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MixSupps Review | Improving Your Gut Health & Boosting Your Energy

In this MixSupps review, we are looking at a few supplements from the company.

They manufacture products that can be added to water and provide you with benefits such as better hydration, energy boosts and even constipation relief.

They have 3 primary products:

  • Ganbaru Energy –> A nootropic blend that will boost your physical performance
  • Little Sh!ts –> A supplement to help you with constipation
  • One-Shot –> An electrolyte and vitamin mix to make drinking water more fun

They are also a company with a sense of humor as you’ll learn with some of its product names, and toilet humor catchphrases on the product bags.

I’ll be trying all that they offer to see if there is something to these supplements, or just empty promises like with some supplements that claim to do so much.

If you don’t have time to read the full MixSupps review, here are 5 key takeaways:

  1. MixSupps is a reputable brand with 3 different but great products
  2. In all products, ingredients are found mostly in effective dosages
  3. When testing all three products were found effective
  4. Ganbaru is the only one we didn’t like, due to the side effects. For improved cognitive performance, we recommend Hunter Focus, instead.
  5. One-Shot was our favorite product, and one that we will use regularly
Mixx sups review products

MixSupps at a Glance

Products: Ganbaru Energy, One-Shot Water Amplifier & Little Sh!ts


I’ve been hearing a lot about increased hydration products lately, and honestly am unsure if this is a real thing, or a hype train companies are riding for a quick buck.

As far as energy drinks, we certainly have our fair share of those, but I’m open to seeing what their energy offering is about since the ingredients look fairly mundane.

The laxative product largely speaks for itself. Most of us could afford to go more often and this aids in that along with claims of improved gut health.

If MixSupps hit the nail on the head, I will be energized, well-hydrated, and have clean and clear pipes….all of which I look forward to!

Positive Thoughts

1. Transparent labeling. Clear ingredients and sources.

2. Tasty and mixes well. Most of the flavors are pretty good, and none were gritty

3. Funny names/quotes. Little Sh!its, “Let’s pee clear” – “Scoop often, poop often”. Appreciate the levity.

4. Well-thought-out servings. Single serving for Ganbaru/One Shot & small scoop for Little Sh!ts

5. Reusable shipping boxes. They use a reusable box that can be used 10 times, then recycled. Pretty neat!

Areas to Improve

1. Ganbaru skin side effect. Apparently doesn’t happen to everyone, but I experienced itch/burning/bugs sensations.

2. Ganbaru Lemon Zest flavor was not good at all. Hope they can improve upon it.

3. Super high vitamin D. Makes so you can only enjoy once/twice daily

Ingredients & Benefits

Below are the supplement labels as well as breakdowns of exactly what is inside each product.

Ganbaru Energy Nutrition Review

Ganbaru Energy is a brain supplement or nootropic that aims to increase your cognitive performance and clear brain fog.

For that, they have 5 ingredients at “clinically effective dosages” according to the manufacturer.

  1. 3.2g of CarnoSyn®– This is patented beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is used in many non-stim pre-workouts since it can help you delay fatigue and increase short-term endurance.
    Effective Dosage? Yes.
  2. 400mg Peak ATP. ATP-5 is the energy molecule of the cells, and ATP supplementation is shown to lessen muscle breakdown and slow down fatigue build-up.
    Effective Dosage? Yes.
  3. 1.5g of Nitrosigine. Nitrosigine dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow and speeding nutrient delivery to your muscles. Often paired with citrulline malate for better results.
    Effective Dosage? Yes.
  4. 150mg of elevATP®. This is a patented plasma ATP booster which ingredients are not public. While we are not big fans of proprietary blends and lack of transparency in labels, elevATP has been proven in clinical trials to be effective.
    Effective Dosage? Yes.
  5. S7®. This is a blend of green tea, green coffee bean, turmeric, tart cherry, blueberry, kale, and broccoli that is clinically proven to boost nitric oxide production. NO, in turn, can dilate your blood vessels and help you with exercise performance.
    Effective Dosage? Yes.

It is worth noting, that while all the ingredients are effective and in the right dosages, many of the studies have been funded by the manufacturer. Thus, effectiveness of S7, and evelATP, in particular might be overblown.

Little Sh!ts

Little shits ingredients

Above you can observe the ingredients found in Little Sh!ts, the supplement that helps you fight constipation.

What do each do?

  • 3g of Resistant Dextrin. This is a type of dietary fiber that animal studies have shown to improve insulin resistance via the modulation of your gut microbiome. Fiber is also of utmost importance for your gut health, and the daily recommended dose is over 28g (more for men). Thus, this is a little low.
    Effective Dosage? No. Although this also means that is safe for kids and adults and intake can be increased if required.
  • Magnesium citrate (exact quantity unknown). Magnesium salts have long been used as an osmotic laxative. It increases the water flow in your gut, helping the intestinal flow.
  • Magnesium oxide (exact quantity unknown). Recent studies have shown that this is efficient and safe for loosening your bowels.

One-Shot Water Amplifier

One-Shot Water Amplifier aims to make drinking water more fun and providing you extra hydration and nutrients.

For that it includes a few vitamins and minerals:

  • Nutramunity
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D3
  • Redmond Salt
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium

MixSupps also adds nutramunity a beta-1,3/1,6-glucan. Why do you want this in your water? Beta-glucans have been linked with improved immune function, support mucosal immunity, and improves the skin’s ability to fix itself.

In this supplement, beta-glucans can act as food for the microbiome and can help your gut health. Basically, it’s fiber.

Do MixSupps Work?

So after covering the ingredients in the different supplements offered by MixSupp, you might be wondering:

“Do they work?”

“What are they for and what are the benefits?”

Well, let’s analysed each one by one.

Ganbaru Energy Review


  • Supplement to boost your energy levels, physical and mental performance.
  • Physical Performance –> Yes, it works
  • Cognitive Performance –> Somewhat, check Hunter focus or other energy drinks for better products

First of, I think it’s important to understand what Ganbaru Energy is.

In short, Ganbaru Energy is an energy drink most specifically designed as a pre-workout, but that can also work to increase your energy levels during the day or when you are feeling tired.

Ganbaru Energy is not a brain supplement that will help you with focus and memory (increasing cognitive performance), but an energy booster. For that, look at our favorite nootropic, Hunter Focus.

Ganbaru Energy Benefits

  • Provides a boost of energy while enhancing your body’s ability to produce energy.
  • Improves post workout recovery time
  • Stimulates and nitric oxide levels for better nutrient delivery and waste removal

Here are the benefits of taking Ganbaru Energy, as claimed by MixSupps:

  • Clears Brain Fog, increases focus
  • Quick, long-lasting energy
  • Improves exercise performance
  • No crash – no sugar
  • No jitters – no caffeine

As such, Ganbaru is meant to be an energy booster without any caffeine that can help you both with physical and cognitive performance.

ganbaru energy benefits

Does Ganbaru Energy Work?

One thing that it’s clear is that Ganbaru Energy only has ingredients that have proven benefits.

In fact, the blend is incredibly synergistic with Nitrosigne and S7 increasing NO production and delivery, helping blood (and nutrients) reach your muscles faster. This is very efficient at reducing fatigue, increasing endurance and performance during exercise.

elevATP and PeakATP, on the other hand, ensure that you have more ATP in your blood-stream, so that cells have the energy to burn when required.

So, it’s clear that Ganbaru Energy is very efficient at increasing physical performance.

As for cognitive performance, Ganbaru Energy is missing few ingredients. For once, you could have caffeine, which is the #1 stimulant for focus. More examples include vitamin B-group, which boost neurotransmitter production and have protective roles in the brain.

Thus, we prefer to use top tier brain supplements like Hunter Focus, Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain, instead.

Little Sh!ts Review


  • Evidence back laxative that can help you with mild constipation or improving intestinal flow.
  • Fiber is a little low to make it a great gut health supplement
  • Our experience suggests that works (for us at least)

Constipation is no joke, and up to 4 million Americans suffer from regular constipation.

From the ingredients list, Little Sh!ts seems to be a mildly effective remedy vs constipation, without having to rely on pharmaceutical laxatives.

Little Sh!ts Benefits

  • Improves gut health by increasing good gut bacteria.
  • Contains two forms of magnesium which has shown to provide constipation relief and promote BMs.
  • Scalable doses, that are safe kids as young as 12 months.

Does Little Sh!ts Work?

As mentioned in the ingredients, both forms of magnesium have been used and proven to relief some forms of mild constipation.

So in this regard, it’s quite promising.

However, the amount of fiber found in Little Sh!ts is a little low, as it only provides 3g (about 10% of your daily intake). Given that fiber is often missing from our diets, it would have been great to see more types of fiber (soluble and insoluble) to fully round-up this supplement.

That said, anecdotal evidence (my own) suggests that it can be effective.

One Shot Water Amplifier Review


  • Fun way to increase the amount of water you drink – make drinking water fun.
  • Added electrolytes and vitamins can be helpful
  • The fiber is not quite necessary

One Shot Water Amplifier is an odd product. It’s a mix of vitamins, minerals (electrolytes) that can boost your skin hydration, mood, and wellness feeling, as well as help your gut in a similar fashion to Little Sh!ts.

This is, it’s a mixture between your electroylte water (like Vita Coco or Powerade Zero), with some added fiber to help you shit.

One Shot Water Amplifier Benefits

  • Contains three immunity boosters to strength your immune reactions and reduce immune response time.
  • Contains an electrolyte blend to restore key minerals to the body.
  • Has as much fiber as other leading supplements to improve digestion.

As far as gut health goes, I think that a little bit more than 3g of fibers are needed. More prebiotics, some probiotics and even digestive enzymes would be better.

From a hydration standpoint, water is always the best thing. That said, adding some electrolytes, vitamin C (166% of DV), vitamin D (>500%) and vitamin E won’t hurt you at all. In fact, it might even help you, since many Americans are deficient in vitamin D.

Hence, it can be a fun way to help you drink more.

My experience

So what are my initial thoughts? These are products you have to use over time to see the full benefits, but I will touch on my first impressions, and long-term use projections.

Ganbaru Energy

This natural supplement claims to provide and produce energy. The idea is to take it over the span of 28 days for best results. There is also a warning of skin tingling, itching or burning that can be experienced by some users that will reduce over time.

Tried the Tiger’s Blood flavor first which shows illustrations of watermelon (ugh), strawberry and coconut. You can smell coconut in the premix, but it’s mostly watermelon/berry flavor after being shaken. It honestly was decent, and I didn’t mind drinking it at all. Next was Lemon Zest, which unfortunately was not very good. It wasn’t horrible, but smells so much like lemon scented cleaner, it was just hard to get over that hump.

Back to that side effect. I experienced itching and burning in my arms and forehead. Also, one night while drinking it while laying down, it was in my back and legs. The sensation also varied from burning, to itching, to feeling like bugs are crawling on me.

Not at all pleasant.

Editor’s Note: This is due to beta-alanine. This amino acid is known for causing temporary itchiness and tingling feeling. It’s safe and goes away within 10 minutes. That said, here’s a good beta-alanine free alternative.

One-Shot Water Amplifier

Claims to be a hydration multiplier, and that one bottle would be equivalent to three bottles of water.

I can’t exactly confirm that, but it also claims that it makes water easier to drink…which I can speak to. The product contains 3g fiber, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc for immunity.

Trying the Rainbow Candy flavor, it smells like bubble gum, but tastes kind of fruity, though the exact flavor is hard to place. Its good overall though, and reminds me strongly of Gatorade, which I drunk constantly as a teenager.

Key Lime is pretty good too, again much like Gatorade or similar electrolyte drinks, I could drink both flavors daily.

Little Sh!ts

Definitely an A for originality with that name. The main focus of this is to make it easier to go.

Both flavors are very tasty, refreshing and would be easy to incorporate into any routine. I’d say the peach tastes a bit better, but blueberry was solid. You should have no problem getting anyone that could benefit from additional fiber to drink these.

I had no discomfort after consuming. I’ll spare everyone the details, but it seems as if the product works as intended.


One thing I failed to mention, and relates to all of the products….they can be very sweet as each uses sucralose as a sweetener. Feel free to add extra water should that be problematic for you. I did appreciate that none of the mixes are were chalky.

All in all, I really like One-Shot, and Little Sh!ts. I think they both do a good job of adding value to plain water and making it easier to drink. I’ll touch on Ganbaru later in the review.

About MixSupps

mixsupps logo

Founded in 2021, MixSupps is a wellness supplement brand in Central Utah.

Let’s Pee Clear® the company wants consumers to drink and feel their best, so they can ‘pee’ their best. “Every product MixSupps formulates makes no compromises and cuts no corners.”

CEO of Mixsupps

CEO, Michael Roller is an avid health enthusiast, former personal trainer, and martial artist who spent years looking for some of the best supplements on the market. Intending to provide solutions that worked, he wanted to ensure that people looked their best and felt their best. So, the journey begins!

The Plan: to make the best products, with clinically researched ingredients at the right dosages that would actually work AND taste really, really good (like REALLY good).Having completed numerous exercise and nutrition certifications and a slight obsession with researching new information to find the best health information available, he finally settled on his three staple products: Ganbaru Energy, One-Shot Water Amplifier, and Little Sh!ts. Voila, an array of healthy lifestyle products, is born.

Pricing & Shipping

MixSupps supplements can only be purchased directly from their website.

There are no subscriptions, but they do offer generous discounts on orders of two or three items that you can determine the price of using their “bundle builder” at the site.

ProductSingle Order
2 Pack Discount
(25% off)
3 Pack Discount
(30% off)
Ganbaru Energy (30 servs)$89.95 ($3)$134.93 ($2.25)188.90 ($2.10)
One-Shot Water Amp (40 servs)$59.95 ($1.50)$89.92 ($1.13)$125.89 ($1.05)
Little Sh!ts (120 servs)$59.95 ($0.50)$89.92 ($0.38)$125.89 ($0.35)
Priced in USD. Per serving price in ($)


Shipping is free, and they select the shipping partner. My package arrived via UPS Mail Innovations. International shipping is not offered at this time.

MixSupps FAQ

Can MixSupps products be used every day?

Yes. One-Shot & Ganbaru can be used every day, but it is recommended not to exceed two servings per day.
As for Little Sh!ts, there is a chart provided that outlines how many servings are recommended per day based on age, but does not exceed four servings.

Are MixSupps safe for kids?

One-Shot and Little Sh!ts are safe for children to consume. Ganbaru Energy is not recommended.

Which products are suitable for vegans?

All MixSupps products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Since all products are zero sugar, what substitute is used?

All MixSupps contain sucralose.

Verdict – MixSupps Supplements Review

This MixSupps supplements review was certainly interesting.

In summary, the three supplements offered by MixSupps were good on average, while the usefulness of each depends on your needs.

As stated in the Ganbaru Energy review, this is best for those looking to enhance physical exercise (kind of pre-workout without caffeine). I found it quite effective at that. However, for longer cognitive-focused improvements, I will keep using my daily nootropics, Hunter Focus.

Similarly, the side effects (from beta-alanine) were pretty obnoxious in my case (Johnny), and it will depend on your tolerance to beta-alanine. But, a burning forehead, itchy arms and the sensation of being in a bed full of ants brought me to a full stop.

As for the Little Sh!ts review, it was surprisingly good. No particularly hazardous ingredients made me worry about the side effects, so that was welcome. I believe that Little Sh!ts can help me fix some of my regularity issues.

Last but not least, as I mentioned in the One-Shot review, this really does make drinking water fun. I thought that One-Shot was really the star of the show. It’s something I can drink every day, and both flavors are good and interchangeable.

Bottom line, If you are looking for a way to add more fiber & nutrients to your diet, One-Shot & Little Sh!ts can help. Even more, One Shot is innocuous enough for me to consume it regularly, and I can recommend it.


From $3/serving





Nootropic blend







  • 3 above average products
  • Well-dosed - ingredients at effective ranges
  • One-Shot is great to hydrate yourself
  • Little Sh!ts was surprisingly effective
  • Cool branding


  • Expensive
  • Ganbaru makes you itch
  • Ganbaru Lemon Zest was not very tasty
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