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Who The Hell Needs Food Ep.2

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to December. As some of you might know, I have launched a brand new podcast “Who the Hell Needs Food?” with fellow expert Clive Illenden.

Yesterday, we launched the second episode of the podcast discussing all things complete foods, but focusing mainly in what the different form factors are.

You can find the podcast on Youtube:

Or in your favourite podcast apps (Spotify, etc.):

Topics Covered

In this second episode of “Who the Hell Needs Food?” we focused on the different types of complete food options mostly.

I have covered this topic in detail in this article, but it was great to have a chat with Clive about it. We discussed issues like why are certain ingredients used only in powders and not RTDs (e.g. oats); what’s the healthiest form-factor…

Besides, we also talk at length about the best meal replacement bars. Both Clive and I have been trying out the Plenny Bar and YFood bar, so we also highlighted the differences between them.

Furthermore, we had a small talk about Huel’s new Complete Protein Bars, and I went into a small rant about the direction the British company is heading. We also covered other news, like the launch of Drink CTRL in the UK, new flavours released and the Black Friday Deals.

What’s Next?

For the next episodes, we are trying to get an industry guest that can shed light on what goes on behind the stage. We believe that this will be extremely interesting and elightening for our listeners and will do for a superb podcast.

We have a few ideas on who our guest could be, but please let us know if you want to learn about a particular brand or product!

Thanks for watching (listening)!

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