Weekly News #17 | Soylent Stacked, Mark 6 Mana and More

Here we are back after a couple weeks of break. I hope everyone had a nice holiday break, and now let’s get back to breaking down the latest weekly meal replacement news. This week I have a backlog of announcements to go through, like the latest Soylent product, Queal’s New Year Resolution Deals, Mana Mark 6 etc. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Soylent Stacked

After Huel’s mad December, I thought that nothing else would surprise me. However, Soylent had an ace in the sleeve. While the customers were still in turmoil for the issues that the American brand was having shipping the Black Friday orders, they announced their new product: an RTD, but with a twist. Soylent Stacked is a complete energy drink.

A Small Introduction to Soylent Stacked

Before we go any further, let’s have a brief look to Soylent’s new product:

Soylent Stacked Aim
Soyelnt Stacked is a chocolate flavoured nootropics drink. It is aimed to those looking for an energy or focus boost.
  • Available: In the US.
  • Flavours: Chocolate.
  • Price per bottle: $2.50
  • Price per 400kcal: $5.50
  • Nutrition: Vegan.
  • Other: Caffeine, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, alpha-gpc.

Perhaps the most noteworthy part is the latter. In fact, these are the “nootropic” or cognitive function enhancing ingredients that make this drink special. Together with these, the drink provides you with 180kcal and all the nutrients your body needs, including 15g of protein. Therefore, it is not like other boosters (Red Bull, Monsters etc) that usually either provide you with calories from sugar or zero calories (like soda).

Soylent Stacked nutritrional label

Nutritionally speaking, Soylent Stacked is just like Soylent Bridge; a low carb, higher protein blend than Soylent Drink. The macronutrient distribution is 21% of energy from carbohydrates, 32% from protein and 47% from fats.

First Impressions: Soylent Stacked Is but a Disguised Soylent Bridge

In fact, it is almost like what Soylent Cafe is to Soylent Drink. While it is true that some of the ingredients used in the mix are not in Soylent Cafe, others are (caffeine and L-theanine). So having Soylent market this as a completely new product feels missguiding and leaves me with a bad starting impression.

On top of that, I was not very impressed with Soylent Bridge, which felt extremely overpriced and too small of a portion. Plus, them offering it in a single flavour felt cheap and underdeveloped. This mask, while it does add some interesting twist and a new focus, it does no change the flaws present in Soylent Bridge. In fact, it is an even more expensive version, for something (nootropics) that is fairly cheap on its own.

I would look for other opportunities, unless you are buying Soylent or the convenience factor fits you well.

Mana Releases Mark 6 Powder

After Huel did a major update in their Powder product, the Czech giant also did a major overhaul in their star product. These are the major changes:

Mana Mark 6 Powder
The last change is a visual one. Now Origin comes with a red stripe.
  • Similar macronutrient profile.
  • More protein sources. From Soy Protein Isolate to a complex blend of soy, pea, oat, hemp, rice and algae protein.
  • More sources of fats.
  • Increased potassium per serving. From 400mg to 700mg.
  • More ingredients used (34 to 42). Among these the protein and plant sources, together with inulin and carrot fiber.
  • More fiber. From 5.5g to 7g per serving.
  • Improved shelf life from 12 months to 18 months.
  • Price increase of 10% for Origin, now costing €55

A lot of changes, indeed.

Mana Mark 6 Powder First Impressions

Mana Mark 6 taste

For now, the change has only been introduced to Origin, but the rest should follow soon. I think that this is a very interesting development, particularly Mana’s bet to introduce more protein sources. Fact is, that some of the protein sources used are incomplete and have lower PDCAAS score than soy protein isolate on its own. Thus, while the new mix does provide a complete amino acid profile, I am not sure more means better. Nevertheless, it has to be taken into account that these protein sources might contain other components that could benefit overall.

In fact, Mana’s health claim count has been increased from 161 to 173. On top of that, variety of ingredients should also provide more extra phytonutrients. I think that the increased fibers is a positive sign and a move in the right direction.

On the other hand, while the price increase is understandable when you add ingredients to the mix, I think the consumers might not like it as much.

Besides all that, I am curious how the change in the protein sources affects the flavour. Origin was my favourite Mana flavour by far. Plus, I think that the biggest issue with the shakes is the lumps that are created when shaking. I hope that there have been some improvement in this regard.

Super Body Fuel Updates

This is the list of updates of the popular American brand as stated by the owner in a reddit post.

  • New Year’s Sale! $5 off with coupon code: ITSTHEFUTURE
  • Scoops optional: they have been removed from the cart and you now need to email them to ask for one.
  • New, tasty rice protein: almost all the old stock is cleared out!
  • Keto Fuel reduced sodium: most flavors now at 100% DV.
  • Pumpkin Spice: still available, until it’s sold out!
  • Keto Fuel Strawberry is here: under 20g net carbs per day!
  • Omega-3 included: 800mg DHA, 2g Myo-Inositol per day.
  • New website, new brand, scaling up production soon…?

There are many interesting things to comment on, but in my opinion one of the most positive aspects is the addition of omega-3. Up until now, it was my biggest point of criticism, the lack of good omega-3 sources, which are usually deficient in our diets. Therefore, now Milk Fuel stands much higher in my personal rankings. It is a great, cheap and easily customizable shake.

Besides that, it is definitely worth mentioning that they are rebranding. Their website has been the same for a while now, and in all honesty, does not have the most modern look. Furthermore, this rebranding is a consequence of upscaling, thus, it’s great to hear the good news.

All in all, it seems that the company and the products are going in the right direction and 2020 might be a great year for Superbodyfuel.

Other News

So that’s the bulk of the news for the past few weeks. However, there have been other noteworthy events:

  • Saturo is now available in Aldi and Hofer. Great news for the Austrian manufacturer which has struck a deal with some of the biggest supermarket chains in Germany and Central Europe.
  • Queal’s New Year Resolution deals are out. This year the bundle will offer you 2 meals per workday (10 meals a week) of their Steady line. A total of 480 meals that sum up to €900 (for Standard). You can pay it in one go or 4 installments. Unfortunately, this deal will only be available until the 14th.

Weekly Deals

  • Queal NYR Deals available until the 14th of January. You can get up to 20% OFF.
  • Get 20% OFF in Kuik products using the code HOLA2020 or alternatively use the code VANILLA40 to get 40% OFF in the vanilla premix.

Have a great week!

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