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11 Keto Supplements Ranked from Best to Never Buy

So perhaps you are also tempted to buy some of the other popular keto supplements, like exogenous ketones, MCTs, electrolytes… Sadly, most of these are just a waste of money.

The keto industry is valued at over $10B, so it’s no surprise that many ketogenic diet oriented brand want to keep promoting this products. However, not all keto supplements are necessary or beneficial.

Distinguishing what’s propaganda and what’s not can often be very tricky. I, myself, have bought keto aids and later regret it profoundly.

To help you out deciding which supplements are actually useful and which are not; here’s a quick guide to keto supplements.

Keto Supplements reviewed
Some of the keto supplements discussed below.

Keto Supplements Ranked from Best to Worst

Let’s start with a quick infographic ranking most widely used keto supplements.

Best and worst keto supplements
List of best to worst keto supplements. I have excluded meal replacements and protein powders.

The Worst Keto Supplements

Let’s start with, what are the worst keto supplements you can buy? Outright, I think that the following are a waste of money for most people.

  • Exogenous ketones. Often sold as accelerants for you to reach the ketogenic state, the truth is that there’s little evidence if they work. In fact, most experts will tell you to stay away. Your body will produce enough ketones on its own.
  • Keto nootropics. As a matter of fact there’s nothing wrong with consuming nootropics while on keto. However, anything branded as “keto” nootropic is most likely an upsell, since most nootropics (with no sugar) will already be keto-friendly.
  • Keto fat burners or fat burning enhancers. Simply stay away from any fat burners. You are already burning fat during keto; so this won’t do anything.
Worst keto supplements
Exogenous ketones are among the worst keto supplements you can buy.

Situational Keto Supplements

Below, I will discuss what I consider the best nutritional supplements you can take on a keto diet. There are, however, a few more that could occasionally make sense.

  • Keto strips and breath analyzers. While technically they are not a nutritional supplement, they are always mentioned around the keto diet. Keto strips can help you to measure if you are in ketosis. They can be useful at the start, but once you’ve been consuming a keto diet for few days you shouldn’t need the ratification. Instead, you could buy a breath analyzer, that will give you more accurate data of what your body is burning. Check now.
  • MCT oil and powders. MCT oils and powders are one of the most popular keto supplements. They are sold as source of energy and as a tool to help you stay in ketosis. The reality is that they are similar to sugar; just extra calories but in fats (as opposed to carb). Only required if you are not eating enough. Check some options.
  • Keto snacks. Once again, these are very situational. If you find yourself snacking often, then they might be useful. However, most keto snacks are nutritionally quite poor, and have more net carbs than the keto drinks discussed above. Thus, I would stick to keto meal replacements when possible. Instead, you can try to make your own with special keto mixes.
  • Keto creamers. If you love coffee, you must have already started looking for a way to substitute your milk. For this, keto creamers will be very handy, and will significantly enhance the taste of your coffee.
  • Keto collagen protein powder. Collagen can help you with skin, joint and hair health. However, there’s no reason why someone doing keto should be consuming collagen protein, more than if it wasn’t. Buy if you are interested, but not because you are doing keto.
Lumen’s breath analyzer might be a little expensive, but it’s one of the easiest way to track what you are burning accurately.

Best Keto Supplements

So when it comes to the best keto supplements; there’s just a handful that I consider essential or truly useful.

Keto supplements electrolytes
Electrolytes are just minerals that you can get with your usual diet, but while in keto, you might require more.
  • Electrolytes. When you switch to a ketogenic state, your body starts execrating more sodium. This also impacts other minerals like magnesium and potassium that have key roles in signaling and regulation. Thus, increasing your electrolyte intake (mineral intake) is key; particularly when you start or if you do a lot of exercise. This will help you avoiding the keto flu.
  • Omega-3. DHA and EPA are omega-3 fatty acids. These, while often lacking in western diets are primordial for proper brain function. Sadly, bacon is not rich in these. Thus, if you are not consuming one of these top keto meal shakes, you might want to supplement it. Check out some options.
  • Multivitamins. In theory, you don’t need extra multivitamins just because you are on a keto diet. However, making sure that you are getting all the essential micronutrients provides you a boost with not much cost. Check my favourite multivitamin.
  • Green powders. Similarly to multivitamins, you don’t have any special requirement; but this will provide a boost to your greens intake. It can have beneficial impact in your immune system and overall health. My top picks for green powders.
Omega-3 supplements on keto
Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important, yet many Western diets do not provide you with enough o-3.

Beyond the Best Keto Supplements

Besides keto supplements, the best keto meal replacements can also be of huge help for anyone doing or considering a keto diet.

Powder based meals.
Some require you to add oil.
Ready to Drink keto shakes.

These are powders or drinks that will provide you all the nutrients you need, including MCT oils, protein, all the fats that your body needs and more. They are not just supplements, because they are able to replace full meals.

So how could they help you?

  • Convenience. For once, they are ultra convenient. You can have them no matter where you are; on the road, at work, at your parents… so that you don’t have to worry about finding a keto-friendly option.
  • Time. Each meal will take you less than one minute to prepare! Let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to cook bacon, eggs and sausages.
  • Nutrition. Many times in a keto diet you struggle to get all the micronutrients you need. The best keto shakes will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that your body requires, including electrolytes to keep your body balanced.
  • Money. Each shake will cost you $2.5-4. This can add up really fast and save you a lot of money in the long term.

Conclusion – What Are the Worst Keto Supplements?

FunctionScientific backing?Side EffectRecommended?
Exogenous KetonesAccelerant to help you reach ketogenic stateVery limited
Stomach issuesNo
Keto NootropicsBoost mental performance, awareness, boostYesMinimalNo*
Keto Fat BurnersHelp you burning more fatNoDepends on productNo
Keto StripsReads blood ketones to help you understand if you are in ketosisYesNoSituational
MCT OilProvide you with “quick energy”
Help you with weight loss
Might reduce lactate buildup
Upset stomach
Eating too many calories
Liver fat buildup
Keto SnacksProvide small keto meals to eat on the go
Help you keeping your hunger at bay
Eating too much
Nutritionally low
Hidden sugars- out of keto
Keto CreamerAdd fats and calories to your coffeeHidden sugars
Extra calories
Digestion issues
Keto Collagen ProteinIncrease collagen intake
Helps with skin care, joints
Protein PowdersIncrease protein intake
Maintain and increase muscle mass
Keep you full
YesExtra calories
Needs to be isolate – for no carbs
ElectrolytesHelp you with keto flu
Replenish electrolytes that you lose due to dehydration
Can have too much Yes
Omega-3Enhance brain function
Help with mood
Improve eye health…
Fishy taste
Upset stomach
MultivitaminsProvide you with the daily required vitamins and mineralYesExcess can lead to:
Green PowdersIncrease the amount of greens; and nutrients + phytonutrients derived from vegetablesYes – depends on the plant (mix)Yes
Table summarizing the function, and effects of some of the most popular keto supplements. *Nootropics can be useful, but I would avoid any branded “keto nootropics” since most nootropics should be keto (unless they have sugar).

Looking at all the points made above, I hope that I have cleared out some doubts around keto supplements. I have wasted plenty of money myself buying some of these products, and I wouldn’t want you to do the same.

The fact is that there’s a lot of money behind the keto diets, and newcomers might get lost on what is essential and what it isn’t. In the end, you end up trusting the companies and consequently overespending.

Therefore, you can now use this guide to keto supplements and make sure that you buy only what you need. Or at least be aware of what each supplement does when you buy it.

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