The Best Meal Replacement Black Friday deals

The Best Black Friday Meal Replacement Deals in 2023

Black Friday is usually a synonym for huge discounts, awesome deals and bargains like in no other during the year. Despite the fact that those sales are usually tied to technology; many meal replacement brands use it to make some of the best deals.

Being on top of all the discounts might be hard though, thus I have compiled this list of Black Friday sales from all the best meal replacement shakes. You will be able to find Ka’chava coupons, Soylent deals, Jimmyjoy discounts, Huel sales and more.

This year, I have also added some of the most interesting Black Friday deals on protein, gaming energy drinks, green powders, nootoropics, and other nutritional products.

Be aware that some of these deals are going to be time-limited for a few hours, others will only last a day, while some might even last 2 weeks.

So, before I dive into all the crazy sales; I want to let you know what the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are in my opinion.

Black Friday Deals for Meal Replacements

  • The Protein Works. Up to 90% on their best-sellers; including Complete 360 Meal, Diet Meal Replacement Extreme and more. Use the code LATESTFUELS12 for a further 12% discount.
Savory meals discount
One of the best diet shakes at 90% discount. Grab it while stocks last!
  • My Protein. Get up to 80% of in almost every MyProtein product when you use the code black. Affordable, tasty and good-quality protein shakes. The offer will vary depending on the country.
  • The Protein Works. Make use of the lightning deals with up to 91% off in their superb protein powders (Whey 360, Vegan Wondershake…).
  • BULK. Enjoy the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on some brands like Bulk Powders, ON, and more.
  • Four Sigmatic. Some of the cleanest and healthiest shakes in the market at up to 60% off. Enjoy premium quality at a discounted price!


Abnormal Black Friday Sales

  • There are no Black Friday deals for Abnormal, yet.Abnormal Home

BasicallyFood (SuperBodyFuel) Black Friday Deals

  • No live deals yet.

Bertrand Black Friday Deal

  • The are no live deals yet, but look on the day.

BULK Black Friday Deal

CTRL Drink Black Friday Deal

Eve Biology Black Friday Deal

Garden of Life Black Friday Deal

Feed Black Friday Deals

  • Up to 30% on limited stock! Feed has some of the best meal replacement bars in the market; worth trying them out. Only for Europe.

Foodspring Black Friday Deals

HLTH Complete Meal Black Friday Discounts

Hol Food Black Friday Discounts

  • Black Friday deals are live! Save $5 when you buy one tub with BUY1SAVE5, $25 OFF with BUY2SAVE25, and $55 OFF when you buy 4 tubs with the code BUY4SAVE55. Great high protein meal replacement shakes.

Huel Black Friday Deals

  • There are usually no Black Friday deals for Huel. They have never done one in 6 years. That said, it might be worth looking at their Instagram tomorrow. You can use the £10 referral discount, otherwise.
  • Recommended products: Huel powder, and Huel Hot & Savoury.

Instant Knockout Black Friday Deals

  • No Black Friday discounts available, yet.

Jake Black Friday Deals

  • 20% OFF with the CODE BLACKFRIDAY20 and a free vitaminbar.
  • Recommended products: Vitaminbar (Coffee Cacao) and Jake Oaty Vanilla.

Jimmyjoy Black Friday Discounts

  • Earn double rewards (tokens that you can later use to buy products).
  • Recommended products: Plenny Bars.

Kaged Black Friday Discounts

  • 50% OFF in selected items and 25% OFF in everything else for 36h!

Ka’chava Black Friday Discounts

  • BUY 2 BAGS GET 1 Free. This is an extremely rare opportunity to taste some of the best shakes in the market.
  • Recommended products: Ka’chava Shakes Vanilla and Chocolate.

Keto Chow Black Friday Deals

  • 56% off the Essentials Starter Kit (new customers only)
  • 10% off with code BLACKFRIDAY
  • Additional store rewards based on order amount (buy more get more)

LYFEfuel Black Friday Discounts

  • There are no BF Lyfefuel deals up yet. A truly great opportunity to try out some of the best vegan meal shakes in the market.
  • Recommended products: LYFEfuel Daily Essentials.

Mana Drink Black Friday Deals

  • 25% OFF in drinks in EU and UK with the code BFR25. Good time to try the new and improved Mana drink.

MyProtein Black Friday Deals

  • Up to 80% OFF on everything using the code BLACK. This code and the discounts will vary. In the US you can get 40% OFF with the code DEAL.
  • Recommended Products: Impact Whey Protein, All Natural Peanut Butter, and FlavDrops.

NGX Black Friday Deals

  • 30% OFF in all NGX products with the code BFNGX30.

Nuut Black Friday Deals

  • Out of stock.

Orgain Black Friday Deals

  • 30% OFF store-wide.
  • Recommended Products: Orgain All-in-One RTD, Orgain Protein & Superfoods.

OWYN Black Friday Deals

  • No Black Friday deals yet.
  • Recommended Products: OWYN Meal Replacement shakes.

PhenQ Black Friday Deals

  • There are no deals running.

Powdermatter Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Powdermatter deal

Redcon1 Black Friday Deals

  • Up to 80% OFF in selected BF deals. Among those, there’s MRE Lite and MRE Whole Food Protein with 50% OFF.

Rootana Black Friday Deals

  • For now, no Black Friday deals have been announced.

Queal Black Friday Deals

  • There are no deals up for Queal yet.

Sated Black Friday Deals

  • No Black Friday deals up yet.

Satia Black Friday Deals

  • No deals up yet.

Satislent Black Friday Deals

  • 15% OFF when you fill in the survery.
  • Recommended Products: Starter Pack.

Saturo Black Friday Deals

  • Saturo is having a different Black Friday. Any order placed on the 23rd of November will trigger a donation of selected products to Caritas Winter Emergency Aid.

Soylent Black Friday Discounts

  • Buy two cases and get one free with BF23.

Supersonic Black Friday Deals

  • No BF deals up yet.

SuperBodyFuel (BasicallyFood) Black Friday Discounts

  • No deals have been announced yet.

The Protein Works Black Friday Deals

  • Up to 91% Discount — Visit The Protein Works to discover incredible flash sales.
  • This includes up to 70% on some of the best meal replacements and protein powders!
  • 45% OFF in Savory meals.
  • Recommended products: Diet Meal Replacement Extreme, Complete 360 Meal, Savory Meals, and Super Greens.
  • Available in EU, US, and UK.
BF deals 2023 Protein Works

Transparent Labs Black Friday Deals

  • 25% OFF on all products with some gifts when you spend over $100!

Trinkkost Black Friday Deals

Vitaline Black Friday Deals

  • Vitaline hasn’t announced any discounts yet.

Vite Ramen Black Friday Deals

  • Free shipping in orders above $125.

YFood Black Friday Deals

  • No deals announced yet.

I would recommend you keeping an eye on the page if the brand that you like hasn’t announced any deals yet. I will try to keep it updated.

Happy shopping!

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