One week on Next Level Meal by Runtime

This is a new series that I am starting. I have seen that some people like to do “one week on Soylent”; “one week on Huel”; “one week on Plenny Shake”…I found this concept fairly interesting, therefore I thought I could “one-weeks” in several meal replacement, while monitoring my weight and health to see how my body would react. I am pretty excited.

Next Week: One week on Satislent.  European budget meal replacement. Vegan, non-gmo, locally sourced shakes.

More about Satislent.

But before starting here are the rules or the parameters:

  1. I will weight myself at the start of the week and at the end of the week.
  2. I will monitor all I eat using MyfitnessPal to track the calories in.
  3. Luckily, I also have a Garmin Fenix 3hr that allows me to fairly accurately estimate how many calories I burn a day and track exercise. Therefore, I will also provide data of the exercise and steps i do. This wil be calories out.
  4. I will try to eat at least more than 50% of my energy from meal replacements. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to do solely consuming complete foods (due to social and familiar compromises).

Things to take into account:

  • One week is not enough time to draw any strong conclusions.
  • The results for any certain meal replacement shake might be skewed due to external factors like stress, work load, temperature…
  • Not 2 weeks are equal.
  • I might be unable to fully accurately track my calories in meals that I do not cook.

So, let’s start with one week on Next Level Meal. All the information about Next Level Meal is here. Quick recap:

  • It is made by Runtime. German company and it is currently only shipped to Europe.
  • Each serving (150g) has 606kcal. 3 servings give you just over 1,800kcal.
  • Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten and Soy.
  • Energy Distribution: 52C/22P/26F.
  • Suitable for: Vegetarians.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Unfortunately, I will only be able to do one meal per day for 6 days, because I ordered too little. I will revisit it, again in the future.
  • The meal of choice it will be breakfast.
  • I will likely go to rugby trainning, in which I will be unable to wear my tracking device. So I will do an estimation of the calories burnt.
  • Goal is to maintain weight.

Summary of the my week on Next Level Meal

Starting Weight: 77.7kg or 171.3lb.

Finishing weight: 79.1kg or 174lbs.

NLM Energy expenditure vs intake
In theory, I ended up with a caloric deficit of 1440kcal.
  • Initial goal was not to gain weight but I put 1.4kg in a week. I think this is to several factors including: I clearly underestimated the amount that I ate; I think I slightly overstimated how much I burnt and how much I needed to maintain (maybe closer to 2,000 instead of 2,200); I had to much bread at nights before bed.
  • Looking to the future I should cut the bread and spread my meals more evenly.
  • I will have to change the baseline intake.

Thoughts on Next Level Meal:


  • Most flavours were really nice. I enjoyed having the shake in the morning. My flavour ranking: Coconut >Original/Strawberry >Chocolate >Lemon Cheesecake >>>Marzipan.
  • Shakes were really filling, so much so, that the first couple of days I felt really full after drinking them.
  • I was not hungry for 4h consistently after having the shake.
  • My energy levels felt OK, mood was good and there were no physiological changes aside the fact that I put on weight (due to other factors).
  • I recommend you to try Next Level Meal.

Start 03/09/18

Starting Weight: 77.7kg or 171.3lb.

Starting Weight Next Level Meal
Excuse my dirty feet.

Starting Caloric Need: 2,180kcal or 9121.1kJ.Caloric Need for NLM


Day 1- 03/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 1

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 8a.m.
  • Next Level Meal Chocolate 150g (606kcal) at 10a.m.

Thoughts: It was actually more filling than I expected. It was almost uncomfortably filling, since I do not tend to have such a big breakfast. I was fairly hungry before, too. The disconfort went within half an hour and I had a very pleasant morning working in the computer.

How to prepare a meal replacement shakeLunch:
  • Black bean soup 300g (231kcal)

Thoughts: It is hard to track how much it was, my guess is that is probably a little bit more. It is a local dish consisting of black beans that have been boiled in water for hours. It tastes better than it sounds.

Black Beans
Black bean soup, a typical food. It tastes better than it looks, I promise
  • Tomato salad with olive oil dressing – 1 Tomato (22kcal), half- tablespoon of olive oil (60kcal).
  • Spanish omelette (potato omelette)- 1/4  (363kcal).

Thoughts: The salad was delicious. Spanish omelette is a favourite of my family. I did not cook either of those, so this are estimates. I think it could be higher.

  • 6 slices of wholegrain bread (some during the meals, a couple for a quick sandwich) about 384kcal.
  • Turkey ham 4 slices about 124g (136kcal)

Thoughts: I had a little sandwich between dinner and lunch. That is always the longest period.

Food Day 1:
Next Level Meal Food Day 1

Recap of Day 1

It was a very passive day. I sat in front of my desk and I barely did 4,772 steps which is about 40-45′ walking during the whole day. I need to find some time in my routine to walk more and do more exercise.

I drank about 3.5l of water. Fairly standard.

Next Level Meal Summary Day 1

Day 2 – 04/09/18 | Go to Recap Day 2

Here are my goals for today set by Garmin Connect.

Preview Day 2

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 8a.m.
  • Next Level Meal Marzipan 150g (606kcal) at 10a.m. mixed with 150ml of water+150ml skimmed milk.

Thoughts: Again really filling. I did not enjoy the taste, though. I do not know if that is how marzipan tastes like, but for me it was an awkwards flavour. On the positive side, it was definitely different than yesterday’s shake. So there is differences between flavours.

Next Level Meal Marzipan
  • Black bean soup 300g (231kcal)

Thoughts: Perhaps I should have eaten a little bit more.

  • Tomato salad with olive oil dressing – 1 Tomato (22kcal), half- tablespoon of olive oil (60kcal).
  • Beef lasagna, homemade 500g (618kcal).

Thoughts: I had too much for dinner and really late, past 22:00, which caused me to go late to bed. I should have eaten the lasagna -it was superb- before the trainning probably. I was tempted to have another Next Level Meal honestly, but I wanted to keep one a day. I need to spread my calories during the day better.

  • 5 slices of wholegrain bread (320kcal).
  • Turkey ham 4 slices about 124g (136kcal) before the rugby training as part of a sandwich (19:20).
  • Runtime Megabite and Performance Drink as my post workout meal at around 17:20.

Thoughts: I had Megabite and Performance Drink as my post workout meal. The later to help refocus on work. I would have liked some more protein and calories, I would have drunk a protein shake as well, had I have one.

Post Workout Runtime Meal

Food day 2

Calories 04_09
Nutrients 04_09
Macros 04_09

Leg workout, 1h, 595kcal. Time 1615-1715.

I felt OK during the workout, if a bit light at the start. I think the workout could have been better if I went in the morning.

Recap of Day 2

I missmanaged how I ate my calories and I ended up eating too much at night(47% of the daily calorie intake!), not so long before going to bed. Not ideal. It was mainly to the rugby training being harder than I thought. My first training in a while it was not pleasant. I also went to the gym for a legs workout and burnt about 580kcal (1h).

I think that I may have been in a caloric deficit yesterday:

Rugby (MFP estimation) 585 + Workout 595 + Base 2180 = 3,360kcal

I think that number is a little inflated, but a little too far from the ~2,600kcal I consumed.



Day 3 – 05/09/18 | Go to Recap Day 3

Here are my goals for today set by Garmin Connect.

Preview Day 2

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 8a.m.
  • Next Level Meal Coconut 150g (606kcal) at 10a.m. mixed with 300ml skimmed milk.

NLM Coconut with 300ml milkThoughts: This was the best shake I had so far. I am actually gutted that I do not have more of them. I found the flavour to be really pleasant, mild coconut and drank it with ease. Maybe to easily. It was over too soon. Then again, I did not feel hungry afterwards until 14:00.

Next Level Meal Coconut taste
NLM Coconut flavour, the best tasting by far.
  • Pisto (a “soup” of courgette, tomato and peppers – all from the home garden!) about 241kcal. Great source of nutrients.
  • 140g of Haddock (100kcal). White fish is always superb.

    A mix of courgettes, tomatoes and peppers with a bit of olive oil.

Thoughts: Once again lunch was my smallest meal. I found it filling and I was able to work OK afterwards.

  • Tomato salad with olive oil dressing and tuna – 1 Tomato (22kcal), half- tablespoon of olive oil (60kcal), tuna stored in olive oil 60g (102kcal).
  • 2 Large fried eggs (180kcal). Fried eggs plus another condiment is a fairly standard dinner meal in my household.
  • Bread 4 slices of wholegrain loaf (256kcal).

Thoughts: I love bread, eat too much of it and does not feel like that many calories. Anyhow, this was a fairly standard dinner. I loaded my tomato salad with tuna because I wanted to get more protein.

  • 4 slices of wholegrain bread (256kcal).
  • Turkey ham 6 slices about 186g (192kcal).
  • 2 low fat yogurts 250g (98kcal).

Thoughts: Because I always feel like I am short in protein I tend to eat a lot of ham (normal or turkey). Yogurt is like a small keep me without eating for another hour snack.

Food day 3

Food Day 3 NLM
Calorie Spread Day 3
Nutrients 05_09
Macros 05_09

Summary 05_09
Small back workout with not many heavy lifts.

The workout was really relieving since my head was tired from looking at the monitor all day. I am not used to be for so long in front of the computer yet. Again that means that I hardly moved at all, besides that with only 4,668 steps in the whole day.

Recap of Day 3

So this is day 3 with Next Level Meal. I must say, it has been really pleasant so far and I had 0 problems -aside from the fact that I did not like the Marzipan flavour-.

The start of the day was fantastic. I am still really pleased with the coconut flavour NLM. I strongly recommend taking it. I also had the biggest amount of calories in my breakfast (37%) which is quite surprising for me. I felt really good during the day so it has definitely been a positive.

I did a small back workout, even though my mind was not fully on it, just to escape from the monitor for an hour. Getting back after was slightly harder than the day before and I found myself pretty tired by the end. I wonder if a Performance Drink would have helped.

Excited to see what tomorrow will bring!

Day 4 – 06/09/18 | Go to Recap Day 4

Here are my goals for today set by Garmin Connect.

Preview Day 2

  • Coffee with 150ml of skimmed milk (53kcal) at 8a.m. I could not find my big mug.
  • Next Level Meal Lemon Cheesecake 150g (606kcal) at 10a.m. mixed with 300ml water.
Next Level Meal Lemon Cheesecake Taste
I had to prepare it in advance to consume it later. It hold up no problem.

Thoughts: The Lemon Cheesecake Next Level Meal was ok. It had a faint of lemon, which was quite pleasant mixed with a biscuity flavour. Fairly sweet. Unfortunately, I could taste the water by the end of each gulp. I think it could have been better with milk. Coconut>Chocolate>Lemon Cheesecake>>>Marzipan, so far.

NLM Lemon Cheesecake
Not a bad place to enjoy breakfast. If only the weather were better.
  • Pisto (a “soup” of courgette, tomato and peppers – all from the home garden!) about 241kcal. Great source of nutrients.
  • Beef steak from the butchers, about 112g (8oz) and 360kcal -perhaps it was bigger.

Thoughts: I am starting to be OK with lunch being my smallest meal. It was bigger than usual and perhaps too much. However, I needed all the energy for the exercise later on.

  • Courgette soup (already premade), 485g, 233kcal.
  • 2  beef burgers (plain) taken from the butcher -he tends to have really good meat-. About 16oz and 360kcal.
  • Bread 2 slices of wholegrain loaf (144kcal).
  • MAXIBON, 320kcal -all sugar and fat.

Thoughts: I was going to end up having tomato salad again, but I did not feel like it so I found a vegetable soup in the cupboard and cook it. The burgers were really tasty, although I might have had a little too much beef (and fats) yesterday. I was short in some calories and I really wanted some ice-cream. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Enjoy life.

  • 2 slices of wholegrain bread (144kcal).
  • Turkey ham 4 slices about 124g (128kcal).
  • Performance Drink 250ml, 120kcal.

Thoughts: I forgot to add Performance Drink to MFP. No big issue.

Food day 4

NLM Food day 4 06_09
Calorie Spread Day 4
Nutrients Day 4
Macros 06_09

Summary Day 4 06_09
There is also rugby which it is not displayed there. I had a flat tired half way to my training, which is why the cycling was cut short.

As you can observe, yesterday was a more active day. I had to walk to the doctors and then to a friends shop in the morning, so I was able to do 9,558 steps. That is why, without the extra exercise, the Fenix 3 watch indicated I burned 2,500kcal.

I went to rugby training and we did some running, aside from a fairly active session. MFP estimated 585kcal, which it might be a little too much.

Recap of Day 4

Wow, 4 days already gone. To be honest, having Next Level Meal is barely affecting my routine, aside from the fact that I am looking forward every morning to try a new flavour and that I have increased the amount of calories I eat in the morning.

The last thing is probably a good thing, since I shifted some calories I used to eat while snacking to the morning. I feel very energized and focus throughout all morning; and to be honest, I do not struggle with hunger until lunch time.

I need to sort out my eating pattern when I have rugby training, since I end up having dinner really late (about 22:30) and it becomes my biggest meal of the day. I do not think having that many calories before bed is the best of habits to have. Oh, well.

And the Maxibon? It was delicious, thank you.

Day 5 – 07/09/18 | Go to Recap Day 5

Daily goals by  Garmin Connect.

Preview Day 2

  • Coffee with 150ml of skimmed milk (53kcal) at 8a.m. I could not find my big mug.
  • Next Level Meal Original 150g (606kcal) at 10a.m. mixed with 150ml skimmed milk and 150ml water.

Next Level Meal Original

Thoughts: The Original version was quite enjoyable. A very biscuit-like flavour (I guess because of the oats plus sugar) but with a small cinammon hint -or at least it looked like that to me. Standings currently are as follows: Coconut>Original>Chocolate>Lemon Cheesecake>>>Marzipan.

  • I had a portion of springless beans with boiled potato and carrot. Estimation of calories 292kcal (probably less).
  • Springless beans with potatoes and carrots125g of Chicken breast grilled. About 243kcal.

Thoughts: While visually big and consisted of two plates, it was not energetically as much. This is a realtively nutrient rich meal. Springless beans are from the garden and they were superb.

  • Two tomatoes from the garden with 150g of tuna (conserved in oil). Tomatoes about 50kcal and the tuna 204.
  • Half baguette of french bread.

Thoughts: I did the mistake of buying bread. I love bread, and as such, I ended up having the half baguette, even though it was quite thin. The tomato+tuna combination is always a winner for me, becuase it is rich in nutrients and protein and it tastes amazing.

  • 6 slices of wholegrain bread (432kcal).
  • Turkey ham 4 slices about 124g (128kcal).
  • No-fat yogurt (49kcal).

Thoughts: Why so much bread?! I had some for a sandwich mid afternoon and then more after dinner. I really need to cut on it.

Food day 5

NLM Food Day5 07_09_18
Calorie Spread Day 5
NLM Nutrients Day5
NLM Macros Day 5

NLM Summary Day 5
Not sure why it says 228 steps. I think I did just under 6000.

I was going to go to the gym for a quick workout but I advocated for a rest day instead.

Recap of Day 5

The most notable thing about yesterday is that I ended up in a caloric surplus (about 400kcal). I did not do much during the day and I ate a fair bit of carbohydrates. I am ok with that since I think I was in a bit of deficit this week. It was a good balancing day.

Regarding the Next Level Meal, the original flavour was one of my favourites with a biscuit-like cinnamony taste. I have started to really enjoy the shake in the mornings and makes them go by without any cravings. I did feel a little sleepy yesterday morning, but it is probably due to lack of proper sleep.

I am very gladly surprised so far.

Day 6 – 08/09/18 | Go to Recap Day 6

Final Day!


  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (53kcal) at 8a.m. .
  • Next Level Meal Strawberry 150g (606kcal) at 10a.m. mixed with 100ml skimmed milk and 200ml water.

Next Level Meal Strawberry Taste

Thoughts: I am going to be honest, I was leaving the strawberry flavour for last, because I thought I would not like it. I actually really did. I wish it had more straberry bits, because that was the best part. Final rank: Coconut>Original/Strawberry>Chocolate>Lemon Cheesecake>>>Marzipan.

  • Chickpeas (200g about 194kcal) with spinach (200g about 46kcal) with parmesan strips (15g, 40kcal). Absolute delish and nutrient bomb (and really cheap in here).
  • Chickpea with SpinachMarinated Lean pork loin, 150g about 146kcal.

Thoughts: I went for two plates, and a fairly big plate because I just had been in the gym. I needed the meat for the protein.

  • Two tomatoes from the garden with 150g of tuna (conserved in oil). Tomatoes about 50kcal and the tuna 204.
  • 3 egg white (51kcal), 1 large whole egg (72kcal) omelette.
  • 5 slices of wholegrain bread (360kcal).

Thoughts: Tomato salad again? The garden is producing vegetable non-stop so I have to eat them. They will soon go out of season. I had the omelette to top up my protein intake.

  • 7 slices of wholegrain bread (504kcal).

Thoughts: I really, really need to make an effort in the bread issue.

Food day 5

NLM Food Day6 08_09_18

Nutrients Day6

NLM Calorie Spread Day6

NLM Macros Day6


NLM Summary Day6

I went to the gym and did an OK session about 2.5h after consuming NLM. I found my energy levels to be good.

Recap of Day 6

I must say the Strawberry flavour was a really nice surprise. The bits were, against my initial assumptions, the best part and I wished they were more. Otherwise, it was very similar to the Original version.

I, once again, ate too much bread. Especially after dinner. I think I need to make sure I do not eat after I finish with dinner. I ended up in a small caloric surplus which I think I am OK with.

Really happy with the week on Next Level Meal.

Finishing weight: 79kg or 174lbs.

NLM Finishing Weight 09_09_18
Weight in the morning of 09_09. I ended up putting 1.4kg.

It seems that I overstimated some of my meals. I also think I am more hydrated and that I have not been in the bathroom. But being sitting the whole day really reduces the calories I need. I will see how next week goes and make adjustments. I have also been to the gym more regularly this week (after a very on/off month and a half). So I expect my muscles have been absorbing carbs and water.

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