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But before starting here are the rules or the parametrs:

  1. I will weight myself at the start of the week and at the end of the week.
  2. I will monitor all I eat using MyfitnessPal to track the calories in.
  3. Luckily, I also have a Garmin Fenix 3hr that allows me to fairly accurately estimate how many calories I burn a day and track exercise. Therefore, I will also provide data of the exercise and steps i do. This wil be calories out.
  4. I will try to eat at least more than 50% of my energy from meal replacements. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to do solely consuming complete foods (due to social and familiar compromises).

Things to take into account:

  • One week is not enough time to draw any strong conclusions.
  • The results for any certain meal replacement shake might be skewed due to external factors like stress, work load, temperature…
  • Not 2 weeks are equal.
  • I might be unable to fully accurately track my calories in meals that I do not cook.

I have known about Jake or Jakefood from the beginning. They have been around since 2014, but I have never had the pleasure to try them. Here are few details about Jake.

  • Jake is another Dutch company (ther are a lot of them), that offers worldwide shipping included in their product price. However, buying products outside EU would have an extra cost.
  • They currently offer 3 different powder meal replacementes: Light (500kcal), Original (670kcal) and Sports (750kcal). All three come in 3 flavours: Oaty Vanilla, Banana and Forest Fruit.
  • They also offer 2 bars: Vitaminbar Coffee and Cacao (335kcal); and Vitaminbar Forest Fruits (332kcal).
  • The manufacturing happens in the Netherlands.
  • Allergens: Gluten (cross contamination in the shakes).
  • Suitable for: Vegans.

One week on Jake

Summary of my Week on Jake

JakeFood Energy Expenditure vs Intake
In theory, the week ended with a 406kcal deficit.

Starting Weight: 81.0kg or 178.6lbs.

Finishing Weight: 80.8kg or 178.1lbs.

Total calories in: 17,187kcal.

Total calories out: 17,593kcal.

Cal From Jake: 7,249kcal (42%).

Cost of Jake: €16.22 (Sports)+€13.63 (Light) +  €5.94 (bar) = €38.38

  • I drank 40% of my calories, mostly on breakfast and before or after sports.
  • I ended up with a pretty similar weight (only 0.2kg less).
  • The cost of Jake will vary depending the order size (the bigger the better) and the variety you choose; Light being the most expensive (€0.0059/kcal) to Sport being the cheapest (€0.0046/kcal).
Thoughts on Jake
  • There are differences between Light, Original and Sports that I found really handy. Jake Light was the easiest to consume for me, since it adjusted better to my sedentary lifestyle.
  • Jake Sports offers 750kcal per serving, which is fairly big and I would only recommend to those who are more active. Besides, the satiety does not take effect inmediately. Often you do not feel like you have consumed such a big meal.
  • In that regard, I found Jake Light to be perfect. Filled me up without any issues, and kept me hunger free for about 4h, at least.
  • Oaty Vanilla flavour was superior to the other two by a big margin in  my opinion. The banana flavour could be OK, and the Forest Fruits was lacking.
  • I found Jake Light to have better texture than Jake Sports, but both were satisfactory. Jake Light was a bit smoother and thus more pleasant to drink.
  • The bars were very handy as a snack and I ended up wishing I had more. Even though, I did not like the flavour that much, and felt slightly artificial.
  • The Cocoa and Coffee flavour was the best out of the two Vitaminbars.
  • Overall, I found Jake to be very efficient at satiating hunger and keeping me focused on something other than food. The flavours were not the best, but were satisfying enough to consume in a daily basis. The individual pouches were quite handy.
  • I would strongly recommend buying Jake Light Oaty Vanilla (and Banana if you like the flavour) if you are looking for an increadibly nutritious meal. Similarly, Vitaminbar is a very good snack, worth considering for its nutrition.
One week on Jake waste
The waste from consuming Jake for one week. 7,249kcal or 3.5 days worth of food for an average adult.

Start 26/11/18

Jake Starting Weight 26_11_18Starting Weight: 81.0kg or 178.6lbs.

Starting Caloric Need2,180kcal or 9121.1kJ.

Day 1- 26/11/2018 | Go to Recap Day 1

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Jake Light Banana, 500kcal.

Thoughts: I am not a big fan of Banana shakes. Jake Light’s Banana flavour is quite strong, so it is not going to be my favourite from the line-up. The texture is pretty smooth and fatty. Reminded me of Saturo, which has similar fat levels, but more oaty.

  • Chickpeas, 300g (285kcal).

Thoughts: Just some boiled chickpeas with carrots.

  • Jake Sports Red Fruits, 750kcal.

    Jake Sports Forest Fruit
    Jake Sports Forest Fruit has an odd flavour and a very pinky colour.

Thoughts: Not very good. The fact is that it was different to the other dull Red Fruit flavours I have tried in this series (Queal and Vitaline). I felt that the texture of the Sports shake was not as good as the Light.

  • Low-fat yogurt (125g), about 49kcal.
  • Wholemeal bread, 720kcal.
  • Coffee with skimmed milk (105kcal).

Thoughts: I have been enjoying having two coffees a day lately.

Food Day 1:Food_26_11_18Jake Macros Day 1Jake Calorie Spread Day 1

Recap of Day 1

  • Calories IN = 2,514kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,220kcal.
  • Total = 294kcal (extra).

Jake is one of the oldest Dutch (and European) companies around, together with Jimmyjoy and Queal. While their product range might not big as the aforementioned, they do have a good array of meal replacement meals. I have Jake Light and Jake Sports to try out during this week, as well as some Vitaminbars.

From my Jake review, Jake Light is my favourite out of all the options, due to the high protein content (40g per 500kcal).  On the other hand, Jake Sports was the one I had the most doubts about, because of the micronutrient content being designed for a 3,000kcal diet.

My first meal was Jake Light, as Sports (750kcal) seemed like too big of a meal. I had the banana flavour, which was OK. Jake’s shakes are fairly smooth and have a fatty feeling (not unpleasant). You can also clearly notice the oats.

Later during the day, for dinner, I had Jake Sports Red Fruits, which I did not enjoy much. Not only I found the flavour to be not very good, but the texture was powdery and odd (perhaps my own fault for not mixing it well). So far the flavour I liked the least.

Day 2- 27/11/2018 | Go to Recap Day 2

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).

Thoughts: I woke up late and went to the gym after having a coffee, so I ended up skipping breakfast. I could have swapped the coffee for a shake or a Vitaminbar, which would probably have been better.

  • Jake Sports Oaty Vanilla, 750kcal.

Jake Sports Oaty VanillaThoughts: I had it for lunch and it is significantly tastier than Red Fruits..

  • Soup, 102kcal.
  • Potato omelette, 471kcal.
  • Bread, 100g, 271kcal.

Thoughts: Just a standard winter meal with the my parents.

  • Potato omelette, 362kcal.
  • Wholemeal bread, 360kcal.
  • Coffee with skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaminbar Forest Fruit, 333kcal.

Forest Fruit VitaminbarThoughts: I had the Vitaminbar mid afternoon, as a little pre-dinner snack.

Food Day 2:

Jake Nutrients Day 2Jake Macros Day 2Jake Calorie Spread Day 2

Recap of Day 2

  • Calories IN = 2,859kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+641kcal.
  • Total = 38kcal (extra).

Today, it was a weird day, since I went to the gym mid-morning and I did not have anything to eat prior that (I definitely noticed, I was getting tired more quickly). After the gym, I had a “pintxo” of potato omelette with my workout buddy and then Jake Sports (around 2 p.m.)

Oaty Vanilla is by far the best tasting out of the three flavours. It is smooth, with mild vanilla flavour and strong in oats. The texture is fairly thick, but easy to drink. Actually, Jake Sports is prepared with the same amount of liquid as Light (400ml), which I find a little odd. At first, I feel like I am not satisfied, but afterwards I felt satiated for 4h+.

The Vitaminbars are like compressed oats in a bar. The outside of Red Fruits Vitaminbar is moist, but the inner is drier. They are fairly “difficult” to eat, but this helps with the feeling of satiety. Flavour-wise, I did not think much of it. You can feel the texture of the oats and the flavour, together with some berries.

Day 3- 28/11/2018 | Go to Recap Day 3

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaminbar Coffee Cacao, 335kcal.
Jake Vitaminbar
The white bits are oats.

Thoughts: Both Vitaminbars have a similar oaty texture with glossy outside coat and fairly dry in the inside. They do make you feel pretty ful though.

  • Jake Sports Oaty Vanilla, 750kcal.Jake Sports Vanilla

Thoughts: It is weird, since it does not feel you up straight away. I had the Sports Vanilla, because it is the flavour I enjoyed the most.

  • Pumpkin Soup, 72kcal.
  • Plain omelette (2 eggs), 143kcal.
  • Bread, 100g, 271kcal.

Thoughts: 0 effort dinner, but enjoyable.

  • Slize of pizza, 300kcal.
  • Coffee with skimmed milk (105kcal).

Thoughts: They were giving a pizza slice for free in a bar when buying a drink. It was surprisingly tasty.

Food Day 3:

jake Food_28_11_18Jake Nutrients Day 3Jake Macros Day 3Jake Calorie Spread Day 3

Recap of Day 3

  • Calories IN = 2,079kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+390kcal.
  • Total = -491kcal (deficit).

I went to the gym at midday, before I consumed the Jake Sports. It was not the most hardcore trainning ever, but it felt pretty good. I had the Sports Vanilla since this has been my favourite flavour. I think, more likely than not, I would primarily order this flavour.

One issue I have with the Sports shakes is that they are too big for me. I spend most of the time sitting at the desk and 750kcal is a big meal. I do usually eat more than 3 times a day, too. I feel that unless you are in the need of calories, Jake Light and Original will be more handy, more often than not.

Vitaminbar Coffee and Cacao
335kcal is a good size for a snack, although it may be a little too small for a full meal.

The Coffee and Cacao Vitaminbar was OK. I do not dislike the bars, but I would not call them very tasty either. They are chewy and give you a good feeling of satisfaction. The inside of the bars are a little dryer while the outside is a little moist. I think that they are better tasting bars out there, but Vitaminbar is a solid 7.

Day 4- 29/11/2018 | Go to Recap Day 4

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Jake Light Oaty Vanilla, 500kcal.

Jake Light VanillaThoughts: The last of my Oaty Vanilla shakes. I think that the Light tastes better, the texture is smoother, than the Sports shake.

  • Pumpkin Soup, 192kcal.
  • Bread, 100g, 271kcal.

Thoughts: Warm soup and some bread, “ideal” meal for winter.

  • Pasta, 80g, 275kcal; with Tuna, 50g, 107kcal; with tomato, 22kcal; and one large egg, 72kcal.
  • Breaded haddock, 100kcal.
  • Bread, 150g, 407kcal.
  • Low-fat yogurt, 49kcal.

Thoughts: Mum made me a pasta salad for after training. I cannot complain about how well she takes care of me.

  • Jake Light Forest Fruit, 500kcal.
  • 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 144kcal.
Jake Light Forest Fruit
Jake Light is actually pretty good before or after sports, due to the high protein content.

Thoughts: I had a Jake Light before rugby trainning. Forest Fruits is not the very best flavour.

Food Day 4:

Food_29_11_18Jake Nutrients Day 4Jake Macros Day 4Jake Calorie Spread Day 4

Recap of Day 4

  • Calories IN = 2,744kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+390kcal.
  • Total = 174kcal (extra).

Besides the rugby training, I did not do much. Sit in my desk for most of the day. That is why Jake Light is the one I tend to consume more easily. I find that I do not need to worry about eating too much. I had the last Jake Oaty Vanilla and the Forest Fruits. The first, I find, is so much better than the Forest Fruits. It is different, which is good, but not tasty. It is not overly sweet, at least.

Day 5- 30/11/2018 | Go to Recap Day 5

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Jake Light Banana, 500kcal.

Jake Light Banana ShakeThoughts: I may be wrong, but the Light shakes seems to be smoother and have more consistancy than the Sports shakes.

  • Lentil soup, 304kcal.
  • Low-fat yogurt, 49kcal.

Thoughts: A small meal.


Thoughts: I had a Jake Sports after going to the gym and that was enough.

  • Jake Sports Banana, 750kcal.
  • 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 144kcal.

Jake Sports BananaThoughts: The Jake Sports I had after the evening workout was enough to fill me up.

Food Day 5:

Food_30_11_18Jake Nutrients Day 5Jake Macros Day 5Jake Calorie Spread Day 5Recap of Day 5

  • Calories IN = 1,852kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+287kcal.
  • Total = -615kcal (extra).

Not a very good day, if we consider that I am not looking to lose weight, per se. Such a deficit will not benefit my gym routine. Perhaps, I should have taken another shake to even things out.

So I had both Jake Light Banana and Jake Sports Banana in the same day. There is something about the Sports that makes the shake taste slightly worse in my opinion. The mixing is not as good as the Light version and the texture is slightly different. I like Jake Light better.

Day 6- 01/12/2018 | Go to Recap Day 6

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaminbar Forest Fruit, 332kcal.

Thoughts: Vitaminbars are OK for smaller breakfasts, or if you are planning to eat them in the go, but the shakes are more filling.

  • Jake Sports Forest Fruit, 750kcal.

Thoughts: I had a pre-rugby Jake Sports. I felt great during the game, and I had extra energy at the end.

  • Pasta Salad with 80 of pasta, 50g of tuna, 1 boiled egg, 454kcal.
  • Cod omelette, 299kcal with some fries, 220kcal

Thoughts: I had dinner out with my friends. Good opportunity to socialise.

  • Pork steak sandwich, 300kcal

Thoughts: Post-game meal provided by the club. One of the upsides of playing rugby.

Food Day 6:

Food_01_12_18Jake Nutrients Day 6Jake Macros Day 6Jake Calorie Spread Day 6

Recap of Day 6

  • Calories IN = 2,893kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+585kcal.
  • Total = 128kcal (extra).

I had the Vitaminbar Forest Fruit and then the Sports Forest Fruit shake. I still believe that Jake Light tastes slightly better. However, I needed the Sports version to get the energy for the rugby game. I must say, I felt very energized during the game, which we won. Hurray! Our first victory at home. I hope we can build on this.

Because I had the bar and the shake, I knew my nutrition for the day was good but that I needed some extra food, which “allowed” me to have a big meal with my friends. I really enjoyed the dinner.

Day 7- 02/12/2018 | Go to Recap Day 7

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Jake Light Banana, 500kcal.

Thoughts: Vitaminbars are OK for smaller breakfasts, or if you are planning to eat them in the go, but the shakes are more filling.

  • Steamed coliflower, 120kcal.
  • Grilled chicken, 388kcal.

Thoughts: Clean lunch.

  • Fish soup, homemade, 150kcal.
  • Tuna, 214kcal.
  • Ham, 96kcal.
  • Bread, 150g, 407kcal.

Thoughts: My dad’s fish soup is absolutely delicious.

  • Low-fat yogurt, 500g, 196kcal.


Food Day 7:

Food_02_12_18Jake Nutrients Day 7Jake Macros Day 7Jake Calorie Spread Day 7

Recap of Day 7

  • Calories IN = 2,246kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180kcal.
  • Total = 66kcal (extra).

My last day with Jake. I only had a Jake Light Banana (the last one I had) in the morning, which was OK. Looking back, I enjoyed the meals Jake had to offer, even if I only truly like one of their three flavours: Oaty Vanilla.

In my opinion, this flavour was vastly superior to the other two.  I think the Banana flavour might be of the liking to banana enthusiast, but the Forest Fruit flavour was odd and slightly unsatisfying. Not bad or undrinkable, just quite plain and not very tasty.

I also need to say, that as a person who sits in front of the computer, I found Jake Light to fit my needs better, while Jake Sports serving was a little too big. I used it on the days I did exercise (workout or rugby) which helped me to bump my calories up, but I was hesitant to take more than one. I also liked Jake Light because it had more protein per calorie (which suits my diet better). It is also richer in vitamins and minerals.

As for the Vitaminbars, I liked the nutritional value and the caloric output. They are not the tastiest bars I have tried, I think I liked the Queal GObars better, but they felt natural and filling. They can be very handy to boost your micronutrient intake, or have a healthy meal on the go. I thnk that the Coffee and Cacao was the better of the two, but just slightly.

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