9 of the Best Keto & Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes (2020 Review)

Ketogenic diets or low carb diets have become one of the most popular ways to lose weight and get back in shape. A tool to counteract the excessive sugars that are hidden in almost every meal we consume. Following a keto diet can be hard in a daily basis. Therefore, in this article I have compiled a list with the best keto meal replacement shakes that you can use to make your life easier.

I talk about making your life easier, but what do I mean by that? I mean that low carb or keto shakes can enable you to have your meal anywhere at anytime; without having to meal prep or having to find suitable food option in a restaurant.

I have lived those struggles, and meal replacements have offered me a healthy alternative. A full meal, with all the vitamins and minerals, low in carbs and with plenty of fats to fuel my body in ketosis.

Latestfuel’s Top 3 Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

Naturally Sweetened
  • Sated
  • Editor’s Choice
  • From $3

Ample K keto shake
  • Ample K
  • Best Tasting
  • From $4.8

Sated RTD Complete Keto Meal
  • Sated RTD
  • Best RTD
  • From $4

Keto Shakes vs Low Carb Shakes

In this article you will find two sets of recommended meal replacement shakes: ketogenic meal replacements and low carb shakes.

“What is the difference between them?” you might think.

In short, the amount of net carbohydrates that the shake will have will dictate if it is a keto shake or a low-carb shake:

On one side, ketogenic shakes will have extremely low carbohydrate content, which will push your body into a ketosis state (where your body uses fat to fuel).

On the other side, low carb shakes, on the other hand, will still have low carbohydrate content when compared to the government recommendations; but will not be enough to push you into ketosis.

Best Keto Meal Shakes

1. Sated Naturally Sweetened

Editor’s Choice

Sated Keto Shake best rtd
  1. Provides all the ingredients you need, including the oil
  2. Good starting price and subscription discount
  3. Shakes with and without sucralose
  4. One of the most convenient
  1. Only two flavours available
  2. Only affordable shipping to the US

Sated offers the best ketogenic meal replacement shake in my opinion. Very low net carbs (down to 1.3g per 400kcal), affordable pricing and includes everything you need.

This last is important, since many brands cut costs by not including the oils; which makes it more troublesome for the user. With Sated, you will get a custom oil mix with a balanced blend of oils that include 1:1 omega-3/-6 ratio (ideal) and MCTs to boost your energy levels.

You will be able to purchase in bags of 30 meals. These include the keto meal powder with proteins, fibers and micronutrients; plus, the oil. 30 meals will only cost you $90; and you can reduce it by 20% when you subscribe.


Sated has very little net carbs. Most of the carbohydrates are fiber (6g out of 7g per serving); which come from non-GMO soluble corn fiber and cellulose.

When looking at the protein sources, milk protein isolate is the choice for Sated shakes. This means that you will have a mix of slow releasing protien (casein) and fast release protein (whey); with an excellent amino acid profile.

Perhaps, more importantly, let’s look at the oil mix. In order to ensure, you get all the essential fatty acids; Sated mixes many different sources: olive oil (source of monounsaturated), flax oil (source of omega-3), coconut oil (source of saturated) and MCT oil.

Each serving of Sated will provide you with at least 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals.


Milk is one of the ingredients in Sated.


Regarding the sweetener, Sated has two mixes: one that uses sucralose; and one that uses monk fruit and stevia. However, the naturally sweetened contains erythrol, a sugar alcohol that provides no calories. Because of this, the total value of carbohydrates is higher in the naturally sweetened version.


per serving Sated (prepared) DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 3/18/79
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 35 45
Saturated (g) 10 50
Monounsaturated (g) 18
Polyunsaturated (g) 7
Carbs (g) 7 2
Sugars (g) <1
Fiber (g) 6.0 20.0
Protein (g) 18.0 27

Good For: Looking for the most well rounded shake and overall best.

2. Ample K

Best Tasting

Ample K best Keto both
  1. Individual bottles ideal to take on the go
  2. Great quality real food ingredients
  3. No sugar alcohols or sucralose
  4. 15% subscription discount
  1. Does not provide you with all the micronutrients
  2. Only available in one flavour

Ample is a premium brand that focuses on quality of ingredients and gut health. For that, they use ingredients that have not been altered much; and add custom probiotic blends.

As a result, Ample K is the most natural ketogenic meal replacement in the market. This is very important since one of the goals of keto is to re-establish a closer relationship with quality food.

Not only the quality of the prime ingredients is great, but the customer experience is excellent, too. Ample K is available in pouches or individual bottles (400kcal and 600kcal) to which simply you need to add water. These are the most convenient and simple keto meals. No adding oil or complex mixing required.

On the downside, Ample K fails to deliver all the micronutrients your body needs and the price is higher than the rest of the competition. A trade of for using real food ingredients, and believing that quality of nutrients is essential.

However, the most remarkable feature of Ample’s keto shake is its delicious taste and incredibly smooth texture. It is a pleasure to drink and mixes perfectly, unlike some others.


Most of the carbohydrates present in Ample K are fibers that come from chicory root fiber and acacia fiber. They also include a tiny amount of dry honey (2g per 400kcal).

Fats are the bread and butter of any ketogenic shake, and Ample K relies on multiple sources to offer you a varied profile. These include: coconut oil, high oleic sunflower, medium chain triglycerides (C8:0 and C10:0) and macadamia nut oil.

Interestingly, Ample K includes protein from 3 different sources to provide you with a complete amino acid profile and proteins of slow and fast release. Namely, whey protein concentrate, egg white protein and pea protein.

Ample K will provide you with 20% of calcium, 20% of vitamin D, 8% of iron and 20% of magnesium.


Allergens present in Ample K include milk, coconut, macadamia nut and egg.


One of the positives of Ample K is that it does not include any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Monk fruit and stevia extract are the main sweeteners.


per serving Ample K DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 13/13/74
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 34.0 52
Saturated (g) 17.0 85
Carbs (g) 13.0 4
Sugars (g) 2
Fiber (g) 10.0 40.0
Protein (g) 13.0 19.5

Good For: Those who are looking for the least processed/most natural shake.

3. Keto Meal Shake

Best Vegan Keto

  1. Fully plant-based keto meal shake; unique in the market
  2. Delicious rich chocolate shake
  3. No GMO ingredients, no soy, lactose-free
  1. Better price when bought in bulk
  2. Single flavour available

Keto Meal Shake is the best vegan keto meal replacement shake. While it is true that not many ketoers follow fully plant-based diets; Keto Meal Shake can work for anybody.

In my experience, the plant-based mix offers a different flavour profile, without the milkiness of other shakes. In fact, Keto Meal Shake has a very dark and rich chocolate taste that I truly enjoy.

Besides the taste, this formula is also dairy-free, soy-free and lactose-free. All of which is accomplished with high quality real food ingredients. This includes only 5g of net carbs, 1g of sugar, 18g of protein, MCTs and most of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

As for the price, Keto Meal Shake starts at $5.5, but you can reduce this down to $4 by ordering in bulk and making use of the discount code LATESTFUELS (25% OFF).


per serving Keto Meal Shake DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 12/18/70
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 31.0 40
Saturated (g) 10.0 50
Cholesterol (mg) 0.0 0
Carbs (g) 13.0 5
Sugars (g) 1.0
Fiber (g) 8.5 29
Protein (g) 18.4 36
Potassium (mg) 710 15
Sodium (mg) 346 15


Ingredients: Sunflower lecithin, Complete Plant Protein™ (pea protein, sunflower seed protein, pumpkin seed protein), cacao (14 %), MCT powder (coconut oil, acacia fiber), coconut milk, xylitol, natural flavours, almond, psyllium, chia seed, vegetable powders (spinach, carrot, beetroot, nettle), nutritional yeast, mineral salt, spirulina, natural digestive enzyme (bromelain, Ananas comosus), ProbioVita™ live bacterial cultures (Bacillus coagulans), stevia, maltodextrin.



Good For: People looking for a vegan, dairy-free keto shake.

4. Keto Fuel

Keto Fuel best keto shakes
  1. Many flavours available
  2. Most affordable and good worldwide shipping terms
  3. High protein
  4. Samples available
  1. Need to add your own fats
  2. No omega-3s

Keto Fuel is the carb free meal replacement shake by the popular US brand Superbodyfuel. A very affordable option with multiple flavours available; great for beginners and more experience users alike.

The two main strengths of Keto Fuel are the price and the flavour options. You can enjoy a shake from $2.5 (400kcal), but also have a further 20% discount if you subscribe.

As far as the flavours go, there are currently 4 options: Plain (unsweetened), Chocolate, Cinnamon and Vanilla.

On top of that you will be able to get your Keto Fuel from almost anywhere in the world, since you will only have to pay a flat $30 fee for every order above $100.

On the other hand, there is one issue with Keto Fuel: it does not provide you with any oil. Thus, it requires you to add your oil of preference. Despite the fact that this allows you to play with the flavour and nutritional profile; it will create an extra step for beginners. For those, I would advise following the recommended guidelines when making your keto shake.


Keto Fuel hardly provides you with any carbohydrates, mostly being fiber from acacia gum, cellulose and xanthan gum.

Regarding the protein, organic brown rice protein is the chosen source. This can often be an issue since it is low in lysine. However, Superbodyfuel fixes this by adding some L-lysine.

The powder contains no fats but MCTs, which are often not present in supermarket oils (sunflower, olive, avocado…). 9g per serving, precisely.

Besides, Keto Fuel will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that your body requires.


Keto Fuel does not contain any major allergen.


Superbodyfuel uses monk fruit as sweetener in their shakes.


per serving Keto Fuel (prepared) DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 5/20/75
Energy (kCal) 450 23
Fats (g) 24.3 35
Saturated (g) 3.0 15
Carbs (g) 11 4
Sugars (g) 0
Fiber (g) 9 32
Protein (g) 24.0 48

Good For: people living outside the US or wanting the most affordable option.

5. Ketochow

Most Affordable

Ketochow chocolate
  1. Multiple flavours available
  2. Very low net carbs
  3. Savoury recipes
  1. Need to add your own oil
  2. No MCTs or omega-3s

Ketochow is one of the better known brands in the community. A familiar brand with close ties to the community, that is Ketochow. However, the most remarkable feature is the 21 flavours that they have available!

These include standard options like Chocolate and Vanilla; but also more exotic choices like Cookies & Cream, Strawberry or Salted Caramel. On top of that, they also offer savoury flavours.

All of them, highly praised by the community with 87% (365) 5 star votes.

However, it must be noted that you will be required to add your own oil, since KetoChow does not provide with any. Although, there are multiple guides and serving instructions on the site.


For Ketochow most of carbohydrates come from fiber (even though the exact numbers will vary with each flavour). Fiber comes from acacia gum and xanthan gum mainly.

The main protein source is milk protein isolate, another standard choice Great to ensure a full amino acid profile, as well as, slow and fast release protein. In the case of the savoury soups, beef protein is the chosen source. In my opinion, this is a slightly suboptimal source, as the absorption is not as good. However, for most, it will not matter much.

Because Ketochow does not provide any oil, you will not get any fats in the keto shake mix. Not even MCTs. I will recommend, beside the oil that you choose that you ensure some omega-3 source (like fish oil).


Ketochow contains milk.


According to Ketochow, it varies depending the flavour. it will mostly be sucralose or unsweetened, though.


per serving Ketochow (prepared) DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 1/16/83
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 55 71
Saturated (g) 6.6 31
Carbs (g) 6.6 27
Sugars (g) 0.7 1
Fiber (g) 5.9 35
Protein (g) 25.8 39

Good For: those who get bored of a single flavour easily.

Best Keto RTD Shakes

1. Sated Ready To Drink

Sated RTD 6 pack
  1. Most convenient Keto meal, no prep required
  2. Great taste, particularly chocolate
  3. Two flavours to choose from
  4. Very portable and last for long
  1. Pricier than the powder
  2. Only affordable shipping to the US

Sated’s Ready to Drink Keto meal is the easiest, most convenient and the tastiest. An increadible combo, for this smooth and superb tasting shake.

Nutritionally, the RTD will provide you with all you would want.: 75% fats, only 1.3g of net carbs, less than 1g of sugar, and 18g of protein. All with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

On the downside, the convenience has an added cost. Each bottle will cost you $6 initially. However, you can easily lower this to $4.0 with bulk and subscription discounts.

All in all, an extremely enjoyable keto meal, that I highly recommend.


Ingredients: Milk protein isolate, olive oil, erythritol, sunflower lecithin, flax oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, non-GMO soluble corn fiber, acacia fiber, salt, cellulose, vitamin & electrolyte mix, gellan, stevia, monk fruit, natural flavours.

Sated Ready to drink Nutrition


Milk is one of the ingredients in Sated.


per serving Sated (prepared) DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 3/18/79
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 35 45
Saturated (g) 10 50
Monounsaturated (g) 18
Polyunsaturated (g) 7
Carbs (g) 7 2
Sugars (g) <1
Fiber (g) 6.0 20.0
Protein (g) 18.0 27

Good For: those looking for the most convenient and tastiest meal.

Best Keto Shake Powders in Europe

What Happens if You Live in the EU?

Ketogenic and low carb diets are most popular in the US. As such, the offer outside North America is currently very limited.

But for a shortlist of my top European keto shakes:

  1. Keto Meal Shake by Ambronite.
  2. Ketogenesis by GenesisFoods.
  3. Ketofuel by Superbodyfuel.

As you can see, unfortunately the offer is much more limited in terms of ketogenic options in Europe. Do not worry, though, as I will be updating the list when new options arise.

There are many brands that are currently looking to expand their offering in this direction; therefore, I would expect a much richer keto meal market in the future in Europe.

If not, ordering Superbodyfuel’s Keto Fuel (see above) is a viable strategy too.

1. Keto Meal Shake

Best Keto EU

  1. Real food shake with many natural ingredients
  2. Delicious chocolate flavour
  3. Vegan, no GMO ingredients, no soy
  1. Only one flavour available: chocolate
  2. Price is on the high end

The new Keto Meal Shake offers a very unique plant based ketogenic meal replacement made from real food ingredients. It comes with no-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavouring and no preservatives; making it one of the healthiest meals in the market. In fact, the shake is enriched with pro-biotics and natural digestive enzymes to make it easier for your gut.

The mix has only 5g of net carbs per 400kcal with added MCTs from coconut and only 1g of sugar per serving. Nutritionally, it has one weakness, which is the fact that is not complete. It does not fully provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs; just a selected few. The reason for that is Ambronite refusing to add a synthetic mix to their meals.

One thing I really enjoy about this keto meal option is its taste. It is a level above the others with a delicious and rich chocolate flavour. Certainly a very positive surprise that made me look forward to the next shake.

On the contrary, the price is a little too high starting at €5.5 a meal. I strongly recommend buying in bulk and using the LATESTFUEL discount code (25%) to lower the initial price tag.


Ingredients: Sunflower lecithin, Complete Plant Protein™ (pea protein, sunflower seed protein, pumpkin seed protein), cacao (14 %), MCT powder (coconut oil, acacia fiber), coconut milk, xylitol, natural flavours, almond, psyllium, chia seed, vegetable powders (spinach, carrot, beetroot, nettle), nutritional yeast, mineral salt, spirulina, natural digestive enzyme (bromelain, Ananas comosus), ProbioVita™ live bacterial cultures (Bacillus coagulans), stevia, maltodextrin.

As for all ketogenic meal replacements, this is mainly healthy fats with added MCT from coconut. You will also get some of the vitamins and minerals you need from spinach, carrot and neetle.


Keto Meal Shake contains coconut.

Good For: People looking for a plant based keto mix.


per serving Keto Meal Shake RI (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 12/18/70
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 31.0 44
Saturated (g) 10.0 50
Carbs (g) 13.0 5
Sugars (g) 1.0 1
Fiber (g) 8.5 43
Protein (g) 18.4 37

2. Ketogenesis

Ketogenesis Pouch
  1. 4 different variants including vegan
  2. Multiple flavours available
  3. Delivers from UK
  1. No fats provided
  2. Need to pay aside for shipping

KetoGenesis has one the best keto meal replacement shakes in the UK and Europe. The brand uses a very similar formula to Keto Fuel; in which it provides you a powder that you need to add your own oil to. Because of this, the meals are affordable and you can customize them easily.

The most remarkable features are the sheer amount of flavours available (more than 10) and the fact that you can have a vegan or hypoallergenic version. Literally, anybody can enjoy a Ketogenesis shake.

The starting price for the Standard variant is £2.15/meal or about €2.4. For most orders in Europe you will have to pay extra for shipping. The exact fee will vary depending the country, but it is usually around €5.


Carbohydrates in Ketogenesis are mostly fiber from xanthan gum and arabic gum.

As mentioned priorly, Ketogenesis does not provide you with fats, besides some residual amount from the other ingredients.

As for the protein source, it varies depending the variant that you buy. The vegan option uses soy protein isolate, whereas, the rest use whey protein concentrate. The hypoallergenic version, instead, uses brown rice protein.

Each shake will provide you with more than 20% of your daily micronutrients.


Ketogenesis Standard and Premium contain Milk and Soy. The vegan version only contains soy.

Good For: European ketoers than do not want to import from the US.


Ketogenesis Standard Banana
Ketogenesis vegan nutrition label
Ketogenesis Hypoallergenic Nutrition label

Best Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes

This is a list of shakes that perhaps have too many carbs to be considered keto; but they are still very low when compared to the recommended guidelines. Usually, I would include shakes that have about 15-35% carbohydrate content.

In this list, I will include the best low carb meal replacement shakes from NA and EU mainly, although some of them will deliver worldwide. You will be able to find the best low carb shakes for weight loss, as well as the best low carb powders and RTDs.

1. Jake Light

Jake Light All flavours
  1. Handy individual packaging
  2. High protein content
  3. Worldwide delivery
  1. Their best flavoured received changes to worse
  2. Only available in 500kcal pouches

Jake Light is the ideal shake for those with a busy and sedentary lifestyle. Designed for a 1,500kcal diet, it is the perfect low carb meal replacement to lose weight with.

It comes in three flavours (Oaty Vanilla, Banana and Forest Fruits), from which the first is clearly the best. It has a very silky texture, with a nice sweet touch.

You can purchase it in individual bags of 500kcal, ideal to consume on the go. Jake delivers worldwide, and the shipping will be included in the pricing.

Besides this, the best way to start with Jake is by getting the starter pack.

One thing to take into account is that it is not truly a low carb high fat shake, but more of low carb high protein medium fat. If you are looking for higher fat %, you should look at the other options in the list.


One of my main issues with Jake Light is that they use maltodextrin and dextrose as carbohydrate sources. The low carb shake does also includes some oat powder and fiber, though.

As for protein, Jake relies on pea protein mainly, as well as the residual protein from oats to balance out their amino acid profile.

Jake Light relies on a vegetable oil mix, which includes sunflower and flaxseed to provide you with a efficient fatty acid profile, as well as the omega-3s that you require.


Even if Jake Light contains oats, these are gluten free.


per serving Jake Light RI (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 28/32/40
Energy (kCal) 500 25
Fats (g) 22 31
Saturated (g) 2.9 15
Carbs (g) 31 12
Sugars (g) 6.1 7
Fiber (g) 7 37
Protein (g) 40 80
Salt (g) 1.3 22

Good For: those looking for a high protein low carb shake.

2. Ample O and Ample V

Ample Best Low Carb
  1. Available in 400kcal and 600kcal bottles
  2. Vegan and non vegan version
  3. Real food ingredients
  1. Does not provide you with all the micronutrients that you need
  2. Price per serving

We are back with Ample and that is because they try to deliver low carb high fat shakes. Both Ample O and Ample K are great low carb meal replacement powders that use minimally processed ingredients.

As opposed to Ample K, these variations contain some complex carbohydrates, mainly from whole grain oat powder and organic sweet potatoes. However, the net carbs are still fairly low, since the shakes are rich in fiber.

Similarly to our top keto pick, they are available in pouches or pre powdered bottles of 400 or 600kcal. They are best bought in bulk, since it makes the meals more affordable (particularly with the bottles).


Many of the ingredients found in Ample shakes are from organic origin.

As mentioned above, the main carbohydrate sources are whole grain oat powder and organic sweet potatoes. There is also acacia fiber, some tapioca dextrin, some maple sugar and guar gum.

The main difference between Ample O and Ample V comes in the protein source. The first uses whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed collagen protein; whereas the second prefers a blend of organic pea and rice protein.

The main fat source is coconut oil, followed by high oleic sunflower and macadamia nut oil.

Unfortunately, a serving of Ample will not provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that you require.


Both have coconut and macadamia oil. Ample O also contains milk.


per serving Ample O DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 20/25/55
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 25 38
Saturated (g) 11 56
Carbs (g) 21 7
Sugars (g) 4
Fiber (g) 10 40
Protein (g) 25 38

Good For: those who have delicate gut health.

3. Soylent Drink – Cacao

Soylent UK Cacao
  1. Most convenient form factor
  2. Smooth, silky and pleasant to drink
  3. Available in Stores
  1. Borderline low carb
  2. Ultraprocessed ingredients

Soylent is the brand that started it all. Their most famous product is Soylent Drink, a low carb ready to drink shake. Perhaps, this is the most debatable entry on this list, since it is higher in carbs when compared to the rest.

Not only that, but the ingredients are more processed than some of the other low carb meals. However, this is partially due to the form factor (RTD); which puts some limitations on the manufacturer.

Anyhow, Soylent Drink is a pleasant shake to drink. Particularly Cacao, which is silky smooth. You can also opt for the caffeinated versions; if you are not a morning person.

Also, if Soylent Drink is too high in carbs for your liking, you might want to look at Soylent Bridge. It has only 21% carbs; but I have not included to the list due to the higher pricing and lower availability, as well as, having less flavour options.

If you live in Europe, I would recommend Saturo RTDs. They are almost identical to Soylent, but cheaper.


Soylent is a pro-GMO organization, thus some of the ingredients might be genetically modified (most likely soy).

The main carbohydrate sources are maltodextrin and isomaltulose; two highly processed ingredients that in conjunction can create a smooth shake. The GI of Soylent Drink is medium-low.

As for fats, Soylent uses canola oil and sunflower oil to provide you with the necessary fatty acids, including omega-3s.

You will have no issues with your vitamins and minerals, since each bottle will provide you with at least 20% of your daily values.


The only allergen in Soylent Drink is soy.


per serving Soylent Drink DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 35/19/46
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 21 32
Saturated (g) 1.5 8
Carbs (g) 36 12
Sugars (g) 9 18
Fiber (g) 3 12
Protein (g) 20.0 40

Good For: those who want the most convenient low carb meal shake.

4. Super Fuel

Super Fuel
  1. Can customize fat %
  2. Affordable worldwide shipping
  3. No major allergens
  1. Does not include fats, need to add your own
  2. Harder to get omega-3s

Super Fuel is also another product from Superbodyfuel. It has some more carbs than Keto Fuel; but the recipe is the same. Add your own fat source to the powder.

With this, you can customize the carbohydrate percentage that better suits you (from 35% down to 25% or less). Add any oil that you want or some heavy cream to get the ideal texture for your shake.

Besides being low carb, you will also get a sugar free meal replacement shake. There is only complex carbohydrates and fiber in Super Fuel.

The shake is available in four flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Plain (unsweetened) and it will cost you $2.5 without subscription.


Super Fuel has gluten free oat flour as source of carbohydrate and uses cellulose, acacia gum and xanthan gum to provide you with all the fiber you need.

Unlike Keto Fuel, Super Fuel does not include any MCTs, which could be friendlier to your stomach. In fact, there is hardly any fat included; and it all comes from the oat flour.

In the case of protein, similarly to Keto Fuel, it is a mix of organic brown rice and L-lysine (to ensure a full amino acid profile).

Each serving of Super Fuel will give you over 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals.


There are no major allergens in Super Fuel.


per serving SuperFuel (prepared) DV (%)
Energy (C/P/F) 25/20/55
Energy (kCal) 400 20
Fats (g) 31 40
Saturated (g) 4.5 23
Carbs (g) 31 11
Sugars (g) 0
Fiber (g) 8 27
Protein (g) 25 50

Good For: those looking to customize the fat % to their preferences.

Honorable Mentions

There are few brands that I would like to mention.

  • Vitalhouse Keto. This might be one of the best options in Canada when looking at ketogenic products.
  • Ketoone. Very similar product to Sated.
  • ManaDrink. If you are in Eastern Europe and you are looking for something Soylent-like. Mana will be your top choice.

Small Introduction to Keto

If you are an experienced ketoer you can skip this section. For those looking to start a ketogenic diet, this will be a brief introduction; however, I would strongly recommend getting more information on the web. I will link some useful resources on the bottom on the page!

Keto diet simplified.
Extremely simplified example of how keto works. Ketogenic diets require low carb to activate. Adapted from Bodybuilding.com.

How to Start with Keto

Before you start, you need to be fully informed about the ketogenic diet. This is not a diet you can go into blindly, since your body will not be adapted and it will require major metabolic changes that might affect you physically.

The best place to start would be the subreddit r/keto. This is a bank of knowledge, links to useful resources and a huge community with people with tons of experience.

Among the topics you might want to look at:

  • What is keto?
  • Keto flu.
  • Nutrition. Macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • How to calculate your macros. Net carbs.
  • How to know when you are in ketosis.

This is not the only page where you will get quality information about ketogenic diets, but it is a good place to start.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Keto Diet

Following a low carb diet can be hard, due to the society not being accustomed to it. Thus, you will find difficulties eating socially, finding restaurant options or even sticking to it.

Therefore, I would suggest you think about the following points before starting a keto food plan:

  • Why are you doing a keto diet? What benefit are you looking for?
  • What is your goal?
  • Do you know what you need to do and what to expect?
  • Consider how often you eat out or with family. How are you going to deal with social events?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that might prevent you from following a keto diet?

Macronutrient Splits in Ketogenic & Low Carb Diets

Diet nameF:C&P*Fat kcal %Carb + protein kcal %
Classic 4:14:190%10%
Classic 3:13:187%13%
MCT oil diet1.9:150%/21%**29%
Low glycemic index treatment1:160%30%
Modified Atkins ciet0.8:165%35%
Low-carbohydrate dietN/AN/A50-150 g/d carbs
Very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic dietN/AN/A<20-50 g/d carbs
* F:C&P is the ratio of fat to protein and carbohydrate. This is calculated in grams, not kilocalories.
** Percent of calories from medium chain triglycerides / long chain triglycerides (MCT/LCT)

Taken from Nutritional revolution.

Using Keto Meal Replacement Shakes Effectively

After all, you are here to look for keto meal shakes. They can be very effective solving some of the issues mentioned above, like having a keto meal on the go; or even, making meal prepping easier.

Once you have an idea of how many calories you need, things are really easy. Read how many calories your keto shake of choice has (usually between 400-600kcal) and subtract from your daily total.

You can have a keto meal replacement for breakfast, at lunch in the office or for dinner. Timing really does not matter as long as you know your calories and your macros are right.

If you are feeling light-headed, you might be experiencing the keto flu. Increasing electrolyte content should help you fix it. I also recommend looking at greens, to ensure that you are eating enough vegetables.

How to Make the Ideal Keto Shake

I will add this section for those shakes that might not provide any fats. In theory, if you are using a keto drink that already has all the macros (e.g. Ample K), you will not need to do this step.

Finding the Right Oil

You might find the that the ideal oil might be hard to find. Not only you need to look at the composition of each oil, but you also need to consider how it will affect the taste.

As such, for beginners I would recommend using the oil you have at home. This is likely to be a vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, avocado) which will be high in monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. When using these oils, I would recommend you taking omega-3 supplements. Otherwise, make sure to consume omega-3 rich foods elsewhere in your diet.

For more advance users, you might want to create your own oil mix using multiple oil sources. A very common mix in the industry to achieve a good balance of omega-3/6 and monounsaturated fatty acids is sunflower with flaxseed (canola oil). Basically, any of the previous vegetable oils with flaxseed.


What is the ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is a food regime that induces your body to use fats as fuel source. Under usual circumstances, the body’s primary fuel source are carbohydrates. However, when you do not consume any through your diet, and your body consumes all your stored carbs; you will start burning fat as energy source. This process is called ketosis. While in ketosis, your body will generate ketones from fats and use them as energy source.

Why should I follow a ketogenic diet?

Low carbohydrate diets have been linked with greater weight loss, better appetite control and suppression, and improved glycemic control in individuals with diabetes type II. Other weaker claims include, enhanced focus and mood; more sustained energy during the day, and improvements in blood cholesterol levels.

Can I use a keto shake or a low carb shake to lose weight?

Yes, most certainly. As mentioned above, there is some evidence that low carbohydrate diets might be more efficient that low fat diets when trying to lose weight.
However, it must be noted that not all individuals will respond equally to this diets.

What are the drawbacks to a keto diet?

Adapting your body into a ketosis state can cause some initial problems. Most commonly, Keto flu (caused by carb withdrawal and your body adjusting to ketosis), digestive anomalies and dehydration. All have solution and are part of your body getting used to a low carb state. Make sure you drink plenty of water and get all the electrolytes that you need. You can find more on this topic in the r/keto FAQ section.

What is the difference between a ketogenic shake and a low carb shake?

As discussed above, low carb shakes have more net carbs than keto meal shakes and do not drive your body into a ketogenic process. You can still enjoy the weight loss benefits.

Will I get all the nutrients I need from a keto shake?

Most of the meal replacements mentioned above will provide you with all the nutrients you need. However, some of them will not provide you with all the vitamins and minerals recommended; thus I would recommend keeping an eye on them.

I need to add my own oil to the keto shake. Which oil do I use?

Unfortunately, due to issues with fat conservation in powder form, some shakes do not provide any and instead they let the user add their own fat source.

When deciding which oil to use you should take into account your taste preference and their nutritional input. Most commercial oils will be high in monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-9s) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-6s). These include, sunflower oil, olive oil, vegetable oil and avocado oil. You can choose any of these.

However, because neither of them include any omega-3s you should supplement with fish oil or other omega-3 supplement. Otherwise, you can use canola oil.

Are there any vegan keto meal replacement shakes?

Yes, there are. For instance, Keto Fuel. While doing keto being a vegan or vegetarian can be a challenge; you will find vegan keto shakes that will help you achieve your goals.


I think that this article might be full of words that are a little confusing to the user. As such, here is a little glossary with some of the terms around keto diets:

  • Net Carbs. Net carbs is a term used to calculate the amount of carbohydrates that your body will efficiently use as fuel. Usually, it is calculated by subtracting the fiber from the total carb. Eg. 10g of total carb with 8 grams of fiber. Net carbs in this case would be 2g. Net carbs are important in keto, because you will have to maintain them under 20g or ~5% of your caloric intake.
  • Sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are counted as carbohydrates but do not provide any calories. They are often used as sweeteners or thickeners and do not count towards net carbs in a keto diet. However, you might want to avoid some due to adverse gut effects.
  • Ketones. Ketone bodies are chemicals produced by your liver from the fat in your body when you do not have enough carbohydrates to provide you energy. Subsequently, ketones can be used by your body to generate energy for the cells. While following a keto diet, your ketone levels will be higher than usual.
  • Endogenous ketones. Endogenous ketones are ketone bodies that your body naturally produces as a byproduct of being in ketosis.
  • Exogenous ketones. Exogenous ketones are synthetic ketone bodies that supplement companies will offer in order to enter ketosis faster. This claims are dubious and I would advice against buying any.
  • MCT. Medium chain triglycerides are a type of saturated fatty acids that your body can use as quick energy, due to the fast absorption rate. In a ketogenic diet, MCTs are used to provide you with some immediate energy, but they are not necessary. They can cause some intestinal discomfort.
  • Electrolytes. These are minerals that have an electric charge. They are present naturally in food; as such, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Because while you are on ketosis, you will excrete more electrolytes in your urine, you will see electrolyte supplements available. Make sure you drink enough fluid and only supplement if you feel lightheaded.
  • Keto flu. This is a condition some users might experience, particularly during the adaptation period (first few days). Symptoms include, fatigue, headache and concentration issues. Adding some electrolytes and water to your diet might help.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is time to wrap up this best keto and low carb meal replacement shakes selection. I hope there was not too much information, and that you found what you were looking for. Do not be afraid to comment if you did not.

I want to remind you that these are some of the meal replacements available and that there are more brands out there. From my experience, this offer the best package and this is why they have made it to the list. However, there might be something that might suit you better.

You can always check our best meal replacement shakes selection, for more options.


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