310 shakes review

Are 310 Meal Replacement Shakes Worth the Price? (Review)

This is the 310 meal replacement review, where we will find out if 310 shakes are as great as they seem.

Today, I change my story.

310 Nutrition

Made in the US by 310 Nutrition, they are vegan shakes with organic ingredients, and no gluten or soy.

With only 110kcal and 15g of premium protein, 310 Nutrition All-in-One Meal replacement shakes are designed for weight loss and are seemingly a good Shakeology alternative. The 310 All-in-One shakes are:

  • Vegan
  • Low Carb, and keto friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Paleo friendly
  • Contain 26 essential vitamins and minerals

Looks great on paper, doesn’t it?

In fact, 310 Nutrition Shake’s webpage has tons of positive written and recorded testimonials. Plus, they claim that they’ve sold over 4 million shakes were sold, which speaks to the popularity of 310 shakes.

Therefore, are 310 shakes worth buying? Find out in this 310 shakes review!

Spoiler: Well, the short answer is NO. They are simply too expensive for what they offer, and in my opinion, there are much better natural shakes out there that accomplish what 310 tries to do. Examples of these include Ka’chava (one of our favorites) or Lyfefuel Daily Essentials (great for weight loss).

310 Nutrition shakes review

310 Nutrition Review at a Glance

Flavours: Vanilla Creme, Chocolate Bliss, Caramel Sundae, Peppermint Swirl, Pumpkin Spice, Horchata and many more.


Taking everything I mentioned during this 310 meal replacement review into consideration; I must say that I’m a little disappointed.

Even though, this is a good shake and contains high-quality nutrients; it falls short when compared to close competitors.

Additionally, it is also more expensive than other gluten-free shakes, which makes 310 shakes hard to recommend.

That said, 310 drinks are quite delicious and can be useful for weight loss.

What I like

1. Organic, vegan, gluten-free and soy free. 310 Nutrition uses high-quality ingredients in their shakes. Drinkable by almost anybody.

2. Added superfoods for extra nutrients. A balanced diet requires nutrients from multiple sources. Organic beets, broccoli, ginger, spinach… are incredibly nutrient-dense.

3. 310 is a great diet shake. Each serving is only 110kcal and comes packed with protein and fibre. It will help you feel full for longer than other shakes.

4. Sweet tasting. 310 shakes are quite sweet and thin, quite easy to drink. Plus, if you don’t like sweet drinks you can opt for the unflavoured option

5. Single serving and bulk bags. Choose which one fits you best; a single-serving sachet to consume it anywhere, or a bigger bag to reduce waste.

What I dislike

1. It’s just too expensive. Sadly, despite their premium ingredients, I think that when compared to similar products, 310 shake is too pricey.

2. Lacks essential nutrients. In fact, 310 shakes lack essential fatty acids; like omega-3.

3. Not fit to replace meals with. For most adults, 310 shakes will not be an efficient meal replacement. This is due to their low caloric content and lack of nutrients.

4. You can only buy it in the US. Unfortunately, this product is not available in Europe.

Taste Test

Generally speaking, 310 shakes are quite pleasant and easy to drink.

They are quite sweet and they mix without any issues. This makes them easy to drink and like. Lastly, I would recommend going unflavoured if you are not a fan of sweet shakes.

310 shake taste review
Best flavourSalted Caramel.
TasteStrong green smoothie taste to all flavors, but not awful.
TextureGritty, solid pieces, not the easiest to drink. Better with milk.
Easy to MixThey mix perfectly even in a shaker. No need for blenders.
SatietyThey do well considering the low calorie output. 1-2h.
Easy to CleanNo
AfterthoughtsRather a disappointment.

Pro-tip: Add milk (or your plant-based alternative) to improve the texture. This shake also works well with frozen fruits. For keto, add heavy cream.

310 Shakes presentation
310 shakes for weight loss

310 Vanilla Shake Taste Review

Great smell, but somewhat strong underlying veggie taste. Not undrinkable, but one you have to get used to first.

With water, it was ok. But was definitely better when blended with milk.

310 Chocolate Shake Taste Review

Like vanilla, has a strong green taste that takes some getting used to. Its drinkable, and chocolate taste isnt super strong.

With milk and a banana, this comes to life. Much better and I’d argue the only way to really enjoy this.

Salted Caramel 310 Shake Review

The best tasting of the bunch when only mixed with water. Surprisingly, it didn’t gain much in blending with milk.

Summary – How Do 310 Shakes Taste?

All of them were very gritty and had unmixed pieces floating around. Even when blended, the texture still wasn’t all that great.

Taste-wise, when mixed with just water to keep the cals in check, they were only ok at best. Mixing with milk helped the consistency somewhat, and adding fruit brought the taste to life.

A word about the shaker bottle.

It is cheap plastic, the mixing insert is horrible, and has slightly different dimensions so it can’t be interchanged with other shaker parts. If you got it free, then I guess it would be fine for water. Under no circumstances is it worth the $10 they are charging at the site.

Nutritional Breakdown

Regarding at 310 Nutrition shakes ingredients, there are three points that I want to remark:

  • 310 Shakes are very low on calories, and most adults will require higher caloric content. Thus, they are most suited to help you lose weight, or as a nutritious snack.
  • As showcased below, all 310 nutrition meals are vegan, organic and soy-free shakes.
  • Besides, 310 Nutrition shakes do not provide you with omega-3 fatty acids.
310 nutrition features
Nutritional features of 310 meal replacement shakes

310 Shake Nutrition Overview

310 Shake
Macros (C/F/P)29/55/16
FeaturesLF, GF, DF
Includes ProbioticsNo
Artificial SweetenersNo
Synthetic AdditivesNo
Contains All MicronutrientsNo
Controversial IngredientsNone
LF= lactose free, GF= gluten free, DF = dairy free


  • Total Carbs: 7g, 3% of DV.
  • Sugars: 0g.
  • Fiber: 5g, 18% of DV.

Overall, 310 shakes are really low in carbohydrates. Despite having 7g per serving, 5g are due to fibre (FiberSMART organic tapioca fiber).

Once again, this makes 310 shakes ideal for weight loss. On one side, the caloric input is kept low; and on the other side, fiber can help you with satiety.

For my own complete nutritional shakes, I rather see more carbohydrates from complex sources like oats, quinoa, amaranth etc. Therefore, adding some can be a good way to supplement your shake.


  • Total Protein: 15g, 20% of DV.

Like many other weight loss meal replacement shakes, 310 drinks are primarily composed of protein. In this case, 55% of the total energy comes from protein.

310 Nutrition uses their custom Tri-Plex Protein blend composed of: organic pea, brown rice and pumpkin protein. While it might sound fancy, rice and pea protein are often paired together in vegan shakes to provide you with a more complete amino acid profile. In fact, pumpkin protein is novelty addition. This, however, helps balance the amino acid profile, as well as, improving the taste.

Essential amino acids of the protein sources used in 310 shakes and compared with whey protein.
Essential amino acids of the protein sources used in 310 shakes and compared with whey protein. Data show as g of essential amino acids per 20 of total protein. Data taken from superfoodly.


  • Total Fats: 2g, 2% of DV.
  • Saturated Fats: 1g, 7% of DV.
  • Omega-3: ?.

As it’s the case with many low-calorie high protein shakes, 310 Nutrition shakes are very low in fats.

Consequently, it falls short in essential fatty acids, like omega-3 fatty acids. Even during weight loss, these are necessary to keep healthy body functions.

Thus, I would recommend supplementing your diet with food rich in omega-3s or supplements.

Micronutrients and Phytonutrients

Unfortunately, 310 shakes fail to deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals. For instance, 310 drinks are deficient in Vitamin D, A, B, C and minerals like zinc, calcium, or manganese.

On the other hand, they are rich in phytonutrients thanks to the green powders added to the mix: organic chlorella, spinach, alfalfa, beer root powder etc.


As far as the sweeteners are concerned, 310 shakes contain monk fruit extract and stevia; thus they contain no artificial sweetener.


Coconut is present, but otherwise they are free of any major allergen.

About 310 Nutrition

310 Nutrition is a US-based company specializing in weight loss shakes founded by Tim Sharif in 2012.

In addition to this, according to their mission their strive to improve the lives of their customers by providing clean solutions.

Despite the fact that their 310 meal replacement shakes are their main focus and best-sellers, they also provide other nutritional products. These include BHB exogenous ketones, vitamin C powders and Keto strips.

Pricing & Shipping

So, let’s discuss the cost of 310 Nutrition; are the 310 shakes too expensive?

  • 310 Shakes come in 28 serving bags. Each bag costs $68.
  • Each serving contains 110kcal. One serving will cost you $2.43.
  • On Amazon you will be able to get single serving packs and 14 meal bags, as well as 24 meals.
310 meal replacement Shake individual servings
24 individual servings might be the most convenient format. Check now.

Here is a table displaying the price of 310 meal replacement shakes:

ProductTotal Price
Serving Price
All-in-One Meal – 14pk$50/$37.49$3.57/$2.68
All-in-One Meal – 28pk $80/$60$2.86/$2.14
All-in-One Meal – 24pk
(Variety Box)

Undoubtedly, these are not the cheapest meal replacement shakes on the market. However, they compare fairly well with other organic and healthy meal shakes.

Price per 400kcalOrgainLyfefuel DailyGarden of Life310 Shakes
Expensive ($)4.895.254.998.84
Cheap ($)3.914.484.256.62
Orgain and Garden of Life’s Raw & Organic also have lower calorie servings (230kcal and 130kcal respectively).

Are 310 Shakes Worth it?

Are 310 shakes worth the money? You will have to answer that yourself, but I believe that there are better options out there that offer a similar product at a lesser cost.

Most noticeably the lack of essential nutrients like omega-3s make 310 shakes not worth their price. When you are paying premium you want everything included, as it is the case in Ka’chava shakes or Lyfefuel meal replacements.

That said, you can use the free shipping on Amazon to save some money in that regard.

More 310 Nutrition Products

Besides the meal replacement shakes, 310 Nutrition offers a variety of other products, including Keto accessories (keto strips, exogenous ketones), probiotics, digestive enzymes, MCT oil, teas and more.

310 Keto

As I explain in my best keto shakes piece, I’m not a big fan of most keto accessories; particularly, BHB exogenous ketones. There’s simply not enough evidence that this are necessary at all.

Personally, I would choose a shake like HLTH or Sated which provide you a better keto meal replacement shake. More complete, more affordable, and they even include probiotics and digestive enzymes, so you don’t need to buy them on the side.

310 Supplements

On top of the keto accessories, they also offer more generic supplements like green powders, multivitamins, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and more.

While it is true that some of these are OK products, I tend to use different brands with more specific knowledge.

Is 310 Shake Good for You?

If you are consuming a diet full of processed ingredients and you are planning to substitute one of these meals with 310, then 310 shakes are good for you.

That said, there are shortcomings on 310 Nutrition shakes that other great meal replacement shakes don’t have, like the lack of omega-3 fatty acids.

310 Shake Side Effects

For most people 310 shakes are going to be safe to consume and will not have any major side effects.

In rare cases, digestive enzymes might upset your stomach. Similarly, 310 nutrition shakes contain coconut, so be aware of this allergen.

Otherwise, the most common side effects of 310 shakes are:

  • Mild nausea
  • Migraines
  • Diahrrea

Customer 310 Shake Reviews

Due to the popularity of 310 Nutrition shakes, there are multiple reviews on the internet.

Amazon 310 Shake Reviews

The reviews on Amazon are somehow mixed. 310 shakes have a 4.1 star rating (out of 5) in almost 6k reviews.

Most negative 310 shake reviews are critical of the taste. This is because not all flavors are good (some are atrocious) and in general, there are much better tasting shakes out there.

Amazon 310 reviews

Other 310 shake reviews on Amazon are also critical of the value for money and the quality of ingredients.

This product, while it may deliver all your nutrients and vitamins for a full day, is very hard to get down due to it’s sweetness. To further complicate matters, it does not mixed well, even when using a ninja mixer.

Joanne, 3-star

Was excited to finally find a meal replacement WITHOUT SOY! BUT… I don’t know if it’s the pea protein or something else, but I can agree with others who have commented it can cause an upset tummy. About an hour after drinking it, I always have an upset stomach. It usually lasts a couple of hours and it’s not unbearable, but why? Why tolerate a squirrely, upset tummy if I am still hungry an hour after drinking this? I was disappointed that it did not stave off my hunger AT ALL. I could get past the slight paste-y (some describe it as chalky) taste…you can add stuff to camoflauge that (extra cocoa powder, vanilla extract, even a tablespoon of peanut butter) but now I’m adding calories to a meal replacement to make it taste better…might work for some folks, but I am glad I only ordered the starter pack. I began to dread that this was going to be the only thing I got for lunch and began avoiding it / making excuses to skip it entirely. I will slowly use up the pack of nine I bought (probably one a week when I don’t have time to eat), but I will not be buying anymore. At least I have an incredible shaker bottle to use for something else now.

Robert Hart

Some people also stated that it was not good at keeping them full, particularly men. This is because it’s too low in calories as a meal replacement for men.

310 Shakes Reviews Reddit

Users of the social platform Reddit were equally critical about the price. Most people believed that 310 was extremely expensive for what it offered and recommended using other meal replacement shakes instead.

310 vs. LyfeFuel & Skakeology

Head-to-head time. Decided to run the comparison against two recently sampled products, Shakeology and LyfeFuel.

As a spoiler, I believe that LYFEfuel Daily Essential is vastly superior to both of them, and I would recommend it, together with Ka’chava as the perfect 310 shake alternative.

They all offer lower-calorie products, and options that include 24 servings.

Head to Head

Category310 All-in-OneShakeology (Plant)LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials)
serving price$3.33
servings per242424
PackagingSingle Serve PacksSingle Serve PacksBag
Protein (g)151618
Sugar (g)073
Fiber (g)561
Fats (g)332
Carbs (g)6156
Artificial SweetenersNNN
Synthetic AdditivesYYN
Protein SourcePea, Rice, PumpkinPeaPea/Rice
AvailabilityUS, CANWorldwideUS
Other ProductsSupplements, Teas, MixesBarsSupplements, Bars

As you can see above, there are many similarities, however some of the differences are striking.

LYFEfuel vs 310 Shakes – LYFEfuel Is the Clear Winner

LyfeFuel was rated favorably by us and is strong competitor.

They offer the most protein and the least expensive servings. What they lack compared to the others, is the flexibility of single-serve packs and having only a couple flavors.

That said, they have a nutritionally vastly superior product. They offer more nutrients, higher quantities of key vitamins and minerals and more protein.

They are also much tastier than 310 drinks and cheaper.

No reason to buy 310 shakes, when you can buy LYFEfuel Daily Essentials.

Shakeology vs 310 Nutrition

Shakeology offers a few more calories, which should in theory help with satiety, but with its lack of nutrients, high cost, and scam-like subscription model…all it has going for it really is its single-serve packs.

Plus, 310 can compete on price with its above-average subscription discount, should you choose to commit to that. Therefore, I would recommend neither, but 310 shakes are better than Shakeology’s.

310 Nutrition vs Herbalife

Just stay away from Herbalife shakes, they are not worth the hassle.

Jokes or generalized statements aside, Herbalife shakes offer terrible customer service, awful selling practices and offer pretty subpar products.

Their meal replacement shakes are much higher in sugar, have more processed ingredients and lower nutritional output than 310 shakes.

That said, Herbalife shakes taste better.

All in all, I would skip them both and opt for a 310 or Herbalife alternative.

310 Meal Replacement Shakes Alternatives

Ka’chava Shakes

If you are looking for premium meal replacement shakes to boost your health, Ka’chava is your pick. A complete meal with 70+ superfood blend, it is the ultimate shake when it comes to nutrition. Luckily, it tastes great, too. Without the weird smoothie-like background 310 shakes have. Ka’chava shakes not cheap, but they are worth it.

HLTH Complete Meal – Better Keto

If you are looking for weight loss and aiming to do so with a keto diet; then HLTH’s complete meal will be a lifesaver for you. While it does have more calories per serving (which you can adjust); it’s also lower in net carbs than 310 – thus better for keto. Plus, it includes 50% of your DV for vitamins and minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes; as well as, apple cider vinegar. It’s a more nutritious, and honestly better-tasting shake than 310.

310 FAQ

Are 310 meal replacement shakes organic?

Yes, 310 Nutrition has made a strong bet for organic ingredients in their shakes.

Are 310 Shakes Vegan and Keto-friendly?

Yes, the shakes are fully plant-based and keto-friendly, with only 2g of net carbs. That said, due to the low-fat content, you should supplement it with your own source.

Can I use 310 shakes to lose weight?

Yes. In fact, each serving only has 110kcal and it’s high in both protein and fiber. These two nutrients can help you feel more full after your drink. 310 Nutrition also provides weight loss plans.

Are 310 Nutrition drinks complete?

No, 310 shakes will not provide you with all the micronutrients that you body needs, as well as, other essential nutrients.

What is the adaptogen blend in each shake?

Unlike past formulas, we added a highly beneficial adaptogen blend to this new shake mix – including powerful “functional” mushrooms like Chaga, cordyceps, lions mane, and reishi, along with the herb, Ashwagandha and plant, maca root.

310 Nutrition All products

Verdict – 310 Meal Replacement Review

Summing up this 310 Meal Replacement shakes review, I must admit that I find 310 shakes slightly too expensive for what they offer.

Plus, they are weaker than the competition in two key areas: taste and nutrition.

Consequently, I would look to buy other meal replacement shakes(e.g. Lyfefuel, Ka’chava).

In spite of solid nutrition that focuses on organic, clean ingredients; it lacks some key nutrients (omega-3s, vitamin-D, calcium, zinc etc.). Thus, it’s not a complete meal replacement, and actually misses on too many key nutrients for my liking.

Furthermore, 310 shakes are not tasty. They really must prioritize the chalky texture and rock pieces issue to get that fixed. Even when blended, it was present, albeit less so.

Nonetheless, as highlighted during this 310 meal replacement review, they can be a great tool to lose weight due to their low calorie content and high amounts of fiber and protein.

Bottom Line: there are too many competitors that do what 310 Nutrition does but much better. Skip.

310 Meal Replacement

From $3.57/serving












  • Gluten-free, vegan and keto friendly
  • Multiple flavours to choose from
  • 0g of sugars, 5g of fibre and 15g of protein per serving
  • Single serving bags
  • Good shake for weight loss


  • The price is just way too high
  • Lacks micronutrients and omega-3
  • Not very balanced, too rich in protein
  • There are better alternatives in the market
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