Vitahustle one review

VitaHustle ONE Review | Are Kevin Hart’s Meal Shakes Any Good?

Everday I’m hustlin! Everyday I’m hustlin! Bad jokes aside, in this VitaHustle One review, I am excited to have a look to another “super” healthy meal replacement style.

This is a superfood based meal replacement that claims lift you up, and cheer you on. For those who are familiar with the industry, it’s similar to Ka’chava and Lyfefuel Daily Essentials, two of the best meal replacement shakes, in my opinion.

But how exactly does VitaHustle seek to uplift and cheer and compete with these two? Well, it contains 86 superfoods, 22 vitamins/minerals, probiotics/prebiotics and adaptogens. As far as hard numbers, Vitahustle is 150 and 160 calories respectively, and contains 20g of protein, only 10g of carbs, and only 1g of sugar.

As mentioned, Vitahustle honestly sounds a lot like Ka’chava or Lyfefuel. But we will be sure to leave no stone unturned to see if it is that good, or just sounds that good.

Vitahustle one ingredients

Out there hustlin? Here are LatestFuels quick takeaways:

  • VitaHustle is a superfood packed meal replacement.
  • It is vegan, and contains no animal, dairy, soy or gluten.
  • Also, there are no artificial sweeteners, colors or ingredients.
  • Each serving has 20g protein, 10g carbs & 3g of fat.
  • Subscription discount is 20% but can be found cheap at Walmart.
  • Flavors are Vanilla Bean & Dark Cacao

The intent is good, but there are cheaper and better alternatives.

Vitahustle at a Glance

Flavors: Vanilla Bean & Dark Cacao


I’ve been trying to get a hold of this product for some time. It’s honestly been on my radar for over a year. The main thing I’m curious about is if this is a serious contender to the best healthy meal replacement shake, or if it’s just another product that some celebrity has licensed their name for. We all know that’s an easy way for them to make easy money, and for the company to sell more.

Everyday Hustlin

1. Nutritionally dense. Provides a lot, for not many calories

2. Low calorie and low carb.

3. Mostly junk free. Natural flavors are always sus, but it contains no sweeteners or chemicals

4. Allergen free. No nuts, dairy or soy

Not Getting It Done

1. Not very filling. Did not hit the spot for me

2. Taste is so-so.

3. Subscription price. Regular price at Walmart is cheaper than subscription

4. Flavors don’t include related ingredients.

Nutritional Breakdown

When it comes to the superfood packed shakes, nutrition is one of the most important aspects to analyze. These meal replacement shakes often try to pack too much and add fillers or ingredients that are not in high enough quantities.

In fact, VitaHustle One hides the exact quantities of many ingredients under proprietary blends. This is usually a red flag, as it is not possible to asses if they are packed with fillers.

Disclaimers aside, VitaHustle One is a vegan meal replacement shake without any gluten, or soy, or nuts or artificial sweeteners. It comes with 150kcal, 20g of plant based protein, and most of your daily vitamin and minerals.

VitaHustle Nutrition Overview

Kcal/meal150 – 160
Macros (C/P/F)26/53/21
FeaturesSoy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
Includes ProbioticsYes
Artificial SweetenersNo
Synthetic AdditivesNo
Contains All MicronutrientsYes
Controversial IngredientsNone


Per 150kcal serving:

  • Total Carbs: 10g, 4% of DV.
  • Net Carbs: 7g, (Total Carbs – Dietary Fiber – Non-digestible Carbs)
  • Sugars: 1g, 0% of DV
  • Fiber: 3g, 11% of DV.

VitaHustle is very light on carbs and is one of the few meal replacements that does not include oats. Though the servings are small, I honestly expected a bit more fiber. VitaHustle contains a fruit and vegetable blend which contains many fiber rich items, but with each blend only being 1g, I guess you don’t get too much fiber in that amount.

Fiber is incredibly important in a healthy diet as it helps you balance your gut microbiota, boosts your digestive health and promotes regularity. Furthermore, 95% of Americans fail to meet the recommended intake! Thus, I like to promote shakes that help you with that goal.

VitaHustle is naturally sweetened with stevia, and monk fruit. Glad to see no artificial sweeteners here.


Per 150kcal serving:

  • Total Protein: 20g, 30% of DV
  • Source(s): Pea, Quinoa & Mung Bean Protein

Same deal with pea protein as with most vegan shakes, but we have a couple of newcomers in quinoa and mung bean.

This combination does not contain every amino acid, but seems to cover the bases of the essential amino acids. However, it’s important to notice that this combination of plant-based protein is inferior to whey and other plan-based combinations due to lower absorption.

Vitahustle one benefits
Vitahustle One superfood does not contain


Per 150kcal serving:

  • Total Fats: 3.5g, 4% of DV.
  • Saturated Fats: 1g, 5% of DV.
  • Omega-3s: ?g

Fats are an often overlooked, but essential part of our diets as they provide many benefits to our bodies. But it’s also important to get the right fats, in the right amounts.

VitaHustle understands this, and contains MCT oil, golden flax seed, as well as white chia seeds which are all good sources for this all-important ingredient that really aid in healthy brain function.

That said, the exact quantities of each fat are hidden under a proprietary blend. In 2g there should be enough MCTs and omega-3 fatty acids. However, it’s not easy to extrapolate if there are enough omega-3s, which are essential for proper brain function.


Another strong point of VitaHustle is the abundance of micronutrients in the product. Many of the nutrients are 30% or more of your daily values, and all come from organic fruits, veggies and mushrooms.

In this regard, VitaHustle Superfood Protein Drink does not use any synthetic vitamins and minerals, unlike some competitors. This can certainly be a plus for many, but it also means that you are getting less of them.

VitaHustle One Superfood list


Adaptogens are ingredients that can modulate your mood, focus, and other cognitive functions. VitaHustle drinks include 500mg of a proprietary blend including ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, Cordyceps and Bacopa.

While all these are great ingredients that can help you regulate stress, anxiety and even improve your focus they are heavily underdosed.

For instance, the recommended dose for ashwagandha to help you reduce stress and anxiety is between 250-500mg. Cordyceps on the other hand, it’s usually used at 2-6g! Thus it should have 10x more, at least.

Thus, this feels more like a filler in VitaHustle One and for adaptogens you are better off checking the best nootropics.


VitaHustle is allergen free and can enjoyed by mostly everyone. There is no soy, dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners or ingredients that would be of any concern.

Taste Test

We got both flavors in house, and I’m ready to give these a whirl. This is my favorite part on testing any product.

VitaHustle taste test

How does VitaHustle One Taste? Vanilla Bean & Dark Cacao Review

Starting with vanilla, It has a smell that’s hard to place. It’s like it’ll smell kind of like one thing, but then if you give a shake and sniff again, it’ll smell different. I guess that’s indicative of all the various fruits, greens and mushroom blends. I will say it doesn’t smell very vanilla like….considering there is NO VANILLA IN IT!

Tastewise, it wasn’t too great, and I didn’t particularly like it.

VitaHustle Taste
Vitahustle Dark cacao taste
Vitahustle being tested

As for the chocolate flavor, it was bit better, a step up from vanilla. Texture on both was a bit chalky, and the taste wasn’t very indicative of the flavors, especially with vanilla. Thickness was ok, though I would not have minded an additional scoop. Letting it sit for a bit before drinking did help the texture and should be the go to way to consume if possible.

Is it drinkable? Yes, I could get it down. Would it be my first choice? Likely not. Both Lyfefuel and Ka’chava, as well as many other meal replacement shakes taste much better.

Also, I was only full for about an hour using the serving directions. Adding more milk helped.

About VitaHustle

Vita Hustle Logo
Vita Hustle Kevin Hart

VitaHustle is a nutritional wellness brand founded by comedian, actor, entrepreneur, and health advocate Kevin Hart. With a commitment to making high-quality nutrition accessible to all, VitaHustle offers a range of clean products designed to simplify healthy living.

From superfood proteins and greens to hydration electrolytes and vitamins, VitaHustle provides convenient and delicious solutions to fuel people’s hustle and enhance everyday performance.

Vita Hustle Price

Vitahustle can be purchased from their site, as well as from Amazon. Their subscription discount is 20% and the product ships in intervals fof 30, 45 or 60 days.

In addition, Vitahustle offers a 10 serving bag that is exclusive to Walmart for only $25, even cheaper than a subscription discount.

ProductTotal Price
Serving Price
VitaHustle – Site/Amz (15 servings) $50/$40$3.33/$2.66
Vitahustle – Walmart (10 servings)$25$2.50

Is VitaHustle Worth It?

When it comes to the price, VitaHustle is certainly expensive. The most premium shakes are similarly priced to VitaHustle, and it is certainly the cost that adding tons of premium ingredients has.

That said, when comparing to the best premium meal replacement shakes, VitaHustle falls short in what offers nutritionally and taste-wise. For that reason, I don’t think VitaHustle One is worth it, and it definitely feels like you are paying for the marketing.


Vitahustle offers free shipping with the purchase of two bags. However, even add just one bag seemed to trigger free shipping.

Express shipping via UPS 2-Day was also an option for a cost of $10.

VitaHustle Amazon Reviews

Here is a synopsis of reviews coming from Amazon. Keep in mind, that they are paying close to full price for the product.

VitaHustle Amazon reviews
VitaHustle Amazon reviews summary

VitaHustle Walmart Reviews

Here are some reviews from Walmart. Remember that the Walmart version is half the retail price of Amazon and the VH website, and also contains 5 fewer servings. The positives mostly revolved around the price and how it compared to other products. The negatives were all about taste/texture.

VitaHuslte Amazon reviews

I like Kevin but his team need to go back in the lab This was disgusting

1-star, Nick

This is excellent. The difference between strength and sore muscles is in this shake! Thanks Kevin Hart

5-stars, Deb

Acknowledging the highs, and lows:

I bought the one with chocolate flavor. I’m very happy with most of the clean, nutritious ingredients it has, but this one has that awful after taste just like any other protein shake has. I thought that due to the all natural, clean ingredients it has, that it was gonna taste just like a straight yummy chocolate shake. As for me, it’s not enjoyable to drink. I will finish the product so it will not be wasted %26 because, I know it’s good for my health, but I won’t buy it again. Too though too swallow. My 4 stars rating is only based in the nutritional facts it has. Flavor, 1 star.

4-stars, Sol

VitaHustle vs The Best

Time to take a look at VitaHustle up against some high rated products that all have taken similar approaches in how they formulate their offerings.

Kachava, the original superfood shake has been going strong for many years now, and honestly has yet to be dethroned.

LyfeFuel has cemented itself as a high quality product that takes a less is more approach by offering so much nutrition, without lots of extra calories.

VitaHustle and alternatives
Ka'chava vitahustle alternative
Lyfefuel Daily Essentials Vitahustle alternative

Comparison Overview

CategoryVitaHustleKachavaLyfeFuel Daily
serving price$3.33$4.66$2.92
Macros (C/P/F)26/53/2138/38/2119/65/16
Protein (g)202518
Sugar (g)163
Fiber (g)341
Fats (g)3.582
Carbs (g)10216
Artificial SweetenersNNN
Synthetic AdditivesNNN
Protein SourcePea, Quinoa,
Mung Bean
Pea, Brown Rice,
Pea & Rice
Other ProductsGreen Drink, Vitamins,
Functional Gummies
BarsPerformance Shake, Bars,
AvailabilityUSUSUS, UK, EU

You really can’t go wrong with any of these from a health standpoint. Each has a boatload of micronutrients, no artificial ingredients, and all get their nutrition from actually foods, and not a multivitamin premix.

Kachava tastes great and has five flavors to choose from for some much needed variety. It is the most calorie heavy, so keep that in mind of you plan to run deficits for weight loss. On the other hand, it is also the most expensive at nearly $5 per serving, which also serves as the main complaint against the product.

LyfeFuel has arguably the best chocolate flavor available. And with their low calorie, high nutritional shakes, you keep your deficit and even have some latitude in adding more stuff to the shakes. It comes in cheaper than Kachava per serving, but you still have to spend $70 per bag. Nutritionally, it’s more densely packed than VitaHustle, and it’s better optimized for plant-based diets as they add extra vitamin B12 and from other nutrients vegans are usually deficient.

VitaHustle feels a bit like a bit of both. Calories are low, the nutrition is there, but it can come in cheaper than both if you purchase from Walmart at $2.50 per serving. Also, the barrier of entry is low, being you only have to drop $25 on a 10 serving bag, which is much easier to swallow than $70.

Kachava, and LyfeFuel are both better tasting, and Kachava flavors can’t be beat, but either of these would be good choice.

Personally, I would recommend LyfeFuel, as it is cheaper than VitaHustle One, offers more nutritionally, and has a better chocolate flavor.

VitaHustle FAQ

Is VitaHustle ONE A Meal Replacement?

VitaHustle ONE is classified as a nutritional supplement due to its’ high daily dose of vitamins and minerals. However, with 150 calories and 20 grams of protein, it does provide many of the same benefits as meal replacements… such as feeling full and providing energy.

How Many Times A Day Can You Drink VitaHustle ONE?

We recommend you take VitaHustle ONE once every morning or afternoon to give your body the added boost of nutrients it needs to support optimal health.  While it’s safe to drink the ONE multiple times a day, we would recommend no more than 3 times a day to ensure your body can properly process the fiber and protein.

Do I Still Need To Take A Daily Probiotic When I Take VitaHustle ONE?

VitaHustle ONE contains both probiotics and prebiotics to keep digestion and immunity high. With 3 billion CFU per serving at the time of manufacture, it provides a perfect dose for overall wellness. For anyone with increased concerns, we recommend continuing to take your daily probiotic along with the ONE.

How Do I Return A Product?

We offer a 60 day return policy with 100% money back guarantee less return shipping and handling. Here are the steps on how to get started with refund process. 

Make sure the email includes your order number and the condition of the product? Is it new? Did you use it? And the reason behind it? So we can understand from your feedback. 

Vitahustle one influencers

Verdict – VitaHustle

I respect what Mr. Hart is trying to do with this product. I think its a solid base hit, or even a double. It doesn’t feel like they skipped on the quality. They looked at the Kachava model, and successfully planted their flags in the same ballpark too.

I like that its low calorie and low carb, but didn’t skimp on the micros, MCTs and omega-3s. I also like that there are no artificial ingredients present, and that its completely allergen free.

I do think that it can use some taste and texture improvements, at least one of them HAS to get better. I’d lean toward texture, since chocolate is ok.

Lastly, they may want to take a look at the pricing again. The way it is currently, there literally no benefit in buying anywhere but Walmart, for the 10 serving bag for $25. thats even better than the subscription pricing. Why subscribe when I can buy at my leisure, and for cheaper than what a subscription would cost?

Just feels like this was not well thought out.

Bottom Line: VitaHustle Superfood shakes are a good try, but for less money you can get a better product in Lyfefuel Daily Essentials.

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