Weekly News #20 | Küik Launches Vegan Shakes

Some of you might have noticed that there wasn’t any news last week. The reason was that there were very few things to report. Instead, I decided to delay it for a week, with the hopes that I could gather more interesting news. In reality, February is being really quiet and the madness from previous months has calm down. Nevertheless, here are the past two weeks’ meal replacement news.

Küik Launches a Vegan Range

Küik is a Spanish brand with some of the smoothest shakes in the market. Smooth and very sweet, in fact. While the brand might be an unknown for many outside the peninsula, they have good credentials to compete with many European powerhouses.

Up until now, they had whey based meal replacement shakes in offer. Küik Original was a neutral flavoured powder to which you could add one of the 9 flavour boosts the brand offers. On top of that, they offer Küik Vanilla premix, which might be one of the sweetest shakes I’ve tried.

New Products: Vegan and Vegan Sports

To jump in the vegan train is a very common thing for meal replacement companies. In order to appeal to the widest array of people, it has almost become a must to have a vegan product in your line up. There are very few exceptions, in fact. So Kuik has added two variations: Vegan and Vegan Sport.

Kuik Vegan
  • No soy, no-GMO
  • Available in 3 flavours.
  • 10 meals per bag (1kg).
  • 418kcal/meal.
  • 21P/47C/32F.
  • €3.5/meal.
Kuik Sport Vegan
  • No soy, no-GMO
  • Available in 3 flavours
  • 10 meals per bag.
  • 378kcal/meal.
  • 29P/57C/14F.
  • €3.72/meal.

The Spanish company has opted for the soy-less route with pea protein and rice being the main protein sources. It is also interesting to see oats on the normal Vegan, since they use maltodextrin in the original formula. Definitely a change that can be perceived in the taste and the texture. However, a welcomed one in the nutritional aspect.

First Impressions

The full review will be later this week, perhaps today, so stayed tuned for that. For now, I will say that I think the product seems to be a little pricey. When compared to other vegan meal replacements, Kuik’s is about double the price (on average). They have yet to implement any bulk discount options, thus there is no way to lower the prices, as for now.

Besides that, I’m glad to see that they are launching 3 flavours from the start, instead of relying on the flavour boosts, like with the original. It is also great to see two different offers with significant differences.

I actually like what Vegan Sport brings, since low fat options are not that common in the market. Thus, just for the macronutrient profile alone, it becomes an interesting option.

Other News

As you can see not much to tell, even after two weeks. Here are other news to finish the round up:

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