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Boost drink that allows you to keep high attention span for longer

First things first. Performance drink is not a ready-to-drink meal replacement. It is a boost mainly composed by isomaltulose (carbs), caffeine, green tea extrac and BCAAs. In fact, it is a gaming energy drink. Now that we have clarified that let’s dive into this Performance Drink review.

I really hope they change the name. Just a random thought.

Before we start, a pledge: if you have any thoughts about the review, something you would like to see, or you have tried Performance Drink, please share it with a comment below!

Performance Drink at a glance

From Germany
Ships to EU (free over 40€)
Subscription 20%off
Price/meal € (€1-€2.5)
Cal/Meal 40kcal
Nutrition Vegan
Allergens None
Stimulants Caffeine, Guarana and Green Tea Extract
Performance Drink Review
Six pack is the only buying option.

More about Runtime
Flavours: Berry and Orange.

Ingredients (for the Orange flavour): Water, isomaltulose, acidulants E330 and E338, L-leucine, carbonic acid, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, L-isoleucine, L-valine, elderberry juice concentrate, acidity regulator trisodium citrate, magnesium carbonate, natural flavour, vitamin mix (vitamin C, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6), carrot colouring concentrate, caffeine, L-carnitine, sweetener sucralose, green tea extract, assay extract, ginseng and guarana extract.

Performance Drink Nutrition Label

Our Opinion

I found out that Performance Drink is a product to boost your efficiency levels, improve your attention spawn while gaming and increase you energy levels for a elongated period of time. It has the right ingredients for any booster, such as; caffeine, guarana and green tea extract, BCAAs (good to improve focus) and L-theanine. However, be aware that this is still a energy drink and will add up extra calories in your diet, even if the sugar response will be lower and longer lasting.

Plus, I really hope they change the name. Please Runtime. Thumbs up in the comment section if you second this motion.

What We like

  • I really felt like it help increasing my concentration.
  • Great combination of ingredients.
  • Good sized portion.
  • BCAAs are a great addition to caffeine, guarana and green tea extract

I think one of the most important things about this kind of products is its effectiveness. Before, I go further let’s clarify that this is also subjective. However, for me Performance Drink did its job perfectly. I usually struggle in the afternoons, after lunch and middway through the afternoon block, with my brain starting to get tired and not being able to focus so efficiently. I was gladly surprised to see that I was able to refocus after consuming one of them. I was fairly efficient and refocused. So, for me it works.

Perhaps, the reason for this success relies on the booster combination. Guarana, caffeine and green tea extract are usual suspects of this kind of drinks. However, when paired with BCAAs they seem to work even better (this is not factual but subjective to my experiences).

Besides, while the flavour was not the most appealing (surprisingly, I ended up liking the berry one more) it was fairly easy to drink.

What We like

  • 120kcal all from sugar.
  • Flavours were not very tasty.
  • Price when compared to energy drinks.
  • Name.

One of the main issues with energy drinks, aside from really high caffeine levels (not the case), tends to be the sugar content and the “empty calories”. They are not empty, like alcohol calories, in the sense that they provide zero nutritional value; but in the sense, that for most people will just provide an unecessary extra. If you are prone to consume these drinks for an office job or while not performing any physical activity, you will not make full use of them.

While Isomaltulose is a lower GI sugar, liquid added sugars are often paired with obesity and diabetes. Thus, I would recommend consuming Performance drink in moderation. They could do a 0 calorie version, in order to avoid this issues.

Another point I want to make is the taste. I did not find the berry one that bad, if not really sweet; but the orange drink was nothing like orange. More like a nectarine or as they put it a mixture of “citrus and grapefruit”. The drinks are also fairly carbonated, which might not be of the liking for some.

No offence, and this is purely subjective, the name is too literal (perhaps, because the german nature of the brand) and lacks appeal.


  • New Name.
  • 0 calorie version.
  • Less carbonated and better Orange version.
  • Price reduction?

I will start by saying, once again, that I hope they change the name to something shorter and catchier. Do not ask me for ideas, because I am terrible at it, but perhaps some of you could share some in the comments section.

I would also like to see a 0 calorie version, although I understand that Runtime is a big advocate of Isomaltulose. I think that a 0 calorie version would be more adequate for gamers and office workers alike. It already has sucralose as a sweetener, therefore there would not be a sacrifice in from sugars to artificial sweeteners.

I was a bit disappointed with the taste of the Orange version and I would hope a better flavour fidelity. I feel like orange drinks are popular, and that it should not be so hard to develop an improved version.

My last point is more of a hope, like every other consumer of any product, that they reduce the price somewhere close to €1 per can or lower. One can just dream.

Anyhow, Runtime has made huge progress in a very short amount of time, therefore I have no doubt that they will improve this product.

Nutritional breakdown

All 120kcal come from sugars. More exactly, isomaltulose, which is a disaccharide composed by alpha-1,6-linked glucose and fructose. While its components are simple sugars that cause rapid blood sugar spikes, isomaltulose has a lower breakdown rate. Thus, it has a lower impact in blood glucose levels and a smaller insulin response (Lina BA et al., 2002). Furthermore, some studies have suggested that when paired with green tea, it has an even lower glycemic response and might have antioxidant capacities.

This is all good, but I would still take Performance Drink moderately, since you are drinking energy and will not fill you up (hence, you could surpass your caloric needs more easily). Plus, consumption of liquid added sugars has been linked with increased risk of diabetes and can negatively affect your cardiovascular system.

BCAAs, why I keep mentioning them

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are part of the essential amino acids (EAA), amino acids that are only available to us through the diet. They are essential for muscle growth and development, as well as, necessary for neurotransmitter synthesis and proper brain functioning. Not only that, but they are also quintessential for metabolic processes, the inmune system and as signalling molecules (Nie C, 2018).

BCAAs are also extensively used in sport supplementation due to its benefits in fatigue reduction, muscle damage reduction and help with recovery.

So, BCAAs are overall great dietetic supplements that people will fail to meet if they do not consume enough proteins.

Boosters: Caffeine, green tea extract and guarana.

Performance drink contains 32mg of caffeine per 100ml, therefore 80mg of caffeine per serving. Up to 400mg is considered safe for most people, thus you should not have many problems. However, it will also depend in your tolerance levels. Caffeine is a great booster since it offers no calories, but increases alertness by stimuling the central nervous system.

Green tea extract does also not provide any calories, but packs a lot of antioxidants, can have a positive impact on glucose regulation and increases cognitive functioning.

Lastly, guarana has been proved to further aid the neural system stimulus when in conjuction with caffeine, making them a great duo for any booster drink.

Tasting Test

Performance Drink Orage Taste

Performance Drink Berry Taste

The taste of Performance Drink was a bit of a hit and miss. I, unexpectedly, ended up liking the Berry variation more, because it was sweeter and more like what I expected (summer berries squash). the Orange flavour was more like a nectarine or grapefruit, and I did not enjoy it much.

Another minor issue was the carbonation. I ended up pouring the drink to a glass and letting it sit for 15 minutes before consuming it. Despite, all this carbonation, I found it easy to drink and I did not find myself feeling very bloated after.

Neither of them had a very particular aftertaste either, which I was expecting because of sucralose.

Overall, I think it was an 7/10.

Perfomance Drink FAQ

Where to buy Performance Drink

Performance Drink is available from both the Runtime’s website and Amazon, although in the latter only a 24 can pack (orange flavour) is available. In the Runtime website, you can purchase it as part of the Taster pack (will include one of each flavour) or in a 6-pack bundle.

Which one tastes better Orange or Berry?

As addressed on the taster section, I personally favoured the Berry flavour. It was sweeter and more what I would have expected. The Orange variation did not taste like orange, which was what disappointed me.

Performance Drink for work
Performance Drink can help you inmensely if you are stuck with something at work.
How many Performance Drinks can I have a day?

Wow! I would not consume one daily. Not only because how added sugars can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity; but because you would get used to it. This is, you would get used to the stimulant dose and you would struggle functioning without it. Thus, I would recommend a more sporadical use.

Within one day, in theory you would be safe to consume up to 4 drinks, but I STRONGLY recommend against it.

Can I only order Performance Drink

Yes, you can. However, we would recommend you to go over €40 in your order to make use of the free shipping. If you are struggling reaching that point, both Next Level Meal and Megabite are good products you might want.

Are there other alternatives in the market?

You mean aside from Redbull, Monster Energy, Burn… Yes. There are meal replacement companies like Queal, that create their own nootropic boosters, FLOW.


Who is Performance Drink for?

Performance Drink can be suitable for anybody who is looking to boost their athletic performance or attention span. It will help you refocusing in the mornings after a night without sleep, or in the afternoons after a long ardeous morning. You will have to take into account that you will be consuming few calories, and therefore count them in your diet. Nevertheless, if you are looking to enhance your production and decrease fatigue, I think it might suit you.

Does it taste good?

Berry tastes better than Orange, although none of them are outstandingly good. I would say above average. Careful, because they are really carbonated. I had to pour mine into a glass, so they lost some of the carbonation.

Will I get all the nutrients I need?

No, this is not a ready-to-drink meal replacement. This is a nootropic product, designed to enhance cognitive functions, concentration and relieve fatigue. In fact, you will be getting extra added sugars that you might not want in your diet.

I want to buy it. How much will it cost me?

As the other Runtime products, you will have to pay a little bit extra that what I would consider a good bargain. Without a subscription, it will cost you nearly €2 per bottle.

Wait a moment, is it perfect?

As far as nootropic boosters go, it is really good. While the taste leaves to be desired, the effectiveness is undeniable. Mayhaps, if you are really used to this kind of energy drinks, you might not find it as effective (it is not that high in caffeine). However, I consider myself a pretty big caffeine user (more than two cups a day -actually, considerably more); and I found Performance Drink to deliver its promises. Price is a little issue, though.


A great little booster product that I have found to work very well, at least for me. If it were not for the price, I could see myself considering buying a batch to keep up with the long work days. If you find yourself struggling at work or losing the focus while studying you may want to try it. I recommend buying Performance drink, but only if you can afford it and to consume it occasionally.

Other products by Runtime

Runtime also produces other products designed to boost your perfomance or help you with your nutrition. Next Level Meal is their powder based meal replacement ideal for all of you looking for easy-prep/easy to consume food.If you are not so hungry, we think megabite might just be the ideal snack for you.
Interestingly, as Runtime is catered for gamers, they also offer Truesight; a product designed to keep your eyes healthy as you spend long hours staring the computer.

Performance Drink

From €1/bottle












  • Helps you increase your focus
  • Added BCAAs
  • Contains Caffeine, Guarana and L-carnitine
  • Easy to drink


  • Contains a fair few calories
  • Not sugar free
  • Bubbly
  • Not the best tasting
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