A tribute to Primal Kind | Closed, but open

Primal Kind

Nothing is more primal than life itself.

I have gotten some sad news lately, or rather some read unfavourable developments for some meal replacement brands. However, Primal Kind closing has been the one that has hit me the hardest.

Not because I was a fan or a usual customer of the company, but because it reminded me about the roots of complete foods and that behind the webpages/companies there is a human element.

For Jason, his family and Primal Kind.

What is Primal Kind?

Primal Kind is an Australian meal replacement brand that sells paleo-, keto- and vegan- friendly shakes. Not only that, but they have two formulas, one for male users and one for women. It is a very unique brand, offering very specific, tailored shakes.

Primal Kind for him.

Origin Story

It was all born from Jason’s vision and the help of those close to him. After hearing about Soylent, he dove into the world of complete nutrition and start looking for soylent alternatives (due to Soylent not shipping to Australia).

Not happy with the offers in the market, he decided to do it his way. Hours, days, weeks of research in nutrition led him towards Paleo diet. Different alterations, where he tried “superfoods” such as Almonds or Chia seeds led to the final products: Primal Kind for him/her.

Primal Kind for Him 1.0 Ingredients.
Primal Kind for him 1.0 Nutrition
Nutritional information for Primal Kind for Him 1.0

Meet Jason

Primal Kind is mainly Jason (and those who support him). Jason became a nutrition enthusiast after fighting cancer for the first time in 2015.

His personal project became a little enterprise that he did on the side. He kept working his main job, took care of the family and made Primal Kind available to its customers. Customers that according to Jason were ”
truly health conscious & nutritionally educated customers, from Bio-hackers, to Nutritionists, to Surgeons”.

Primal Kind features.

What is happening with Primal Kind

Temporarily closed

In early 2018, Primal Kind owner Jason posted a blog entry stating that they were closing Primal Kind temporalily.

Reason: Cancer, a known enemy

Sadly the reasoning behind the closure was health issues; Jason was diagnosed with colon cancer. Ironically, he had had another type of colon cancer before and beat it.

Therefore in a very personal blog post he announced that he would be taking some time off.

However I will now have to take a back seat with PrimalKind & re-focus my attention on my own health. I haven’t been feeling 100% for a little while now & I’ve just put this down to my busy life, working a full time job & running PrimalKind after hours (which has pretty much become a full time job itself). However after a recent check-up with my doctor, I have now been diagnosed with a type of colon cancer (a different type of cancer than I had previously). I have now started going through the process to have it removed, however it has become clear that I will need to spend a lot more time getting my health back on-track.


Since, he has been attending different kinds of treatment. Chemo was the first steep, where he saw some positive results.

As an anecdote, he mentions that he kept with his keto diet while in chemo, against the advice of his doctor:

I’ve been following my own cyclic keto diet during treatment, despite my Oncologist’s disapproval & his lack of understanding of the keto diet, but to be fair he just wants to make sure I have enough energy to go through chemo. However after we discussed the facts & the large body of scientific evidence that shows how cancer cells thrive on glucose, he did say it was ultimately up to me

In his blog, he actually links with some useful resources about the WHYs of his diet.

And Fallback

For the first half of the year, he shared positive news with his tumors shrinking. All good until a sad post on the 23rd of October, where he shared that the tumors had become resistant, and thus they had started growing again.

It was clear that Primal Kind was closed for good at least for a while, but for every customer, that was secondary. Jason was fighting terminal cancer, and everyone wanted to be behind him.

We will always have Primal Kind

Perhaps, on what has been the saddest blog post I have read in a long time; Jason announced that Primal Kind was closing for good:

I received my latest results from the Clinical Trial and my tumors are continuing to grow.
[…]Considering my latest results, we have a lot of discussions and we have now decided it’s best for us to focus any remaining time with family & friends, and creating wonderful family memories with my daughter. So it is with great sadness that today we are now Officially Closing PrimalKind.

After a long battle against cancer, chemo therapies and alternative treatments, it seems that Jason’s body is giving up. Not his mind, since he is still positive.

It was a hard hitting post for every Primal Kind customer and meal replacement enthusiast.

Primal Kind Recipe Available for Everybody

In an act of generosity and appreciation to the community, Jason also shared the recipe to Primal Kind DIY.


This is a superb source for anybody looking to make their own “lent”, and a very good one in that regard. I would greatly encourage everybody to give it a go.

Please let me know how you go with making PrimalKind DIY or if you make any changes to the recipe to suit your personal preferences. Oh and please share any pictures with me using the #primalkind hashtag.
I would really love to see PrimalKind continue to grow organically throughout the community and continue to help people for many years to come.

Can I help?

Unfortunately there is very little you can do to help in this situations. I am sure that Jason will be very thankful of any support you might show him.

You can contact him at http://primalkind.com/contact/

Otherwise, you can use the affiliate links (amazon/iHerb) that he has set in his DIY recipe. This will help him and his family to get some extra income to support the arduos and costly process that cancer is.

Or you could choose to donate to the closest Cancer charity to you. Like CancerResearchUK. We have all lost someone to cancer.

Live Primal, Be Kind

This is the last statement on Jason’s post. I am but a stranger who had his primal emotions moved by his story. I wanted to share it to as many as possible; to help Jason’s vision of an organic, paleo, keto friendly shake grow in the complete food community.

I do not know you Jason, but I truly admire your passion towards complete foods and the effort you have put behind the whole project. I hope you have time to enjoy with your family and live a happy life.

You have my respect.

Link to the Blogpost: http://primalkind.com/blog/

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