Ep-1: The Best European Budget Meal Replacement

After the warm reception my post about the European meal replacement market and how people should care about smaller brands, I thought it would be interesting to present some alternatives. Real alternatives to the big three: Huel, Jimmyjoy and Queal.

I feel that a fun way to do so is a 1v1, David vs Goliath scenario. A direct fight between the meal replacement giant vs the small wannabe brand. So without further delay, here it is:

The Ultimate Budget Shake battle: Jimmyjoy vs Satislent.

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Jimmyjoy has been the long standing  king of European budget meal replacement shakes. A new contender has risen: Satislent. This small brand also offers really cheap vegan brands. It has a lot of potential. But is this potential to beat the Giant Jimmyjoy?

First a small intro for both brands:

Jimmyjoy – The budget meal replacement king.

jimmyjoy logo

Products: Plenny Shake, Sport, WakeUp, Plenny Drink, Twennybar.

Nutritional Profile: Vegan.

Allergens: Gluten, Soy.

Price with subscription: €1.04/400kcal.

Price without subscription: €1.22/400kcal.

From: NED.

Ships to: World*.

King of the budget meals, Jimmyjoy has a very strong brand image and a huge follower base. They have recently changed the formula for the Plenny Shakes and have Plenny Drink (RTD) comming out soon.

Satislent – The challengerSatislent Buy

Products: Economy Pack (Standard), SatisUp, Sport.

Nutritional Profile:Vegan, non-GMO.

Allergens: Soy, Gluten.

Price with subscription: No Subscription.

Price without subscription: €1.33/400kcal.

From: Spain.

Ships to: EU.

Small Spanish brands offering non-GMO, locally source, vegan meal replacement shakes. Started no long ago, their main characteristics are the use of olive oil and their really competitive prices. Enough to dethrone Plenny Shake?

Round One: Product Prize. Jimmyjoy strikes first: 1-0

Jimmyjoy making use of its raw size and power advances against Satislent and delivers the first punch: “Cheap prices are my trademark. Back off!”.

There is no arguing, at €1.04 per 400kcal (with subscription) that is almost 30 cents cheaper than Satislent’s cheapest. Without subscription is a little closer (€1.22 vs €1.33). However, Satislent stumbles, due to the hard blow delivered by Jimmyjoy.

Furious tries to strike back:

“I offer €10 off to returning customers that comment on the previous purchase”. However, this is a futile attempt to hurt Jimmyjoy. The puch lands, but does no damage.

Jimmyjoy vs Satislent Kick
Jimmyjoy strikes first.

Round Two: Product Variety. Jimmyjoy takes a commanding lead: 2-0


Making the best of the confused little Satislent, Jimmyjoy uses the inertia to do a round-kick to Satislent’s stomach.

“I offer 5 different products, including a meal replacement bar and a ready to drink product” -roars Jimmyjoy.

The blow in the stomach has Satislent out of breath. Cannot really talk.

” I do have a standard version, a caffeinated version and a sport version that can go toe to toe with your Plenny shakes. Wait, I will develop my own bar and RTD with time”- says pridefully Satislent.

Satislent vs Jimmyjoy best budget
Satislent’s attacks seem to not have any effect in Jimmyjoy.

Stands still, shouts and attacks Jimmyjoy in the legs. Did not make him fall, but he did notice it. The threat might be real.

Round Three: Nutritional value. Jimmyjoy stumbles, Satislent tries to strike back: 3-1

The last hit has Jimmyjoy furious, no one shall ever be better than him. Runs towards Satislent, ready to deliver the finishing blow. Special attack “New Plenny Shake formula“.

“Less protein from 125g to 75g! Less fiber! Carbs from maltodetrin! Oil from sunflower oil!”

Too excited, too rush, Jimmyjoy does no take care of the environment and stumbles after tripping in the “community backlash” rock. He falls into his knees. Satislent does not hesitate:

“I also offer 75g of protein, more fiber than you, use oats and toasted cornmeal as source of carbohydrates and my main source of fats is olive oil” . Jumps into Jimmyjoy’s neck and tries to stab him.

Jimmyjoy reacts on time and knocks Satislent off. “We are very similar. More than I thought”. It is almost a victory for Satislent.

Round four: The flavours and the taste. Both good, both can improve: 3-1

Both stand still facing each other. Satislent is breathing harder than Jimmyjoy. The battle is starting to take its toll.

“I offer 5 flavours:Coconut, Vanilla, Lemon, Coffee, Strawberry and Coconut. My shakes are smooth, but thick. I offer fairly mild flavours but a nice aftertaste. They can be a bit powdery, but they are easy to drink”. Satislent tries to sound confident.

“Hahaha! You fool! over 12k customers have praised my services. I have 6 flavours: Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango and Neutral! They are faily distictive. My shakes are smooth.” Answers Jimmyjoy proudly. However, there is doubt in his mind. The new iteration has not been take as well as he thought it would.

Satislent vs Jimmyjoy product
“Perhaps, this little bug is more capable than I first though” thinks Jimmyjoy with respect.

They both stand still. No one makes a move, they decide to wait.

Round five: Customer Service and community. Jimmyjoy pulls his weight: 4-1

Big Jimmyjoy grows impatient. He should have dealt with this little bug long time ago. Satislent is a nobody. Why is he still standing.

“There is something you cannot compete with, you insignificant cocroach” Shouts Jimmyjoy as loud as he can.

“And what is that?” . It has sparked Satislent’s curiosity. Plus, he is thankful for the break. He barely stands.

“I have served over 15M meals since 2014 in 88 different countries. I have a forum with 1580 users where people post daily! And a team of 16 members to help whoever needs our help”. Jimmyjoy flexes his muscles, shows off his huge biceps. There is no doubt. Jimmyjoy is the bigger speciment, it has more manufacturing power, he can reach further.

With the moral back up, runs to satislent and tries to deliver a KO left hook.

Satislent tries to dodge. Is it too late? Is this it? The hook barely misses. There is a clear scratch on Satislents right cheek. He’s bleeding.

“That is true, but wait! We have excellent customer support, we will build our community. We will grow to catch up with you”. Satislent knows they are just words at the moment.

Final round: Availability, Shipping Costs. Satislent surprises Jimmyjoy, but it is not enough: 4-2

Satislent knows is his last chance, he needs a miracle. Breaths deeply. “You can do it”. Jumps forward, dodges a right punch, swings to the right. He can see Jimmyjoy’s neck. If only he coud hit it.

“I have free shipping in orders over €50 to all Europe. I deliver within 2-5 days. I will spread to Europe” roars Satislent while aiming his right punch to the neck. One hit…

Jimmyjoy is caught by surprise due to the sudden re-energized Satislent. Reacts just in time:

“Good effort lad. I have warehouses in the EU and US. I deliver worldwide. Free in Europe in orders over €100, 30 day return policy. Free shipping in orders above $75 in the US. I can go further than you can”. The punch lands, and it really hurts. Jimmyjoy knows he could do better. He should have not been hit.

Furious, he decides is time to put an end to the little game. Lighting-fast he grabs Satislent. He did not see that coming. That reaction speed was incredible. Jimmyjoy is ready to deliver the final blow.

Coronation: Jimmyjoy executes the threat, Satislent. No mercy

Satislent is being crushed under Jimmyjoys huge hands. The pressure is too much for Satislent.

Jimmyjoy Wins
Jimmyjoy crushes poor little satislent. Jimmyjoy wins.

“You put up a good fight for a little insignificant bug. You amused me. I enjoy a good fight. But in the end, I am bigger, I can do more than you can, I can deliver the product cheaper and I can go to places you cannot. Give up” He suffocates good little Satislent with his montrous hands.

Satislent does not breath. Jimmyjoy drops him in the floor. He has his own agenda. He can not worry about nobodies like Satislent. The new RTD, the new formula. There is plenty to work on. Jimmyjoy heads to the horizon.

Epilogue: The community spark give Satislent another live.

Satislent Resurrenction
Will the community give a second chance to Satislent?

Satislent lies dead in the floor. No hope left. He is not to be the king of bugdet meal replacement. Jimmyjoy was too much.

A little spark comes down from the sky. The community gods have watched the epic battle. They are impressed and curious. They want to see what Satislent is able to deliver.

The communty spark touches Satislent. He’s badly injured but oddly re-energized. He feels stronger. Why? His power has increased. Just like a sayan. He has come back stronger. Looks to the sky. The community gods are smilling on him. “One more chance. You shall battle Jimmyjoy again in the future. Go train. Develop yourself. Improve. Become faster, go further, get leaner, stronger!”.

Satislent realizes the omnipotent community gods have blessed him. He looks forward to the day he will fight again to dethrone Jimmyjoy.

Vote with your wallets or leave a comment. Which one is your favourite?

Short version:

Overall Winner: 2-1 Jimmyjoy

Currently cheaper and has more products and flavours. Nutritionally both are very similar. Taste is yet to be seen with the new Plenny Shake formula. Satislent has the better shipping rates in Europe.

Jimmyjoy Satislent
Ships to World EU
Nutrition Vegan Vegan, NG
Allergens Gluten, Soy Gluten, Soy
Products 5 3
Price w/ subscription (€) 1.04/400kcal None
Price w/out subscription (€) 1.22/400kcal 1.33/400kcal

Product + Price: JJ

Jimmyjoy Lowest price(€) Satislent Lowest price(€)
Plenny Shake 1.04/400kcal Standard 1.33/400kcal
WakeUp(Caf) 1.04/400kcal SatisUp (Caf) 1.33/400kcal
Active (Sport) 1.04/400kcal Sport 1.25/400kcal
Twennybar 1.91/bar
Plenny Drink 2.5/bottle

Nutrition: Draw

Main Ingredients:
Plenny Shake Standard
Fats Sunflower, Flaxseed Olive Oil, lineseed
Protein Soy Pea
Carbs Oats, maltodextrin Oats, Golfio


Nutritional Breakdown: Draw
per 100g Plenny Shake Satislent
Energy (C/P/F) 55/15/30 51/23/26
Fats (g) 14 13
Saturated (g) 2.1 1.8
Carbs (g) 54 58
Sugars (g) 5.8 1.1
Fiber (g) 7.6 6
Protein (g) 15 16
Salt (g) 0.4 0.8


Shipping Costs: Satislent

Jimmyjoy Satislent
EU Free above €100 Free above €50
US Free above $75
Rest $60+


Flavour: JJ (more to come soon from Satislent)

Plenny Shake Satislent
Vanilla vanilla
Banana Coco
Chocolate Lemon
Strawberry Strawberry
Mango Coffee
Limited Editions

Taste: Draw

Jimmyjoy 7.5/10. Good taste with good flavour fidelity in the old formulas. Shakes are gritty with little bits. To see in the new formula.

Satislent 7/10. Good flavours but they are a bit mild and very oaty. A nice hint of olive oil. They can be a bit powdery and tend to be really thick.

Final thoughts:

I think Satislent has a lot to improve (set up a subscription, strengthen brand image, improve the flavours and taste, evolve the formula) but puts up a good fight vs Jimmyjoy who mostly wins the duel because it is bigger not because it has a better product per se.

Please, comment on which version you liked the most!

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