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A snack bar packed with protein ideal to kill the hunger or power your body before/after sports

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A bar comprised by 246kcal, 14g of protein and BCAAs. Sounds more like the recipe for a protein bar. Perhaps, that is what Megabite resembles more to: a hunger killing snack bar. Then, Runtime will have to deliver a top product if it wants to succeed in that competitive market. In this, in-depth Megabite review we shall discover if it  is the right snack for gaming, after-sport treat or small midday boost.

Megabite at a glance

From Germany
Ships to EU (free over 40€)
Subscription 15%off
Price/meal € (€1.5-€2.5)
Cal/Meal 246kcal/60g bar
Nutrition Vegetarian
Allergens Egg, Nuts, Soy, Sesame and Milk
Megabite Review
Megabite is sold in boxes of 12 bars or individual bars. We strongly recommend to go for the first option to get better value for money


Flavours: Chocolate Brownie.

Ingredients include: Oligofructose syrup, dark chocolate coating with sweetener (16.2%) [cocoa mass, maltitol, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, flavoring], isomaltulose (13.9%), milk protein, cashews, collagen, coconut oil, MCT fat powder [medium chain triglycerides, glucose syrup, caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate], cocoa powder, extruded rice [rice flour, sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa powder de-oiled, milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, sunflower lecithin, sunflower oil, salt, barley malt extract, natural flavours)], L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, aroma, acidity regulator (citric acid) and sucralose.

Nutritional breakdown

Macronutrients per serving (g)
  • Protein(g)
  • Carbs(g)
  • Fiber(g)
  • Fats(g)
% of Energy from each macronutrient
Carbs 31%
Prot 25%
Fats 44%
% of Recommended Intake per serving
  • RI based on 2,000kcal
  • RI based on 2,500kcal

Nutrition in short

First things first. Megabite is not designed to be solely relied to feed upon. Unlike other meal replacement bars, Megabite is more of a snack and its nutrition is not designed around the daily intake. Let me explain this. If you were to live only eating Megabite, you would need to eat about 8 bars a day. This would provide you with 296% of the recommended intake of saturated fats (oh, oh)! But only 56% of the RI for carbs. You see the picture.
Hence, I recommend to be used as snack, pre-sport or after sport energy source or occasional bite.

Megabite Nutrition Label

Megabite is only a 246kcal bar. Thus, a normal person would have to consume about 8 bars a day to live off them. That is about 1968kcal. Most of the energy would come from fats (44%) and specifically saturated fats (28% of total energy). As discussed in the fats section, this is probably not the ideal source of energy for most of us.


There is something really odd about Megabite’s carbohydrate sources. There is 10.4g of fiber in each bar. That is a lot. 52% of the daily recommended intake to be precise. This is one more prove of how this bar is designed to be consumed within a more balance diet and not be solely relied to get your nutrients from.
Regarding carbohydrate sources that provide energy to the body, part of it comes from rice and the rest from Isomaltulose and Oligofructose syrup. Over 50% of the carbs are added sugars, such as the prior mentioned, Isomaltulose and Oligofructose syrup.
Isomaltulose is Runtime’s favourite ingredient. It is a low glycemic index sugar, similar to normal sucrose. It is also slower to be digested, which achieves a longer energy release/supply effect.


Firstly, I need to address the high saturated fat ratio. This is a fairly common issue in meal replacement bars and snack bars, due to the making of these. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature, while unsaturated fats stay as liquids. Hence, they are more useful in solid meal replacements.
With regard to the fat sources, it is mainly coconut oil, sunflower oil and MCT powder, as well as, some from cocoa. No major complaints here. The use of medium chain triglycerides is great, but they come from fat powder. The MCT fat powder is often seen as lower quality counterpart of MCT oils.


As discussed in the Runtime review, the company has a policy of adding branched-chain amino acids to their products (BCAAs). These are only available through food for the body. Many athletes consume them prior and/or after exercise to ensure muscle maintenance and decreased fatigue. They are also needed for correct brain activity. All great here.
Besides, each bar has 28% of the recommended daily intake. All which comes from milk protein, as do most meal replacements.


Megabite contains traces of Egg, Peanuts, Nuts, Sulphites and Sesame Seeds. Most bars will have them, honestly.

Megabite Tasting

The first time trying Megabite, I described it as a sweet and sour experience. I said so, because I found my bars to be sandy and very dry, with very little flavour. However, it must have been due to a bad batch, since in my second try, the bars were more moist, had a very distinctive chocolate flavour (I would not go as far as say Chocolate Brownie, though) and were a pleasure to eat.

It was really chewy, too – I know, it is counterintuitive. It was very similar to a thick protein bar, that gives you a good jaw workout. I actually enjoyed that fact. It made the whole experience longer and made me feel more full by the end. I did not expect the relatively small bar to take me so long!

So, currently my only issue with the bar is the nutritional output, which is more snack-bar like, instead of the taste (as priorly was). I hope the dry-sandy Megabites are not something that happens commonly, and that my experience was an isolate one.

Megabite Taste Review

Overall: 8.0 (25/30)

Taste: 4/5. They do taste good. They have a chocolate protein bar vibe, with some crunchiness.

Flavour Fidelity: 4/5. Maybe should be even lower, since it does not resemble chocolate brownies much. Chocolate, perhaps.

Aftertaste: 4/5. It does not have a very strong after taste, perhaps because it does not have much cacao. I took it as a positive.

Texture: 4/5. My first batch was a bit sandy, but the next ones I had were moister with some crunchy bits.

Easiness to eat: 4/5. It takes a while to eat because you need to chew a fair bit, but it is not a chore to finish it.

Hunger Quenching: 4/5. Certainly really good for a meal replacement bar. I think the chewiness and how long it took me to finish it helped. I did not end up increadibly full, but satisfied for the next couple hours.

Other Megabite Facts

Where to buy Megabite

You can buy Megabite in Runtime’s website -click the link below for easier access. Once on the shop, you can choose Megabite in the navigation bar and order a pack of 12 or by single bars. I do not recommend the latter, as the price is going to be more expensive. You can also subscribe and enjoy each bar for as low as €1.99. Certainly a more reasonable price than closer to €2.5.
I must admit that it is a fairly expensive bar, when you can find protein bars under €2 in most supermarkets nowadays.

How often can I have Megabite?

I personally would not advise to have it everyday. You could, as part of a balanced diet, but this would be your “cheat meal” or after sport enegy boost. Why do I say so? Because Megabite is not nutrient rich for the calories that it offers. It is also really rich in saturated fats (common in solid meal replacements) and sugars, so you would be getting a suboptimal nutrition.

Can I only eat Megabite?

No. Megabite is not a meal replacement bar per se, but more like a snack bar or a protein bar. It does not have the right amount of micronutrients to be able to fully support your needs. As said above, it can be a great supplement or energy boost or hunger killer, but it cannot replace full meals. For that, you have Next Level Meal, which actually does a very good job at that as I tested it for one week.

How many flavour does Megabite have?

Currently only one, chocolate brownie. I would assume there will be a new one coming soon. Runtime have been really good on making improvements.


Who is Megabite for?

Anyone who tends to have cravings or cannot make through two meals without snacking or those who are looking for a good pre-/post-workout snack bar. Megabite may not be a meal replacement, but it comes with BCAAs, collagen and 246kcal that can benefit many people. It can help you to reach your calorie goals with a small boost in proteins and essential amino acids or it can help you recover from your workout more efficiently.

Does it taste good?

You can find the full details in the tasting section, but overall I would say is OK. Perhaps, better than OK, since I found myself looking for more later on the day and the next day. I had some issues when I first try them, since they were sandy and dry. However, the most recent bars were quite moist and tasty.

Will I get all the nutrients I need?

No, and sorry for being repetitive. Megabite does not come with many micronutrients, which you would need in a balanced diet. That is because it is not designed to replace your meals or be a “meal replacement bar”. I believe it falls into the category of snack. It has good amino acid profile (fortified with BCAAs), but it is also rich in sugar and saturated fats.

I want to buy it. How much will it cost me?

Up to €2.5 per bar, which I consider to be a little too expensive for what it is. With the subscription you can get a better deal, but unless you love this bar, you might find it a little bit overpriced.

Wait a moment, is it perfect?

Unfortunately, it is a bit far from perfect (currently). There is a fair bit room for improvement, such as the pricing, the micronutrien content and perhaps the amount of saturated fats. However, this also means that it can get better and better fairly easily.


Megabite is a sweet little bar if you are looking for a small snack or around workout meal. It is boosted with BCAAs and collagen, has a good amount of carbohydrates to fuel your exercise and it is easy to take it anywhere. But besides that, it is not a meal replacement or something you should consume on its own. It is also a little pricey for what it is, and the texture leaves a lot to be desired. We recommend you to try it if you are looking for a snack bar, but not if you are looking for a meal replacement bar.

Megabite Alternatives

Unfortunately, Megabite is produced in Chocolate Brownie flavour only, for now. If you are looking for something different, or something more nutritious, Runtime does offer a fully fledged meal – Next Level Meal- and a performance booster -Performance Drink.

However, if you are looking to some other alternatives to have your meals on the go without having to make them I recommend you looking at our top picks for meal replacement bars. Otherwise, I would look into ready-to-drink meal replacements, as they tend to offer the fullest nutritional value at a slightly higher price, but with the same commodities.

Best Meal Replacement bars
Check the best meal replacement bars.


From €1.5/bar












  • Nice little snack bar
  • 14g of protein per 250kcal with added BCAAs
  • Taste is OK


  • Not nutritionally complete
  • 10g of sugars per bar
  • Oligofructose syrup is the main ingredient
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