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Legal Disclosure

We are a professional meal-replacement and nutrition media and review website, and as such we might have received free samples, compensation from click-throughs, or other revenues from some of the brands reviewed. We test each product thoroughly and give the best marks to those who we think are outstanding. We do not practice paid or artificially inflated reviews; each of the opinions given is our own and most sincere. We are an independently owned website and we take pride on our work.


While sincere and accurate, please understand that the information in should not be considered as medical advice nor we represent ourselves as dieticians or medical professionals. Meal replacement products are safe for consumption, but we do not recommend completely replacing your meals with them. The information on this site is our opinion only, and we are not liable for fault or harm caused by someone believing this information to be the recommendations of a medical professional. Always talk to your doctor about any questions or issues you have related to your health.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the pages on our website include “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and make a purchase on the affiliated site, will receive a small commission. We really appreciate the support and this affiliate commission will be spent on improving the website and creating more awesome content!

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