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Slam Dump Review, The Ultimate Colon Cleanser

This Slam Dump review is very personal. Constipation is a subject very close to my heart. An issue I have had to dealt with multiple times.

I’ve spent countless hours at the toilet, feeling bloated, like I really need to go.




Nothing. Come out off the toilet without achieving anything. The frustration. The anxiety.

It’s truly terrifying not knowing when the next time you will go. At some point I was days on end without being able to cleanse my gut. It was incredibly frustrating. These periods also often when I was traveling or stressed at work. So it always adds extra anxiety to your life.

Therefore, I’ve looked at many colon cleansers before. They are often fiber supplements coated with some extra ingredients. These don’t work once you are constipated. They can be OK to help you with regular bowel movements, but they are not good laxatives.

Slam Dump is different. It contains 5 herbal ingredients with proven laxative ingredients, as well as, colon cleansing and detoxing properties. I had the “honor” to test it while constipated. And it worked.

Let’s find out how Slam Dump works, and why I fell in love with this product.

Key Takeaways

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  • This is the most affordable sleeping pill that works
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  • Doses are a bit low, might not be as effective for those with experience with sleeping supplements.
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Slam Dump Review at a Glance


  • It works
  • Great colon cleanser
  • Perfect ally vs occasional constipation
  • Acts fast
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Fast shipping


  • Does not have probiotics for gut health
  • Only available in their site
  • Not many customer reviews

This is a colon cleanse supplement manufactured in the US in cGMP facilities. Slam Dump is a fairly new entry to the gut health space, but their first product – the colon cleanser – has been a huge success.

What Are Colon Cleansers?

These supplements have risen in popularity lately as they offer a way to remove waste and detox the colon (large intenstine). Colon cleansers act as laxatives and promote digestive health. There are many types of colon cleansers, including fiber, herbal mixes, and osmotic laxatives.

Slum Dump uses natural herbal ingredients with laxative effects, but it also acts drawing water into the colon, softening the stool and promoting bowel movements.

Slam Dump Ingredients

The first positive sign about Slam Dump is that it has a transparent label. Unlike many competitors and popular supplements, it does not hide its ingredients and we can analyze all its strengths and flaws.

What It Doesn’t Have

As a colon cleanser, there are perhaps 2 ingredients that you would expect but Slam Dump does not have.

The first one is some sort of fiber. The truth is that while fiber is a great probiotic, and 90% of the Americans don’t meet the dietary requirement, adding fiber to the blend would mean adding more capsules.

You are probably better off by increasing your dietary intake or taking fiber supplements, if your goal is to increase this.

The second ingredient is probiotics. Once again, this is a luxury ingredient that’s added in small ineffective doses to some supplements to add more bogus claims. Probiotics can help feed your healthy bacteria and promote a healthier gut, but most probiotic blends in colon cleansers won’t do this, as they will not have enough.

What Slam Dump Has

Instead, Slam Dump has a synergistic formula that mainly focuses on constipation relief, gut cleansing, detox, and promoting regular bowel movement.

Cape Aloe 250mg

Cape aloe has been used in traditional medicine as a laxative for a while. In recent years, scientific evidence has proven its use for relieving occasional constipation.

The natural laxative effect is due to the compounds called anthraquinones. These compounds can help promote bowel movements by stimulating the intestines and increasing the frequency of stools. Several studies have investigated the laxative effects of cape aloe and have found it to be effective in alleviating constipation.

It has been proven effective to relief occasional constipation in several studies.

Furthermore, it can act as a colon cleanser due to its ability to stimulate bowel movements and promote the elimination of waste from the colon. This can help remove accumulated toxins and debris from the colon, potentially leading to a feeling of “cleansing” or detoxification.

To a smaller degree, cape aloe might have some prebiotic properties. Some studies have found that aloe ingestion can help promotion of the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, potentially leading to improved digestive health.

Similarly, studies have suggested that cape aloe could have anti-inflammatory properties, but more research needs to be done to confirm this.

Senna Leaves 50mg

Senna, specifically senna leaves and senna pods, is a widely used natural laxative that has been traditionally employed in various colon cleansing and constipation-relief products. Senna contains compounds known as sennosides, which have powerful laxative effects.

A study in 2021 found that senna was as effective as magnesium oxide promoting bowel movements. However, you should not get used to using senna or use it regularly, as it could create dependency. This dependency is categorised as low risk, meaning that it’s much better than some other alternatives.

According to the NHS (UK Health), senna takes 8h to work, offering rapid relief from constipation.

Fennel Seed 50mg

Fennel seeds are a popular and aromatic herb that has been used for centuries for their potential digestive benefits, including as a natural laxative. They are rich in compounds that can help relieve constipation and support digestive health.

One aspect to consider is that fennel seeds contain dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber, which can add bulk to the stool and promote regular bowel movements. Albeit, this fiber is not in high enough quantities to make any meaningful difference, fennel seeds can still alleviate constipation by softening the stool and making it easier to pass. A study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology in 2014 found that fennel seed extract had a laxative effect in laboratory rats, supporting its traditional use as a natural remedy for constipation.

Another aspect that fennel seeds can help you with is reducing bloating and gas in the digestive system. This can lead to greater comfort and ease in the gut, helping you with the process. This soothing can also be applied to abdominal cramps and indigestion.

Lastly, fennel seeds contain flavonoids and polyphenols, antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to inflammation and damage in the digestive tract, potentially affecting digestive health.

Cascara Sagrada 50mg

Cascara Sagrada, with its scientific name Rhamnus purshiana, is commonly utilized for its laxative effects owing to the presence of active compounds known as cascarosides. These compounds stimulate colon contractions, facilitating bowel movements and potentially aiding in the elimination of accumulated waste in the colon.

While Cascara Sagrada’s primary action is as a laxative is documented in scientific literature since 1980s, there is limited scientific evidence supporting broad detoxification claims associated with its use. Since detox is a wide term, it’s crucial to approach claims of detoxification with caution, as they may lack rigorous scientific substantiation.

Cayenne (40,000HU/G)

Cayenne pepper might seem the odd ingredient at first glance. Cayenne contains capsaicins which play a role in gut protection and gut health, rather than as a laxatives. A 1995 study remarked the “chemoprotective activity against some chemical carcinogens” of capsaicin.

It might even act as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing gut inflammation that might be caused by waste accumulation on the colon. This could promote better nutrient absorption and an improved gut health.

Slam Dump Benefits

All in all Slam Dump is a colon cleanser and a natural laxative. In the contrary to other popular colon cleansers, Slam Dump’s formula focuses on fighting constipation, and offering quick relief – instead of prevention.

Anyhow, these are the claims that Slam Dump makes on its site:

  • Cleanses your colon
  • Promotes regularity
  • Unblocks your stools
  • Reduces bloating
  • Promotes gut health
  • Helps you detox

Looking at this list, Slam Dump excels at constipation relief, colon cleansing and reducing your bloating caused by accumulated waste in your colon. It might not be the best at promoting gut health or regularity, despite containing ingredients (aloe, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds) that definitely improve your gut health.

Perfect Colon Cleanser and Constipation Reliever

Without a doubt, this is where Slam Dump shines. It’s a slam dunk against occasional constipation and offers quicker relief than most competitors. It does so by using all natural ingredients, and without any strong side-effects.

This will be a match made in heaven for people who struggle going to the toilet like I do, and a must have supplement on all your travels.

Good at Promoting Gut Health, but Could Be Better

Another aspect of colon cleansers is their detox ability and their potential to promote gut health.

Cascara sagrada, fennel seeds, cayenne and aloe do have active ingredients that promote improve the well-being of your gut. As previously described, they contain antioxidants and antiinflamatory agents that reduce gut inflammation. Furthermore, fennel seeds can bolster your intestinal barrier, which is one of the most important barriers against pathogens.

However, Slam Dump will not be as good as other “colon cleansers” at promoting gut microbiota as it does not have any probiotics or prebiotics (fiber). Arguably it would have been good to see some fiber, but this could have easily added 2-4 more capsules to the mix.

Did Slam Dump Work for Me?

If I wasn’t clear enough in the intro, Slam Dump was one of the best findings I’ve done in my career as supplement reviewer. Constipation has been an issue that has persisted through my late 20s, and I’ve gone over 10 days with severe issues.

Life is hell when you are constipated, as you keep going to the toilet without knowing if you are going to be able to go. You constantly feel like you need to go, and yet you can never go. It’s a hopeless situation truly.

But if you are reading this, you might know a little on the topic.

Either way, Slam Dump has been incredible. The few times I have had some signs of constipation, I’ve taken Slam Dump and relief has been “instantaneous” (about 12h). Furthermore, I’ve felt more agile and cleaner after the colon cleansing, and I’ve been able to keep constipation away for a while.

This said, I would recommend (just like I should have) taking preventing measurements and increasing the amount of fiber in your diet.

Slam Dump Side Effects

Overall, Slam Dump is safe to take for most adults. Women on pregnancy should be more careful and consult their doctors before taking Slam Dump – or any other colon cleansers.

Another thing to consider is that you should not depend on Slam Dump to go. Despite the fact that these herbs are far less dependency creating, it could still create a necessity loop.

Lastly, don’t take Slam Dump in doses higher than recommended, as cape aloe and senna leaves could affect your electrolyte balance and cause dehydration.

User Slam Dump Reviews

So far, there aren’t many customer Slam Dump reviews. There are a couple of testimonials on the site, but these are not always the most trustworthy of sources.

However, I’ve read other expert reviews that seemingly have had similar positive experiences.

Verdict – Slam Dump Is the Best Supplement for Constipation

What else can I say in this Slam Dump review? Slam Dump has been the natural solution to the constipation issues I have been facing over years. There are very few supplements that I have felt have made as much of a positive impact as Slam Dump has in my life.

Before, I used to be worried whenever I was traveling, as going for #2 in a someone else’s house made me nervous. That coupled with a diet change almost always meant that I would be constipated. I have had many holidays ruined because of it.

However, all that has changed now. With Slam Dump I feel confident and secure that I will never face those issues again. It’s a great colon cleanser, and I also feel like my gut is lighter and doesn’t give me as many headaches the days after consumption.

Moreover, I love their transparent formula with science backed ingredients that actually work. I don’t have to guess if I’m getting enough of each ingredient.

Bottom line – I would strongly recommend Slam Dump to anyone facing occasional constipation. That said, I think that preemptive measures, like increasing the amount of fiber in your diet and trying a probiotic like SynbioTonik are a must too.

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