Want to start with meal replacements but do not know how?

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Let Latestfuels help you. First let me point out some resources and pages that will be helpful for you to adquire some knowledge about the topic. Issues like what meal replacements are, what kind of meal replacements exist, how to choose the ideal meal replacement for you or how to use meal replacements to lose weight are covered in great detail. This four pages are the most essential to help you start with meal replacements:

  1. What are Meal replacement shakes?
  2. Beginners guide to meal replacement shakes.
  3. How to lose weight with meal replacement shakes.
  4. Latestfuels Recommended brands and shakes.

Are you tired of eating unhealthy6 reasons why meal replacements can help you

  1. Convenient. Meal replacements require little preparation time, minimal or no cleanining time and can be consumed at home, at work, on the go or on holidays.
  2. Full nutrition. They are complete foods that provide you with all the nutrients you need per meal. Healthy, balanced meals following the guidelines of international food authorities, such as, the European Food and Safety Agency, World Health Organization or US Health department.
  3. Affordable. A 500kcal meal can cost you less than $1.5 (€1.3 or £1.2). This is less than most sandwiches, fast food or meal options in the supermarkets. Also cheaper than any smoothie, protein shake or snack bar sold in retail.
  4. Don’t require any cooking skill. Making a shake does not require any culinary skills, although you can certainly customize your drink by adding fruits, honey, coffee, peanut butter…
  5. Fast. You can have a complete meal ready in less than a minute. Even less if you buy a ready-to-drink shake. Consuming them can also be swift. Use your time to do exercise, meet with your friends or pursue your hobbies.
  6. Zero food waste and minimal waste. Complete foods produce minimal waste when compared to normal food. They also create zero food waste, since they can be stored for long periods of time and servings can often be customized to meet your needs.

Personalized Ideal Meal Replacement Picker

Fill out this form and we will go over each application one by one, and give you specific recommendations based on your preferences. You do not need to buy or you are not signing to buy when you fill this contact form. This is only for you to ask us what the best meal replacement for you is.

We understand that often there is too much information out there. Even in this website we try to cover all the brands in great detail, provinding tons of info. It is a hard task to read all of them and select the ones that meet the criteria you are looking for.

Furthermore, with this personalized form you will be able to further contact us and refine your query later on, if necessary. We are also going to ensure that we find the best deal for you, using the knowledge at our disposal.

On a final note, this is not a paid service. We offer this completely for free because we believe meal replacements can help you changed your life. Some of the brands that we will recommend you, though, could be our affiliate partners. However, this will not be a factor on choosing what is best for you.

Meal Replacement Advice Form

If you have none do not choose any of the options.
I will be back shortly with the recommendations and best deals for you. Allow 24h period, please.

Note: I am not a nutritionist and all advice I give is that, advice. I will try my best to find the best options for you, but ultimately you will be responsible of your purchase and not Latestfuels.

Optional: If you think you have gotten a satisfactory response you are welcome to donate any amount of money that you think it is fair or just simply leave a comment down below. Both are very appreciated to help the site grow.

  1. Jason says

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I think Superbodyfuel is a great choice. I didn’t even know about them. I also appreciate your thoughts on overall wellbeing.

    1. Enaut Irazabalbeitia says

      A pleasure to help you out. Thank you very much for the positive comment!

  2. Micah Smith says

    Super fast turnaround, and definitely helped me understand my market and what was available to me given my preferences and needs. Had never heard of one of the options, and LatestFuels laid them all out in an easy to read, easy to digest way (pun intended).

    1. Enaut Irazabalbeitia says

      Thank you so much 🙂

  3. G. Persson says

    Really quick, detailed and informed response. Maybe you could talk with these companies to set up an affiliate link or coupon so you’ll get something back. For now though, I’ve donated a few bucks. Thanks again!

    1. Enaut Irazabalbeitia says

      Thank you very much for the positive comment and the donation(not needed but much appreciated). I am currently working on setting affiliate links, but not all the companies offer. I will try harder!

      Have a great sunday.

  4. Arman Samani says

    Enaut was amazing. He wrote a whole document detailing the pros and cons of each recommendations, this within just 2 days.

    Thanks a lot mate! One is inspired by the effort you put into this.

    1. Enaut Irazabalbeitia says

      Thank you so much!

      I hope I was at least of a little help! I hope you find the ideal meal for you! And good luck on your gains.

  5. Ismael says

    Eñaut sent me a very detailed document made specifically with my needs in mind, comparing some brands I was considering plus a few more I hadn’t thought about. I really appreciate it. As G. said, you should think about having some kind of referral system or rewards from these companies! You are helping them to win new clients for free. In fact I had two brands in mind but I ended up picking another one that I didn’t even know (Jake). I should be getting my first batch of shakes this week, so I’ll let you all know how it went when I try them.

    Thank you Eñaut! 🙂

    1. Enaut Irazabalbeitia says

      Thank you for the kind comment!

      Let me know how everything goes! Best of luck with your first batch.

  6. Ismael says

    Of course! I will receive it tomorrow 🙂
    By the way, I was given this code with a 20€ off for first orders if anyone wants to try the Jake shakes -> REFY4A6NW4AUX
    It seems to be working 🙂 But please ask them to give you a referral code for your website. You deserve it.


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