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One week on Satislent

But before starting here are the rules or the parameters:

  1. I will weight myself at the start of the week and at the end of the week.
  2. I will monitor all I eat using MyfitnessPal to track the calories in.
  3. Luckily, I also have a Garmin Fenix 3hr that allows me to fairly accurately estimate how many calories I burn a day and track exercise. Therefore, I will also provide data of the exercise and steps i do. This wil be calories out.
  4. I will try to eat at least more than 50% of my energy from meal replacements. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to do solely consuming complete foods (due to social and familiar compromises).

Things to take into account:

  • One week is not enough time to draw any strong conclusions.
  • The results for any certain meal replacement shake might be skewed due to external factors like stress, work load, temperature…
  • Not 2 weeks are equal.
  • I might be unable to fully accurately track my calories in meals that I do not cook.

I am actually really looking forward to spend one week on Satislent products. I have great hopes. For more info about Satislent check out the review.

  • Satislent is a Spanish company that ships to EU.
  • They do vegan, locally sourced, non-GMO products.
  • They have 3 products the standard (670kcal/meal); SatisUp (same but with caffeine) and Satislent Sport (737kcal).
  • 3 servings give you just over 2,010kcal.
  • Allergens: Gluten and Soy.
  • Energy Distribution: 56C/16P/28F.
  • Suitable for: Vegans.

Things to take into consideration:

  • My goal will be maintain weight at around 79kg. I will be OK, if I put a little bit.
  • I will do breakfast with SatisUp and lunch with the Standard version except on Tuesday and Thursday. These days I will take the Sport version to boost my performance at rugby.
  • I will overestimate the calories IN and underestimate the calories OUT.

Let’s do this. Satislent give me your best!

Summary of my Week on Satislent


Satislent Energy Intake vs Expenditure
The sum was 471kcal deficit.

Starting Weight79.1kg or 174lbs.

Finishing Weight: 77.1kg or 169.98lbs.

Total calories in: 17,047kcal.

Total calories out: 17,518kcal.

Cal From Satislent: 6,411kcal (over 1/3).

Cost of Satislent: €20.52

  • It is curious that I lost 2kg. Taking into account that in theory I put two last week it might be that I was really heavy when I weighted last week. Eitherway, I should start eating more and looking to go to the gym more often. Eat more, but less bread.
  • While I was having full Satislent meals for breakfast I reached my goals more easily. I will go back to 600ish breakfasts.
Thoughts on Satislent.
  • Satislent products were OK. Really thick shakes overall and large (500ml).
  • Most of the products have a very oaty, plain flavour, that you can barely notice. Only the Strawberry one was significanly different. While not as good as Next Level Meal Straberry, it was tasty. Strawberry> Coco>Lemon>Vanilla=Cafe.
  • I enjoyed having different products, with caffeine, more protein and different sizes to play around a little.
  • Only but was that some of the normal Satislent were hard to smoothen and had some minor bits.
  • Satislent definitely offers a good product and the price is crazy low.

Start 09/09/18

Starting Weight79.1kg or 174lbs.

Starting Caloric Need2,180kcal or 9121.1kJ.

Day 1- 09/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 1

  • Coffee with 300ml of skimmed milk (141kcal) at 9a.m.
  • Satislent Coco 160g (670kcal) at 11a.m with 400ml water.

Thoughts: It was a slow start to the morning. The first thing I found is that the servings are way too big and they barely. Even when I put 100ml of water less than the recommended there was barely any space left in the shaker. It was a heavy one to shake it, too. As far as the flavour goes, it was pretty dull and did not taste much like coco. It had a powdery hit on the back of the throat and aftertaste that it took me a while to get used to.

Satislent Coco Shake
I struggled to fit everything in the shaker.
  • Satislent Sport Vanilla, 70g (295kcal). 2 scoops with 300ml of water.

Thoughts: I went to the gym and I wanted some nutrition, because otherwise I would have skipped this meal. I decided to have half portion of Satislent sport at 14:30 and then the other half at 17:30. The shake was ok, not very different to the coco, even though they were meant to be different flavours.

Satislent Sport
Satislent Sport does not come in individual bags. The scoop is provided. I put 2 scoops with 300ml of water.
  • Tomato salad with tuna – 2 Tomato (44kcal), tuna in olive oil 70g (143kcal).
  • Two whole egg omelette (143kcal).

Thoughts: The tomato salad is starting to be my meal to go for dinner. I have so many tomatoes from my garden I seriously need to start giving away some. Perhaps, I should do a tomato giveaway.

  • Satislent Sport Vanilla, 70g (295kcal). 2 scoops with 300ml of water.
  • 10 slices of wholegrain bread about 720kcal.
  • Tuna 120g (245g).

Thoughts: I had a tuna sandwich after dinner. Bread needs to stop.

Food Day 1:
Satislent Food Day1 09_09_18
Satislent Nutrients Day1
Satislent Calorie Spread Day1Satislent Macros Day1

Recap of Day 1

  • Calories IN = 2,660kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2180+ 545kcal = 2725kcal.
  • Total = -65kcal (needed to eat more).
Satislent Summary Day1
Leg workout with some squats, stiff-leg deadlifts, leg press and leg machines.

I felt pretty well throughout the day. The shakes filled me up a lot and the first one took a while to finish. I think it should be fine, from now on. I noticed that Satislent shakes are really big (do not fit in the shaker) and that the flavours are really mild. Not unpleasantly so, but they do not taste much of anything.

The coco one had a small hit of olive oil in the background that was actually quite pleasant. It was slightly powdery, hitting the back of my throat at the start. Not very nice, but I got used to it as the shake went down.

Another thing I noticed as I looked at the macros during the day, it was that I was struggling to hit the protein goal. Fair enough, that I have mine pretty high, but I wanted to reach about 150g and I was fairly far before I stuffed myself with tuna. Perhaps, the sport variation should come with even more protein.

Day 2- 10/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 2

  • SatisUp160g (670kcal) at 10a.m with 400ml water.

Thoughts: You can smell the coffee when you first open the pack. It made me hope for a strong coffee taste, but sadly it was no so. Once again, it had a faint coffee taste but it was mostly oats. It was OK, though. I noticed the caffeine kick wore down after about two hours, but to be honest, I do have a high tolerance.

SatisUp Desayuno

  • Satislent  Vanilla, 160g (670kcal) with 450ml of water.

Thoughts: I was hungry by 14:00. I decided to have my second Satislent shake. The vanilla flavour was nothing special. Once again smooth but thick shake. I really do not mind, but if you are a fan of thinner shakes you will struggle.

Satislent Vanilla review
Perfect to keep working.
  • Tomato salad with tuna – 2 Tomato (44kcal), tuna in olive oil 70g (143kcal).
  • Spanish Omelette, about 250g (362kcal).
  • 7 slices of wholegrain bread about 504kcal.
  • Ham 186g, 192kcal.

Thoughts: Salad plus spanish omelette is a weekly dinner. Pretty good. I thought I was a bit short in calories and I wanted more protein so I ended up having some bread with ham. TOO much bread.

  • Skimmed milk, 300ml (105kcal)

Thoughts: Needed an afternoon coffee.

Food Day 2:
Food Day2 10_09_18
Satislent Nutrients Day2
Satislent Calorie Spread_Day2

Recap of Day 2

  • Calories IN = 2,547kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2180.
  • Total = 367kcal (excess).
Satislent Summary Day2
A day where I did absolutely nothing.

Shakes made me full almost all day long. I could see myself only having Satislent shakes for the whole day without any problems.

For my disappointment, I found out that all flavours are pretty mild and similar to each other, so if taste is important to you, I would recommend looking elsewhere. They are not bad, just very oat heavy. They also have a powdery feel at the start but I did not notice it in the end, so I guess you get used to it.

Another thing I am enjoying is the consistency, smooth but thick. That is the way I like it. It might be a bit of a job to finish the 500ml shakes for many, though. I would recommend splitting the doses.

Day 3- 11/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 3

RIP. Forever remembered.

  • SatisUp160g (670kcal) at 10a.m with 400ml water.

Thoughts: Another day with SatisUp. It helps me with the morning, fills me up and I feel pretty good afterwards. I think the only thing is that you may need a little more caffeine mid morning.

SatisUp Shake Prep
The powder is a bit clumped so a good shake is necessary. A blender would do great too.
  • Springless beans with potatoes, small portion about 299g, 146kcal.
  • “Pisto”, Courgettes with tomatoes in a soup (169kcal).

Thoughts: I was meant to have my second Satislent shake, but mum has cooked way too many food that needs to be eaten. It is the “downside” of having a garden, it can produce a lot of vegetables.

A mix of courgettes, tomatoes and peppers with a bit of olive oil.
  • Tomato salad with tuna – 2 Tomato (44kcal), tuna in olive oil 120g (245kcal).
  • 9 slices of wholegrain bread about 648kcal.

Thoughts: Salad with extra tuna because I wanted the protein. Mum bought a baguette and then no one came. So I ended up having the whole thing. I know…

  • Megabite Chocolate Brownie snack bar (246kcal).

Thoughts: It was a snack bar before going to do sports.

Food Day 3:
Food Day3 11_09_18
Satislent Nutrients Day3
Satislent Calorie Spread Day3Satislent Macros_Day3

Recap of Day 3

  • Calories IN = 2,168kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2180.
  • Total = -12kcal (needed).
Satislent Summary Day3
I reached my step goal, but currently is really pathetic. No exercise either…

What a day… It was not particularly bad, but I wanted to go to rugby trainning, until all 3 bikes on my house decided to have a flat tyre. Tried to repair, but I was unsuccessful. I should have gone to the gym for a workout, but I did not.

In the end, I ended up doing pretty much nothing the whole day. In theory, I was even with my caloric needs, but I have the suspicion I was too inactive to burn that much.

As far as food goes, Satislent shakes are ok. They are not the best tasting, but I am quite enjoying the thickness. I had to eat the food that was in the fridge, and I was saving my Satislent Sport for after rugby, but I ended up not having it, since I did not go.

Day 4- 12/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 4


  • Satislent Sport 70g (2 scoops) about 295kcal with 200ml water 100ml coffee.

Thoughts: I though I wanted more protein in the morning so I took half a serving of Satislent Sport and added coffee. Taste was OK, but probably better with milk.

Satislent Sport Coffee
Satislent Sport with coffee is darker than usual.
  • Lentil soup (150g) about 456kcal.

Thoughts: Once again trying to finish the food in the fridge. Another home delicatessen.

  • Tomato salad with tuna – 2 Tomato (44kcal), tuna in olive oil 120g (245kcal).
  • White Haddock made in the oven (280g) about 200kcal.
  • 5 slices of wholegrain bread about 360kcal.

Thoughts: The haddock tail is an absolute superfood. Delicious, nutritious and full of protein. One of my favorite things.

  • 2 slices of wholegrain bread about 144kcal.
  • Ham 186g, 192kcal.
  • Satislent Sport (2 scoops) about 295kcal. After workout.
  • Activia Cereals low fat yogurt (2) about 138kcal.

    Satislent after workout
    Satislent sport for after workout shake.

Thoughts: I took another half serving of Satislent sport after the workout get some protein.

Food Day 4:
Satislent Nutrients Day4
Satislent Calorie Spread Day3Satislent Macros Day4

Recap of Day 4

  • Calories IN = 2,229kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2180 + 543(workout).
  • Total = -494kcal (needed).
Satislent Summary Day4
Did a back workout mid afternoon. Great way to recover my wits.

Day started off hard, since I had to wake up at 5am to take my dad to the airport, but because of that I also had a few extra steps in the morning and a early start. I decided to switch to Satislent Sport from SatisUp, because I want to be closer to 30g of protein per meal (optimize muscle gain).

I had a second Satislent Sport (half) after the workout. I am finding that for me the extra protein is what I am looking for. For that reason the standard variation falls a bit short. Thus, I would probably not use Satislent as my main meal replacement, unless I was trying to cut costs.

Aside from that, I feel great.

Day 5- 13/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day 5


  • Satislent Sport 70g (2 scoops) about 295kcal with 200ml water 100ml coffee.
  • 300ml of milk with coffee (more), 105kcal.

Thoughts: Trying out with the coffee again. It is a good way to start the day.

Satislent Sport Breakfast
Liquid first. Let’s not repeat the same mistake twice.
  • Pisto (courgette and tomato soup, all from the home garden), about 362kcal.
  • Egg whites, 4, 69kcal.

Pisto satislentThoughts: I added the egg whites to the Pisto because I wanted to get some protein in the meal.

  • Satislent Sport 87.5g (2.5 scoops) about 369kcal
  • Springless beans 146kcal.
  • 3 slices of wholegrain bread about 216kcal.
  • Low fat yogurt, 125g, 49kcal

Thoughts: I was really hungry after rugby and there was not much in the fridge. I wish I had more protein (perhaps a bigger Satislent Sport portion).

  • 4 slices of wholegrain bread about 288kcal.
  • Ham 186g, 192kcal.
  • Activia Cereals low fat yogurt (2) about 138kcal.

    Satislent after workout
    Satislent sport for after workout shake.

Thoughts: Maybe I should have eaten more before rugby. Another Satislent?

Food Day 5:
Food Day5 12_09_18
Satislent Nutrients Day5
Satislent Calorie Spread Day5Satislent Macros Day5

Recap of Day 5

  • Calories IN = 2,229kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2180 + 390(workout).
  • Total = -341kcal (needed).
Satislent Summary Day5
Rugby does not appear here.

Another great day. I am quite enjoying having Satislent Sport as my breakfast, although arguably I should up my portions. Particularly, on days that I am going to do some sportive activities.

Once again, my main struggle is to eat enough protein. 138g is not that bad, 1.7g/kg of bodyweight. In theory, this is enough to stimulate muscle growth. I guess I have been in really high protein diets before (up to 200g per day).

One thing about Satislent is that is not very exciting. The shakes are not bad, but they are not something you would be looking forward to. Just another way to get nutrients. It is up to you to make it special. I highly recommend customizing them.

Day 6- 14/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day6


  • Satislent Sport 87.5g (2.5 scoops) about 369kcal with 300ml water.
  • 300ml of milk with coffee (more), 105kcal.

Thoughts: I need to think about a new way to spice it up.

  • Springless beans 146kcal.
  • Omelette with 1 whole egg (72kcal) and 3 egg whites, 51kcal.
  • Bread, 1 slice (72kcal).

Thoughts: The omelette was because I wanted protein and I did not have any meat. But I think I have finished with all the garden vegetables from last week’s harvest. If only mum was not going for more today…

  • Satislent Sport 87.5g (2.5 scoops) about 369kcal

Thoughts: I needed a quick meal before going out with friends. This is another really handy thing about meal replacements.

  • 6 slices of wholegrain bread about 432kcal.
  • Ham 62g, 64kcal.
  • Ice cream (small) bought from the local Gelato store (about 251kcal).
  • Tuna (100g), 202kcal.

Thoughts: The ice cream was sooo good. I went for dark chocolate and lemon. The tuna to catch up with the protein, obviously.

Food Day 6:
Satislent Food Day6 14_09_18
Satislent Nutrients Day6
Calorie Spread Day6Satislent Macros Day6

Recap of Day 6

  • Calories IN = 2,133kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2180.
  • Total = -47kcal (needed).

Satislent Summary Day6

The highlight of the day was the ice cream on the way back from work. Such an idilic day and place to have. I should have taken a picture. Quick tip to have the best gelato: buy a sweet and a sour flavours, so they balance each other out. Trust me.

As for food, I think I should have consumed more Satislent (3 scoops) at both breakfast and dinner. At breakfast I am always on fear to starting with too much. I should not be. I ended up trying to catch up with calories after I came back from being with my friends at 23:30. Not a good time to eat.

Besides, I realized of another great advantage of meal replacement. That meal when you are late to meet with your friends, but you actually need the food. You often end up saying “I’ll buy something on the street” and end up regreting it half of the times. Yes, shakes are awesome alternative for that.

Day 7- 15/09/2018 | Go to Recap Day7


  • Satislent Strawberry 160g, 670kcal with 300ml water.
  • 300ml of milk with coffee, 105kcal.

Thoughts: The strawberry one has been the most satisfying one, yet. It actually tasted like strawberry and I think if I had mixed it with milk it would have been very good. The only problem was that there were some lumps.

  • Mars bar, 250kcal.

Thoughts: I should have drank my second Satislent.

  • Pasta bolognese (268g), about 291kcal.
  • Satislent Sport, 113g (3 scoops), about 479kcal.
  • Activia Cereals low fat yogurt (2) about 138kcal.

Thoughts: The pasta I ate at 20:00 (at the rugby pitch) and the Satislent and the yogurt when I got home, past midnight.

Satislent Cheat Meal
I honestly did not know this thing had 419kcal. A real bomb and not very healty. But it tasted amazingly.
  • 6 slices of wholegrain bread about 432kcal.
  • Ham 62g, 64kcal.
  • Tuna Sandwich (100g). 238kcal.
  • Palmera de chocolate (pastry), 419kcal.

Thoughts: The ice cream was sooo good. I went for dark chocolate and lemon. The tuna to catch up with the protein, obviously.

Satislent in one day
I drank the strawberry (left) on the spot and ended up taking my Satislent Sport all around and consuming it 12h later. Still really good.
Food Day 6:
Food Day7 15_09_18
Satislent Nutrients Day7
Satislent Calorie Spread Day7Satislent Macros Day7

Recap of Day 7

  • Calories IN = 3,081kcal.
  • Calories Out = 2,180 + 780 (rugby)= 2,960 kcal.
  • Total = 126kcal (extra).

Satislent Summary Day7

So it was a tough day. It was hectic. I worked at my friends bike rental shop (Basqueepic -worth checking if you come around) and it was a non-stop morning. Then, I went straight to take the lift that was going to take me to the rugby game. This is where I did mistake number one. I should have taken the Satislent Sport then for lunch. I ended up only having a mars bar before the game (not ideal).

I played the game (we drew but it was fun) and unlike usual I was not feeling hungy so I only ate half of the pasta bolognese they gave us. This is when I originally intended to have my second Satislent.

So on the way back we ended up having to wait two hours at the hospital (a teammate had a concussion) and that is where I ate some sweet pastry.

I got home close to midnight and I tried to catch up with everything, by having my Satislent Sport, which was still good after being prepared in the morning and carried around (arguably better than when freshly made); bread; and yogurts.

Even if, in theory I ended up with extra calories, I actually think it might have been in deficit, due to the constant active state in the morning.

Finishing Weight: 77.1kg or 169.98lbs.

Weight 15_09_18
I lost 2kg. This goes to show how up and up this kind of things are.
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