Whether you’ve been spammed by their advertising or your favorite influencer, you certainly heard of Athletic Greens AG-1, the ultimate greens superfood powder. With the power of 75 simple ingredients in one serving you can take control of your health. However, if you’ve checked the price, you might have already started looking at the best athletic greens alternatives, or at least wondering if it is truly worth it.

Atheltic Greens claim to support gut health, immunity, energy, recovery, focus, aging, and more. With AG-1 Drink you can “take control of your health routine with one single scoop”.

All this sounds great. But most of us are aware that miracle solutions don’t exist. So where is the catch?

Well, if you are looking for alternatives to Athletic Greens AG-1, you might already be aware of a few issues with AG-1:

  • It’s expensive
  • Ingredients are hidden under a proprietary blend, so the effectiveness is hard to judge (ingredients could be underdosed)
  • Taste is polarizing

Therefore, in this article, I will use my expertise in the field (having tried dozens of green powders), and help you choose the best AG-1 alternative, whether is a cheaper alternative to Athletic Greens or just a better option.

Best Athletic Greens Alternatives

1. Supergreen Tonik – The Best Athletic Greens Alternative

SuperGreen Tonik best green powder
Greens Blend90%


  • Transparent label
  • No filler ingredients
  • Fully organic
  • More vitamins & minerals than AG-1
  • More effective at increasing energy levels, and boosting your immune system
  • 3rd party tested, and made in the US
  • 365-days money-back guarantee


  • Still premium price – best bought in bulk

This is our top alternative to Athletic Greens, and the best green powders in our opinion.

What we value about SuperGreen Tonik, firstly, is its transparency. In contrast to AG-1 (and many other competitors), SuperGreen Tonik tells you exactly how much of each ingredient you are taking.

From that, we are able to examine that most ingredients are in optimal dosages! This ensures that you receive sufficient amounts of essential nutrients compared to the underdosed ingredients found in Athletic Greens.

While on paper it might seem that the 17 ingredients are less than the 75 offered by AG-1 Drink, this means that you are not getting any of the filler. Thus, all the money you spend goes into useful stuff.

Besides, Supergreen Tonik is offered in 2 different flavors, from which Berry my go-to (and far better than Mint). Having tasted both AG-1 and Supergreen, I much prefer the latter.

Unfortunately, when it comes to price, Supergreen Tonik is not that far from AG-1. At least, you will not be getting underdosed ingredients that won’t provide you with any health benefits, and instead, you will get 21 vitamins and minerals (all 100% DV) and ingredients clinically proven to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome.

For me that’s worth the trade of. Plus, you can use the code LF10 to get 10% off in your first order and see how it works for you.

If it doesn’t Supergreen Tonik offers a 365-days guarantee!

2. Enso Super Greens – Best Value Alternative to Athletic Greens

Best Budget Green powder
Greens Blend70%


  • Cleanest green powder
  • Spirulina and chlorella are the core ingredients
  • Fully organic
  • Great value for the price


  • Proprietary blend hiding ingredients
  • Not the most effective

If you are looking for a budget alternative to Athletic Greens Enso Supergreens is your choice.

While it may not be as nutritionally complete as Supergreen Tonik, it offers a comparable option to Athletic Greens at a significantly lower price.

The secret behind Enso are spirulina and chlorella, two of the best greens powder ingredients. Despite the fact that Enso still uses a proprietary blend, you are certain that you will at least get 2g of each – which is their most effective dose.

While it includes 20 other ingredients, the focus is on getting the basics right without overwhelming the formula.

When it comes to taste, both are available in a single flavor. In this case, Enso Super Greens has a similar taste to Athletic Greens, slightly grassier and less sweet, but still enjoyable. It mixes well, and while the vitamin and mineral profile may not be as extensive as Athletic Greens, the difference is not significant considering the price point.

If you are looking for a straightforward and affordable greens powder that ensures you get a top-up of leafy greens, Enso Super Greens is an excellent option.

3. Amazing Grass – Most Variety

Amazing Grass Athletic greens alternative
Greens Blend70%


  • Cleanest green powder
  • Spirulina and chlorella are the core ingredients
  • Fully organic
  • Great value for the price


  • Proprietary blend hiding ingredients
  • Not the most effective

Some of you might be confused about what I mean by most variety, perhaps.

While Athletic Greens is an all-rounder greens powder – that fails to achieve all it’s set up for -, Amazing Grass offers greens blends for different purposes: Detox Blend, Antioxidant Blend, Alkalize Blend, Energy Blend etc.

Thus, you will be able to get either their original greens blend, or the one that suits you best. These will have more of the ingredients that are relevant to you, so that it’s actually effective when you have it.

However, this is not the only thing that makes Amazing Grass a top Athletic greens alternative. It’s also a much cheaper AG-1 alternative, and one of the best options for the budget-conscious.

They also offer tons of different flavors (to various degrees of success), and are well-loved in the community as shown by the thousands of positive Amazon reviews.

4. Super Greens – Best Tasting Athletic Greens Alternative

Super greens best tasting AG-1 alternative
Greens Blend60%


  • Superb taste
  • 5 flavors to choose from
  • $0.8 per serving


  • Not the best greens blend
  • Too sweet

If you struggle to drink AG-1 and are not a fan of grassy drinks, then Super Greens or Super Greens Extreme is your ideal greens.

The greens powder from Protein Works is available in 5 mouthwatering flavors. If you like sweet drinks, you will love Tropical Punch, and also the variety they offer. However, if you tend to like milder less sweetened flavors, then SuperGreen Tonik is still your best choice.

Besides the taste, Super Greens Extreme is still a top-notch greens powder packed with polyphenols, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, vitamins and minerals.

The one issue with Super Greens is that I would like to see more chlorella on it, to somewhat replicate Enso’s formula. Unfortunately, it seems that the quantities in Super Greens are a little lower, and thus it might not be as effective.

5. Organifi Green Juice – Best AG-1 Alternative Focused on Weight Loss

Organifi Greens AG-1 alternative
Greens Blend60%


  • Fully USDA organic
  • Free of soy, gluten, dairy
  • $0.8 per serving
  • Tasty


  • Proprietary ingredient
  • Dubious ingredients

Let’s preface this by saying that I don’t believe greens powders to be great weight-loss tools. If you are looking to actively speed up your weight loss, you should be looking at fat burners or diet meal replacement shakes.

That taken into consideration, Organifi Green Juice is a super greens powder that promotes weight loss, stress reduction, hormone balance, detoxification, gut health, and immune system support.

While the proprietary blend hides the exact doses used, the ingredients are generally effective. The Greens Blend includes organic wheatgrass powder, organic wheat juice powder, organic moringa leaf powder, organic spirulina powder, organic whole plant chlorella powder, and organic matcha green tea leaf powder.

The Superfood Blend consists of organic coconut fruit water powder, organic ashwagandha root extract (KSM 66), organic lemon powder, organic red beet root powder, and organic turmeric root extract. Organifi Green Juice also contains organic prebiotic powder, organic natural orange flavor, organic natural mint flavor, organic monk fruit extract, and is free from dairy, gluten, and soy.

Other Athletic Greens AG-1 Alternatives | AG1 vs Other Greens

While I believe these to be the best Athletic Greens alternatives, there are more good options including:

  • Bloom Greens – Particularly great tasting
  • Vibrant Health – Good for those who want to support their gut microbiome
  • Huel Greens – More affordable with a very similar formula

Plus there are also plenty of other Athletic Greens alternatives on Amazon with tons of positive reviews. However, you need to be careful since Amazon reviews are easily faked, and some of these brands are glorified grass blends.

In this site, we’ve looked at other alternatives like Kiala, Zhou, 8 Greens, Primal Greens etc. So make sure to check them out if none of the above convinced you.

We’ve also compared Athletic Greens to Bloom Greens and other competitors so you can have a better idea.

For a good Athletic Greens competitor, you must look for products that are cheaper, but have similar health benefits. Transparent formulas will help you a choose ag1 substitute that has actual effective doses of the ingredients.

Ka’chava As AG-1 Alternative

At Latestfuels, we have done an in-depth comparison between Ka’chava vs Athletic Greens. Feel free to read the full article, but here are the main points:

Type of productGreens powderMeal replacement
Has protein✅ 
Has healthy Fats✅ 
Vitamins & Minerals✅ ✅ 
Vegan✅ ✅ 
Superfoods✅ ✅ 
Antioxidants✅ ✅ 
Digestive enzymes✅ ✅ 
Artificial Sweeteners

I love Ka’chava, and I think it’s a great meal replacement. However, Ka’chava and AG-1 are two different products.

Ka’chava should be used to replace meals, as it contains all essential nutrients including healthy fats, protein, carbs and fiber. Thus, it’s a 240kcal serving that also provides you with energy.

AG-1 or Athletic Greens, instead, it’s a green powder. It will not provide you with energy, protein or other essential nutrients to power your body. Instead, it’s an immune and health boosting supplement.

Thus AG-1 is not a Ka’chava alternative, either.

Green Vibrance vs Athletic Greens

Vibrace Daily Green powder is another great option for those who are looking for a cheap Athletic Greens dupe. You can get generous discounts of up to 50% when you buy in bulk, and Green Vibrance will offer you a mild-tasting immune-boosting drink.

However, it also has less vitamins, minerals and greens. Therefore, it is not as powerful boosting your health as Athletic Greens is.

If you are looking for AG1 competitors at a better price, LiveItUp has a better formula for a similar price.


Q: Does Atheltic Greens have Iron?

A: No, AG-1 does not contain any iron.

Q: What are other products like athletic greens that I can buy for cheaper?

A: There are many more affordable AG1 dupes, like SuperGreen Tonik, LiveItUp, Huel Daily Green… All of them offer a similar or better product.

Verdict – The Best Athletic Greens Alternative

Taking all into account, I still believe that SuperGreen Tonik is the best greens powder in the market and the best alternative to AG-1.

Even though it is not much cheaper than Athletic Greens, it’s a more effective greens blend. I love their transparent formula, as it allows you to check if each ingredient is in the right dosage (which it is). Unlike with many competitors that hide them, thus often underdosing key components.

It is the most effective to promote your overall health, increase your energy levels and boost your immune system.

Alternatively, for those looking for a cheaper alternative to AG-1, look no further than Enso Greens. Their core of spirulina plus chlorella is what every greens powder should be at the essence. Plus, they still provide you with a great set of micronutrients, and greens.