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What are the Ka’Chava Side Effects and Are They Dangerous?

Today, as meal replacement and nutrition experts, we are discussing Ka’chava side effects.

Ka’chava meal replacement shakes are arguably some of the healthiest meal replacement shakes on the market.

They offer a superb meal replacement powder with over 85 superfoods, proving you 240kcal, 25g of protein, and all essential nutrients in a single shake. All that from natural ingredients, with no artificial additives or sweeteners required.

In our Ka’chava review, we even praised the taste of these super shakes. Surprisingly, they don’t taste like disgusting green smoothies. On the contrary, they are delicious silky shakes that we love having in the morning. Chocolate is still Johnny’s favorite (our US-based Editor).

However, with all the adaptogens, digestive enzymes, and plants, how can we make sure Ka’chava has no side effects? Are there actually any negative side effects of having Ka’chava shakes?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ka’chava shakes are generally healthy and safe to consume
  • Some people might suffer from bloating, gasses, and nausea
  • In the most extreme cases, Ka’chava might cause migraines and headaches
  • The safest and healthiest alternative is LyfeFuel Daily Essentials

Is there anything that you should worry about? Are Ka’chava shakes actually the healthiest meal replacement shakes on the market? Is Ka’chava truly healthy?

Let’s find out!

Ka Chava Side Effects

When discussing the side effects of Ka’chava shakes it’s worth noting that it will be very dependent on the individual.

95% of the people who try Kachava should have no to very minor side effects, as there aren’t any aggressive or potentially harmful ingredients on the shakes. However, some customers might suffer some minor stomachal Ka’chava side effects like bloating, nausea, vomiting, gas or diarrhea.

In more extreme cases, Ka’chava might cause headaches, and migraines.

Understanding the Side Effects of Ka’chava Shakes

However, it is worth noting that many of the aforementioned Ka’chava side effects are minor, that happen on an individual basis and are often a result of an inadequate diet.

Side Effects Induced by Extra Dietary Fiber

For instance, the bloating and diarrhea might be caused by the high amounts of fiber and probiotics in Ka’chava shakes.

Both fiber and probiotics are extremely healthy as:

  1. They improve the intestinal flow
  2. They help you fill fuller
  3. They enhance the gut microbiota help you with digestion and can affect mood

According to the American Dietary guidelines, many Americans don’t eat enough fiber, even if research has shown that a fiber-rich diet can lead to weight loss, reduce the chance of intestinal cancer, and boost cardiovascular health.

Consequently, some of the side effects when taking Ka’chava can be due to an adaptation period from your body to a new healthier diet.

That said, you should definitely talk to a doctor if these symptoms persist or get worse.

Allergen-Derived Side Effects

Unfortunately, Ka’chava shakes do include some allergens including coconut.

As such, if you are allergic to coconut, you should try another vegan shake instead.

Other Ka chava Side Effects

On top of that, Ka’chava includes digestive enzymes that can cause negative effects on very rare occasions.

It is rare but possible to see that taking extra enzymes might cause side effects including cramping, flatulence, and occasionally an allergic reaction.

 I didn’t care for the taste. Gave some to my sister to try,and she loved it. She purchased 2 bags of the chocolate flavored one. And i am allergic to carrots and coconuts. So it sits under the counter.

1-star review

Conclusion – Ka’chava Side Effects

Ultimately, there are some side effects to having Ka’chava shakes, but they are mostly due to your body needing time to adjust to the new diet.

In many cases, Ka chava side effects will be derived from your diet being not so great before and having to adjust to a fiber, probiotic, nutrient rich shake.

The most commonly reported Ka’chava side effects are nausea, gas, bloating, and diarrhea which are all related to not being used to a fiber-rich diet. As your body adjusts to the new nutrients the side effects should fade and you should start enjoying your new life.

That said, if they were to persist you should definitely contact your doctor.

At the end of the day, we still think Ka’chava is one of the best meal replacement shakes on the market, but it might not be for everybody and that’s ok.

For a better, healthier shake with no side effects, we recommend looking at LyfeFuel Daily Essentials. It’s our daily shake that has improved our mood and energy levels, without any nasty side effects like gas, diharrea or discomfort.

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