The Best Black Friday Meal Replacement Deals in 2020

Black Friday is usually synonym of huge discounts, awesome deals and bargains like in no other during the year. Despite the fact that those sales are usually tied to technology; many meal replacement brands use it to make some of the best deals.

Being on top of all the discounts might be hard though, thus I have compiled this list of Black Friday sales from all your and my favourite brands. You will be able to find Soylent deals, Jimmyjoy discounts, Huel sales and more.

This year, I have also added some of the most interesting Black Friday deals on protein, green powders and other nutritional products.

Be aware that some of these deals are going to be time limited for few hours, others will only last a day, while some might even last 2 weeks.

Featured 2020 Black Friday Deals

So, before I dive in into all the crazy sales; I want to let you know what the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are in my opinion.

Black Friday Deals for Meal Replacements

One of the best diet shakes at 54% discount. Grab it while stocks last!
  • The Protein Works. Up to 90% on their best-sellers; including Complete 360 Meal, Diet Meal Replacement Extreme and more. Use the code EXTRA10TPW for a further 10% discount.
  • Ambronite. 60% OFF in Balanced Meal Shake Chocolate, their best tasting shake.
  • Runtime. 50% OFF in all their products. A good time to get a starter pack including their tasty Next Level Meal, Liquid Meal (RTD) and bars!

Featured Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Protein

  • My Protein. 50% OFF plus up to 4 gifts when you use the code black. Affordable, tasty and good quality protein shakes.
  • The Protein Works. Make use of the lightning deals with up to 53% off in their superb protein powders (Whey 360, Vegan Wondershake…).
  • Amazon. Enjoy the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on some brands like Bulk Powders, ON, and more.

Featured Black Friday Deals on Green Powders and Superfoods

Super Greens Extreme now 50% OFF with the code SALE50!
  • Garden of Life. Enjoy 20% off when you spend over £50 in one of the best green powders available in the UK: Perfect Food Greens Superfood.
  • The Protein Works. Check out Super Greens and Super Greens Extreme and make use of the Black Friday discounts.
  • Bulk Powder UK. Up to 80% OFF, plus 3 gifts when you spend more than £30!


Actualize Black Friday Sales

Ambronite Black Friday Sales

Ambronite Black Friday Deals

Ample Black Friday Discounts

  • Coming soon.

Bertrand Black Friday Deal

  • Coming soon.

Garden of Life Black Friday Deal

  • 30% OFF store-wide. Best natural and raw supplements and meal replacements available in both US and UK.
  • Recommended products: Raw & Organic Meal, and Perfect Food Greens.

Genesis Foods

Feed Black Friday Deals

  • Coming soon.

Foodspring Black Friday Deals

  • 49% OFF. Enjoy 49% on their limited Black Boxes, containing vegan protein, Shape Shake diet shakes and more fantastic items.

Hol Food Black Friday Discounts

  • Enjoy up to 35% OFF with the code BFCM.

Huel Black Friday Deals

  • Be alert for Black Friday discount codes for Huel. Although, usually the British brand does not have any. You can use the £10 referral discount, otherwise.
  • Recommended products: Huel powder, and Huel Hot & Savoury.

Jake Black Friday Deals

  • 10% OFF in all Jake shakes and 30% OFF in the Starter Boxes. Jake does smooth oaty shakes and some of the best meal replacement bars in Europe.
  • Recommended products: Vitaminbar (Coffee Cacao) and Jake Oaty Vanilla.

Jimmyjoy Black Friday Discounts

  • 15% OFF store wide. Enjoy some of the cheapest meal replacement shakes at an even better price.
  • Recommended products: Plenny Bars.

Ka’chava Black Friday Discounts

  • 30% Off in their meal replacement while stock lasts.

Keto Chow Black Friday Deals

Kuik Black Friday Discounts

  • 25% OFF storewide. Enjoy the great products Kuik offers, like their new vegan bar or their sports meal replacement drink. This offer will last all week long, until the 30th.
  • Recommended products: Kuik bars and normal Vegan powder.

Lently Black Friday Deals

Mana Drink Black Friday Deals

  • Coming soon.
Black Friday Mana Up to 64%
2019 Black Friday Mana deals.

MyProtein Black Friday Deals

  • 50% OFF on everything using the code BLACK as well as some exclusive gifts – like the BF box-.
  • Recommended Products: Impact Whey Protein, All Natural Peanut Butter, and FlavDrops.

Nuut Black Friday Deals

  • 20% OFF with the code BFCM20. Nuut is one of the most unique manufacturers in Europe with low carb, real food based shakes with no artificial ingredients. Make sure to try them out during this unusual discount!

Orgain Black Friday Deals

  • 30% OFF store-wide with the code BF2020.
  • Recommended Products: Orgain Protein & Superfoods.

Queal Black Friday Deals

  • No Black Friday deals have been announced yet, but there will most likely be discounts on the day.

Runtime Black Friday Discounts

Sated Black Friday Deals

Satislent Black Friday Deals

Saturo Black Friday Deals

  • No discounts have been announced yet by Saturo.

Soylent Black Friday Discounts

SuperBodyFuel Black Friday Discounts

  • No deals have been announced yet.

The Protein Works Black Friday Deals

  • Up to 90% Discount — Visit The Protein Works to discover incredible flash sales. This includes 53% on some of the best meal replacements and protein powders!
  • Code EXTRA10TPW for further 10% reduction.
  • Diet Meal Replacement Shake 5 month supply for only £137.99 (originally £299.95). Enjoy one of the best tasting shakes for less than half the price. My favourite Black Friday deal so far.
  • Recommended products: Diet Meal Replacement Extreme, Complete 360 Meal, and Super Greens.
The Protein Works black friday
Use the code Extra10TPW for extra 10% OFF.

Trinkkost Black Friday Deals

Vitaline Black Friday Deals

  • Vitaline hasn’t announced any discounts yet.

Vite Ramen Black Friday Deals

YFood Black Friday Deals

  • Coming soon.

I would recommend you keeping an eye on the page if the brand that you like hasn’t announced any deals yet. I will try to keep it updated.

Happy shopping!

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