This is a personal selection of the best meal replacement shakes. Currently, it only displays my favorite brands and shakes, but I will do a more detailed breakdown in the future, where I will discuss and list the best keto meal replacement shakes, the best vegan shakes and so on.

For now, this is more like an informal list, where I want to suggest you complete food brands, and particularly, products that I really enjoyed consuming. Hopefully, as I try more and get to know more of the market, this will be a selection of the best. Like a wine cellar with your best, most valued wines, or the album with your best pictures.

I hope that with time the list will be more polished and exclusive. Shall the best meal replacement shake rise!

  1. Recommended Brands
  2. Recommended Products
  3. Best Keto Shake
  4. Best Vegan Shake
  5. Best Meal Replacement Bar
  6. Best RTD Shake (EU)

Recommended Brands:

Huel – 4.5/5

Top quality powder meal replacement with good flavours. it also offers a granola based meal replacement option and it is developing its own RTD version. Furthermore, Huel has worldwide shipping and a worldclass customer support. Really easy to order from, fast delivery times and overall great experience.

Pulve – 4.5/5

The best nutritional profile out there, in my opinion. Right on point on fats, good amounts of protein and carbohydrates per serving. Only available in one flavour, but taste is good enough and can be customized easily. One of my hidden gems.

Queal – 4.4/5

Really good price for all their shakes. They offer lite, standard and Sports version, as well as, a vegan iteration. On top of that, they have meal replacement bars (fairly good). Most of their products are really protein rich and taste really well (that is my main point to recommend Queal).

Satislent – 4.3/5

Increadibly competitive prices for good quality Vegan products. A small company with the makings for a successful one. This is probably the best budget company out there. The only other candidate would be Jimmyjoy.

Runtime Next Level Meal Coconut flavour

Next Level Meal comes in 7 different flavours.The Coconut flavour takes the crown. I was actually really sad when it ended.


  • Absolutely delicious.
  • Good consistency and texture.
  • Filling, but easy to drink.


  • Price a little expensive.
  • Nutrition profile is not the best. Rich in sugars.
Best tasting Next Level Meal
Next Level Meal Coconut with 300ml milk was the winner combination.

Queal Standard Chocolate Hazelnut

The best chocolate meal replacement by a mile (for now).


  • Really good tasting.
  • Flavour fidelity.
  • Price.
  • Nutritional profile, high in protein.


  • Minor lumps.
  • Calcium a little short.
Standard Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate for the win.

Huel Original Vanilla

The Huel product of excellence and one of the best well rounded products in the market.


  • Great on its own or customized.
  • Great ingredients and nutrition profile.
  • Always evolving.


  • Flavour can be a bit dull.
  • Grainny consistency might not please everyone.
Huel Vanilla
The meal replacement product by excellence.

Best Keto Shake

Sated Naturally Sweetened.

With as little as 0.3g of carbs per 100kcal, Sated offers a sucralose free keto shake that is absolutely increadible nutrition wise. Soon it will be competing with the ready to drink version, but for now the powdered version is the best in the market.

Runner Up: Ketochow (US only).

This family brand has an increadible keto community behind them, which fully love their products. They sell a very strong keto product in many different flavours.

Best Vegan Shake


A non-GMO, with local ingredients, no soy, no artificial sweeteners with a beautiful nutritional balance that sits nicely within RDI. High in protein, with a well rounded amino acid profile; Pulve contains plenty of healthy fats, right balance of MUFA, PUFA and SFA, as well as, a great omega-3/6 ratio.
It comes with biodegradable pouches and a single Vanilla flavour. The taste is fairly strong and sweet, with nice consistency and satiating.

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

From EU
Ships to World
$/400kcal $$
C/P/F 46/24/30
Allergen Gluten, Lupin
kCal/meal 500
Serv/day 4
Suitable Vegan
Flavours 1
Products 1
Runner Up: Huel

Special mention: Queal Vegan

Best Meal Replacement Bar:

Queal GOBar.

There is no much competition in the market, mainly because of the difficulty of fitting a good nutritional package in a good tasting bar. Queal GObar is one of the few that achieves it with, a 39C/33P/28F macronutrient split and all the needed micronutrients. Not much flavour choice, yet.

Go bar Queal buy
Dark chocolate and Nuts&Seasalt flavours (quite salty).

Runner Up: Twennybar.

It has improved a lot from the first iterations with too many sugars and saturated fats. However, it is still too rich in saturated fats to have it as a sole or main meal replacement. It does come in two flavours, though: chocolate and vanilla.

Best RTD Shake (EU)


Soy free, nut free, gluten free and lactose free. Packed with 33g of milk protein per 500kcal, its strongest feature is the taste. Best tasting RTD shake in Europe. This paired with good nutrition and excellent protein profile, it makes it my favourite RTD. It is slightly more expensive than the competition, but it is worth it. I would recommend starting with the Alpine chocolate version.

Best Tasting RTD


From GER
Ships to EU
$/400kcal $$$
C/P/F 31/28/41
Allergen Milk*
kCal/meal 500
Serv/day 4
Suitable Vegetarian
Flavours 4
Products 2

Runner Up:


The Austrian brand is one of the biggest RTD brands in Europe. It has a great selection of flavours, which come in 330ml (330kcal) and 500ml (500kcal). Nutritionally fairly similar to Soylent, high in fats (mostly sunflower oil) and low in carbohydrates (isomaltulose and maltodextrin). Most of the protein in Saturo comes from soy protein isolate. While nutritionally is not my favourite, it makes it up by the range and quality of the flavours.

Saturo Chai

From AUS
Ships to EU & US*
$/400kcal $$
C/P/F 35/20/44
Allergen Soy
kCal/meal 500
Serv/day 4
Suitable Vegan
Flavours 8
Products 3

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