Weekly News #4 | Soylent Green, Flavour Bonanza and the End of CFS’19

Here we are with another edition of Weekly News on the meal replacement market. In fact, it has been a very interesting week, with multiple new flavours announced, developments in a wide array of brands, and the first results from the Complete Food Survey 2019.

Soylent Green is Mint (Chocolate)

Let’s start with the elephant of the room. In previous week’s article we announced that Soylent Drink was getting a new flavour. Under the hashtag “greeniscoming”, Soylent made an aggressive social media campaign to let the world know about the new flavour.

Many were curious what the flavour was going to be, and the speculations included, Matcha Tea, Pistachios and humans (in reference to the movie Soylent Green). In fact, I believe that Soylent used this very well in their favour.

Soylent Drink Mint chocolate vs Soylent Green
Soylent Drink Mint Chocolate and the references to the movie Soylent Green.

Is Soylent Mint Chocolate Any Good?

Unfortunately, as an European citizen I do not have access to the shake. Sad, since I believe Soylent drink is one of the best RTDs in the market. Nevertheless, the initial reactions in social media and forums has been extremely positive.

This was particularly true in the r/soylent subreddit, where the thread “Mint Chocolate Soylent tastes almost exactly like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream” got a lot of favourable responses.

I’m almost concerned that it tastes so good

Soylent Drink Mint Chocolate show
From r/soylent.

It’s delicious. Unbelievably delicious


Surprisingly, many people said that they preferred this flavour to the Cacao RTD, which is my favourite Soylent Drink.

So, Where Do I Buy Soylent Mint Chocolate?

If you are asking that question to yourself, the answer is in the Soylent online store. Unfortunately, it is not available in stores, yet; although, I will expect that this will change soon. Also, this flavour is only available in the US currently.

Soylent Mint Chocolate Try
Try it now.

Flavour Shuffle

On the positive side, there has been a new flavour released by Jake, and an announcement by Vite Ramen. On the opposite end, Jimmyjoy announced the end of their Neutral Flavour in Plenny Shake Active.

Jake Coffee

Jake Coffee Original First
Jake Coffee now available for pre-order to old Jake customers.

Jake Coffee is available in all three variants (Light, Original and Sports), however, it is currently only available for old Jake customers. They can also enjoy a 10% discount using the code COFFEE10.

Interestingly enough, Jake will only pack 9.8mg of caffeine per 100g (as reported by Repasenpoudre), which is a very small amount (an adult can have up to 400mg a day). When compared to other coffee flavoured meal replacements, it is also the lowest amount on the market.

Vite Ramen Red and More

In the latest post they shared at r/soylent, they teased a new flavour only giving the hint of the color: Red. While they stated that there is a long way until this flavour comes to fruition, I am excited upon the possibility of a spicy flavour. Really spicy one if possible.

Vite Ramen red

Besides the new flavour tease, they also released an update explaining that they are looking to opportunities to offer free shipping. From now they are looking at increasing the prices of the product and reduce the shipping costs (overall price would remain the same).

Plenny Shake Active Neutral Discontinued

Plenny Shake Active Neutral discontinued
Posted by a Reddit user.

As stated in the email received by this Jimmyjoy subscriber, the Neutral (unflavoured, unsweetened) Plenny Shake Active will be discontinued when the stock runs out.

This is a sad development, since there are many U&U user within the Complete Food community (according to CFS’19 results). However, it is clear that the sales indicated otherwise. Now, I would be a little scared about the Plenny Shake Neutral. However, I suspect that the user-base for this is much larger (fewer people ordering Active variant).

Nevertheless, if something, I feel like there should be more flavours available for Plenny Shake Active. This is one of the best budget Sport shakes in Europe, thus more variation in taste would be welcome.

Complete Food Survey 2019 Initial Results

The Complete Food Survey 2019 was meant to finish on the 22nd of September, but due to some brands having issues, it was extended for a week. Thus, despite announcing that it came to an end last week; it was prolonged for a week. I apologize for the lack of transparency and clarity.

However, thanks to this extension, we broke the 1,000 responses barrier and reach a total of 1,108 responses! This is very positive and encouraging engagement from the community.

As the organiser, I am very humbled by the reaction and I want to thank you all who have taken part.

Giveaways Announced

The giveaway was meant to be a reward from the promoting brands for those who participated. In total there were 5 prizes given away (vouchers and products worth about $85 of Complete Food).

CFS 19 EU giveaway
Giveaways for the European winners.

We had 2 winners in the US, one in France, one in Sweden and one in Ireland. So, if you have not gotten an email from me; I am sorry to let you know that you have not won any price.

However, due to the overwhelming response, I am looking to arrange some more smaller prices if possible.

Initial Thoughts

Besides the appreciation for the engagement and response from the community, I have had very little time to analyse the results. I have compiled some interesting facts in the CFS page of Latestfuels and the official page.

The actual analysis, nonetheless, will come later. I suspect that it will be within a month’s time. There are a few reasons for this; but the main ones are time and personnel constraints.

Apart from that, I must say that it has been very valuable learning experience. The process has not been without fail and there are many things to improve:

  • Giveaways. I think there will be more giveaways in the future, mostly in form of vouchers and codes.
  • Better software. From the software used for the giveaways, to the survey.
  • Shorter survey. This is hard to do, since I want to make sure is thorough.
  • Focus and marketing of the survey.

As usual, feedback on any aspect is welcome.

Other News

Now moving to other things that have happened during the past week:

  • Huel RTDs in Sainsbury’s. I reported this a couple of weeks ago, but it seems that the RTDs have finally reached the stores. If you live in the UK, check you local Sainsbury’s for a Huel Ready-to-Drink, available for £3.5.
  • Restructuring on the site. You might have noticed that the navigation bar is slightly different. I am working on restructuring the site to be a little more user friendly. There is a new section “Guides”; and the reviews will also be shuffled. This might cause some issues and broken URLs, so please let me know if you find any.

This Week’s Deals

Following the tradition started last week; here are some meal replacement deals:

  • COFFEE10 for 10% off in Jake Coffee. Unfortunately, this will only work for those who have consumed Jake shakes before.
  • Free shipping at Vite Ramen when you make an order above $50 using the code SEPTSHIPPING. Only available until the end of the month (today).
  • AmbroGreens is back in stock. Use the code “Latestfuels” to get 25% off.

As usual, it has been a pleasure, and until next week!

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