The Ultimate Meal Replacement List

What is a good Soylent alternative? What is the best Soylent alternative in Europe? What meal replacement is good for beginners? What are the best American meal replacements?…

Forums, Reddit and similar tend to be spammed with this questions in a weekly basis. I kept answering them in an individually, “Hey, here you have some good Keto shakes…”; “Hi, this brands offer vegan products”; or “this are some of the best Huel alternatives“.

I want to generate an easy access database. However, I do not currently have the time or the technical knowledge required for such a project. Therefore, I just want to share my personal meal replacement list.

I hope this list will help people to realize there are tons of brands out there creating different products (bars, ready -to-drinks, powders, nootropics…) and no unique brand or shake is right for everybody. I know it requires some self-research afterwards, but here you go: the ultimate meal replacement brands list.

Note: There will eventually be reviews for all of these, here in Latestfuels. For now only those with a link do.

DISCLAIMER: “Dude, why is X meal replacement not mentioned?”; “Why does this brand have Y rating?”; or “Z information is wrong”. All comments and corrections are welcome. I am a human after all, I make mistakes. Please let me know in the comments section below.

Company From Ships To Profile Price Comment Rating
Ambronite FIN EU V,NG $$$$ Premium 4
Anapur CZE EU V,NG $$ OTP  
Appetite BEL BEL V,NG $$$ Local  
Bertrand GER World V*,GF,S* $$ Organic 4
Bivo ITA EU V $$$ Range  
Chiashake SVK EU S*,V*,K* $$$ Range  
Feed. FRA EU V $$ Flavours 4
GenesisFoods UK EU V*, K* $$$ Specialized R
Huel UK World V, GF* $$ Quality 4.5
Jake NED EU V $$ Range 4
JimmyJoy NED World V*, S* $ Budget 4.3
Küik ESP EU   $ Range 3.8
Lently NED World V* $$ Taste E
Mana CZE EU, US V $$ Popular  
MojoNutrition NED EU NG $$$$ Flavours  
MyProtein UK World V $$ Sport  
Purition UK EU V,GF, $$$$ Premium  
Queal NED World V*, S* $ Taste 4.4
Runtime GER EU   $$ Flavours 4
Satislent ESP EU V,NG $ Range 4.3
Saturo AUT EU&US V $-$$ Flavours 4.1
Shake2day NED World S,V $$ Range 4
Supersonic UK EU V,NG $$ Flavours
TheProteinWorks UK EU S, GF, NG $$$ Sport  
Trinkkost GER EU S,V $$$ Organic  
Vitaline FRA World V* $$$ Range 4
VitaminFood NED World V $$ Sugar Free  
YFood GER EU GF, LF $$$ Taste 4.5
PowderMatter CZE EU   $
Actualize USA USA K $$$ Specialized  
Ample USA World V*, K*,NG $$$$ Premium 3.8
Bariatric Advantage USA USA K* $$$$ Not really  
Bear Squeeze USA USA V,P,K ? To start  
GardenofLife USA USA V $$$$ Organic  
USA USA V $$$ Interesting  
USA USA, CAN, EU K $$$ High Protein  
Ka’chava USA USA V,GF $$$$ Premium E
Kate Farms USA USA V,GF, AF $$$ Specialized  
Kencko USA USA V,GF, NG $$$ Organic  
Ketochow USA USA K $$ Flavours R
KetoLogic USA USA K $$$$ Specialised  
Meal Squares USA USA V, NG $$ Different  
MosaicNutrition USA USA   $$$ Starting  
Orgain USA USA V $$$$ Organic  
Perfect Keto USA World K,V* $$ Range  
PlantFusion USA USA V* $$$$ Small NR
Sated USA World V, K $$$ Quality 4.5
Soylent USA USA V $$ Popular 4
Superbodyfuel USA World V, K* $ Budget 4.2
ViteRamen USA USA V $$ Solid  
Holfood CAN USA,CAN   $$ OTP E
Vitalhouse CAN USA,CAN V,S,NG $$$ CLOSED  
180 Nutrition AUS AUS NZ V*, GF* $$ Range  
Aussilent AUS AUS NZ V*, GF* $$ Local E
OZ Soylent AUS AUS,NZ   $$$  
StarFood NZ NZ SF,V,GF $$$ New  
ShopIntake KOR KOR V $$ Range  
Comp JAP JAP NG $$$ Unique  
Lembas SGP World   $$$ OTP  
Ruffood CHN CHN V Unique  
Primal Kind AUS World P,V,K $$ Closed T  
Tsogo USA USA V,GF $$$  
Veetal         Closed  


GF– Gluten Free.

V– Vegan.

S– Sport Variant.

NG– Non-GMO.

K– Keto.

LF– Lactose free but not Vegan.

SF– Soy Free.

P– Paleo

*–  Only specific products are.

Price per 400kcal without subscription:

$– Below $1.5     $1.5 = €1.3 = £1.15

$$- $1.5 to $3     $3 = €2.6 = £2.3

$$$– $3 to $5      $5 = €4.3 = £3.85

$$$$– over $5


R– Recommended.

E– Excited to try.

Budget– It offers great value for money

Different– Offers something noone else does.

Range– Offers great product range (RTD, powder, diet, sport…).

Flavours– Has a great range of flavours for a single product.

Local– Uses locally sourced food.

Organic– Organic prime ingredients.

OTP– One Trick Pony. Has one product in one flavour.

Popular– It is well known.

Premium– Costs extra, but uses premium ingredients (non-GMO, organic, local…). Brand also has exclusive aura.

Quality– Great quality MRs (above expected).

Small– Company by very few people.

Specialized– Will elaborate products for one diet type in particular. It is very knowledgeable about it.

Sport– It is a sport supplement oriented brand.

Starting– Just started recently.

Taste– It makes good tasting products.

Unique– It is unique or only MR for the region.


It is interesting to see the amount of brands in Europe and how they are distributed. So interesting that I ended up writing an article about the importance of the variety in the European meal replacement market, and why your choices matter.

Even if there are more brands, thery are less specific brands; for example, keto focused brands or brands directed to an specific niche are more rare (than in the US). They tend to be more generic, have more products and flavours.

There is a strong keto meal replacement industry in the USA.

Unfortunately, there is not much choice in OCE.

Worldwide shipping is often not viable. Even if the companies do offer shipping to your country the expenses will be astronomical (likely higher than the cost of the product). Only USA-EU shipping seems to work better. Even CAN has many problems with importing products with huge duty taxes.

Find the best meal replacement shakes in your region.