The Complete Food Survey 2019 is Out – Give Your Opinion Now

Do you have something to say about Complete Foods?

Is there anything that bothers you about the state of the market?

Do you disagree on what brands are doing with Complete Foods?

Take part on the Complete Food Survey and make your voice heard!

2019 Complete Food Survey
Click to go to the survey.


The Complete Food Survey is the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts and make your voice heard. It was created to increase the cooperation between brands; and decrease the gap between manufacturers and customers.

In all honesty, I strongly believe that there should be a bigger degree of cooperation between the complete food brands and the customers. However, the opportunities to interact and give honest feedback are limited. That is why I believe in the Complete Food Survey.


By filling out the survey you provide some of the biggest brands in the meal replacement industry with very valuable feedback. There are questions already set that help the Complete Food brands understand the market better, to improve how they cater the customers. On top of that, there are open ended questions for those who have stronger opinions or something to say that it was not touch on the survey otherwise.

This data is shared with the brands that have participated on the survey, who then analyse it to improve their services. A more global data-set is key to answer some of the bigger questions in the industry; questions beyond what flavour is the most popular. For instance, the survey provides valuable insight on where should the industry go next as a whole.


The Survey is an independent platform to audit the Complete Food market. It is envisioned to be a bridge between the customers of Complete Food and the brands; as well as a valuable tool to get an accurate representation of the market.

In fact, having a real representation of where the market is at is very valuable and necessary in order for the Complete Foods to grow. Similarly, growth will only be possible if the understanding of and communication with the customer is clear.

Although, brands carry their own surveys, this often have limited scopes and/or limited reach. The CFS aims to be a worldwide tool to get a wider understanding of the market.


In previous years, it was organized by Queal and Saturo (two European meal replacement brands). Seeking a more neutral party to organise it, the Complete Food Survey 2019 has been handed down to Latestfuels.

As previously mentioned, I do not see this as Latestfuel’s project, but more of a collaboration between brands which Latestfuels organises. Just because you organise the Olympics does not mean that the Olympics belong to you.

I am, however, deeply honoured of organising the survey and for the opportunity given. Likewise, I am deeply grateful of the support given by the participating companies and websites.

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