for you. Instead of caffeine, Nau uses herbs and plants with active ingredients to keep you mind sharp and energized.

For instance, their drinks contain, Spanish sage, garden sage, L-theanine and lemon balm; all of which interact to increase focus, reduce stress and boost alertness.

Plus, this is one of the only G-Fuel substitutes without tons of artificial sweeteners. Instead, it contains stevia and some sugar to provide you with a healthier gaming drink.

This unorthodox mix, however, does cost a little extra, at $1.25 per serving and there aren’t as many flavour to choose from either. However, you will be able to avoid the odd aftertaste many gaming drinks leave in your mouth.

Key Stats

Sugar (g)6.60
Caffeine (mg)0140
Price ($)/serving1.250.9
Available USYesYes
Available EUYesNo*
Starter PackYes, from $20Yes
Nau offers free worldwide shipping for orders above $80.

Flavours available: Lemon Balm/Elderberry, Green Apple, Pineapple Twist, and Raspberry/Blueberry.

5. Game Fuel – Can Alternative

Best G-Fuel Alternative Game Fuel

Taste: 90%

Nutrition: 90%

Price: 85%

Boost: 80%

  1. 7 fantastic flavours to choose from
  2. Includes sugar free alternatives
  3. Better texture- 0 graininess- and improved taste
  4. Resealable cans
  1. Only available in the US
  2. Contains high fructose corn syrup


  • 7 fantastic flavours to choose from
  • Includes sugar free alternatives
  • Better texture- 0 graininess- and improved taste
  • Resealable cans


  • Contains high fructose corn syrup
  • Less boost

Are you too lazy to mix your own powder? Don’t worry, because Game Fuel by Mountain Dew will offer you the most refreshing experience without having to mix it.

These cans are great for those who like their drinks cold. You can store them in the fridge and enjoy them whenever, instantly. Enjoy all the benefits of the best gaming drinks without any of the hassle.

G-Fuel does have their own can repertoire, but Game Fuel is more affordable than G-Fuel. Each can will cost you less than $2.

The standard versions contain 90kcal and 23g of sugar (best if you are more active); but you can enjoy a sugar-free alternative with 0kcal (highly recommended).

Key Stats

Game FuelG-Fuel Can
Sugar (g)23*0
Caffeine (mg)90300
Price ($)/serving1.832.66
Available USYesYes
Available EUNoNo
Starter PackYesNo
*Game Fuel is also available in 0kcal/0g sugar.

Flavours available: Berry Burst, Cherry Blast, Orange Storm, Original Dew, Raspberry Lemonade Zero, Tropical Strike, and Watermelon Zero Sugar.

Why Do You Need a G-Fuel Alternative?

If you live in Europe the answer is simple enough: G-Fuel is not sold in Europe. At least not directly. You will be able to find it through resellers, but it will often be more expensive or you won’t find all the options.

As for the US, just because G-Fuel is the most popular drink doesn’t mean it is the best. For sure, they have great marketing and cool-looking products; but there are a few things other gaming drinks do better.

For instance, Rogue has more caffeine than G-Fuel, and gives you an extra boost. On the opposite side, you have Nau Drinks with 0 caffeine, but plenty of active agents to help you focus.

Is There a Better Tasting Gaming Drink Than G-Fuel?

That will be very personal, but I often feel that G-Fuel sometimes chooses quantity over quality. In fact, I like both Rogue Energy and Sneak Energy gaming drinks better most of the time.

Hell, almost no one will be able to compete with the variety G-Fuel offers (upwards of 25 flavours!). However, many of those flavours are very similar to each other; and a few are underwhelming.

As a matter of fact, have you ever wondered what the best G-Fuel flavour is?

Best G-Fuel Flavour

The best G-Fuel flavour is PewDiePie’s. End of discussion.

Jokes aside, it will hugely depend on what you like. The above mentioned is great, as well as, Hype Sauce, Sonic Peach, and Star Fruit. As for the worst, I agree with many of the reviews out there, Moon Pie is not great.

One of the many videos in the topic.

Is G-Fuel Bad For You?

Having health concerns around G-Fuel is normal. For better and for worse, it’s basically a zero-calorie energy drink with high amounts of caffeine. Thus, certain concerns related to energy drinks are relevant for G-Fuel (and also other gaming drinks).

What Are the Side Effects of Drinking G-Fuel?

  • Caffeine overdose. Almost all energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine (~1/3 of the daily recommended per serving). G-Fuel contains 150mg per serving and it’s so easy to drink (no calories) that it might cause teens and young adults to have too much of it. Some of the side effects could be, palpitations, high blood pressure and nausea.
  • Simulant consumption under 18. Consuming large amounts of mental stimulants in developing brains can cause neural and cardiovascular side effects. It’s like using a boost in your car, it will overheat.
  • Dependency. This is something common with stimulants. It is possible to become dependent on your energy drink, and feel tired or unmotivated without it.
  • Insomnia, dehydration and restlessness. Again, all these are side effects of drinking too much caffeine.

Nonetheless, there are other side effects linked with energy drinks that should NOT affect G-Fuel drinkers.

  • Dental health.
  • Obesity, diabetes. High sugar consumption and drinking empty calories is linked with increased risk of chronic illnesses like obesity or diabetes; as well as, cardiovascular issues. There are some concerns of acesulfame K increasing type 2 diabetes if taken regularly.
  • Sugar crash. After the pump, you might “crash and burn”. This will be even more noticeable if you have not slept properly, and have relied in continuous intake of energy drinks to stay alert.

Is G-Fuel Unhealthy; TLDR

TLDR: Is G-Fuel Bad for you? Not when taken in moderation. What are the main side effects when taking G-Fuel? Mostly they are related to high caffeine intake (insomnia, dehydration, dependency); since G-Fuel contains high amounts of caffeine. there are some minor concerns on how regular consumption of acesulfame-K could induce diabetes.

You can read more on gaming drinks, the ingredients and their effects in my best gaming drinks piece.

GFuel Vs…

Therefore, we have covered some of the best G-Fuel competitors, but I have left a few on the sidelines. There are many more gaming drinks our there, like Gamersupps, Razerwire or Ghost Energy to name a few.

G-Fuel vs Monster

Monster is technically not a gaming drink, but a more traditional energy drink. Consequently, their most popular drinks contain sugars and calories. Nonetheless, they also offer sugar-free alternatives, which I would consider more appropriate for gamers.

Monster energy drink vs gfuel

Key Stats

Monster ZeroG-Fuel
Sugar (g)00
Caffeine (mg)140140
Price ($)/serving1.420.9
Available USYesYes
Available EUYesNo*
Starter PackNoYes
Cans?Only cansYes
Monster is not available in powder form.

Key Differences

  • Monster is more expensive.
  • G-Fuel offers more flavours (except in cans).
  • G-Fuel contains some antioxidants.
  • Monster is richer in some vitamin Bs.
  • I prefer G-Fuel’s taste.

Gamersupps vs G Fuel

This is another US brand that mainly sells gaming drinks in the US. They are much more affordable than G-Fuel, but their flavours are not as good, and they don’t have as extensive of a catalogue.

Key Stats

Sugar (g)00
Caffeine (mg)~100140
Price ($)/serving0.350.9
Available USYesYes
Available EUNoNo*
Starter PackYesYes

Key Differences

  • GammerSupps is much cheaper than G-Fuel powder.
  • GamerSupps contains less caffeine and doesn’t disclose exact info per each active ingredient.
  • 60 and 100 servings per tub (Gamersupps).
  • 6 flavours (GamerSupps) vs 25+ (Gfuel).
  • Gamer Supps doesn’t contain taurine, glucuronolactone or L-Carnitine; but has other herbs for nootropic purposes.
  • G-Fuel mixes better, and tastes better.

Other Supplements for Gamers

Besides G-Fuel and the alternative gaming drinks; there are other supplements that can help you while gaming.

These are mostly vitamin complexes and nootropic supplements that enhance your mental performance and endurance. You can also enjoy meal replacement shakes that will provide you with all the essential nutrients, without the hassle of having to cook.

Fuel for my brain Hunter focus

Hunter Focus

  • Blend of nootropics for stress reduction, memory enhancement and mental sharpness.
  • Great for long term memory, cognitive enhancement, and neuroprotection.
  • Only for people who want to take care of their brain health and boost their performance even futher
  • Worldwide shipping.
CTRL Cinnamon Toast Review Latestfuels

CTRL Drink

  • Meal replacement
  • Sweet, easy to drink meals that are ready in 1 minute. No cooking required.
  • Contain all essential nutrients.
  • Fancy flavours: Cinnamon Toast, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream…
  • Not the healthiest meal replacement


What are the side effects of drinking G-Fuel?

While moderate consumption is safe for most adults, drinking in excess can lead to insomnia, relentlessness, and other negative effects related to caffeine overdose.

Is GFuel available in Canada?

Yes, some G-Fuel flavours are available in Canada.

Can I buy G-Fuel in the UK? What about Europe?

G-Fuel is available in the UK via 3rd party resellers. Therefore, prices can be more expensive, some flavours might not be available and stock will often be limited. G-Fuel and some of the G-Fuel alternatives are only available in few European countries.

Can I use pre-workout instead of G-Fuel?

Pre-workouts might have ingredients geared to boost your physical performance that are not necessary for gaming. They also don’t focus as much with focus, mental clarity and brain sharpness.

Conclusion: The G-Fuel Alternative are

… Sneak Energy and Rogue Energy. While they offer fewer flavours, Rogue’s gaming drinks are tastier, help you stay sharp for longer and are available in both US and EU. Sneak’s energy drinks are more affordable and give me a better boost than G-Fuel.

However, if you are looking for a caffeine-free alternative, you might want to look at Nau Drinks instead. Similarly, there are other great alternatives to G-Fuel, like Sneak or Rogue or Game Fuel , that offer cans, if you are looking for that.

Anyhow, no matter what G-Fuel alternative you choose, make sure you read the ingredients first. Be aware that most gaming drinks will be high in caffeine and the negative effects that could have.

Otherwise, enjoy the mental boost they give you and the awesome flavours they offer!