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Mind Lab Pro Review | Is This the Ultimate Mental Booster?

In this Mind Lab Pro review, we are going to analyze one of the most popular nootropic mixes in the market.

In today’s busy world, we have all felt like our focus at work or studying is often lacking. We get side-railed fairly often, and we are unable to give full attention to the task at hand.

Even after a few cups of coffee, the mental focus and sharpness are not there. That’s why many tend to use nootropics. These are chemical elements (often of natural origin) that enhance brain activity, memory, and boost our reactions and focus. In fact, caffeine is a nootropic itself.

Well, MindLab Pro, as I will showcase it in this review is one of the premier nootropic blends. It is the pinnacle of nootropic products with 11 proven active ingredients that will take your productivity to another level.

Or at least, that’s what they claim.

Mind Lab Pro Review at a Glance

Mind lab pro at a glance
User ReviewsVery Positive
LF RecommendedYes

Mindlab Pro is a cognitive enhancer aimed to improve your brain health and daily performance. It’s designed to help boost your memory, protect increase your focus and mental agility, as well as, “future-proof” your brain health.

It’s one of the few nootropic blends that does not add caffeine. Instead, it uses other premium quality ingredients (see below) to achieve its function. Furthermore, it’s good to see that they don’t hide under any “proprietary” blend, and are transparent about dosages. Hallmarks of a great nootropic blend.

Mindlab Pro recommends daily usage to see increased returns, and it has been scientifically proven to work. Due to its cognitive booster nature, it is ideal for lifestyles that require considerable brain activity, such as, business, studying, athletes, or gamers.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

So what’s inside Mind Lab Pro that makes it so great? Is Mind Lab Pro safe? Is Mind Lab Pro healthy?

While, for obvious reasons, I would not recommend this product to teenagers; Mindlab Pro is safe to consume for most adults.

Vitamin B6 (Nutrigenesis)2.5mgYes
Vitamin B9 (Nutrigenesis)100mcgYes
Vitamin B12 (Nutrigenesis)7.5mcgYes
Bacopa Monnieri (full spectrum extract)150mgHalf
Organic Lion Mane (full spectrum)500mgYes
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine175mgHalf
Rhodiola Rosea (root)50mgYes
Maritime Pine Bark Extract75mgYes

When looking at the ingredients, one thing stands out: most of the constituents of MindLab Pro are proven to have some cognitive effect or help with brain functions. They even have a page where they cover all the ingredients themselves.

Furthermore, it’s great to see they use branded ingredients, as opposed to white label counterparts, as these tend to be more pure and potent.

Let’s analyze some of the most popular ones:

Citicoline Pathway

Citicoline (cognizin)

This chemical element is naturally present in our brains. It’s a predecessor to phosphatidylcholine, commonly found in cell membranes.

This substance is mostly tied to protective properties vs neurodegenerative disorders (e.g. Alzheimer’s) and long-term benefits. It’s also used in stroke recovery for memory, rebuilding neural pathways, etc. However, recent studies have found that it might not be as effective as previously thought.

Bacopa monnieri in Mindlab pro

Bacopa Monnieri

The many benefits of this plant include a significant boost in working memory, reduction in anxiety levels, and as anti-depressants. Thus, this is a must-have ingredient in any nootropic blend.

The standard dosage is 300mg, therefore, it is probably best noticed when you consume 2 servings of MindLab Pro a day.

Lion's mane in MindLab pro

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane can induce neuronal growth and thus enhance cognitive ability when taken over a period of time. It also has protective properties that make this a very interesting mushroom. Dosages vary from 250mg to 700mg (more research should be done), but MindLab Pro will have you covered.

Phosphatidyl serine comes from Sunflower Lecithin

Phosphatidyl Serine (from Sunflower Lecithin)

This is another cognitive booster that will help you with memory, mental agility, and learning. While the body can naturally produce it, we mostly acquire it from food; thus, supplements can help us.

Dosages range from 200 to 400mg, so once again, it will be most effective when you consume 2 servings.

N-acetyl L-tyrosine

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an essential amino acid. It plays a key role in supporting brain messaging by producing key neurotransmitters (messengers) like dopamine, adrenalin, and melanin (among others). Therefore increasing your brain’s efficiency and mental power.

Rhodiola rosea is found in Mindlab pro

Rhodiola Rosea

Another medicinal herb that has been used for generations. Consuming Rhodiola can lead to reduced stress levels, might alleviate fatigue, and could increase cognitive function. A very strong adaptogen that can help you deal with high-stress situations.


Theanine is best known for its relaxing properties, the reason why is often paired with caffeine (to reduce jitters). In this case, it can also help you reduce anxiety and relief stress.

However, I would recommend taking one of the Mindlab Pro servings together with coffee, because when paired with L-theanine, it can increase your focus.

Pine bark extract in mindlab pro

Maritine Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark is rich in polyphenols which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help fight against toxic radicals that can damage neurons. It might also increase nitric oxide release, which acts as a fast signaling molecule and increases brain blood flow.

B vitamins in Mind lab pro

Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 Complex (Nutrigenesis)

There’s extensive research showing the positive effect of B group vitamins on maintaining brain health. They have multiple functions including DNA repair, promoting synthesis of neuronal transmitters, energy production, and other molecular activities.

According to Mindlab Pro, they’ve chosen the trio to tackle homocysteine metabolism. High homocysteine levels are damaging, and these b-group vitamins help regulate this key amino acid.

Key take-away: All ingredients used in Mind Lab Pro have proven positive effects on key cognitive functions and/or long-term brain health. There are no pseudo-scientific ingredients. However, some of the dosages are on the low side, and having 2 servings a day would optimize what you get out of MindLab Pro. Thumbs up.

Mind Lab Pro Benefits Reviewed

Mindlab pro benefits
Key benefits of taking MindLab Pro, as showcased by them.

Ultimately, we are all asking ourselves the same question. Is MindLab Pro effective? Can you notice a significant positive impact on your mental performance?

As showcased in the ingredients section, on paper you do. All nootropics in this mix are proven to have beneficial effects, and they are served in effective dosages. Albeit, some of them will require you to take 2 servings a day.

What Are the Main Benefits of MindLab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro benefits review
Potential areas in which Mindlab Pro can help you.

Let’s have a look at the key areas that you should see improvements on:

  • Memory. Making significant improvements in memory is not something you can achieve solely with supplements or diet. It’s a muscle you need to exercise. That said, Mind Lab Pro has ingredients with potential beneficial effects in memory. However, in order to achieve so, you will have to consume it regularly.
  • Performance. Many of the nootropics listed in Mind Lab Pro have can have an effect in metal agility (short and long term), even without the presence of caffeine.
  • Long-term brain health. Vitamin B6, 9 and 12; Lion’s Mane and other ingredients have been proven to have protective roles. Hard to gauge, but it should have marginal benefits.
  • Focus and Clarity. Both should be greatly improved in the short-term (after consumption) and long-term. A sharper mind with the ability to focus on one task for longer.
  • Mood and Calmness. Due to the anti anxiety and stress relief properties of some key ingredients, Mind Lab Pro should also help you keeping your mental state in check.

Testing Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro review testing
1 of my 2 daily servings. I went for 2 servings a day for 45 days. Very happy with the results.

As part of doing this MindLab Pro review, I went and tried it for 45 days. During this time, I was starting a new project, doing competitive sport, and keeping up with Latestfuels. This is, it was a challenging time where I needed stress reduction, help to focus on work, boost in creativity, and ensure my mood stayed stable.

It goes without saying that I did not expect MindLab Pro to solve these issues, but I was looking forward to seeing to what extent it could help me.

Background: heavy coffee drinker, and I occasionally drink some nootropics (energy drinks).

Did Taking Mind Lab Pro Improve My Performance?

I will give the answer in two categories, short-term effect, and long-term effect.

Short-Term: Yes

Regarding the first, Mind Lab Pro states that it starts working 30 minutes after consumption. In theory, it should help me with alertness, focus, and clarity. I am glad to report that most of the time, I was able to focus more efficiently and work without interruptions.

This effect was enhanced in the mornings when I also had a cup of coffee, or on the rare occasion, I took caffeine in the afternoon (I had the pill with my morning coffee and after lunch). The effect was greater than just caffeine alone.

However, my body did seem to adapt and the effects might have been decreased as time went on. They even address this point and recommend cycling consumption (5 weeks yes, 1 no).

That said, my work rate and efficiency were greater than expected, and I was quite happy with the results.

Long-Term: Hard to Tell

A few of the other areas in which Mind Lab Pro is supposed to help you are mood, stress relief, and brain protection. It’s obviously impossible to judge on the last point.

When it comes to the other two areas, I find it hard to gauge if it did help or not. It was a very exciting period for me, and I was mostly feeling energetic and with a positive mindset. I will say that I did not feel as stressed or didn’t have as many mood swings as I could’ve expected, but saying this was due to Mind Lab Pro would be far-reaching.

Mindlab Pro vs Adderall

While they might seem to have some similarities, when comparing Mind Lab Pro vs Adderall you start to see clear differences.

Adderall is a very potent CNS stimulant and a prescription drug. It is very efficient at stimulating your brain, making you more alert and focus; but it comes with serious side effects. It shouldn’t be taken without a prescription, and even then, you need to regularly stop taking it.

On the contrary, even if Mindlab Pro is not as strong of a stimulant, it does provide you with some mental benefits (like shown above) and it does not have any side effects. As such, you can continuously take it and enjoy the long-term benefits of clarity, enhanced memory and improved brain protection.

Price and Offers

Regarding the price, this is not going to be the most affordable nootropic you can buy. Using branded ingredients at high dosages and doing 3rd party testing comes at a cost.

Currently, Mind Lab Pro offers the following deals:

  • 1 month supply (60 capsules) for $69, $2.30/serving.
  • 2 month supply (120 capsules) for $138, 2.30/serving.
  • 4 month supply for the cost of 3 (240 capsules) for $207, $1.73 per serving.

This last is a 25% discount with free shipping included worldwide, and the one I would go for if you are serious about the product.

Mind Lab Pro: Pros & Cons

  1. Whole brain booster package: 11 proven nootropics
  2. Noticeable increase in clarity and focus after consumption
  3. No hidden dosages; all nootropics are found in effective dosages
  4. Third party tested
  5. No useless ingredients
  6. Safe to consume, no illegal or banned substances, no caffeine
  7. Tons of quality information on their website
  8. Worldwide shipping
  1. 2 servings a day are required to reach optimal doses
  2. On the expensive end
  3. Long term effects are hard to judge


Is Mindlab Pro safe to consume?

Yes, all ingredients have been deemed safe to consume by the FDA. However, you should stop consuming it if you have any side effects like nausea, dizziness, or similar.

Will Mindlab Pro be detected on a drug test?

No, Mindlab Pro does not contain any banned substances, and it’s entirely legal to consume.

Will Mindlab Pro help me study?

MindLab Pro could be effective to help you study, or perform other intense brain activities.

When I will notice the effects of Mindlab Pro?

You should start noticing the short-term effects within 30 minutes lasting up to 4h. You will also see bigger benefits with regular consumption over 30 days.

When should I use Mindlab Pro?

Mindlab Pro is a great supplement for whenever you need a cognitive boost (exam period, high workload, top performance, etc.).

Can Mindlab Pro enhance my gaming performance?

Yes, the nootropic blend in Mindlab Pro might help you boost your reaction times, mental agility, decision making and reduce anxiety.

MIndlab pro review verdict

Verdict: Mind Lab Pro Review

All in all, I must say that I am very impressed. Coming to this Mind Lab Pro review, I was highly skeptical and not convinced at all. However, after having consumed the nootropic blend for 45 days, I must say that I have noticed a difference.

I found that MindLab Pro was great for increased focus at work, mental clarity, some memory gain, and overall confidence in my mental abilities. I tested it while I had an intense workload, and I believe it made a difference.

Furthermore, I love their transparency with the ingredients, as you can see that these are proven nootropics in the right dosages. Too many manufacturers hide under “proprietary blend” and add pseudo-scientific ingredients, unlike other popular supplements like Alpha Brain.

That said, I think that for maximum efficiency, you need to take 2 servings a day. This further accentuates the main issue of Mindlab Pro: it is not a cheap supplement.

Therefore, I think that if you have the budget and are looking to boost your cognitive performance, MindLab Pro will be a great solution. However, those who are short in budget might wanna look elsewhere.

Furthermore, when compared to the best nootropic supplements it lacks a couple of ingredients and dosages are on the low end.

That’s why we, instead, use Hunter Focus, with double the dose in many of the ingredients.

Mind Lab Pro

From $1.73/serving








  • Top quality ingredients, clinically tested.
  • 11 proven nootropics, no pseudo-science
  • Noticed increased clarity and better focus after consumption
  • Great all around product
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Not cheap
  • 2 servings a day are required to reach optimal doses
  • Hard to judge long-term benefits
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