AG1 Athletic Greens negative review

Athletic Greens Review | The Dark Truth

You might have been bombarded with advertisements, influencer plug-ins, and Youtubers recommending Athletic Greens as the ultimate healthy drink. However, these are obviously heavily biased Athletic Greens AG1 reviews, as they are trying to promote the product. Today, we are going to discuss the dark side, and show the negative athletic green review.

AG1 Athletic Greens promises comprehensive and convenient nutrition in a single scoop. “The daily habit that provides everything your body needs in one scoop”.

One serving together with water will be enough to lift your mood, increase energy levels, focus, promote healthy skin and hair, and help you age better.

When reading the promotions, AG-1 seems like a miracle drink that will cure everything. But how much of this is true?

What can AG-1 really do for you? What do the negative AG-1 Athletic Greens reviews say?

Ultimately, is AG-1 worth your money?

AG-1 Overview

What is Athletic Greens AG-1 exactly?

Athletic Greens is a greens powder, that provides you with a blend of 75+ herbs, fruits, and mushrooms that are rich in chemicals (micronutrients and phytonutrients) and low in calories.

As such, when you have a serving of AG-1 you will be getting:

  • Vitamins & Minerals –> Over 100% of your DV for most
  • Pre & Pro-biotics –> 7.2Biliion CFU of Dairy Free probiotics, and 2g of fiber
  • Phytonutrient blend –> 9g of nutrient-dense blends – includes antioxidants, alkaline herbs…
  • Digestive support –> Fiber, and digestive enzymes to help with digestion
  • Immunity support –> beta-glucans, coenzyme Q-10,… plants that boost your immune system
  • Metabolism, Energy, & Stress support –> Ashwagandha, Rhodiola… nootropics to boost your cognitive performance

For most consumers, this will be a great way to boost your 5-day vegetable intake and will significantly increase the amount of nutrients you eat through your diet.

When compared to a standard sandwich, AG-1 is infinitely richer in nutrients.

AG1 Athletic Greens Negative Review

However, there’s a hidden truth to all marketing slogans.

We are not about to say that Athletic Greens is unhealthy or a scam product, but there are a few things worth considering before buying Athletic Greens.

Too Little of Too Many Things

Usually, the main issue when a product like this has over 75 whole-food natural ingredients is that they are not able to pack all of them in meaningful quantities.

This is, few ingredients in AG-1 are in doses that are too low to have any meaningful impact.

In particular, the adaptogen or nootropic blend is guilty of this. Reishi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea and bacopa are all in doses that will not have any significant effect.

For a boost in productivity, cognitive performance, memory and focus, we recommend looking at the best brain supplements for focus and clarity, instead. Supplements like Hunter Focus (#1 pick) contain meaningful doses of natural nootropics (ashwaghanda, bacopa, rhodiola rosea,…) that will actually make a difference.

AG-1 DoseRecommended Dose
Reishi Mushroom <154mg1500 to 5000mg
Shiitake Mushroom<154mg3800mg
Rhodiola rosea*<700mg680mg
Milk Thistle<700mg420mg
All ingredients are hidden behind proprietary blends, so it’s hard to know the exact quantities in AG-1 for each ingredient.

It Doesn’t Taste Great

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Athletic Greens AG-1 is not a great-tasting drink.

Generally, green powders are pretty hard to drink, as they have to mask the flavors of dozens of herbs like spirulina that have a noticeable “green”, humid, flavor.

AG-1 is no exception to this rule, and even if the sweeteners and the natural flavorings do an OK job at hiding the background flavor, ultimately, it’s not a drink we enjoy.

In our experience, SuperGreenTonik and Huel Greens have surprisingly done a better job when it comes to taste.

It’s Extremely Expensive

The other Achilles’ Heel is the price. All negative Athletic Greens reviews will highlight that this product is absurdly pricy.

But is it worth the price? Does it do enough to justify it?

The answer to this is dependent on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on your health. There’s no doubt that AG-1 by Athletic Greens is one of the most comprehensive green blends in the market, and one of the best. If money is not an issue for you, then this should no t be a big problem for you.

That said, there are other cheaper AG-1 alternatives that give you better value for money. The abovementioned Huel Greens is very similar to AG-1 nutritionally, but it only costs $1.5 per serving.

Athletic Greens Negative User Reviews

So what about negative user reviews? What is their main complaint about AG1 Athletic Greens?

The first negative user review puts the main issue with AG-1 in a simple manner:

Too expensive.

Aaron E., 2-star


Some testimonials led me to believe that this was an amazing product with fairly quick and noticeable effects. I didn’t see it. I found the taste to be more palatable if I added more water than recommended, but that then took longer to drink. The powder was so fine that a puff was released into the air and landed on the kitchen counter when I first opened the bag and then every time the green container was opened. I had to wipe down the kitchen counter, the container, and the refrigerator frequently, no matter how gently I tried to open the container.

The power did not dissolve easily, and I had to constantly shake the drink to avoid everything ending up on the bottom. So between what was left in the air, on the counter, on the outside of the green container, in the refrigerator, and what was clinging to the sides of the empty plastic bottle, how much was lost that I paid a high price for? If the price were $10/month, the price of a good multi-vitamin…maybe.

2-star, Patsy W

Most of the users complain about the same 3 points:

  • Taste.
  • They feel unsure about how effective it is.
  • Price. Price. Price.

Here’s a video explaining some of the downsides of AG-1:

Verdict – Athletic Greens Takeaway

Ultimately, while AG-1 Atheltic Greens does contain many plants, vegetables, and mushrooms that could improve your diet, there is no reason why it should cost 4x what other great greens blends do.

We have reviewed plenty of green superfood powders (Huel Greens, Supertonik Greens, MyProtein Greens, Super Greens…) at Latestfuels, and Atheltic Greens is not better than many of these.

Besides, because Athletic Greens AG-1 contains so many ingredients, few of these are in low doses that won’t do you much good. In particular, the adaptogens won’t be enough to lift your mood and increase energy levels.

That said, AG-1 is still a great source of vitamins and minerals, as well as phytonutrients.

All in all, if you are looking for a greens powder to boost your nutrient intake, we would recommend SuperGreenTonik instead, although AG-1 is a fine choice, too.

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