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But before starting here are the rules or the parameters:

  1. I will weight myself at the start of the week and at the end of the week.
  2. I will monitor all I eat using MyfitnessPal to track the calories in.
  3. Luckily, I also have a Garmin Fenix 3hr that allows me to fairly accurately estimate how many calories I burn a day and track exercise. Therefore, I will also provide data of the exercise and steps i do. This wil be calories out.
  4. I will try to eat at least more than 50% of my energy from meal replacements. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to do solely consuming complete foods (due to social and familiar compromises).

Things to take into account:

  • One week is not enough time to draw any strong conclusions.
  • The results for any certain meal replacement shake might be skewed due to external factors like stress, work load, temperature…
  • Not 2 weeks are equal.
  • I might be unable to fully accurately track my calories in meals that I do not cook.

This is a smaller French brand that has a surprising catalogue of meal replacement product both in variety of flavours and nutritional profiles. They have a shake for each situation, daily consumption, pre-workout shake, post-workout shake…  This is something I am very excited about:

  • Vitaline is a French company that currently only ships to Europe, with free shipping in orders above €25.
  • They have 2 different products ranges: Daily (shakes for daily use) and Catalyst (specialised shakes). In the Catalyst Range they sell a pre-workout shake, a post-workout shake and a booster shake that are all nutritionally different.
  • They also offer products that are in open beta phase (Pilot program); this is, they take customer feedback into account and chage the recipe accordingly.
  • The Daily Range products are available in powder in the bottle or in pouches. The rest are only available in the first format.
  • Each Vitaline meal is about 400 kcal, with 84% of the products from organic origin and all sourced locally in France.
  • Allergens: Dairy.
  • Suitable for: Vegetarians (but they have a vegan product).

    Vitaline Hand all products
    My suply for the week. I have already tried one, so I only have 15 left.

Things to take into consideration:

  • I have started going to the gym regularly again. I will try to break the barrier of 80kg (upwards) in the next two weeks.
  • I am hoping to drink at least 2 bottles of Vitaline a day. I have a total of 15. Hopefully I will finish them.
  • I will try my calories as accurately as I can, but there will be room for error.

Summary of my Week on Vitaline


Vitaline Energy Expenditure vs Intake
Overall, i ate 17,716kcal and burnt 17,163kcal for a calorie excess of 553.

Starting Weight: 78.2kg or 172.4lbs.

Finishing Weight: 80.5kg or 177.5lbs.

Total calories in: 17,716kcal (+1,364 vs last week).

Total calories out: 17,163kcal (+804 vs last week).

Cal From Vitaline: 4,400kcal (25%).

Cost of Vitaline: €45.48

  • I am sad I consumed so little calories from Vitaline, I had 3 bottles left in the end and I consumed both Catalyst Ignite and Catalyst Recover outside this week.
  • It has been a more active week than the previous ones and I am happy for that, however, I have ended up with 2.3kg extra (in theory).
Thoughts on Vitaline.
  • Vitaline products are really exciting and the variety is great. The bottles also come very handy when on-the-go, but I would buy the pouches if I were to consume it at home.
  • The flavours are quite different from each other, while you can notice the oats in most of them. However, the oats are not finely blended, but they have more of a homemade touch (rough blend). I would agree that the flavours are very natural though.
  • My personal ranking Framboise (Ignite) = Mandarine (Focus)> Carrot Curry (warm)> Almond (with milk)> Cocoa> Red Fruits>>Tomato (Vegan)>>Butternut Onion (Catalyst).
  • The savoury ones (especially the acidic ones) were really nice surprises and I felt that besides the taste being refreshing it fit the objective of the shake.
  • The sweet flavours were not so sweet and the cocoa one was very very mild (almost like a homemade oats with Nesquick but when you have forgotten to put enough of the last).
  • I really did not like th Catalyst Recover’s flavour, which is sad, since it was my favourite, nutritionally speaking.
  • Sometimes I wished the portions were bigger. I need to say that they filled me up for about 2h usually.
  • Vitaline is a great brand regarding the product quality (definitely feels natural and fresh) and comes closer to real food than any other brand that I have tried so far. Nevertheless, the flavours will not be for everyone.

Start 06/10/18

Starting Weight: 78.2kg or 172.4lbs.

Starting Caloric Need2,180kcal or 9121.1kJ.

Day 1- 06/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 1

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal) at 9a.m.
  • Vitaline Daily Cacao 1 Pre-powdered bottle, 400kcal..

Thoughts: I had tried Vitaline once in the prior week. Their powder in the bottle shakes can be tricky to prepare, since you can get powder stuck at the bottom. The cacao flavour was as if I had blended oats with some cacao powder in my own. That is a trademark of Vitaline, everything seems homemade.

Vitaline Daily Cacao
The powder reaches just to the end of the white line. To prepare it put it side wise, add water and shake thoroughly.
  • Chicken breast breaded (200g) about 388kcal.
  • Oil about 0.8 tablespoon (95kcal).
  • 5 slices of bread, 360kcal.

    Chicken breast
    Some sad chicken breast.

Thoughts: Breaded chicken is always delicious, but it is a less healthy way to cook it than grill it.

  • Pasta with tomato sauce (100g) about 344kcal.

Thoughts: I went to play rugby and the opposite team prepared some pasta with tomato sauce (nothing fancy but delicious after the game). It was probably more than 100g.

  • Potato omelette, 250g about 362kcal.
  • 6 slices of wholegrain bread (432kcal).
  • Ham about 155g, 160kcal

Thoughts: My mum had cooked me dinner, so when I came back at midnight, I had a delicious cooked dinner waiting. I was going to have a Vitaline shake, if not.

Food Day 1:
Vitaline Food 06_10_18
Vitaline Calorie Spread Day1Vitaline Macros Day1

Recap of Day 1

  • Calories IN = 2,646kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+650kcal.
  • Total = -184kcal (needed to eat more).
Vitaline Summary Day1
I did not achieve the step goal, but I played rugby, which is not shown.

Therefore, this is the start my week on Vitaline. What I have experienced so far is that Vitaline’s flavours are trully natural. This can be for the worse and for the better. They do not feel artificial at all, but some of the flavours are very odd (like butternut onion) and can be hard to get used to.

The Cacao flavour is not like a chocolate milkshake or a smooth chocolate protein shake, but a rough oat blend (as if it were done at home) with some cocoa powder added to it. I did not like it much at the start, but I got used to it at the end.

As far as the preparation goes, these pre-powdered bottles are trickier to handle than I previously thought. If you just add water, some of the powder will get stuck at the bottom. Thus you need to tilt the bottle, add some water, then shake it avoiding anything to get stuck. Afterwards you add more water up to the almost top and shake it.

I would also advise to shake it while consuming, since the solid part will precipitate to the bottom if not. The powder does mix better than I expected, and I did not find any clumps.

So, yes. Excited to see what Vitaline has to offer.

Day 2- 07/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 2

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal) at 9a.m.
  • 1 slice of bread about 93kcal.
  • 175g of Potato omelette, 253kcal.

Thoughts: I had the leftovers from the dinner last night. Honestly, it felt weird not having a shake.

  • Rice with vegetables, 250g about 386kcal.
  • Tuna (front side), 120g about 257kcal.
  • 6 slices of bread, 432kcal.

Thoughts: The front side of the tuna is a little fattier, but a great tasting part.

  • Tomato salad (22kcal) with olive oil (95kcal).
  • Omelette with vegetables (peppers and onions from the farm), 250kcal.
  • 4 slices of bread, 288kcal.

Thoughts: We are finally (sadly) running out of vegetables from our garden. Winter is coming.

  • Vitaline Daily Amande (Almond), 1 bottle, 400kcal.

Thoughts: I had it before bed. I did not really need it, but I was focusing on eating more to recover from yesterday. Great protein boost.

Food Day 2:
Vitaline Food 07_10_18Vitaline Nutrients Day2
Vitaline Calorie Spread Day2Vitaline Macros Day2

Recap of Day 2

  • Calories IN = 2,584kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180.
  • Total = 404kcal (excess).
Vitaline Summary Day2
I was absolutely massacred from the rugby the day before. My knees were swollen and I had pain all over. So I took Sunday as a extreme rest day.

The aftermatch of rugby is getting heavier and heavier. It is no joke that age catches up to you. I had to take a super quiet day. It did not help the fact that  it was rainning, but 2,464 steps is absolutely ridiculously low.

I did not have my Vitaline right until before bed, mainly because I had my meals with my family. I found the Almond one not to taste much like almond. It was still very rough, and fibrous. It feels very natural and homemade, but I think some people will dislike that. I felt very fresh after consuming it.

I think Vitaline might be a great long run shake, not only because of the flavours, but because how it makes you feel clean and energized.

Day 3- 08/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 3

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Daily Carrot Curry, 1 bottle, 400kcal.

Thoughts: I will not lie. I was not looking forward to it, but it was good. Not the worst flavour they have. Although, I would have enjoyed it more for lunch.

  • Courgette, tomato and pepper soup, 362kcal.

Thoughts: Back to finishing the vegetables from the garden.

  • Tomato salad (22kcal) with olive oil (95kcal).
  • Burger, about 160kcal
  • 4 slices of bread, 288kcal.

Thoughts: I wish I had a second burger. I was pretty hungry afterwards.

  • Vitaline Daily Fruit Rouges (Red Fruits), 1 bottle, 400kcal.
  • 8slices of bread, 676kcal.
  • Ham, 186g, 192kcal.

Thoughts: I had my second Vitaline right after the gym workout. The taste was not very good and I wish I had Catalyst Recover (the post-workout shake), so I could get more protein

Food Day 3:
Vitaline Food 08_10_18Vitaline Nutrients Day3
Vitaline Calorie Spread Day3Vitaline Macros Day3

Recap of Day 3

  • Calories IN = 2,602kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+459kcal.
  • Total = -37kcal(deficit).
Vitaline Summary Day3
I did a quick whole body workout. I hope I will keep going to the gym at least every other day.

I had two Vitaline Daily shakes today; Carrot Curry and Red Fruits. The first one was a very nice surprise. It was like a slightly carroty soup, and thus I really wanted to have it warm. However, you need to be careful when warming meal replacements, because some of the components denature. It did feel like the ideal shake for a winter day, though. The Red Fruits flavour was not as good. I was expecting a very acidic and strong taste (like the smoothies) but instead was a little dull and hidden behind the oats. I think this flavour would be best chilled.

I also think I had more calories than I have counted, but I do not mind much. I think if I build up the routine, I may go up to 3000kcal and try to put some weight on.

Day 4- 09/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 4

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Daily Red Fruits, 1 bottle, 400kcal.

Thoughts: I left it for two hour in the fridge in the hopes of improving yesterday’s experience. I will say that it was slightly better, more refreshing, but the flavour lacks the punch I was hoping this flavour to have.Vitaline Daily Fruits Rouges

  • Black bean soup, 300g, about 231kcal.
  • Chickpeas, 50g, 49kcal.

Thoughts: Legumes are awesome. Good source of nutrients, too.

  • Chickpeas (194kcal) with fresh spinach (46kcal).
  • Tuna, 161kcal.
  • 6 slices of bread, 384kcal.

Thoughts: Chickpeas with spinach is a super plate, full of nutrients, cheap (at least here) and delicious.

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Low-fat yogurt, 125g, 49kcal.
  • 200g of wholemeal bread, 562kcal.

Thoughts: I actually wanted someting like Catalyst Recover once again to drink after my rugby training.

Food Day 4:
Vitaline Food 09_10_18
Vitaline Nutrients Day4
Vitaline Calorie Spread Day4Vitaline Macros Day4

Recap of Day 4

  • Calories IN = 2,286kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+260kcal.
  • Total = -154kcal(deficit).
Vitaline Summary Day4
It was a fairly quiet day up until rugby. I did not do much at training either, since my knees were hurting badly. The age catching up.

Focusing on Vitaline first, I have to say that the Daily Red Fruits flavours has been a little disappointing. I was expecting something with more punch and acidity. Instead, it is a little dull and too oaty. However, it does improve when is cooler. I would recommend drinking it chilled.

I have had few breakfasts with Vitaline by now. I feel very energized and refreshed afterwards, but it is true that it is not as satiating as other shakes giving bigger servings (Pulve, Next Level Meal, Satislent). I feel satisfied for 2h30min -3h, but afterwards I start feeling hungry again.

Regarding the rest of the day, I should have not gone to rugby training, since my knees are destroyed from Saturday. Playing in artificial pitches is really hurting my knees. I hope I find a solution soon.

Day 5- 10/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 5

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Daily Almond, 1 bottle, 400kcal with 100ml of milk and rest water.

Thoughts: Adding a little milk to the mix improved the overall shake a lot. It made it smoother and it improved the flavour. I know many will not have the option to do so, but I recommend it. What would happen if I added almond milk, I wonder.

Vitaline Daily Amande
With 100ml of milk.
  • Beef steak, about 112g, 270kcal.
  • 2 slices of bread.

Thoughts: Kind of a tiny lunch.

  • Potato omelette, 350g, 507kcal.

Thoughts: Potato omelette or Spanish omelette is delicious, but quite fatty and carb heavy.

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Catalyst Focus Mandarine, 1 bottle, 400kcal
  • 8 slices of wholemeal bread, 512kcal.

    Vitaline Catalyst Focus Mandarine
    The most shocking and exciting shake I have tried so far.

Thoughts: I had Catalyst Focus mid-afternoon to try to improve my work rate. The taste was acidic and punchy, but not overly disconfortable. I really enjoyed it.

Food Day 5:
Vitaline Food 10_10_18Vitaline Nutrients Day5
Vitaline Calorie Spread Day5Vitaline Macros Day5

Recap of Day 5

  • Calories IN = 2,462kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180kcal.
  • Total = 282kcal(excess).
Vitaline Summary Day5
Not a particularly great day in terms of activity or efficiency.

I want to remark how shocking and impressive Vitaline Focus Mandarine was. Not because it is the best tasting or has the best nutritional value; but because the taste itself was refreshing and the product achieved its goal. Focus is designed to help you re-focus on your work (has active ingredients like guarana for that); however, everything starts with the punchy acidic flavour that wakes you up on the spot. Very efficient.

On positive surprises, I found that the Almond flavour also improved with milk (and perhaps will do more if you use almond milk). I wish I had put some cinammon into it, now that I look back.

As for the rest of the day, it was not the most efficient day ever. I worked on the site, went for an evening walk to clear my mind and ended up not doing enough work. Hopefully today will be better.

Day 6- 11/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 6

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Daily Carrot Curry, 1 bottle, 400kcal with 1 water.

Thoughts: Last time I said I thought this shake would be better warm. I warmed it up at medium heat up to “not-hot but warm” point. I really enjoyed it.

Vitaline Daily Curry Warm
It was good at normal temperature, but better warm.
  • Chicken breast, 200g, 388kcal.
  • 2 slices of bread, 144kcal.

Thoughts: Just a bit of protein for the body.

  • Tomato salad (22kcal) with tuna in brine (200g) about 210kcal.
  • 8 slices of wholegrain bread, 576kcal.
  • Potato omelette, 250g, 362kcal.

Thoughts: I went to a bar after dinner and they were giving away the potato omelette that was leftover from the day. So I had some extra calories. Delicious. Worth it.

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Daily Tomato (Vegan), 1 bottle, 400kcal.
  • 3 slices of wholemeal bread, 192kcal.
Vitaline Daily Tomato Vegan
Not my favourite flavour. I actually thought it was pretty bad. Tomato and oats do not go very well with each other.

Thoughts: Finally, I got around to try the Vegan shake. I am not a big fan of tomato soups and similar. This was no exception. Not very good in my opinion.

Food Day 6:
Vitaline Food 11_10_18Vitaline Nutrients Day6
Vitaline Calorie Spread Day6Vitaline Macros Day6

Recap of Day 6

  • Calories IN = 2,904kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180+534kcal.
  • Total = 190kcal(excess).
Vitaline Summary Day6
Good day, where I got to do a one hour workout. Unfortunately, I could not go to rugby training due to my knees.

Starting with the new Vitaline I tried, Daily Tomato (Vegan), I must say I did not like it. It is partially due to my dislike to tomato juice or tomato soups. I do not find them very tasty. However, the flavour did not seem to work very well with the oats in the background. The tomato flavour was not strong enough to fully overpower it so it ended up as a weird mix. I wish Vitaline had chosen a more neutral flavour.

The warmed up Carrot Curry was very good, though. Despite the fact that I usually consume my food pipping hot, the warm soup like texture was perfect, especially for these winter days.

As for the rest of the day, I was happy I went to the gym, even though my knees do not want to heal up; thus, I ended up skipping training. The surplus of food will hopefully help me putting on some weight for rugby season, too.

Day 7- 12/10/2018 | Go to Recap Day 7

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (105kcal).
  • Vitaline Daily Carrot Curry, 1 bottle, 400kcal with 1 water.

Thoughts: Instead of heating it up in the mug after shaking it, this time I added hot water (not boiling hot) straight from the tap into the bottle. It actually worked wonderfully.

  • Pork steaks (200g) about 194kcal.
  • 1 slices of bread, 72kcal.

Thoughts: I bought some pork from the butcher and quickly put fried them in the pan. Easy and tasty. I also had some salad on the side (just lettuce with salt and vinegar).

  • Vitaline Daily Carrot Curry, 1 bottle, 400kcal with 1 water.
  • 1 baguette of bread (300g) about 813kcal.
  • Low fat yogurt, 250g, 98kcal.

Thoughts: I bought.

  • Coffee Latte at a bar (150kcal).

Thoughts: Just enjoying a little coffee with my friends.

Food Day 7:

Vitaline Food 12_10_18Vitaline Nutrients Day7Vitaline Calorie Spread Day7Vitaline Macros Day7

Recap of Day 7

  • Calories IN = 2,232kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180kcal.
  • Total = 52kcal(excess).
Vitaline Summary Day7
Not much exercise for my last day. I have slept more towards the end of the week, too.

I have ended my last 3 days in caloric excess. I even expect that the excess was bigger than what the data shows, just because it is hard to track some of the food. I am not too bothered, since I am hoping to start going to the gym more often and putting on some weight (although, I have not been very good at the first).

I only had Vitaline Daily Carrot Curry and Focus left, so I had 2 of the first. I was thinking on having a Vitaline only day, but I wanted to have some other food, too. I used hot tap water to make the shakes and it worked very well.

Summary of the week

As far as the week goes, it has been a fun ride. I have not perfected the technique of making the shakes in the bottles (I had powder stuck in the bottom more often than not); but, I really enjoyed most of the shakes.


The sweet flavours (Almond, Cocoa) were not very sweet, and they are like a rough oaty shakes (like home blended). I found the Almond one improved with milk, I could not try it with the cocoa, unfortunately.

The savoury flavours were a little hit and miss, but also included some of the best surprises (Carrot Curry and Focus Mandarine). The Vitalist Catalyst Recover Butternut Onion was perhaps the one that I disliked the most. Nutritionally, it is what I want after a workout, but flavour wise it was hard to drink. The Vegan tomato was not very good, either; but then again, I am not a big fan of tomato flavours. As for the Red Fruits I was hoping it would have more punch, something more similar to what I found in Vitaline Focus Mandarine.

In fact, the Catalyst Ignite Framboise had the punch and acidity that I expected from the red fruits. It was not the most delicious shake ever, but it was fairly pleasant and different.

Other thoughts on Vitaline and use of Vitaline shakes

While the portability of the bottles is great and reduces the negative stigma and the bulkiness the shakers might have, the aftermath is undeniable. 15 bottles need a lot of room and mean “a lot of waste” for 6000kcal, when we compare that to the powder pouch alternatives.

RTD waste day
2,000kcal from Vitaline RTD vs Pulve pouches (biodegradable).
RTD waste
Vitaline week waste vs Satislent week waste (both showing around 5,200kcal).

The visuals are very clear. Vitaline does offer pouches for the Daily Range (and I hope they will do for the Catalyst range once they are out of Pilot Program). The bottles are nice and the portability is good, but if you consume them at work or at home and you do not care about using a shaker I would strongly recommend doing so. It also adds more customization options and it is cheaper.

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