Meal replacement shakes are some of the top-selling dietary supplements on the market, as they are designed to make your life easier and health better. People drink meal replacement shakes for a range of reasons beyond simple convenience too, such as to help them lose weight.

To make your meal replacement strategy as optimal as possible though, you need to find the best meal replacement shake to meet your own specific needs. This may sound easy but it can be quite challenging, as there are countless meal replacement drinks on the market.

That is extra true if you have a very specific need, such as finding the best meal replacement shake to cater to the needs of the female body. Fear not though, as our list of the best meal replacement shakes for women aims to make finding your perfect powder as easy as can be.

Our Top Pics for the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Women

Here is a quick rundown of our top meal shakes for women:

  1. Best Meal Replacement Shake for Women –> Rootana Real Food Shake
  2. Best Weight Loss Shake for Women –> Instant Knockout Complete
  3. Best Low-Calorie Meal Replacement Shake for Women –> LyfeFuel Daily Essentials
  4. Low-Carb Meal Shake for Women –> HLTH Complete Meal
  5. Best Gluten-Free Meal Replacement Powder –> Ka’chava
  6. Best Organic Meal Replacement Shake for Women –> Orgain All in One

If you are looking for protein powders for women, I recommend you check one of the following:

What to Look for On A Meal Replacement Shake for Women?

So what makes a meal replacement shake particularly good for women? Can women not have any shake?

Yes, you are free to have any shake that you want or that makes you feel good, but there are a few meal replacement shakes that can be particularly good for women.

This can be either because they have more vitamins and minerals, or have a lower calorie serving (women often need fewer calories), or have a taste profile that women like better. For instance, women are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, iodine and magnesium.

Thus, having shakes that are rich in those vitamins and minerals can be extremely helpful.

Furthermore, many meal replacement shakes are inflated with protein that most women (and men often) might not need.

There are a few meal replacement brands that target women as the primary audience.

You might have heard about Atkins, Exante, Slim Fast, Ensure, Herbalife, or Shakeology.

In summary, most of these brands are rather bad. They use subpar quality ingredients, contain lots of sugars, fail to deliver all the nutrients, and some are even predatory towards their consumers (Herbalife, for instance).

To give a few examples:

  • Herbalife Shakes. As noted in the Herbalife review, this is one of the worst meal replacement brands to buy from. The customer experience is horrible, their shakes are filled with sugar, and don’t have enough omega-3. Plus, they are not very filling, which will make you snack between meals.
  • Shakeology. The teambeachbody shake is popular among females looking to lose weight. However, their diet plans are a way to milk you money, and their shakes are incredibly expensive for what they offer. You are much better off buying LyfeFuel’s 21-day Transformation Challenge, for a sustained weight loss plan.
  • Slim Fast. This is another supplement that has low-quality ingredients, tons of sugars, and fails to deliver the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

1. Rootana – Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Women Overall

Best vegan meal replacement shake without artificial sweeteners for women


  • Contains countless essential amino acids, antioxidants, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Fully plant based and free from artificial flavors, colours, preservatives, and sweeteners, as well as soy, stevia, and lactose
  • Incredible value
  • Best-tasting chocolate shake
  • Multiple health benefits


  • Not gluten-free

Rootana is a vegan meal replacement shake made of only proven, carefully picked ingredients, that deliver 27 different vitamins and minerals and all the essential amino acids. Its primary aim is to keep you feeling full, strong, and energetic for longer, without causing any bloating.

Each serving has 400 calories, of which 44% come from complex carbs, 20% come from plant-based protein sources, 14% come from healthy fats, and 9% come from fibre. It also has no soy, stevia, lactose, or artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Recent studies published in Nature have linked artificial sweeteners with impaired glucose tolerance, which has made us move away from heavily artificially sweetened meal replacement shakes.

Rootana’s quality vegan protein delivers a complete amino acid profile, which is supported by a blend of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and various antioxidants.

These provide countless physical and mental health benefits, including keeping your joints healthy and supple, repairing and preventing damage, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and illnesses, and slowing the signs of aging.

Available in cacao, original, and vanilla flavours, and able to be easily mixed and ready to drink in just 10 seconds, the Rootana vegan meal replacement shake is truly a tasty, convenient, nutritionally balanced choice that is perfect in almost every way.

When tested, Rootana was the best-tasting chocolate meal replacement shake we tried.

List Of Ingredients

Pea protein, coconut sugar, golden milled flaxseed, oat flour, sunflower lecithin, and sunflower seed oil.

2. Instant Knockout Complete – Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Women For Weight Loss

Instant Knockout Complete best weight loss for athletes


  • Helps you to stay healthy at every stage of your weight loss journey
  • Will help you burn fat and lose weight while maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Ideal for athletes trying to lose weight
  • High protein content
  • Rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals


  • Only available in Vanilla
  • Half serving best for weight loss
  • Sports oriented

Instant Knockout Complete is a meal replacement shake designed to help athletes lose weight while maintaining lean muscle mass. It is especially good for women that are very active or are looking to compete in sports events (running, CrossFit, cycling…).

It is rich in complete protein, amino acids, healthy fats like MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), complex carbs, fibre, and vitamins and minerals.

A wonderful, naturally sweet vanilla flavor and 400 calories per serving means Instant Knockout Complete can comfortably replace eating solid meals, as does a perfect nutrient balance of 35 grams of both protein and carbs and 13 grams each of fibre and fat.

It will also fuel your mind and muscles during a workout, to support them and help them recover as you achieve healthy weight loss, while being designed to prevent any bloating.

With a reasonable price tag that can be lowered even further with bulk purchases and bundles, Instant Knockout Complete is attainable for virtually everybody, to ensure everyone can get the assistance they need on their weight loss journey.

List Of Ingredients

Chia seed protein, golden flax seeds, oat flour, organic brown rice protein, and pea protein powder.

3. LyfeFuel Daily Essentials – Best Low Calorie Meal Replacement Shakes

Lyfefuel Daily Essentials Vanilla Best vegan shake US


  • Fewer calories, but still has all the essential nutrients
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals women lack
  • Great taste
  • Combines the effects of fruits, vegetables, greens, and protein shakes in a single supplement
  • Contains some of the best sources of plant based proteins


  • Could have more omega-3
  • Not the most affordable

LyfeFuel Daily Essentials is an ideal meal replacement shake for women trying to make sure they get all the nutrients their body requires, while still sticking to a low-calorie diet.

This is even more important for women, as they tend to have lower caloric needs when compared to men.

It is packed with 27 different vitamins and minerals, as well as protein powder and whole foods that are rich in other nutrients. Plus, it is extremely rich in vitamin D, folate and vitamin B-12 which are often lacking in women.

On top of that, LyfeFuel Daily Essentials delivers 18 grams of plant based protein, with top sources like brown rice and pea protein, while containing just 110 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 6 grams of carbs.

Available in both chocolate and vanilla flavours, it virtually guarantees everyone can add a diverse range of essential nutrients to their daily meal plan and help them enjoy a balanced diet, without increasing their calorie intake too much.

LyfeFuel is without a doubt one of the best meal shakes women can buy, but unfortunately, it’s a little pricey.

Here are some testimonials:

List Of Ingredients

Organic sprouted brown rice, Canadian yellow peas, oligosmart tapioca fibre, flaxseed, organic kale leaves, organic broccoli sprouts, organic spinach leaves, organic green cabbage, organic dandelion leaves, organic whole parsley, organic alfalfa grass, organic wheat grass, organic oat grass, organic barley grass, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, tart cherries, elderberries, grapeseed extract, pomegranate seeds, co-enzyme q10, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic sea kelp, organic dulse, choline, digestive enzymes, and 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

4. HLTH Code Complete Meal – Best Low Carb Meal Replacement Shake

HLTH code keto alternative to kachava


  • Keto-friendly – 4g of net carbs
  • High-quality whey protein
  • 27g of protein, 27g of premium fats – 1:1 for better absorption
  • Contains digestive enzymes
  • Sweet, tasty


  • 2 flavors only
  • Not vegan

HLTH Code Complete Meal replacement shake has just 4g of net carbs.

This makes it one of the lowest-carb meal replacement products on the market and an ideal choice for people following a low-carb, Atkins, or keto diet. It will help you keep burning fat, while making sure you are energized.

It has a high protein and fat content of 27 grams of each per serving, as well as 400 calories. This means it can also double up as a protein powder to fuel your workout and help your muscles recover, or curb your hunger and replace a complete meal.

Available in both Chocolate Macadamia and Creamy Vanilla flavors, this is the ideal meal replacement drink to help people avoid carbs stick to their diet and achieve their physique goals, even if the higher price might be off-putting for some.

One of the positive aspects of HLTH is that their sweet drinks are very easy to drink. They don’t feel like a chore to consume, and they are easily digested.

List Of Ingredients

Protein Blend (whey protein concentrate, grass fed collagen, egg whites), Healthy Fats Blend (coconut oil powder, olive oil powder, medium chain triglycerides powder, flaxseed powder, cocoa butter fat, grass fed ghee), cocoa powder, digestion resistant maltodextrin, digestion resistant dextrin, sodium caseinate, natural flavours, apple cider vinegar powder, sunflower lecithin, inulin, Redmond real salt, xanthan gum, Digestive Enzymes Blend (alpha and beta amylase, protease I, protease II, lipase, lactase hemicellulase, cellulase, invertase, diastase), monk fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, lactobacillus acidophilus.

5. Ka’Chava – Best Meal Replacement Shake For A Gluten Free Diet

Best tasting vegan shake kachava


  • Packed with nutrients
  • Real food ingredients, 70+added superfoods,
  • Includes digestive enzymes
  • 240kcal, 25g of protein, and all the vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial sweeteners, no-gmo, no gluten, no soy


  • Does not mix well without blender
  • Expensive

Ka’Chava is a gluten free, vegan meal replacement shake that is made from an incredible blend of more than 85 different superfoods. This includes a variety of adaptogens, antioxidants, fats, protein, digestive enzymes, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Beyond being a gluten-free shake, it also has no soy, dairy, or artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. This means it can be used by everyone, no matter their dietary needs, to enjoy the benefits it offers to your brain, hair, heart, muscle, energy levels, and overall health.

It also has just 250 calories per serving, so is equally ideal for those keeping their calorie intake down. This can mean it may struggle to replace a complete meal for some, but it makes a great nutritious snack, which comes in 5 flavours; chai, chocolate, coconut acai, matcha, and vanilla.

One of the biggest downsides of Ka’chava is its price. This is the most expensive meal replacement on this list, and might not fit everyone’s budgets

List Of Ingredients

Organic sacha inchi protein, yellow pea protein, organic whole grain brown rice protein, organic amaranth, organic quinoa, organic maca root, organic shiitake mushroom, organic maitake mushroom, organic reishi mushroom, organic ginger, organic cordyceps mushroom, organic coconut flower nectar, acai berry, camu camu berry, organic blueberry, organic tart cherry, organic blackberry, organic strawberry, organic maqui berry, organic raspberry, chia seeds, flax seeds, organic pure whole grain oat, organic acacia gum, organic beetroot, chlorella, organic moringa, organic kale, organic broccoli, organic green tea, organic parsley leaf, organic celery, organic cauliflower, organic spinach, organic brussel sprouts, organic asparagus, organic green pepper, organic garlic, organic carrot, organic cucumber, organic cabbage, organic green onion, organic tomato, cocoa, coconut milk, soluble vegetable fibre, natural vanilla flavours, xanthan gum, lo han fruit extract, guar gum, cinnamon, a digestive enzyme blend, probiotics/prebiotics blend, and vitamins and minerals blends.

6. Orgain All In One – Best Organic Meal Replacement Shake

Orgain vegan RTD alternative


  • USDA organic certified
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, kosher
  • Includes superfoods, probiotics, and antioxidants
  • Convenient format
  • Plant-based and whey-based versions


  • Low in healthy fats
  • Synthetic vitamins & minerals

Orgain All In One is a complete meal replacement shake that combines the effects of protein shakes, greens powders, and fruit and vegetable juice powders in a single meal replacement supplement.

With 20 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbs per serving, it can comfortably replace most of the nutrients you would get from eating whole foods.

While 230 calories and 5 grams of fat are both a little light to replace full meals, it is certainly a healthy, nutrient-rich snack to keep your hunger at bay in between.

A choice of great tasting Creamy Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Bean flavours will make it suitable for the vast majority of people, as will the fairly reasonable price tag.

Sure, Orgain All In One won’t be the best meal replacement shake for everyone but, if you follow a strict organic vegan diet, it is very hard to beat.

List Of Ingredients

Orgain Organic Protein Blend (organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic chia seed), Orgain Organic Creamer Base (organic acacia, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic rice dextrin, organic sunflower lecithin, organic rosemary extract), organic rice dextrin, organic erythritol, organic acacia, organic alcalized cocoa, organic natural flavours, Organic Whole Grain Blend (organic amaranth, organic quinoa, organic millet, organic buckwheat, organic garbanzo bean, organic lentil, organic adzuki, organic flax, organic sunflower, organic pumpkin, organic chia, organic sesame), sea salt, organic reb a (stevia extract), organic guar gum, natural flavour, Orgain Organic Greens Blend (organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic oat grass, organic alfalfa grass), Orgain Organic Fruit & Vegetable Powder Blend (organic apple fiber, organic acai, organic beet, organic kale, organic raspberry, organic spinach, organic tomato, organic banana, organic blueberry, organic carrot), organic amla fruit extract (vitamin c), xanthan gum, Organic Food Based B Vitamin Blend (organic guava, organic holy basil, organic lemon extract).

What Are Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes are dietary supplements that are designed to let people get all of the nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals you would get from eating a nutritious meal in a drink.

They are great for helping you stick to a balanced diet, even if you are struggling to find time to cook and eat full meals or pay for the sort of nutrient-rich whole foods a healthy diet consists of.

Some meal replacement shakes will also be specifically designed to cater to very particular needs. This can include helping you lose weight, being organic, gluten free, low carb, low calorie, or vegan, or specifically designed for women.

Meal Replacement Shake Ingredients To Avoid

Different meal replacement shakes will utilise a huge range of ingredients to provide unique benefits that other meal replacements don’t offer or to make themselves appeal to a particular group of people.

Unfortunately, many meal replacement shakes will also include ingredients that have less to do with the benefits they offer and more to do with maximizing the profit that the company receives or making the shake more appealing.

Sugars & Sweeteners

Meal replacement shakes that are high in sugars or artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs. These ingredients provide no benefits and are solely used to improve the flavour, but can also cause issues like blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and other health issues (1)(2).

Low-Quality Protein Powder

The type of protein powder used in a meal replacement shake is also extremely important.

You always want a complete protein with a complete amino acid profile, such as whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, grass fed milk protein, and even plant based proteins like brown rice or pea protein.

However, some meal replacement shakes will use inferior protein powder sources, such as soy protein. This will not only be lacking in some of the core amino acids and not offer as many health benefits, but they can also cause additional issues in some users as well (3).

Filler Ingredients

Filler ingredients are ingredients that provide no health benefits and are simply used to increase the bulk of the powder as they are cheap. This can include things like soy lecithin and corn starch, and their sole purpose is to maximize profits for the manufacturer (4)(5).

Chemicals & Artificial Ingredients

Meal replacement shakes are designed to be used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle and, as such, they should be made using ingredients that are as natural as possible.

Whenever you see meal replacement powders with a lot of artificial or heavily processed ingredients listed in the formula, it is usually a clear sign of an ineffective, low-quality meal shake that is worried only about making money, while not caring how it affects its users.

Formulas Containing Too Many Unproven Ingredients

The speed at which science is progressing these days means dietary supplements will often use ingredients that are still going through testing and haven’t had all of their effects conclusively proven.

While one or two ingredients like this in a meal replacement powder is no big deal, lots of them can be extremely problematic. This not only means the supplement may not work, but it is also much more likely to be capable of causing side effects or adverse reactions as well.

Meal Replacement Shake FAQS

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy?

Meal replacement shakes are designed to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and most will be extremely beneficial to your health. As long as you choose a shake that is as natural as possible, a meal replacement powder is an extremely healthy addition to a balanced diet.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good For Weight Loss?

Meal replacement shakes are great for weight loss, as they allow you to skip meals without missing out on any essential nutrients. They are also easy to digest, satiating, and fairly low calorie, so they can both help you lose weight and prevent weight gain.

Are Protein Shakes & Meal Replacement Shakes The Same?

Protein shakes and meal replacement shakes appear very similar and offer a few of the same benefits but they are very different.

A protein powder will have a very high protein content and is made solely to fuel your muscles and workouts, to stimulate growth and improve your physical performance.

A meal replacement powder, meanwhile, is designed to replace whole meals and get you all of the vital nutrients your body needs quickly, cheaply, and easily.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Safe Or Are They Bad For You?

The vast majority of meal replacement shakes are extremely safe. However, it is always important to check that your chosen meal replacement powder doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals, as these have the potential to be detrimental to your health.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good For Diabetics?

How good a meal replacement shake will be for a diabetic person will depend on the specific shake in question.

That said, provided it isn’t full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, most meal replacement shakes are suitable for diabetics, and many will even include ingredients that benefit the condition.

Final Thoughts On The Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Women

Meal replacement shakes are a great supplement to help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals. When looking at the best meal replacement shakes for women, there are several great options on the market, but none come close to being as good as Rootana.

From its optimal quantities of proven and beneficial ingredients to ideal calorie content, perfectly balanced nutritional profile, and great taste and price, Rootana is quite simply the best meal replacement shake for women on the market by some distance.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel Rootana is right for you, one of the other choices on our list of the best meal replacement shakes for women almost certainly will be.

However, for everyone else, we highly recommend you give Rootana a try yourself.