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Ambronite has been the referent for top quality non-GMO, plant based, real food shakes since its inception in 2013. Meal replacements based on real food ingredients that aimed to provide you with the best nutrition possible. Looking for that perfection, they have worked in a single product up until now. Balanced Meal Shake is their second product ever, the more affordable and more convenient version of Ambronite Supermeals.

Let’s find out all there is to it, in this Balanced Meal Shake review.

Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake Review

25% OFF with the code LATESTFUELS.

Flavours: Vanilla, Berry and Chocolate (new).

Ingredients: Ground Almonds, Pea Protein, Oats, Coconut Sugar, Apple, Oat Fiber, Flaxseed, Spinach, Nettle Leaf, Cranberry, Bilberry, Black Currant, Sea Buckthorn, Nutritional Yeast, Mineral Salt, Guar Gum, Natural Flavours.



Overall feeling: A missed chance. Great base, just not polished.

As I will later on this Balanced Meal Shake review explain, this product has left me with bittersweet feelings. It is a good product, fully organic without additives and from real food; taste is good; and the new packaging is great to store BMS at home. However, because it lacks some of the essential micronutrients it will not provide you all your daily needs.

I admire the fact that Ambronite has tried to lower the price of their high quality products. Nevertheless, I think the price reduction has negatively affected the final good.

Besides this, I was also confused by the naming. Balanced and complete are almost interchangeable; until they are not. As a brand new customer, I would not be able to differentiate among the two, besides the form factor.

In summary, the whole launch left me a little overwhelmed, but with great hopes to see more of Balanced Meal Shake and Ambronite.

What I like

1. New product from Ambronite. It has been few years since Ambronite first launched. Since, they have only had one product in the market, the Complete Meal Shake. Seeing a new product from them, one that stays true to the Ambronite spirit, is welcomed .

2. Price reduction. The main issue for any customer to start buying Ambronite shakes is the price. Balanced Meal Shake is €1 cheaper per 400kcal than its brother Ambronite shake. A much more affordable meal.

3. Tub format. I like the new tub formats. Easy to store at home or in a small cupboard at work. Thumbs up.

4. SMOOOOTH. One of the best features of the shake is the smoothness and consistency. Almost unparalled by any other powder that I have tried. The vanilla taste is pretty good, too. Pleasant shake to drink.

What I dislike

1. Micronutrient deficiency. Not much to say, than the fact that I would expect a meal replacement to be offering all the essential nutrients. Balanced Meal Shake covers all your needs from macronutrient standpoint but fails to deliver vitamins and minerals.

2. It is not worth it. When comparing to the Complete Meal Shake, Balanced Meal Shake comes short. Yes, the price is lower, but I do not think this is enough to compensate for the nutritional deficiency. I would choose CMS over BMS any day..

3. Only available in one flavour and one format. Do not get me wrong, I love the format and I am pleased with the vanilla flavour; however, having at least another flavour at launch (like berry) would have been welcome.


1. Full micronutrient profile. Complete Meal Shake already offers all the vitamins and minerals you require per serving using real food. So the hardest thing (creating a valid real food mix to achieve this) has already be done. Once solved this, my main issue with the product would be solved.

2. Incorporating more flavours. More flavours equal more diversity and less likelihood of getting bored of Balanced Meal Shake.

3. Change the name. I found it really confusing when I first surfed through the Ambronite website. Honestly, I thought Complete Meal Shake and Balanced Meal Shake they were the same product, just in different formats. Please make it more clear.

Balanced Meal Shake Chocolate
Now new chocolate flavour available. Try the it with the new launch deal.

Nutritional breakdown


% of Energy from each macronutrient

Carbs 41%
Protein 21%
Fats 38%

From a macronutrient distribution standpoint, Balanced Meal Shake is very similar to Complete Meal Shake (the other Ambronite supermeal). Fairly low in carbohydrates (below the 45% minimum established by the EFSA) and quite high in fats (above the 35% upper recommended).

It is interesting to see the prevalence of “low carb-high fat” meal replacement shakes. Direct competitors like Bertrand, Nutberg, Ample) and popular brands like Soylent or Saturo have similar profile.

Nevertheless, Ambronite differs vastly on the quality of ingredients (most of the time for the better).

Ambronite supermeal ingredients. Nettle, oats, apple, berries… all real food; no synthetic additives.


Per 400kcal:

  • Total fats:17g, 26% of DV.
  • Saturated fats: 2g, 10% of DV.*
  • Monounsaturated fats (MUFA): 9g, which is 9.5% of the energy per serving.
  • Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA): 6g, which is 6.3% of the energy per serving.
  • Omega-3 (ALA): ?.
  • Omega-6: ?.

The main fat sources are almonds and flaxseed. A fairly unusual pairing.

Ambronite uses ground almonds as the main ingredient, which are ~50% fat, 22% carbohydrates and 21% protein – the rest being water (from USDA database). Regarding the fatty acid composition, fats from almond are usually 32% oleic acid (omega-9), 13% linoleic acid (omega-6) and 10% saturated acid (palmitic acid).

Omegas likely fine.

It is noteworthy that almond does not contain any omega-3 fatty acids, essential for healthy nutrition. This is were flaxseed comes to play. A very common ingredient in meal replacements as omega-3 source.

Omega-3 to 6 ratio has been confirmed to be around 1 to 3 (which is within the ideal range), but I have not been told the exact values, yet.


Per 400kcal:

  • Total carbs: 37g, 12% of DV.
  • Sugars: 12g, 24% of the upper recommended by EFSA.
  • Fibers: 8g, 32% of DV.

Overall, Balanced Meal Shake by Ambronite is fairly low in carbohydrates. More interestingly, the percentage of sugars is quite high in regards to the total carbohydrates.

Oats are the third ingredient in the supermeal, great source of complex carbohydrates.

However, the 4th ingredient is coconut sugar. When comparing to regular table sugar, coconut sugar is a superior ingredient due to the fact that retains other nutrients besides glucose (inulin, zinc, calcium, iron…). Despite that, at the end of the day coconut sugar is but sucrose (80%); which breaks down into fructose.

While the debate on how unhealthy fructose really is remains, the current understanding is that excessive consumption can lead to obesity and diabetes. Adding the fact that apple (another ingredient in Balanced Meal) also contains fructose; Balanced Meal Shake certainly is at the upper end for fructose intake.

Despite all this, the GI of the shake is around 40 (low).


Per 400kcal:

  • 20g, 40% of the DV.

Although pea protein is not the only source. As mentioned before, almond is 21% protein; and oats also do contain 17% protein.

One of Balanced Meal Shake’s differing points when comparing to Complete Meal Shake (Ambronite’s long running supermeal) is the protein source: pea protein.

Methionine levels might be too low

In a previous review, I have talked about the issues of only using pea protein; it is low in methionine. That is why you will often see it together with rice, to offer a more balanced amino acid profile.

Methionine levels in different protein sources.
Mean methionine content of different protein sources. Threshold indicates the requirement for adults from WHO. From Gorissen et al.,2018.

Almonds are not particularly rich in methionine either, which might indicate overall low quantities of this amino acid in Balanced Meal Shake.


This is were one of the biggest disappointments of the shakes happens. It does not provide at least 20% of every micronutrient that your body requires. I guess this is where Ambronite made a compromise, since achieving enough vitamins and minerals from real food is hard.

This does mean that even if balanced, it will not be a complete meal.

Some of the vitamins and minerals included in Balanced Meal Shake:

per 400kcalNVR (%)
Potassium (mg)66933.5
Magnesium (mg)123.2
Iodine (ug)2516.7
Vit B1 (mg)0.6357.1
Vit B2 (mg)0.2517.9
Vit B3 (mg)4.7729.8
Vit B5 (mg)1.9632.7
Vit B6 (mg)0.4834.3
Vit B7 (ug)2.745.5
Vit B9 (ug)61.630.8
Vit B12 (ug)0.6224.8


Balanced Meal Shake contains almonds and oat, so care if you are allergic to either. Furthermore, although there is no soy in the mix, Ambronite states that there might be soy traces present.

Balanced Meal Shake Nutrition Facts.

Balanced Meal Shake Taste Review

Balanced Meal Shake taste
Smooth and fairly thick.

Overall: 8.0 (24/30)

  • Taste: 3.5/5
  • Flavour fidelity: 4/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Consistency: 4/5
  • Easiness to drink: 3.5/5
  • Hunger quenching:3.5/5

Often the weakest point of my review, describing the taste is not my specialty.

For previous Ambronite users, Balanced Meal Shake will have that familiar smooth texture, thickness and background flavour. However, on top of that there is the taste of oats and vanilla. I think the taste of oats will be the most “shocking” part.

For those who have not tried Ambronite, the smoothness and consistency of the shake might surprise you. Absolutely superb, with incredible mixing even without a mesh or metallic ball. The “Ambronite taste” is a smoothie-like sweet background taste. On top of that, as said above you will find the oats and the vanilla essence; making the shake pleasant but not mind-blowingly good.

Perfect to have at work for lunch.

How to prepare Balanced Meal Shake

Balanced Meal Shake Scoops
About two and a half scoops with 500ml of water is the sweet spot. Any less water and the shake will be too thick.

Each scoop of Balanced Meal Shake will provide you with about 38g. This leaves you in an awkwards spot to reach 95g. Usually two leveled scoops plus a half scoop should do.

One of the features of the shake it the thickness. You really need to add 450ml plus of water or your milk of choice. Milk works really well and adds a little extra to the texture.

Other tips to improve the taste would be adding frozen fruits (berries, tropical fruits), a banana or some cinammon (or other spices of choice). The vanilla background leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

Balanced Meal Shake vs

When comparing Balanced Meal Shake to other meal replacements, we need to take into account that it falls into a very specific niche: real food based organic shakes.

There are few brands that offer organic shakes, including Feed., Vitaline, Bertrand and Ample. I will compare Balanced Meal Shake to three products:

  • Bertrand Vegan. The german organic shake, perhaps the cheapest in the market.
  • Ample V. Superfood shakes from US.
  • Complete Meal Shake. Or Ambronite v5, the original product.

Balanced Meal Shake vs Bertrand Vegan

Price ($)
Balanced Meal Shake
Bertrand V
per meal
(+ expensive)
per 400kcal (+ expensive)
per meal (cheapest)
per 400 (cheapest)
per kcal
Bertrand Vegan

Flavours Available:

Balanced Meal Shake: Vanilla.

Bertrand Vegan: Nature, Bilberry, Vanilla, Baked Apple & Cinnamon.


Bertrand Vegan is cheaper than Balanced Meal Shake. Bertrand offers bulk discounts but no subscription.

Price ($)
Balanced Meal Shake
Bertrand V
per meal
(+ expensive)
per 400kcal (+ expensive)
per meal (cheapest)
per 400 (cheapest)
per kcal

Ambronite pricing does not include the 25% discount that you can get using the code LATESTFUELS.


per servingBMSRI(%)Bertrand VRI (%)
Energy (C/P/F)41/21/3846/11/43
Energy (kCal)4002070935
Fats (g)17.02434.65
Saturated (g)2.0104.322
Trans fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Carbs (g)37.01483.03
Sugars (g)12.010.311
Added Sugars (g)

Fiber (g)8.0409.347
Protein (g)20.0401530
Salt (g)0.840.86

Neither of the brands uses any synthetic additives (like vitamins or sweeteners) in their shakes; opting for real food sources (organic) to make their complete foods.

Bertrand does have other two non-vegan options (whey protein). The vegan version uses rice protein, instead. Furthermore, it only provides with 15g per 700kcal serving, which will not be enough for non sedentary people.

On the contrary, Ambronite’s BMS uses pea protein (together with protein from almonds and oats) and provides 20g/400kcal (100g a day).

Looking at carbohydrates, Bertrand Vegan has more complex carbs than Balanced Meal Shake; which is a little high in sugars.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a complete meal replacement, Bertrand takes the edge since it provides with all the vitamins and minerals you require per serving, whereas Balanced Meal Shake does not.

Which one should I buy?

Ambronite BMS

  • Looking for some extra protein.
  • Already buying Ambronite.
  • You like smaller meals.

Bertrand V

  • It is the more complete meal (includes all micros).
  • Looking for the more affordable option.
  • Not a very active person.
  • More flavours available.

Balanced Meal Shake vs Ample V

Ample is an American company with similar ideas when regarding ingredient quality and origin.

BMS Ample V
Ships toWorldUS
AllergenAlmond, Oat
Ample V Review

Flavours Available:

Balanced Meal Shake: Vanilla.

Ample V: Original.


Both brand offer premium products and it is reflected on the price. Ample V is sold in 2 different variations (small bottle and large bottle) starting at $7/400kcal.

Price ($)
Balanced Meal Shake
Ample V
per meal
(+ expensive)
per 400kcal (+ expensive)
per meal (cheapest)
per 400 (cheapest)
per kcal

Ambronite pricing does not include the 25% discount that you can get using the code LATESTFUELS.


per servingBMSDV(%)Ample VDV (%)
Energy (C/P/F)41/21/3819/27/54
Energy (kCal)4002040020
Fats (g)17.02626.039
Saturated (g)2.01013.063
Trans fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Carbs (g)37.01423.08
Sugars (g)12.0
Added Sugars (g)

Fiber (g)8.04011.044
Protein (g)20.04020.040
Sodium (g)0.4150.415

The Daily Values are based on US guidelines so they differ slightly with RI (Recommended Intake) – from EU.

Ample V is very nut focused (contains coconut, almond and macadamia) and it can be reflected in the high fat content. In fact, Ample V is too high in fats and saturated fats for my liking.

Regarding the protein sources, both have the same quantity and use organic pea protein.

Ample’s biggest shortcoming is the micronutrient content. They do not have a formula in which they include all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. However, this is the case for Balanced Meal Shake too (look for Complete Meal Shake for a well round up meal). They include probiotics and other agents to help your gut flora; but then so does Ambronite.

Which one should I buy?

Ambronite BMS

  • More affordable.
  • Better subscription and bulk discounts.

Ample V

  • You want a very low carb option.
  • Like the handiness of pre-powder bottles.

Complete Meal Shake vs Balanced Meal Shake

This is the ultimate comparison between the two Ambronite supermeals. Before we go any further, I need to mention that the names can be confused very easily; a mistake, in my opinion.

Ships toWorldWorld
AllergenAlmond, OatAlmond, Oat
Complete Meal Shake
400kcal bags or 1600kcal bags are available for CMS.

Flavours Available:

Balanced Meal Shake: Vanilla.

Complete Meal Shake: Original, Berries, Banana.


Complete Meal Shake is more expensive than Balanced Meal Shake – in both formats.

Price ($)
per meal
(+ expensive)
per 400kcal (+ expensive)
per meal (cheapest)
per 400 (cheapest)
per kcal

The price does not include the 25% discount you can get using the code LATESTFUELS.


per servingBMSDV(%)CMSDV (%)
Energy (C/P/F)41/21/3841/24/35
Energy (kCal)4002040020
Fats (g)17.02615.023
Saturated (g)2.0102.010
Trans fat (g)
MUFA (g)
PUFA (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Carbs (g)37.01440.013
Sugars (g)12.0
Added Sugars (g)

Fiber (g)8.0408.048
Protein (g)20.04024.048
Sodium (g)0.4150.415

The Daily Values are based on US guidelines so they differ slightly with RI (Recommended Intake) – from EU.

There is very little difference from the macronutrient standpoint. Balanced Meal Shake is a little higher in fat content, and has less protein. 4g per serving must not seem like much, but it is a 20% increase.

More importantly, what differs is the source of protein. While BMS uses pea protein; CMS uses oat protein. Oat protein is lower in essential amino acid content. Really low in fact, which needs to be compensated ingesting 3 times more protein.

The real deal comes when looking at the micronutrients. CMS will ensure you take all the nutrients your body needs, while Balanced Meal Shake will be deficient in some vitamins and minerals.

In my opinion, it is worth paying the extra.


Both have a very green natural taste to it. It is hard to describe, but I would say it is “the Ambronite flavour”.

Balanced Meal Shake has a more oaty background with some hints of Vanilla. It feels closer to other meal replacements (due to oat flavour). Complete Meal Shake, on the other hand, has stronger flavours and more punch.

Which one should I buy?

Ambronite BMS

  • You like vanilla flavoured shakes.
  • More affordable.

Ambronite CMS

  • Looking for individual packaging.
  • 3 flavours to choose from.
  • Real complete nutrition.

Other Alternatives

I would say a real alternative to Balanced Meal Shake is Nutberg. Nutberg also fails to deliver all the micronutrients that your body requires, but uses real food ingredients (mostly nuts) to create the shake. Flavour-wise it has more interesting options, with strong nutty (walnut) background.

Otherwise, if in the US Ample might be worth looking at; but I truly believe that Ambronite Complete Meal Shake is a better option then.

Balanced Meal Shake Extra Info

BMS Ambronite
Good format to keep at home and use it for breakfast.

Balanced Meal Shake is the second product Ambronite launches. Ambronite, based on the greek word “ambrosia” (which means food/drink of gods), is a Finish brand focused on making real food based organic shakes.

We are fighting against fake food .

1.We trust on plant-based & performance-improving real foods .
2. We avoid ingredients that do not improve your daily performance.

3. We’re always Plant-Based.
4. We never use supplements.
5. Nutrients are most potent from real food

Ambronite’s nutritional philosophy.


As you might have observed from the pictures, Balanced Meal Shake is currently only available in tubs of 10 meals (400kcal). Weighting about 950g per tub, they are not very big.

Balanced Shake Vanilla
The size of the tub is deceptively small. The shaker is a medium sized, 500ml shaker.

In fact, it feels that Ambronite did not want to commit to a truly “large” packaging and has opted for something in the middle. While it might make easier to move it around, I usually prefer slightly bigger tubs (2.5kg) to consume my shakes at home.

Balanced Meal Shake vs


One of Ambronite main issues is the price. Many consumers cannot afford the premium price. On an effort to make their meals more affordable, Balanced Meal Shake is $/€ 1 cheaper than Complete Meal Shake (the original Ambronite product).

They also offer very good bulk discounts and 10% subscription discount. I must say, Ambronite is better when you buy in bulk (also, you will probably run out fairly fast otherwise).

Do not forget to use the code LATESTFUELS for 25% OFF.

No subscription

10 servings: $5.50/400kcal

20 servings: $5.39/400kcal

40 servings: $5.17/400kcal

60 servings: $4.95/400kcal

80 servings: $4.73/400kcal

100 servings: $4.51/400kcal

No Subscription + 25% OFF

10 servings: $4.13/400kcal

20 servings: $4.04/400kcal

40 servings: $3.88/400kcal

60 servings: $3.71/400kcal

80 servings: $3.55/400kcal

100 servings: $3.38/400kcal


10 servings: $4.95/400kcal

20 servings: $4.85/400kcal

40 servings: $4.65/400kcal

60 servings: $4.46/400kcal

80 servings: $4.26/400kcal

100 servings: $4.06/400kcal

Subscription + 25% OFF

10 servings: $3.58/400kcal

20 servings: $3.5/400kcal

40 servings: $3.36/400kcal

60 servings: $3.21/400kcal

80 servings: $3.07/400kcal

100 servings: $2.93/400kcal

US | Use code for 25% OFF
EU & World | Use code for 25% OFF

Shipping and Return policy

Ambronite offers free shipping in all orders above $/€150 worldwide. Despite the fact that the free shipping threshold is quite high, it remarks that the Ambronite buying experience is optimized when you buy in bulk.

Regarding the return policy, the Finish brand has a 110% money back guarantee if you do not like the product. You have 30 days to return you Ambronite meals.

Balanced Meal Shake FAQ

Where is Balanced Meal Shake manufactured?

Balanced Meal shake is manufactured in Finland.

Is Balanced Meal Shake better than Complete Meal Shake?

No, it is different. Pros include more affordable pricing, bigger packaging, and the new vanilla flavour. Complete Meal Shake, on the other hand is nutritionally more complete (includes all micros) and in my opinion has the superior flavours.

Complete Meal Shake vs Balanced Meal Shake Ambronite

Is Balanced Meal Shake Gluten-Free?

Yes, but it is not tested and the oat supplier handles other grains containing gluten. Thus, there is some risk of cross-contamination.Balanced Meal Shake features

What is the shelf-life of Balanced Meal Shake?

Most will be deliver with a best before of 6-12 months. It is recommended to store in a dry, cool place, avoiding sunlight.

Is Balanced Meal Shake the best organic shake?

That depends on what you are looking for. But it is a good one. The main issue is that it does not deliver all the necessary micronutrients.

How long does Balance Meal Shake last after mixed?

Ambronite recommends consuming within two hours; but it could last up to 24h in the fridge.


While I have been fairly positive throughout the Balanced Meal Shake review, in the end I have mixed opinions. It is a lost opportunity to offer a top organic product in a more affordable price range. The lack of all micronutrients is an essential flaw for a meal replacement (in my opinion). Still, a great product for daily use and another flavour option for Ambronite users. Worth a try if you are looking into organic meal replacements.

Balanced Meal Shake

$4.5 | €4.5










  • Shake is very smooth when there is no lumps (blender mixed)
  • Vanilla taste is nice
  • Great ingredients
  • Good bulk discounts


  • Not all micronutrients
  • Can contain lumps if not mixed well
  • Starting price is a little too high
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