How to Avoid the Coronavirus Food Apocalypse

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Meal Replacements Now

Let’s start this post by wishing everyone well, and hoping you are taking the precautions not to get infected by coronavirus. Talking about precautions to be taken, I want to recommend stocking up on your meal replacement shakes. This message is not to spread the panic, but trying to foresee a near future where some brands might have issues manufacturing their goods. But more of that later.

The Corona virus or COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm. From being a small flue to a worldwide pandemic, the evolution of the virus has been exponential, literally. As such, there have been unusual measurements taken by all the governments in the world, such as, closure of universities, stopping major events or even quarantining whole countries. The socioeconomic impact of the virus is unparalleled.

In fact, one of the consequences of the virus has been mass hysteria and panic. A feeling that has driven many to stock up life essentials (food), hygiene tools (toilet paper, sanitizer) and everything they consider necessary. Canned goods, non-perishable food like rice or beans and multivitamins have also been hot items to purchase. Many citizens are worried about a shortage of food due to lockdowns, stop of trade or closure of retail. Well, I have a solution: buy meal replacements now and cover your nutrition for the foreseeable future.

1. Get Proper Nutrition Easily

Meal replacements are complete food. They can be vegan, vegetarian, high in protein, high in fats, all natural, organic and more.

Meal replacements will provide you with complete and balanced nutrition. There are very few food sources and recipes that will be able to provide you with all the nutrients that easily. Consuming meal replacement shakes will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. All the nutrients your body needs according the dietary guidelines.

Furthermore, considering that fresh food and variety of ingredients might be hard to come by; eating healthy will become more challenging than usual. Fruits, vegetables and nuts, to mention some, are often imported from other countries. These are incredibly rich in micronutrients and phytonutrients (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds) that are quintessential for a healthy body.

Therefore, drinking meal replacement shakes might be an easy solution to this problem.

2. Boost Your Immune System

Vitamins and minerals are key to boost your immune system, together with phytonutrients. Usually we get them with fruits and vegetables; but meal replacements are a good source, too.

Closely linked to the point made above, meal replacements can be a great boost to your immune system.

Thanks to the vitamins and minerals, as well as the phytonutrients present in many meal replacements, you can make sure your immune system is boosted and running in all gears. Micronutrients are essential in proper functioning of antibodies and keeping your body defences healthy.

3. Avoid Food Shortage and Depending on Stores

Shortage of hygiene products is already happening in major countries like Germany, UK, the US or Australia.

One of the issues that is likely to happen is that supermarkets might run out of stock. This is already happening with hygiene essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. As mass hysteria prompts more bulk buys, supermarkets might have issues to replenish their goods. Even more if they have problems getting the goods to the stores (lack of transport, lack of food, lack of manpower…).

By ordering online now, you can make sure to prevent all those issues in the future. Most meal replacement companies have their own website where you can order and you will get your order delivered within a week.

Thus, you can have enough food for the next two months, without major inconveniences. Plus, most powders will be easy to stock.

4. Long Shelf-life

Easy to store and with an average shelf-life of over 9 months.

This is very self-explanatory. On average, meal replacement powders tend to have 9+ months of shelf-life where the products provide you with all the nutrients. Consequently, if you were to buy now, you would be covered until the end of the year. On top of that, in the even that you stocking up wasn’t necessary, you will have plenty of time to consume your meals.

5. Avoid Public Spaces like Supermarkets

Another issue related to stores is the risk to contamination. Coronavirus is easily spread through the air and by touching contaminated surfaces. Supermarkets are a clear example where both happen continuously.

Avoid the risk by shopping online. As mentioned earlier, all meal replacement companies have an online store that you can buy through. Some even sell via Amazon, but the stock here might be more irregular.

6. Companies Might Have Stock Issues

What if they cannot produce at their usual rate? Will they be able to keep steady production? Mana is already having stock issues.

This is a serious event that is already occurring. Meal replacement companies are likely to run into stock and production issues if the current trajectory stands. Allow me to explain why:

  • Influx of new customers. I will probably not be the only one thinking that meal replacement shakes are ideal to keep ourselves nourished during these times. This might drive new unexpected customers. For instance Mana has already reported that they’ve sold what they thought to be for 3 months in 4 days.
  • Struggle to produce new product. Which laws will be applied is uncertain, but as grouping up keeps being discouraged, some factories might have to close.
  • Shortage of prime ingredients. Many brands, including giants like Huel, rely on ingredients coming from China (soy protein, pea protein, flaxseed). Production in those countries might be halted, which will ultimately hurt the manufacturing of new batches.
  • Limit of international trade. Related to the above, trade between countries is likely to be limited, at least in certain goods. Thus, having an adverse effect on how easily companies can get their hands on necessary ingredients (or even ship their products).

Thus, this is one of the main reasons why I believe now to be a good time to buy.

7. Raising Prices

A direct consequence of shortages tends to be the raise of prices. Higher cost for the manufacturers will mean that they might be forced to temporarily increase their prices. While few brands might be able to diminish their margins, most work in very tight budgets.

If as expected, the brands start struggling with production and particularly getting the prime ingredients that they need, the price of each meal will go up.

Currently, you can have a meal replacement shake for as little as €1 per 400kcal (a meal). Make sure to buy now and save some money in the future.

What Meal Replacement Shakes Are Best?

Best Meal Replacement Shakes
All the best meal replacements listed here for convenience. Find the best keto shakes, shakes for weight loss, dairy free etc.

There is no exclusive meal replacement that is better against the Corona virus. They don’t come packed with antibiotics or a magic ingredient that will prevent you from having it. However, as mentioned earlier, there are some factors I would recommend you looking at.

For once, look at shakes made from real food. While this might be more expensive, they are likely to have more nutrients and phytonutrients (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory chemicals etc.). These, in turn, will help to boost your immune system. It’s like having your greens. Look at the best natural meal replacements to help out with your choice.

Another thing to take into consideration might be the variety of flavours they offer. Getting bored of the same flavour is a real possibility when you need to consume the shakes daily. Buying from different brands is something you could consider.

Option A: Ambronite

For instance, the recently reviewed Ambronite is a great choice. They have a wide selection of real food based shakes, with multiple flavours to choose from. Like my favourite Balanced Meal Shake Chocolate. Plus, they also sell AmbroGreens a powder mix based on supergreens (spirulina, chlorella, spinach) that will provide a boost of vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

The have 3 formulas to choose from: Complete, Balanced and Keto Shake. All three are plant-based and are made from natural sources. As such, you can get your nutrients from non-processed ingredients.

They deliver worldwide, and you can get the best prices when you buy in bulk (up to 33%) and use the discount code LATESTFUELS for an additional 25% off.

Balanced Meal Shake Chocolate is one of the best tasting chocolate shakes. If you choose Ambronite, you need to try it.

Option B: Powdermatter

This is the budget option, but that a brand that also delivers in terms of quality. Made with super-seeds like quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat; which are all really nutrient rich. So much so, that they have been shortlisted by NASA to be grown in space as food sources.

With Powdermatter you will get a high protein shake, with all the essential nutrients your body needs in a variety of flavours. All from as little as €1.10 per 400kcal meal. On top of that, you can get some nutritious bars, so you don’t get bored of just drinking your meals.

Option C: Almost Any Other Honestly

These are but two of my favourite brands. There are plenty out there worth checking:

  • Queal for some flavour variety and format variety.
  • Huel, one of the staples of the market.
  • Plenny Shake from Jimmyjoy; balance between flavours and budget.
  • Runtime for even more flavours.
  • YFood if you want great tasting shakes.
  • Soylent, for convenience.
  • Mana, for a mix of powders and RTD.
  • and many more.


Before I finish this article, I want to make one point clear:

It’s not a call to panic but an effort to foresee issues that could happen in the near future.

I am no Coronavirus expert or economic guru. Thus, this could be a pile of crap. But from having read on the topic from two different angles, seeing the development events are taking, and having some insight into meal replacement companies; I have developed some early concerns. Concerns that I thought I would do well sharing.

Stay calm. Stay safe.

Disclaimer: I am no expert on COVID-19.

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